Yo, the name's Jingo and this is my first long story, my other one is just a Pokémon one shot that didn't leave my head until I typed it. Just so everyone knows this will be a NarutoXSakura KINOMOTO pairing. I don't care what you say, I am not changing that, but I will let you all decide who Li does end up with (but we all know it will probably be Meiling.) I will not say the staff spell every time, but I will the sealing spell, and I will only describe Sakura's costumes and the design I have for Naruto, other than that, no, picture the school uniform if you need to. No Yaoi or Harems, hate Yaoi's, (no offence to yaoi writers) don't do harems, not my thing. Well enjoy, oh and Naruto is not a loud over-active moron in my story, love, somewhat, like how he didn't notice Hinata liked him (and I will take care of that in a short and sweet, but probably hated, way. No, Hinata will not die before you ask.) but other than that, no. For thoughts that do not know of Card captor, you can find it on YouTube. Also, I take A LOT quotes from the show.

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At the valley of the end, two power shinobi stood, Sasuke, the brain-washed Uchiha covered in the curse mark, and Naruto, container of the Kyuubi no kitsune, surround by the Kyuubi's chakra. The two shinobi powered up there strongest attack, one ready to kill the other, the other to bring a friend home. They jumped toward each other and shouted.



When the attacks collided, a great flash was seen in the distance by Kakashi, who sped up at the sight and feel of the chakra collision, fearing the worst. When the flash subsided, Sasuke stood there, looking for any sign of his best friend and brother, deciding not to kill at the last minute, but found nothing. Just then, Kakashi and Pakkun showed up, their glare at Sasuke saying it all, come with us or else, Sasuke, at the thought of losing his brother by means he did not know, agreed.

Back at Konoha

When they got back to Konoha, Sakura was overjoyed until she noticed them being one short, she looked at Kakashi, but all he did was shake his head and say, "We couldn't find any sign of Naruto." Those were not the words she was hoping to hear.

With a look that could freeze the sun and hell both at once, she punched Sasuke so hard he flew all the to the Hokage's office and got wedge into a wall, one sentence ran through his head before he was hit, "Man, is this what Naruto went through all the time?" before impact.

Kakashi pov:

"Naruto, where ever you are, you better show up soon or Tsunade going to kill Sasuke." He thought as he walked to the Hokage's office, both feeling guilty for playing favorites and not wanting to face a pissed off Tsunade. As he looked to the Hokage tower, he winced at the huge hole in the wall, "Man, I didn't know Sakura could hit like that, better not read my book around her again or I might be next." As he walked, two more thoughts came to mind, one was what the rest of the Rookie Nine and Team Guy would do to Sasuke and the other was what could of happen to Naruto.

Time Skip: One Day

Tsunade's pov:

"Damn council, first they let that bastard of an Uchiha off the hook, and then they offer Sasuke the chance to learn every jutsu in Konoha." He refused, both for feeling guilty and afraid he would be beaten shitless by everyone again, after just getting done healing from the first one, from the glares he was receiving, then the council would say Naruto is dead, reveal his secret, AND feel the need to declare it a holiday chanting "the demon is dead"! "Uhhh, I need some sake." Tsunade knew Naruto was not dead, she would of felt it. Call it grandmother instinct, but she knew, and so did Team Guy and the Rookie Nine.

"Man, has it been a long day…" It was. First a guilty Sasuke begged to be apart of the search team, at first I thought he was just trying to get to that snake bastard again, until I looked into his eyes. They held no false information; he really wanted to search for Naruto. I agreed, but only if he agreed to have two ANBU looking after him, incase the snake showed up.

Then Sakura asked to be my apprentice, which I don't mine. Finally, Kakashi cqme asking for permission to search for Naruto when he knew he was needed for other missions. I know Naruto is his responsibility, but he was needed else where. At first he argued, but got quiet when I said I already sent a search team. "Naruto, you love giving me head aches and paperwork, no matter where you are."

Area jump: Another World

Sakura Kinomoto was flying on her staff after capturing the FLY card with Kerberos, the beast of the seal, next to her. As they were flying home, Sakura and Kero were having a slight argument about Sakura being a card captor when Sakura spotted something orange falling from the sky. "Hey Kero-chan, what's that" pointing to the object.

Kero squinted his eyes trying to get a good view of the orange thing. "I don't know a bird?"

"But birds aren't that big or orange."

Kero looked again, as they were heading in the direction of the object before shouting, "AHHH!! Sakura! That's a person!"

"HOE!! A person!!"

"Yeah! Now hurry bef…" Kero couldn't finish as Sakura took off towards the person. She got next to him, flying down and grabbing the back of his jacket, then slowing down to a stop. Kero flew next to her a little winded from flying so fast, but managed to get a good look at the person along with Sakura.

The person was a tall 12-year old with blond hair that stood in every direction, whisker marks on his cheeks, and an orange jump suit that was falling apart. But what really stood out was his fox ears and white-tipped tail. Kero flew in front of the kid putting his hand on Naruto's chest, "He's alive, just unconscious."

Sakura breathed a sigh of relief while Kero looked at his paw when he felt something. He looked to see something red on his paw, "What's this?" Kero sniffed the red substance, "It's blood!!"

Sakura looked over to see the blood on Kero's paw, "Blood?! He's bleeding!!"

Kero flew around Naruto, getting a good look at all the injuries, "Yeah, he's hurt pretty bad, but nothing too serious. Let's take him to your house."

Sakura nodded, "Help me get…" Sakura was interrupted by a flash of light from the Naruto, and when the light subsided, Naruto was a blond furred fox, the fur on his head the same as his hair and a white diamond on his chest.

