Title : Of blind-dates and 'accidental' dates, chapter 6
Characters/Pairings : Chloe/Bruce
Words : 1,805

Warning : None

Chapter 6.

She knew that sometime ago she would have been able to walk steady without feeling like she was swimming through the ocean. But now was not that time. Really funny. But to her relief she didn't need to hold onto something. And she was sincerely hoping that she was at least looking like she was walking steady.

The night air was chilling. Even though she had enough thought about taking her coat with her, she had once again forgotten her gloves and this time her scarf too. She really needed to learn to stuff her scarf and gloves together into her coat. It was probably very childish thing to do, but at least functional.

To her disappointment she didn't find a Bruce Wayne somewhere in her staircase and no Bruce Wayne on the street in front of her apartment building. She was rounding a corner now, and still no sign of Bruce. With a heavy feeling in her gut she realised that he must have gone home. Probably. She had after all crushed the door into his face some twenty minutes ago.

Darn, there goes another potential relationship that you screwed up before it even happened! Great going Chloe! She thought to herself.

She was about to turn and return home when she noticed that a young man had sneaked up on her. She yelped surprised and actually jumped back. To her horror her back connected with the wall behind her and she felt herself trapped. Her eyes widened, and her heart was beating now even faster and stronger than it had before.

Horror movie scenario, she thought grimly.

Even though she knew that this was a good neighbourhood, the occasional fights, theft and other minor crimes did happen here too once in a while. It was probably safe to assume that Gotham was crime infested everywhere. Some parts more than others.

"Sorry" she mumbled and tried to step around him, and continue to her apartment building. To her utter frustration and horror the young man, whose face was really ugly she thought, stepped again into her path, cutting her off of her route.

"Hey there pretty! You're alone here? Lost?" he asked with a leering face. His eyes were every where on her body. And she had the sickening feeling like he was trying to undress her with his gaze. She felt nauseated and this had nothing to do with the liquor prior consumed.

Right, she thought, only you can pull that off Chloe. Not even a week here and already lost a potential boyfriend and now attracting a creep. There you go, Smallville all over again.

"Not lost. Please get out of my way." She tried. She placed her hand into her coat jacket and was feeling her way towards the can of pepper-spray Lois had given her as a farewell present. Again frustration washed over her when she understood that the lack of pepper-spray was due to it being in her handbag and therefore not in here reach. Figures.

Her head had in that moment just got another wave of dizziness so strong that she had to lean her head against the wall behind her. The man in front of her took advantage of that and put both his hands to the side of her shoulders to lock her in place.

Chloe collected herself quickly after that. She noticed that the leering man was evading her personal space and in an attempt to get rid of him, she put her hands on his chest and tried to push him away.

When he didn't move away as she wanted him to, instead moved even closer to her, she tried to push him away again, this time screaming a loud "No". She really hoped that someone would come to her rescue. And it didn't help that she felt still a little faint from the little drink she had taken.

But to her utter relief someone behind them suddenly said 'Hey!' and her assaulter turned around to stare into the direction it had come from. Her surprise turned to amusement when suddenly a box of asian take-out food was thrown in the air and landed on her assaulter.

She stifled a grin, but the man near her didn't seem to share her amusement. Instead he released the hold he had trapped her in and started out in the direction of the voice. It was only then that Chloe saw who her mystery rescuer was.

There stood Bruce Wayne looking at the man that was coming at him with what she could only describe as a death glare. She had the fleeting feeling that she really never wanted to be at the receiving end of such a glare. To her new horror the man who had just seconds before tried to force himself at her suddenly pulled out a pocket knife and was still nearing Bruce with it.

She tried to say something, but the shock of seeing the scene before her and little alcohol that was still left in her bloodstream hindered her. Instead she stood rooted against the wall and watched the ugly leering criminal take a swing at the man who she felt a little more than affection for.

She held her breath and silently screamed, preparing herself to watch her date from yesterday being slaughtered in front of her. With a quick and effective swing of his right leg , Bruce had kicked the man out cold.

