Chapter 5: Mission Accomplished

Morning found them wrapped in each other's arms. He woke first, blinking sleep from his eyes and realizing he wasn't in his own bed. A warm weight hugging his side reminded him what he'd been up to the night before. He turned and studied her beautiful face in the morning light. He reached out and tenderly caressed her cheek.

A pair of brilliant sapphire eyes opened sleepily to stare up at him. Kyran smiled warmly and raised her paw to caress his cheek.

"Morning Ulysses!"

"Good morning, beautiful!" He rumbled, smiling back. "Time to be off to work, I'm afraid."

"Yeah." She sighed, glancing at the clock beside her. "Shoot, no time for a bit of morning play either."

Ulysses chuckled. "Last night wasn't enough for you?" He asked, amused.

"Not nearly enough but we've got plenty of time." She said impishly. "I've missed you. You're the only tom whose made the most impression on me and that I'm willing to do more than once." She said honestly, staring at him tenderly.

"I have to admit that I feel the same about you." He murmured leaning down to kiss her gently.

Moments later, he reluctantly released her and moved to get out of bed. She watched him as he dressed quickly.

"If we're free, want to grab dinner together?" She asked casually.

He looked down at her as he zipped his pants up and shoved his feet into his shoes. He grinned, "I'd like that. Give you a call later?" He asked.

"Hmm, sure around five o'clock, call my cell to see if I'm free, though I'm sure it's more likely you might not be free." She snorted in amusement.

"That is probably true." He said ruefully then he came to the bed and gave her a kiss farewell then paused a moment. "You going to be on surveillance tonight, Kyran?" He asked.

"Yeah. It might be days before we get a nibble, though, so we'll have to wait for another night like this one to be together." She sighed in regret.

"Such is life but at least we will see each other." He smirked then his face went serious. "Be careful, Kyran. I'll see you later."

"You too, Ulysses. Stay safe." She warned quietly.

He nodded then left the bedroom. Moments later she heard him go out her apartment door. Sighing, happily, she climbed out of bed and prepared to go to work. She brushed her flame-colored long hair out then bound it in a leather tie as her mind went over her plans for the day.

She had two cases she could close today then she could focus completely on her surveillance of the Timmons' warehouse.

Grabbing a quick breakfast and giving her apartment a rapid tidying up, she was soon out the door and on her way to her office.

It wasn't until just after lunch that she was able to close her office and make her way to the wharves. She'd already scoped the area thoroughly when she'd been there to tour the place so knew where she intended to do her stake out.

Parking her car two warehouses away and out of sight, she walked behind the warehouse row to the one located catty-cornered from the one she had to watch. Using a grappling line very similar to the ones mountain climbers use and the SWAT Kats, she reeled herself to the roof.

She had changed into dark clothing that would blend in with the roof, had a folded pad and backpack on her shoulders. She kept low so she wouldn't be seen against the sunny sky as she set up her equipment. She unfolded the pad and laid it where she intended to set up her watch then pulled a pair of expensive, high-powered binoculars from her backpack as well as water, her cell phone and a special radio. She'd also invested in a special surge detector meter. It would allow her to detect odd energy anomalies in the building she was watching. She'd attached a matching meter to the security power line leading into the warehouse earlier. It would signal hers and let her know if Hard Drive was in the area.

Thus situated, she prepared for a long and boring surveillance. The radio could tap into the enforcer band and allow her to hear what was going on around the city but particularly near her location. Forewarned of an alarm going off would insure she didn't run afoul of trouble herself.

She really didn't expect anything this early in the day, most illicit activity was done at night but once in a while a criminal of Dark Kat's caliber did things no one would expect, like a daylight transaction.

To stay alert, she would do some calisthenics that involved stretching and situps but nothing that had her standing. It was a long, boring day with no activity. Ulysses called her at five exactly and asked if she was free for a quick dinner together. She sighed in relief and said yes.

They were able to enjoy a nice, quiet meal before parting once more to return to work. It would be a long night for her. This went on for several days running. She was getting hardily bored of watching an area where very little went on except for the coming and going of delivery trucks and the constant beeping noise of forklifts.

It was six days later that she finally got a bite. It was late afternoon and she was getting stiff. Thinking to do some stretches, she was halted by the sudden alert from her meter. Excited she quickly studied it. The readings were off the scale for only a moment then went still.

Quickly, she gathered her stuff up and packed it, keeping an eye on her meter. Ten minutes was all she had so she had to quickly get off the building and to her car in five minutes. She made it in seven, sitting in her car and staring at her meter tensely, her car running.