"Well that makes it easier." Sakura just nodded at Kero's comment, then lifted Naruto onto her lap, holding him carefully so he wouldn't fall off. After they got to Sakura's house, getting in through her bed room window, Sakura set Naruto on the bed and told Kero to watch him as she went and quietly got the first-aid kit. After Sakura finished bandaging Naruto, she put the kit back, then placed Naruto on a pillow she took from her window seat next to her on the top corner against the wall so he wouldn't fall if he moved. She then crawled into bed, Kero landing next to her, both falling asleep after a long night.

Area Jump: Naruto's Mindscape

Naruto opened his eyes only to see the walls of his mind, "Man that one heck of an explosion. I'd better see what the fuzz butt wants." Naruto walked up to the cage that held the fox expecting a paper with the kanji for seal on it, but instead saw a lock and chains. "… Ok what's with new look fur ball."

"RRRAAAWWWRRR!! You impudent flesh bag! Because of you, I'm stuck here!"

"What do you mean?"

"Because of you not wanting to hurt that blasted Uchiha! When you two collided with those attacks, it tore open a rift in space, sending us into another dimension. I had to make you a hanyou to stop the tare from ripping you apart."


"Yes! A Hanyou! No shut up or I won't explain the rest."

Naruto stayed quiet as Kyuubi finished explaining the situation. "So we're in another dimension where I was falling from the sky, a girl name Sakura saved me from going splat, and I'm now half fox demon in his fox form." Naruto said as he checked his new animal features.

"Yup, and we have no way back, not that we can with you looking like that."

That made Naruto freeze. Kyuubi was right, "If I go back like this, I'll either be banished or killed by the counsel, even with everyone's help. They probably think I'm dead anyway since I didn't show up with Sasuke… Wait, SASUKE!!"

Relax brat! Sasuke went back after the explosion. He apparently had a change of heart and didn't kill you when he could of. After you vanished, Kakashi showed up taking Sasuke back to that blasted village."

Naruto breathed a sigh of relief knowing he had still fulfilled his promise, "So now what, since we can't go back without banishment or death."

"You could help that Sakura girl since you do technically owe her your life."

"Yeah, that's a thought. I could help Sakura-chan, but how to explain falling out of the sky."

Kyuubi chuckled when he heard Naruto say the girl's name, "Sakura-chan eh?"

Naruto just chuckled nervously and scratched the back of his head, "Uh force of habit…"

Kyuubi just chuckled some more before getting back to the subject, "I can bring Sakura here if you want so you can explain things."

"Really…, wait why are you helping me anyway?"

"Since I'm stuck here, I'm trying to make the most of it, and hoping you will help me out too."



"Ok, any requests?"

"I just want a big forest I can run in."

"Ok, give me a second." Naruto sat in a meditative position. Suddenly the walls around them melted, revealing a large forest. The seal wrapped around Kyuubi's neck, turning into a collar with a tag. "Ok, so when can you bring Sakura-chan here... how exactly?"

Kyuubi chuckled before closing his eyes for a second before opening them again. "Ok she'll be here in a little bit, and it was because she draped her arm around you in her sleep, she moves around in her sleep as much as you do. Well, I'm going for a run, see ya."

And with that Kyuubi took off. Naruto watched until Kyuubi was out of sight. Then a door appeared in front of him, it opened revealing Sakura standing in the door way. "Hoe? Where am I, and who are… wait, your that person that fell from the sky!"

Naruto stood up and walked up to Sakura, who stepped out of the door, which just shut itself. "Hi, I'm Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze and thanks for catching me."

"No problem. I'm Sakura Kinomoto. So where are we?" Sakura asked after introducing herself.

"We're in my mind." Naruto simply stated.

"You're mind. Hoooeeee." Sakura looked in aw at the giant forest around them before asking Naruto, "Wait, but why were you falling from the sky?"

"Well, long story short, I'm from another dimension." Naruto simply said, wondering how Sakura would react.

"Another dimension! That's really something!!" Naruto stood up after Sakura exclamation, helping her up as well before walking and talking some more. "So are you going to try and find away home?" Sakura asked as she looked around at the forest.

"No, you see, I wasn't a hanyou when I came here. And if I go back they might try and kill me, especially since everyone back home thinks I'm dead anyway." Naruto stated sadly, knowing it was true.

Sakura looked at the ground and nodded, "Gomen."

"Don't worry about it." Naruto shrugged, already accepting the fact.

Sakura turned from the forest to Naruto asking, "So are you going to do now?"

Naruto seemed to think for a second before answering, "Well, since you saved my life, I was wondering if I could help you out with what you're doing."

Sakura looked surprised when she heard that, "How did you know I was collecting Clow cards?"

"I didn't, but people don't fly around on staffs in the middle of the night either," said Naruto

Sakura chuckled nervously with a sweat drop at Naruto's logic, "Well, I'll have to ask Kero, he's the guardian of the cards, but I don't mind!"

Naruto nodded, then realized something, "OK, just one question, why are you collecting cards?"

"Hoe? Oh, the Clow cards are magic cards with different powers. I found the Clow book in my basement yesterday and opened it, taking the top card off the deck and reading it. It was the WINDY card, which made a big gust of wind after I read it, scattering the cards all over the place. Now I got to find all of them or a great calamity will befall the world. Kero said that last part." Sakura explained, slightly nervous as she mentioned the end.

