Observation Number 29 - A whole lot has happened ever since the first chapter of Bleach. You mean Ichigo's still fifteen? Exactly how much school has this guy missed?

Today was one of those days where the moon was most certainly a shocking shade of electric blue.

Kurosaki Ichigo, in all his orange glory, sat in his school seat dressed in school uniform, in school for the sole purpose of education.

Of course, everyone else began buzzing noisily among themselves while the topic of most conversation sat in his seat tolerating the ribbing while simultaneously wondering whether he should have dyed his hair black or not.

'I thought someone said he'd become a school dropout and started a street gang.'

'I heard somewhere else that he was dumped into Boys' Home...'

'His hair is still orange!'

'Do you think onigiri with wasabi and honey inside would taste good?'

'Someone said he'd moved out of town...'

Okay, so this was getting a little out of hand. Lurching upright, Ichigo yelled, 'WRONG! FALSE! YES, YOU GOTTA PROBLEM? NO, THAT'S DISGUSTING! RUBBISH!'

At the back of the classroom, Mizuiro applauded his actions. 'Bravo, bravo, excellent first words,' he mumbled. Keigo then seized the moment and pounced.

'So...Ichigo! Did'ja meet any hot babes?'

Before receiving any reply, the classroom door clattered open and someone at the front hollered, 'Sensei! Kurosaki's in school today!'

Adjusting her glasses, the stunned teacher studied her file before finally addressing the class. 'Take a seat. Kurosaki? Judging by this,' she waved an attendance sheet in the air, I'll see you next year. The school will mail your class posting to your address, and you might want to turn up for the year-end examinations.'

Important stuff lies here. Please try not to skip through it. Snap yourself out of your happy daze, and look here.

Alright, short, I know, not very entertaining either, I know. But there's this pressing issue that is the whole reason I decided to update. Which is actually to express my opinion of Lord Kelvin without actually getting booted off the site.

Essentially, there's this guy out there on FFN under the pen name of Lord Kelvin, and he has come up with this programme called Red Booton or something along those lines. He uses it to scan fictions on FFN and any of them found violating the rules are reported to the FFN admin and after a while, you'll find that some fictions will just fizzle off the cybernet together with their authors.

Such works include M-rated stories masquerading as something a little more innocent, those with a certain amount of basic errors like grammar errors (how much is too much, I have absolutely no idea), stories with undesirable word choice such as calling a rooster a cock and stories that are posted in pure script form without narration.

Granted, stumbling across such stories are incredibly infuriating especially when the summary sounds good only to have your hopes dashed when you take a look inside and find something that should be onstage instead of online. Also, people who know that their usage of the language is weak but go ahead posting their stories without consulting a beta is somewhat off-putting as well. Also, it is against the policy of FFN that all works published must be mostly correct in terms of spelling and grammar. Those who are weak in the language can make the choice to find a beta. Those who write "scripts" if, unable to write a narration, may collaborate with a friend who can then help weave it into a story format. Such problems are slight shortcomings of the author and can be corrected.

True, people should not be uploading first drafts typed at 3am in a state of semi-lucidity simply because their "readers demand an update". Deleting their stories and accounts because of this naïvety is not the way to settle this.

However, immediately reporting someone to the admin because of human error is not the most tactful way to go about this. The first step could be to send the author a PM concerning any issues you have with his/her story. Only if they obnoxiously ignore to make any form of improvement then should they be reported.

Basically, one thing behind this terrible Red Booton scare is the level of the fiction being posted up here. People of this mysterious "Literate Union" are unhappy that such seemingly sub-standard works are being posted onto FFN, thus leading to the impression of users that FFN is a crappy site and that some other website is loads better. Deleting people who fail to meet this certain standard is like filing a bill to kick everyone scoring under 70 per cent in school out. Note that FFN is a site where novice writers and first-timers build up experience and confidence and if you kick them out for failing to meet someone's requirements on their first few tries, where on earth do you think all the good authors are going to come from?

I'm not trying to disagree that there are works out there on this site that could do with lots of easily-obtained improvement, but the way that this Red Booton saga deals with it is just see, slash, kill. It's not fair to dishearten and terrify half the population on this site just because you're feeling like a "grammar Nazi", or someone overly obsessed with incorrect grammar. It's inhumane, ruthless and unforgiving. Please attempt to "purge" the site in a different manner.

I'm sorry if you don't share my views and that I've just wasted all your time reading everything up there.