Moments later, the meter sang out again. Quickly she took off. She had checked to see where the line that went into the security power line went to so that she could follow it. Just for a moment, she wished she had whatever equipment Razor used to monitor Hard Drive's progress through a wire. It certainly would be better than her less than accurate method she was using at the moment.

Kyran had given some thought as to how far Hard Drive might go before leaving the lines for a vehicle to transport his stolen goods more easily. She'd learned from Ulysses that HD only traveled short distances through the lines for reasons the criminal would never tell anyone but their scientists had hypothesized it was probably hard on him to remain in that form for too long. Whatever the reason, he normally remained energy for only about five minutes before retaking his Kat form.

So Kyran checked out locations only five minutes from the warehouse that would be safe enough for him to reappear and where the power line he was using went by. She could have cheered as she came upon a van parked in an alley along the course she was following. Praying she had guessed right, she quickly parked her vehicle between two panel vans on the street but close enough to give her a good view of the alley.

She waited tensely as the minutes ticked by. Suddenly, a spark of brilliant light, like an arc welder, appeared just behind the van she was watching. The power line had passed through a power pole just overhead in that spot.

'Yes!' She crowed to herself as a familiar, odd looking guy, wearing a long coat and his hair in a weird Mohawk appeared with his arms full. He looked around cautiously before going to the rear of the van out of sight.

After a few minutes, he reappeared but looking like a rather scruffy blond haired, male in nondescript blue jeans and t-shirt and carrying a thick briefcase which looked rather out of place with his appearance. He climbed into the van and carefully drove out of the alley. The traffic was light and he was soon heading north.

Giving him a good distance but still staying within sight, Kyran eased out into traffic and followed, her heart beating excitedly. The drive went on for some forty-five minutes. They passed through the heart of the city and even went by Enforcer Headquarters.

'That would have made Ulysses mad having this slippery omega pass right by under his very nose.' She thought ruefully.

They kept going until he passed over the Megakat Bridge and went into the hills. Traffic was thinning out and she would soon become too visible. She'd already had to fall back quite a distance and could barely keep him in sight.

Finally he turned into a barely seen drive for an old estate with a high wall around it. The road ended just past it. The grounds were overgrown and the mansion itself look forlorn and empty. She dared to get as close as she could. In a spot along the wall, plants from the overgrown estate grounds had climbed over the wall and reached out to the trees lining the road, spreading their vines to form a wall of greenery between the wall and the trees, allowing her to hide her car.

Getting out quietly, not closing her door all the way so as not to make any noise, she moved quietly along the wall until she could peer through the surprisingly new gates. Keeping to cover, she pulled out her binocs and studied the building. Nothing moved and all was quiet.

The van was parked at the side of the mansion and she could see ninjas unloading it. There was no sign of Hard Drive or Dark Kat.

Excited, she turned to return to her car when she heard a chittering noise. She froze. Looking around without moving a step, she couldn't see anything that could have caused the noise. Another soft chittering sounded off. It was far too close. She looked up toward the huge overhanging trees the vines were pouring off over the wall.

At first she couldn't see anything but as she kept her attention focused above, she caught sight of something pink. Swallowing hard, she carefully raised her binocs and peered through them. In the tree were some five creeplings. Because of the greenery, she couldn't see if there were more but it hardly mattered. As she studied the ones she could see, she was relieved to see they were asleep and she was lucky she hadn't awakened them earlier.

Apparently they were used to hearing the van come through the gate and there was no saying if a small detachment of them hadn't been on guard and had followed the van because she hadn't been close enough to have seen them. These apparently, weren't on duty so were taking a siesta.

Keeping her breathing slow and soft, she moved slowly and carefully back to her car. It was a painstaking and slow walk, covering the short distance but it was worth it not to wake up these horrors.

She didn't sigh with relief when she finally reached her car. For whatever reason the creeplings hadn't heard her car and walking up to the gate, she wasn't giving them a second chance to hear her so she dug out her cell phone, stepped back out of her car and walked carefully further up the dead end to get as far as she could from the sleeping creatures. She didn't stop until she had reached the end of the road that was blocked by some big decorative boulders. She stepped around them than hid behind the biggest of them and dared to place a call.

Keeping her voice low and the phone pressed close to her ear so his voice wouldn't carry, she spoke to Ulysses.

Feral had finished the last of another stack of reports and noted the time. He wondered if he should call Kyran. Before he could put the thought into action, his phone went off. Pulling his cell out, he rumbled, "Feral!"

"Ulysses!" Kyran said, her voice very soft. "I found him!"

Blinking in concern, his heart picking up in excitement and fear for her, he dropped his own voice and murmured, "Where are you?"