Naruto thought to himself listening to Sakura's story, "Sakura-chan told me her story, but if I tell her mine… no, she told me, so I'm going to tell her." "Sakura-chan, do you want to know why the people from my home might try and kill me?" Sakura nodded reluctantly, curiosity getting the better of her. "You see, the day I was born, a demon call the Kyuubi was coming to my village. My father had to go and stop the demon, and my mother died giving birth to me… The only way my father could stop Kyuubi was by sealing it inside a new born child costing his own life. That child was me."

Sakura gasped hearing this, "But they must have treated you as a hero, right?" The look on Naruto's face said it all, making Sakura realize the treatment he went through was anything but pleasant.

Naruto was surprised when Sakura came over and hugged him. "So you don't think I'm a monster?"

Sakura just shook her head "No, I think you are a person that had a hard life, and I wanna help make it better."

Naruto was shocked by her words, but hugged her back, "Thank you." The two separated, taking some time to get to know each other better when Naruto noticed Sakura staring at him. He followed her gaze to the top of his head instantly knowing what she wanted to do, "You want to touch my ears don't you." Sakura quickly turned away blushing, but nodded none the less. Naruto walked in front of her, turned away from her, and sat down, "Go head." Sakura didn't hesitate when she heard him, quickly squatting down and rubbing his ears getting a small purr like noise from Naruto.

Sakura giggled when she heard this, "You like this don't you."

"I'm half fox, it's hard not too." Sakura just giggled some more and continued to rub Naruto's ears, the two enjoying each others company, not realizing Kyuubi was watching from a distance.

"Hmm, this could be interesting, I'll help push them along, ha-ha," and with that, Kyuubi began adjusting the two's minds.

Time Skip: That Morning

Naruto had woken up after he told Sakura he was waking up so she wouldn't be surprised, and looked out the sky, seeing it was a little before sunrise. He got up and stretched, deciding to practice walking on four legs after carefully getting off the bed with ease. After getting a hang of walking on four legs, he checked out Sakura's room, then heard Kyuubi send a quick message, "And just so you know, you can change back to your human form by basically thinking of a henge with no hand signs." Naruto just nodded and turned to the bed when he heard the alarm clock going off. Naruto quickly turned off the clock and tried waking Sakura up. After a few minutes of nudging, she finally sat up and looked around, completely over looking Naruto sitting next to her.

"What a weird dream…" she mumbled as she got off the bed rubbing her eyes, only to turn around after hearing a bark. There on the edge on the bed sat Naruto slowly wagging his tail. "It wasn't a dream!" Naruto just nodded at her comment, then went to wake Kero while she change her clothes. Sakura finished changing and turned back to Naruto, seeing he was still trying to wake up Kero. After getting fed up with that, Naruto gave a hard bite to Kero's tail, making Kero jump up and fly into the wall, rubbing his tail after landing back on the bed, falling asleep again. Naruto and Sakura sweat dropped at that. Sakura walked over to Naruto, "That was a little mean Naruto-kun."

"Yeah, well you didn't have to try and wake him." Naruto said to himself in his mind.

"That's true." Sakura absently said, going to her desk.

Naruto quickly turned around back to Sakura with a confused look on his face, "How did you hear that?"

Sakura turned back to Naruto just in time to see him speak without moving his mouth, "How did you talk without moving your mouth?"

Naruto took a second to think before saying, "Hang on a second."

Sakura got here stuff together for school while Naruto was quiet when she heard him give a low growl, "What?"

Naruto stopped growling, turning to Sakura, "Kyuubi messed with our minds last night when we were talking, giving us a mind link. I don't mind it, but I wish he'd asked us first."

Sakura seemed to tense up, nervously asking, "But we still have our private thoughts, right?" Naruto nodded. "Then I don't mind either, its easier this way anyway, now I won't have to guess what you'd be trying to say." Sakura smiled as she finished, her nervousness vanishing. Naruto let a loose chuckle at that when the two heard Kero getting up. Sakura finished getting her stuff together when she saw Naruto trying to remove his bandages. "Naruto-kun! Don't remove those, you're still hurt!"

After Naruto finished removing the bandages he responded to Sakura, "I'm fine, my wounds healed over night."

Sakura just gasped when the bandages fell and sure enough, all the wounds were gone. Kero was just as shocked as Sakura, rubbing his eyes to make sure he was seeing right. Sakura saw this and explained to Kero everything Naruto told her last night and about the mind link. As soon as Sakura finished explaining, Toya called her down for breakfast. Sakura panicked a little seeing as she had no way to explain Naruto when he came suddenly came up with a cover story. Sakura agreed, hoping Toya and her Otou-san would buy it. Kero stayed in the room as Sakura and Naruto went down stairs. When Sakura got to the dinning room, saying, "Ohayou, Onii-chan."

Toya looked a little surprised, "You came down after I called once." Toya then went to the window then, "Is it gonna rain today?"

Sakura got mad hearing this, slamming her hands on the table, "I had someone wake me up today!" Toya turned around surprised again, then saw Naruto sitting next to Sakura.

Toya pointed to Naruto with his "you're suspicious" stare, "Sakura, why is there a fox sitting next to you?"

Sakura looked down at Naruto smiling before looking back at Toya, "I woke up to a noise last night and looked out my window. Then I saw Naruto laying in the yard looking hungry, so I brought him in and fed him." Toya was still staring at Naruto, but shrugged it off muttering something about his father taking care of it. Sakura went to a picture on a shelf after Toya quit staring at Naruto, "Ohayou Okaa-san."

Naruto watched as she did this thinking to himself, "Her mother must have passed away, since she's saying morning to a picture."

