Chapter 1: Moving In

Author's Note: Based on my previous story, A Fleeting Moment. I liked my character Kyran Teague and thought to do another little piece about her and a certain Chief Enforcer.

Kyran Teague pulled up to the apartment building, parked and got out. She stood on the sidewalk and looked up at it for a long moment before finally walking through the door. She was tired, this was the tenth place she was checking out. This city was huge, so why was it taking so long to find the right place?

She'd seen, nice but no view, terrible, disgusting trying to disguise itself as respectable, and outrageously priced for very little space. She was about ready to toss the classifieds in disgust. If this place was as bad as all the others, she just might do it. At the moment, the decision to come to this city was looking less and less like a good one.

Sighing mentally, she pressed the button for the super and waited. She was pleasantly surprised when a professional looking tom opened the door and greeted her.

"Hello, you are Ms. Teague?" He asked in a pleasant tenor voice.

"Yes, and you must be Mr. Sherman?" She asked with a smile, reaching out to shake his paw.

"I am indeed. If you'll follow me, I'll show you the apartment." He said politely, stepping into the immaculate lobby then heading for the elevator.

Kyran looked around. The place wasn't ostentatious or over the top. It felt warm and inviting and, above all, clean. She hoped the apartment was good because she was liking this place already.

They went up to the tenth floor, which was the top, and stepped out. He led the way down a nicely carpeted hallway, stopping at a plain wooden door with a peephole. He unlocked it and gestured her to enter before him.

The apartment had a small foyer with hall closet then opened up into a very nice living area. She saw a doorway on the left and one on the right. Before her was a really nice window with a sliding glass door to its left leading out to a small balcony.

She walked toward this and looked out. To the right was the distant view of Megakat Bay, in front was another apartment building, just beyond it was the clock tower topping city hall, and beyond that she could just make out the green belt that signified Megakat Park. Looking to the left not too far away was the towering Enforcer Building. A most impressive view, she thought with satisfaction.

She turned and went into the bedroom. It was good sized and had a large bathroom whose fixtures looked in pristine condition, to her relief. She returned to the living space and headed for the kitchen. This was medium sized with new appliances and even had a small stacked washer and dryer. Back out in the living area, she looked around. This space was large enough for her to set up an office as well as entertain.

She sighed in relief. "It's perfect. I'll take it!" She told Mr. Sherman.

Mr. Sherman smiled. "I'm glad you like it. Let's go to my office and get the papers signed and get you the keys." He said warmly leading the way back out.

Kyran gave the apartment a last lingering look and with a bounce in her step, followed the tom to the elevator.

Less than thirty minutes later, she'd plunked down first and last months rent and the security deposit and was soon clutching the keys to her new apartment. She'd found out the place also had an underground parking garage with a storage locker located in front of her spot. The apartment also sported a small exercise gym just off the lobby, a chopper pad on the roof, and a night security guard. She'd finally gotten lucky.

She hopped into her car and raced back to her hotel room. She couldn't wait to call the moving company to have her belongings delivered asap. She didn't care that she would have to sleep on the floor of her new home. It was far better than this noisy, flea bag place she had been staying in. It had taken a good chunk of her life savings to pay for her apartment so she hadn't gone to a much nicer hotel. She checked out quickly and returned to her new place. From there, she used her cell phone to call the movers, the utilities, and her former work place to send her next paycheck.

Now able to relax, she went to the window and leaned against it. Unbidden, memories of her last visit here returned. She had worked for the Sandifur Bay Confederation Security Directorate and had been sent here to extradite two criminals. That had been nearly a year ago.

She remembered the handsome and arrogant Chief Enforcer. He'd insisted on helping her find one of the criminals that was at large in his city. The mission had ended on a bed with steamy memories to keep her warm long after she'd returned home. She hadn't been back and so much had changed since then.

A change in leadership, constant strife within the chain of command, suspicions the new leadership was corrupt, the investigation into the allegation ended with her tossing her badge down before the second in command after she had helped bring down the new chief. Though what she'd done had been necessary and correct, it made her new bosses uncomfortable being around her, so she left a job she'd held for some ten years with anger and regret.

She moved here to start fresh. Having learned her lesson about trusting the leaders over her and how politics could ruin the best of intentions, she had decided not to remain a cop. Though she knew she probably could have gotten into the Enforcers easily since she knew their leader intimately, that was a road that could lead to even worse trouble so she didn't even entertain the idea. She was going it alone as a private eye. It would take a while to build up clientele and underworld contacts but she was up for the challenge.

And maybe, while she was doing that, she'd find time to see if a certain tom Kat remembered her and would like to renew their acquaintance. A sultry smile graced her lips at the thought.