Chloe's mouth fell open, and she stared with wide opened eyes at what had just happened. Bruce had moved extremely quickly, kicked, and now her assaulter lay sprawled out on the cold pavement floor. And all of that in less than five seconds.

Bruce was still fixated on the man at the floor with his death glare when the happenings took their toll out of Chloe. She started to stagger and moved a few steps back trying to find the wall for support. Bruce seemed to snap out of whatever he had been in and stared back at Chloe. He moved again with inhumane speed and was beside her before she could reach anything for support herself.

Bruce looked troubled at her. His concern was written all over his face, and he searched hers for any indications that she had been hurt physically or emotionally. She looked at him with astonishment, furrowed her brows and then opened her mouth to say "Now that was a first!"

Bruce let out a heavy sigh of relief. The corners of his mouth lifted in a smile and he chuckled lightly. "Good to know that you don't make it a habit to get yourself into trouble!" he replied with the same humour.

Chloe only scolded at him, at which Bruce wondered if he had said something wrong. "No, not that! I told you about Clark right?" she looked at him expectantly. He only nodded for her to continue. "He usually does the saving when ever I get into trouble. He calls me a danger magnet. No, what I meant was being saved by a box of take out food!" she told him absent minded.

Bruce grinned at her, and said "That was our dinner. I'm afraid I'll have to go and look for something else for us." Bruce was very careful in his phrasing. He was after all testing the waters. Sure she might still have been a little angry with him, but he did just now save her. And that had to count for something he mused. As far as he was concerned that deserved a great plus, and her forgiveness.

To his surprise Chloe grinned back at him and replied "That's fine! I feel like eating pizza anyway." Then her smiling face fell and she looked concerned. "Does the average gothamian billionaire actually like pizza?" she asked.

By now Bruce had noticed her flushed face, which had nothing to do with the man on the floor. He also noticed the light smell of whisky in her breath and the unsteady way she held herself in. He slowly sneaked his hand around her waist and steered her toward her apartment building. He started walking with her in that direction.

Chloe didn't struggle against his hold, instead rested her head on his shoulder and then stared up at him through her leashes. "That's not the right direction we're going to." By now a new blush had settled on her face and cheeks spreading down her neck.

Bruce looked down at her and smiled charmingly at her. "I think it might be better to order something in. Safer, don't you think?" He chuckled and then continued "How about we start anew? You as you, and me as me. No blind dates and such. Hm?"

Chloe had the urge to giggle and indulged. She nodded her head and then said "That would be great." They were at the front door of the building now, and Bruce had on the way to it rested his cheek on the top of her head. "Bruce?"


Chloe still in her semi-intoxicated state felt her head becoming light again. She thought about what had just happened, and what she felt for him even though this really hadn't been planned. The alcohol lifted the usual inhibitions that she always had when it came to men and relationships and she felt extremely brave and strong. "Did you know that I like you very much?" she asked with a flushed face.

Bruce stared at her and then chuckled loudly. He smiled and his face descended down until his lips touched her cheek. "I like you very much too." He said and continued "And I'll tell you again, after you are sober." At her disappointed face he added "And of course I'll give you the kiss I wanted to all along. A true gentleman shouldn't take advantage of an intoxicated woman."

That was when Chloe pouted and said under her breath. "I would rather you would." She thought she had said that in such a little voice that she was slightly irritated when she heard his chuckle again. "Tease!" she mumbled.

They had by now come all the way up to her apartment and stepped inside when Bruce turned Chloe to face him and after closing the apartment door and gave her a quick kiss on her lips. Chloe felt butterflies fly in her stomach. Her eyes had fluttered shut on their own accord and she was still waiting impatiently for more.

But all Bruce did was give her another grin after she peeked a look at him. Then he turned to her kitchen area and said "How about coffee? I think that'll sober you up quickly, and then we can continue."

She just stared at him in disbelief. Then she grinned back und mumbled again "Such a tease!"

The End.

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