Naruto walked over to Sakura when she sat in her chair down and curled up under her feet, pretending to be asleep, only Sakura knowing he was faking. Sakura's Otou-san came in that moment, "Ohayou gozaimasu."

"Ohayou Otou-san!" Sakura said happily to her Otou.

"Ohayou." Toya stated simply from his side of the table.

Naruto cracked one eye open to get a look at Sakura's Otou-san, then silently laughed when Sakura stomped on Toya's foot for calling Sakura a kaiju. "Does this happen often?" Sakura huffed quietly before answering, "Yeah, my Onii-chan loves to make fun of me by saying when he's better than me and calling me a kaiju. Just so you know he might drag you into it."

Naruto sweat dropped, "I'll keep that in mind." Toya looked down at Naruto, seeing what looked like Naruto laughing. "I don't like that kaiju fox."

Sakura stomped on his foot again, "Don't call Naruto a kaiju fox!"

Fujitaka looked up from his plate, "Hm? Fox?" He looked under the table to see Naruto looking up at him. Fujitaka sat back up and looked at Sakura, who retold the story her and Naruto came up with, also asking if she could keep Naruto as a pet. After a few minutes of consideration, he said yes so long as Sakura took care of him.

Naruto could help but joke, "Take care of me? You only need to feed me when your family is around, other than that, we're already set." Sakura gave a silent chuckle when she heard that. After Sakura finished her food and took care of her dishes, grabbing a couple crackers for Kero, she ran up to her room, Naruto following her.

After she and Naruto got to the room, Kero greeted them standing on the Clow book, "Welcome back."

Sakura walked over, handing Kero the crackers then making sure nothing on her uniform was messed up. "Well, I'm gonna go now."

Kero continued to eat as he spoke, "Kid's nowadays are so busy."

"Both my Onii-chan and Otou-san will be leaving for school soon so you can turn on the TV in my room after a while."

"Your Otou is a student?"

"He's a college professor!" While Sakura and Kero had their conversation, Naruto had jumped onto the desk and looked over Sakura's bag, only to lose his footing and fall in. Just before he could get out, Sakura closed the bag and put it on, "Eh. This thing gets heavier every year." Sakura then looked over to her clock, "EH! It's this late already!? I gotta hurry!"

Sakura rushed to the front door, put on her skate gear, and took off for school, never realizing Naruto was in her bag. As she hurried down the road, Naruto has moving in the bag to get into a comfortable position. "She hasn't realized I fell in her bag yet…"

"She seems to be the oblivious type. Let's see how long it takes her to notice."

Naruto was about to respond when he heard Sakura say, "I'll just take a small detour."

Naruto had second thoughts about his response to Kyuubi "She's running late but taking a detour…" Kyuubi had nothing to say, seeing as he couldn't understand it either.

Naruto was still trying to figure it out when he felt Sakura stop then heard, "I'm sure he's not around."

This just raised more questions for Naruto when he heard, "What is it?"

Sakura then screamed in surprised, making Naruto get ready to jump out of the bag if needed, listening to the conversation outside the bag, "Y-You're here…"

Naruto listened as the mystery voice said, "Ohayou Sakura-chan."

Sakura sounded nervous as she greeted the voice, "Ohayou gozaimasu."

"You're up early," the voice responded.

"I'm in charge of cleaning the classroom…" Sakura said as Naruto sat there listening, slightly relaxing when he heard what seemed to put Sakura and this Yukito guy on friendly terms. When Naruto felt Sakura moving again, he completely relaxed, only to feel her stumble before regaining her balance. Naruto then felt something moving in the pocket next to him, giving the pocket a good kick with his hind leg.

Kero popped out of the pocket, surprised to see Naruto next to him, Naruto feeling the same. "What are you doing here!?" Kero whispered when he saw Naruto, only to get an "I can't talk like this, idiot" look. Kero laughed nervously when we saw the look, "Sorry."

Area Jump: School

Sakura was heading to her classroom, still unaware that Naruto and Kero were in her bag. She opened the door to the classroom, "Wow, I'm first!" She walked over to her desk, setting her bag on top of it and stretching when she heard the door to the room open.

Walking in was Sakura's best friend, Tomoyo Daidouji, "You're here early, Sakura-chan."

Tomoyo walked to her desk, Sakura meeting her half way, "Ohayou, you're here early too." Tomoyo then gave her late greeting, "Ohayou, gozaimasu."

"Are you in charge of something too, Tomoyo-chan?" Sakura asked, curious as to why Tomoyo was early.

Tomoyo simply smiled, "No I am not. I just wanted to show you something Sakura-chan."

"Hoe?" Sakura went and sat in her desk while Tomoyo put a video camera on it. "A video?"

"I was able to film something extremely amusing last night." Tomoyo turned on the camera, showing footage of the night sky. Sakura watched in wonder when she saw something fly in front of the moon, seeing herself and Kero after catching the FLY card.

Sakura had semi-surprised look on her face wondering if she saw that right, "What was that…?"

"This is an enlargement," Tomoyo said as she pushed another button, replaying the video. Sakura watched as the camera showed her flying on her staff with Kero next to her.

A few seconds after realizing it, Sakura shot out of her chair, "HHHOOOEEE!!" As soon as Sakura let out that scream, Kero and Naruto came busting out of the bag, Kero ranting while Naruto snarled, showing his razor sharp teeth. Naruto stopped snarling when he saw Tomoyo, swatting Kero with his tail as he was still ranting. Tomoyo looked at the camera, then Kero, then hit the fast forward button on the camera to where Sakura caught Naruto.

She looked back at the two, "My, a striking resemblance." Sakura regained her composer after a couple of minutes and was about to ask Naruto why they were here when the group voices down the hall.

Naruto quickly told Sakura "When you get a chance, go behind the building, I'll be there." And with that he shushined in a spiral of flame out of the room, shocking the group.

Tomoyo looked at the spot where Naruto once sat, "My, what an interesting ability. Did you know about it Sakura-chan?"

Sakura shook her head as a sweat drop rolled down the back of her head, "No I didn't" Sakura said before the sweat drop doubled in size, "How are we going to explain the scorch mark?"

Time Skip: Recess

The group was having lunch behind the building, finding Naruto easily as he found them before they could even start looking. Sitting on a blanket, Kero complain "That was painful…"

Sakura looked slightly annoyed, "Why did you two tag along!?"

Naruto decided to go first, "I fell in your bag when I was on the desk and you didn't notice, closing the bag before I could get out, so I waited to see how long it would take you to notice me."

Sakura blushed in embarrassment when Naruto told, repeating it for Kero and Tomoyo, who just laughed. Sakura then looked at Kero, "And you?"

"Well, I wanted to get a glimpse of how the Card captor usually spends her day."

Sakura sighed with Naruto just lying next to her while Tomoyo asked, "If you don't mind, would you like to introduce us?"

Sakura looked at Tomoyo then Kero, "He say's his name is Kerberos…"

Tomoyo took a second to examine Kero before saying, "He sure looks different from his name."

Sakura smiled adding, "He's more of a Kero-chan."


Kero got upset at how the two said his name, ""Don't call me like I'm a frog! I am Kerberos…" That was all he got out before Naruto slammed Sakura's bag on top of Kero, making it impossible to hear him.

Naruto looked at Sakura "Sorry, but I really don't want to hear that introduction again." Sakura just had a sweat drop when she saw what happen, but didn't say anything. The three heard muffles coming from under the bag, which Naruto finally lifted after Sakura made Kero promise not to rant about his title.

Since Kero couldn't rant, he decided to tell Tomoyo about the Clow cards and how Sakura became a Card captor while she and Naruto were eating, Sakura splitting her lunch with him. "And so, Sakura became Card captor Sakura!"

Tomoyo started clapping when Kero finished his story, "That's wonderful!" Tomoyo turned away from the group seeming to be talking to herself, "The Card captor that protects the city from the catastrophes of the Clow cards! That is so awesome!"

Sakura and Naruto both looked up from their lunch as Tomoyo finished, Sakura waving her hand in front of her face, "I can't do something that important!"

Tomoyo turned to Sakura, grabbing Sakura's free hand with hers while Sakura had a cross between a surprised and worried face, "No, you can do it, Sakura-chan! If you don't mind, can you show me how you use your magic?"

At this point, Kero jumped in, "Yeah, yeah, show her!"

"B-But!" Sakura stuttered.

Kero insisted, "It's all right, there's no problem. Nobody's watching. Do a flashy little one!"

Sakura looked over to Naruto for help, only to hear "Your friend is weird."

Sakura sighed in defeat, seeing as Naruto wasn't helping, she walked onto the grass, pulling out her key before holding flat on her palm. "Key which hides the power of the Dark! Show your true form before me! I, Sakura, command you under our contract! RELEASE!" The group behind her watched as halfway through the spell the key glowed and the magic Clow circle appeared, and in a flash of light, the staff appeared in Sakura's hand.

Sakura let the breath she seemed to be holding out while Tomoyo looked amazed, "You are able to use magic with the staff?"

Sakura turned to the group holding her staff with both hands, "Yeah, although I need a card."

Kero had gone over to Sakura's bag and pulled out the FLY card, "Like this."

Sakura looked surprised when Kero pulled out the card, "W-When did you…"

Tomoyo went up to Sakura, "So, do you have a trademark pose yet?"

Sakura just got a "What?" look, "W-Why?"

Tomoyo turned away and started fantasizing, "Trademark poses and spells are the basic parts of being a magical girl!" Naruto had a sweat drop when he heard this then looked at Sakura who was just dizzy eyed.

Time Skip: Next Morning

Sakura was rollerblading to school with Naruto in her bag, this time knowing he was there. Sakura rolled up to the entrance to the court yard, only to see a large group of students blocking the way in. Sakura went up to her friends, Chiharu, Rika, and Naoko, "What's wrong?" The three turned to Sakura, telling her to look and slightly pushing her up to see. Sakura looked around and gasped, seeing lots of desks and the gym equipment stacked into a pile as tall as the school, "W-What is this?"

Chiharu spoke first, "I don't know, it was like this when I arrived this morning."

Naruto heard the whole thing, but didn't look so not to be seen, "What happened?"

Sakura sent Naruto an image of what she was seeing, "Someone stacked a lot of the school equipment into a big pile in front of the school."

After a little thought, Naruto responded, "No, no one person could of done this, it's too high and your school doesn't have any lifts that go that high."

Sakura thought for a moment before nodding, "Your right, but then what…"

"How about a Clow card." Naruto added quickly.

Sakura let out a quiet gasp, "Maybe… We should ask Kero-chan after school."


Sakura took a few seconds to look at the giant pile of stuff before realizing something. She went into the locker room, changed her skates for the school shoes, and took off for the class room, her friends following. Sakura opened the door to the room, only to see a miniature version of what happen outside, getting Naruto's attention, "What now?" Sakura sent the image of the small pile to Naruto. "Ok, now I know no one person could of done this, it would take to long and too many people would draw attention."

Sakura only nodded, walking over and setting her bag in the corner gently then started trying to move the desks. Tomoyo walked in a few minutes later, seeing the mess. Sakura looked over her shoulder setting a desk down, "Ohayou Tomoyo-chan."

"Ohayou gozaimasu." Tomoyo said walking up to Sakura, then looking at the pile of desks, "We seem to have a rather large predicament." Tomoyo put her finger on her chin, "Something that can do this…" She leaned over to Sakura whispering, "Perhaps this is a Clow card's doing."

Sakura nodded, "Naruto-kun already thought of that, we're going to ask Kero-chan after school." Tomoyo nodded and started helping with the desks.

Time Skip: After School in Bedroom

The group sat there waiting for Kero to answer their question, "That was done by a Clow card, alright!"

Tomoyo put her hands together, "Just as we thought."

Sakura was drinking her juice when she got an annoyed look on her face, "It was such a hassle to straighten things up!"

Tomoyo quickly interjected, "But as a result, we didn't have any classes today."

Sakura turned back to Tomoyo sweat dropping, "I-I was happy about that, but…" Sakura and Tomoyo turned to Kero while Naruto just lay on the bed with his eyes close, but ears twitching every couple of seconds as Sakura asked, "But which Clow card would make a complete mess of our school?"

"Well, I don't know. In any case, Sakura. It's time for the Card captor!" Kero said, the last part being rather excited.

"W-Why!?" Sakura stuttered, knowing where Kero was going with it.

"If it's a Clow card's doing, then you have to capture it!" Kero shouted, floating in the air.

Sakura waved her hand, trying to get out of her predicament, "I've been saying, that's impossible."

Then a flash of light came from behind them followed by a voice, "Why? You doing a fine job so far." The three turned to see Naruto standing there in human form, wearing black baggy jeans with his kunai and shuriken holster on both legs and a tail hole, a dark blue short sleeve shirt with the Kyuubi on the back, his tails wrapping all around the shirt, also making the kanji for FOX on the front, regular sneakers and his headband still on his forehead. Kero, Tomoyo, and Sakura all look impressed, Kero for the entrance, Tomoyo for the clothes, and Sakura at Naruto.

Kero was the first to snapped out of the surprise, "All right, we're gonna go to the school tonight!"

Hearing this, Sakura snapped out of her surprise, shaking her head then holding her arms in an X, "Not at night!" "Why's that?" Kero asked, confused by Sakura's outburst.

Sakura started shivering, "B-B-B-B-Because… the school at night…" Naruto watched when an image of Sakura being chased by a ghost popped into his head just before Sakura started shouting, "No, no, no! I will NOT!" while crying anime tears.

Kero just floated there with his arms crossed, "But there are some cards that are active only at night."

Tomoyo decided to speak up at that moment, "But it is true that the school at night can be a dangerous place."

Sakura instantly cheered up, "Tomoyo-chan!"

"So, I will come along with you! I must record Sakura's bravery on video!" When Tomoyo said that, Sakura face vaulted and Naruto lost his balance with a sweat drop.

"She says the school is dangerous and then says she going to come too?" Naruto just stared at the weird girl in his opinion.

Sakura managed to get back up asking, "W-Why?" knowing she would regret the answer.

"Because it's my hobby." Sakura just hung her head down while Naruto's sweat drop tripled in size, his eye brow twitching slightly at Tomoyo's answer.

Kero just flew up to Tomoyo, "All right, the four of us are gonna attack the school tonight!"

Tomoyo turned to Sakura, "If that is the case, there is a bigger need for us to come up with a trademark pose!"

Kero flew next to Tomoyo, holding his arms up in excitement, "Yeah! We'll start training now!"

Sakura let out a loud frustrated "HHOOEEE!!" before calming down.

While Tomoyo and Kero went on about the pose, Naruto went and put his hand on Sakura's shoulder, "Are you going to be ok?"

Sakura just shook her head, "Don't worry, I won't let anything happen to you, I promise."

Sakura looked at Naruto and gave a small smile, "Thank you." Naruto smiled back before Sakura was pulled away by Kero and Tomoyo to practice posing, making Naruto and Sakura sweat drop.

Time Skip: That Night at School

Sakura, Naruto, and Kero were standing in front of the school gate waiting for Tomoyo. Sakura was still nervous, even though she was hanging onto Naruto's arm, "I-I'm scared…"

Naruto moved his gaze from the gate to Sakura, "Don't worry Sakura-chan, everything will be fine."

Sakura just nodded when a pair of head lights wear coming up the street. A black car with a van stopped next to them, Tomoyo getting out of the back, "Did I keep you waiting?"

Sakura shook her head "No, we just got here."

Then four women all wearing suits and sunglasses got out of both vehicles, walking up to Tomoyo, standing right behind her. "Allow me to introduce you. These are the family bodyguards." The four women bowed, Sakura doing the same a second after while Naruto stood there hiding his tail behind his legs.

The body guards took a second to look at Naruto when he didn't bow, but ignored it passing it off as disrespectful, turning to Tomoyo, "Then, Miss…"

Tomoyo nodded to the woman, "Yes. Please come pick me up when I call you."

The women got into the car, driving off without a second thought, leaving the group in front of the school. Sakura turned to Tomoyo after the bodyguards drove away, "Hhhoooeee. Amazing, amazing! There aren't that many grade-schoolers that have bodyguards!"

Tomoyo turned from the leaving guards to Sakura, "Oh? Grade-schoolers that can use magic with a hanyou friend from another dimension are even rarer."

Sakura quickly sweat dropped, seeing Tomoyo's point, "I guess so…"

"Anyway, please come this way!" Tomoyo said grabbing Sakura's hand and dragging her to the back of the van, Naruto just walking behind them with his hands in his pockets. Tomoyo opened the door to the van, revealing it to be filled with different costumes. Sakura looked in amazement with a smile on her face while Naruto just whistled, wondering why Tomoyo even had this van. "Now, now, you should change."

Tomoyo surprised Sakura with this statement, "W-Why?"

"You're going to go capture a Clow card, right Sakura-chan?" Tomoyo asked.

Sakura nodded saying, "Yeah…"

Tomoyo smiled brighter, "When you are doing special things, you must wear special clothes!"

Sakura shouted in frustration as Naruto's sweat drop from earlier came back, and got bigger when Kero popped out of Sakura's bag, "I totally agree! If you don't go after them in clothes suitable for a Card captor, you might lose the mental battle against the card!"

Tomoyo grabbed Kero's paws in her hand, "I'm happy that you understand how I feel."

Kero turned back to Sakura, "So, Sakura, go change."

Tomoyo mimicked Kero, "I also have hats for each outfit. Now, now, please go inside!"

Naruto just leaned against the side of the van with his arms crossed and eyes closed as Tomoyo pushed Sakura into the van, but grabbed Kero by the tail saying, "girls only Kero." Kero was about to complain when the door shut and locked, making it wear they couldn't get in. Naruto smirked when Kero started complaining about not getting to see Sakura's costume. Naruto tapped on the door saying, "We'll be waiting in the court yard." After hearing an "ok" from inside, he and Kero went into school yard, Kero being forced along by Naruto as Naruto was still holding his tail.

After a few minutes, Tomoyo came in filming something behind her. Then Sakura came walking into view, Naruto couldn't help but stare at her. Sakura was wearing a gymnasts like under suit covered by a white over coat, red and white shoes with black socks going a little above her knees, and long red cape with a large bow in the front and a red hat.

Tomoyo was still filming with Kero floating next to her, "You look lovely, Sakura-chan."

"Yeah, it suits you Sakura-chan," Naruto said, unable to look away.

Sakura just blushed, then it got deeper when she saw Naruto staring at her, "This is embarrassing!"

Kero was just floating next to Tomoyo, "Nothing to be embarrassed about."

Tomoyo stopped filming and turned to Kero, "That's right! I have something for you as well, Kero-chan!"

Kero turned to Tomoyo asking, "For me?"

Tomoyo then pulled out a red bow with a black pentagon center, "You match Sakura's outfit, very cute."

"Y-You think so?" Kero asked, striking poses. Sakura and Naruto just stood there watching as Kero started striking poses.

Sakura let out a sigh, "There is no tension between them at all…"

Naruto smiled turning to Sakura, "Yeah, but there's none in us either Sakura-chan."

Sakura smiled, "That's true." Naruto was about to laugh when he sensed something, tensing up.

Kero noticed this, "What's wrong?"

Naruto was looking around, ears twitching for the slightest of noise, "Kero, take Tomoyo and hide, something's coming."

Kero nodded leading Tomoyo to some bushes. Just then a loud noise was heard, sounding like something was broken off of something else. Sakura and Naruto looked toward the front of the school where the noise came from, only to see the school statue flying at them. Sakura jumped out of the way while Naruto caught the end of the statue, staying in place by using chakra to stick to the ground. The statue pulled away from Naruto only to float in the air. Sakura had run over and grabbed Naruto's arm out of fear.

Suddenly Kero came floating down, "Look! The statues shadow!" Sakura and Naruto looked at the shadow, seeing another shadow holding the statue's shadow, "It's the SHADOW card."

"So that's how…" Naruto said out loud, remembering Shikamaru's shadow jutsu's.

Suddenly the shadow threw the statue at the two, Sakura ran out of the way while Naruto caught the statue, jumping back a few feet setting the statue down. Naruto jumped over to Sakura when hundreds of shadows came from out of nowhere. "Sakura-chan, staff!"

Sakura nodded pulling out her key, "RELEASE!!" The sealing staff appeared in Sakura's hand, she then threw down the windy card onto the magic circle, raising the staff above her head, "Wind, become a binding chain! WINDY!" Sakura hit the card with the end of her staff and the wind started taking shape, wrapping around the shadows, only to have the break into more shadows. The shadows started launching themselves at Sakura and Naruto. Naruto pulled out two kunai and started cutting any shadow that got close, Sakura getting a couple that came from behind.

Naruto looked over his shoulder at Sakura, "Sakura-chan, lets get out of here!"

Sakura nodded, quickly pulling out her only card, "FLY!!" Naruto jumped into the air, grabbing the staff as Sakura flew up, flipping himself onto the staff. "How do we stop them Naruto-kun!?"

"We need to get rid of all the other shadows with some light, but how…" Naruto folded his arms, only to have to grab the staff again after nearly falling off when Sakura started dodging desks. Naruto checked on Tomoyo and Kero when he saw them heading into the building. Naruto then looked up at the lights on top of the building, instantly catching on to what they were going to do. "Sakura-chan, where's the room that turns all the lights on!?"

Sakura pointed to the building on the other side of the court yard, "Over there!"

"Ok, we need to keep the shadows away from there, Tomoyo and Kero are heading there right now!" Sakura nodded and started flying away from the room, but the giant puddle of shadows on the ground shot up and grabbed the end of the staff, stopping them from moving. Naruto tried cutting the shadow, but it was too thick and regenerated faster than he could cut. Sakura tried pulling out of the shadows grip, but couldn't, when suddenly all the lights in the school cut on making all the shadows disappear.

When the shadow holding the end of the staff vanished, Sakura and Naruto went flipping out of control but regained it quickly. Sakura sighed in relief when Naruto tapped her shoulder and pointed to the circuit room where Kero and Tomoyo were. Sakura quickly flew down to the room, "Thank you Tomoyo-chan, Kero-chan."

Naruto was looking around when he spotted a shadowy figure trying to leave, "Sakura-chan, over there!" Sakura looked at SHADOW card trying to leave, nodded, and took off for the card. The card turned around when it heard Sakura and Naruto flying toward it, launching a blast of shadow at the two. "Oh no you don't!!" Naruto shouted jumping of the staff and powering up a single handed rasengen, "Rasengan!"

Naruto slammed the shadow blast, canceling it out while Sakura landed and pulled out the WINDY card, "Wind, become a binding chain! WINDY!" Again the wind came to life, wrapping around the SHADOW card and holding it in place. Sakura raised her staff above her head, "Return to the guise you were meant to be in! Clow Card!"

Naruto watched after landing away from SHADOW as Sakura swung her staff, making a magic card appear and draw in SHADOW. After the light settled down, Naruto walked over and picked up the card, handing it to Sakura, "See, I told you I wouldn't let anything happen to you."

Sakura took the card and nodded, "Yeah." Sakura then looked into Naruto's eyes, and couldn't seem to look away until Tomoyo called her name, making Sakura turn away blushing and confusing Naruto.

After a couple minutes so Tomoyo could turn all the lights off before coming down, Naruto walked over to the statue, picking it up with ease and putting it on his shoulder, "I'm going to go put this back." The group was just looking in shock that he lifted the statue so easily, "What? You saw me stop it when it was thrown at us." Naruto then started walking to the front while everyone had a sweat drop. After a loud thud the group saw Naruto jogging up to them. "Well that's done, let's go home."

The group nodded and headed to the front gate, Tomoyo calling her body guards after Sakura changed back into her original clothes. Sakura and Naruto were walking home since Kero went into Sakura's bag and fell asleep. "Tonight wasn't that bad, eh sakura-chan."

Sakura nodded, "I guess, but it was still a little scary."

Naruto thought for a minute before shrugging, "Yeah, but you handled it well, instead of freaking out and running off, you stood your ground against the card."

Sakura smiled, "I think it was because I had you to help me Naruto-kun."

Naruto smiled back, patting her shoulder, "Nah, you would have done just fine without me."

"I guess…" Sakura said, unsure. Naruto then noticed that they were right in front of Sakura's house. Naruto turned back into his fox form and let out a yawn. Sakura just smiled, picking Naruto up and carrying him inside and turning in for the night.

Time Skip: Next Morning

Sakura was entering the school when she saw a group of students gathered around the statue in the front of the school. Sakura made her way to it and looked at the statue with a sweat drop since it was upside down, "Naruto-kun, you put the statue back upside down…"

"I know, but it was the only way I could get it to not fall down."

Sakura just got a bigger sweat drop as she went down the hallway looking for Tomoyo when she saw Chiharu, "Oh, Chiharu-chan, did you see Tomoyo-chan?"

Chiharu turned, pointing down the hall, "I saw her go into the audio/video room."

Sakura gave a quick thanks, running down the hall. Chiharu watched as Sakura ran by, wondering why she had her backpack on. Sakura walked down the hall to the A/V room pulling out a small bag. She started pulling open the door, "Tomoyo-chan! Thanks for everything last night. I brought this as a thank-you…"

Sakura stopped halfway when she saw the video from last night and face vaulting when she heard Tomoyo talk about the film coming out well. Sakura walked up to Tomoyo hanging her head down, "You were even filming that?"

Tomoyo didn't bother turning away from the screen as she spoke, "Of course, I cannot miss even one second of your bravery, Sakura-chan!" Tomoyo stood up from her seat turning to Sakura, "From now on, please call me any time you're going to go capture cards! We must record the wonderful job of the Card captor on film!"

Sakura could only sweat drop, "T-Tomoyo-chan."

Tomoyo continued voicing her thoughts, obvious to Sakura's feelings, "And furthermore! Leave it to me for all of the costumes! Next time, I'll add more frills and add a ribbon…!"

Sakura just sat in a chair putting her bag on top of it. Kero popped out and started talking to Tomoyo about costumes while Naruto just walked out and laid in front of Sakura. "… No offence, but Tomoyo seems to have a few screws loose." Sakura just sweat dropped, but quickly started blushing when the scene where Sakura was staring at Naruto came up. Naruto saw this and the scene, "She can't like me, can she?"

Sakura was wondering this herself, "I can't like Naruto-kun, I like Yukito-san, but this feeling… it's so warm, so caring, what is this feeling? It's similar to Yukito-san, but different…I need to ask Otou-san about this." Sakura looked up to see Naruto looking at her, then turning back to the screen, seeing Sakura give a victory sign to the camera and Naruto stick his hands in his pockets, closing his eyes smiling.

Ok, lots of things I want to clear up


2.) Naruto does know about his parents

3.) No, Naruto will not be going back to Konoha unless for a quick visit many years into the story future

4.) If you see something wrong with the story, misspelled words, personality problem, something along those lines, kindly let me know a review or message so I may fix it, seeing as I don't have a beta

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6.) Naruto learned how to do Rasengen single handedly during the fight with Sasuke the way I see it, so I'm leaving it that way

7.) During Naruto's and Syaoran's first encounter, Naruto will not like Syaoran because of the way Syaoran first acts when he meets Sakura, but will get better over time.