She softly gave him the address then told him about the creeplings in the trees at the entrance.

"Stay put Kyran! We'll get there quickly and quietly. We'll use gas to knock out the guards. Be there in twenty." He told her softly.

"Roger!" She murmured back and settled in to wait for the calvary.

Feral summoned his troops. First he had a special ops group load up with quick acting sleeping gas and prepare to leave by chopper. They were to go only as close as a mile then walk quickly and quietly to the gates of the estate and gas the creeplings before they could shout an alarm. Then slip up to the estate then fill the mansion with gas to, hopefully, take out everyone they could.

The next group would be five choppers with at least ten troopers in each. They would drop in on the mansion as soon as the insertion team told them they had succeeded in gassing the place. This group would wear gas masks and search the place for anyone still on their feet, especially Dark Kat.

Feral intended on going with the insertion group, his second in command was in charge of the attack group. Fifteen minutes later, they had reached their destination and were setting down in a field a mile from the estate. They off loaded and Feral signaled it to leave.

As he soared away to take up a holding position a few miles away, Feral and his group ran on silent feet through the small forest between them and their target, staying away from the road.

Stopping some twenty feet from the gate, Feral was glad dusk had fallen, making them more invisible to anyone watching from the mansion. Staying very low to the ground and using all the cover they could find, they slipped up to the gate. His special ops spread out under the suspect trees and at their Commander's signal, they fired the gas grenades into the trees.

A brief screech of protest and a flutter of wings was heard then bodies fell from the trees. There had been at least fifteen of the creatures rousting in the trees. Sighing in relief, he called in the rest of his troops.

Kyran had been waiting behind her rock until she had heard a chopper come close then leave. She peered around the rock and was pleased to see Ulysses and a small force. Soon the area was filled with gas then creeplings were falling from the trees. It only took a few minutes for the gas to dissipate. When she saw Ulysses pull his mask off and hold his radio to his mouth, she hurried down from her hiding place toward him.

A trooper saw her and hissed a warning. Feral turned quickly and ordered him to stand down as Kyran reached his side. He smiled at her then told her to stay with her car.

She would have argued but backed down knowing this was a very dangerous situation and better handled by the enforcers. She nodded, gave him a kiss for good luck then headed back to her car.

The special forces guys were a bit surprised by their Commander's closeness to the unknown female. It would be fodder for later, if they got out of this alive. The next group of troops were just arriving and their minds refocused on the mission.

The gassing part of the mission went off without a hitch, three quarters of the occupants were knocked out. Feral had the upper paw due to the element of surprise. They rushed through the house and spread out looking for the omegas.

They found a staircase leading to the basement and fired gas into it. Waiting some five minutes, they went down the stairs cautiously. More ninjas lay sprawled in the hallways and a game room just off the entrance to the basement. There were large areas for entertainment that had been converted to labs.

To Feral's pleased amazement, Dr. Viper had been caught by the gas. Usually the mutated Kat wasn't effected by their various methods of capture but apparently they got lucky this time. It was a new formula of gas that had been designed to handle the more tougher of their opponents.

After thoroughly searching the basement, he was disappointed to not locate Dark Kat. He went back upstairs and joined the search groups. Hard Drive had been found in a bedroom and was being pawcuffed.

Outside, waiting in her car, Kyran watched the mansion with her binoculars. She'd moved her car and placed it a distance from the gate but in such a way that allowed her to see into the estate.

Nothing could be seen happening outside except for the troops searching the grounds. Suddenly she saw movement to the far right near the old stables. Some kind of tank like vehicle was rushing from that area and heading for the gate.

Someone was trying to escape. Kyran looked around frantically and saw the gates were still hanging open. She raced her car up to them, stopped suddenly, jumped out and frantically pulled the gates closed as the huge vehicle bore down on her. She jumped back into her car and parked it across the gates as close as she could get it then jumped out, grabbed her backpack and hustled back up the road to get out of the way, wincing when she heard the tank crash into the blocked gates. She thought she better give her lover a heads up.

Feral had just been notified that a huge vehicle was trying to escape. As he ran to the main entrance, his cell sounded off. He was about to ignore it but was worried something was wrong with Kyran.

When he answered, she hurriedly repeated what he already knew but then added what she had done. "Great job!" He told her. He warned her to stay away from the area then hung up. Already outside, he could see the tank-like vehicle making a second try at the gates. It's first attempt had managed to shove car and gates back a ways.

The tank backed up and charged forward again. As he watched, Feral, summoned his choppers to return and open fire on it at the same time he ordered his foot troops back so they wouldn't be harmed by the chopper's weapons.

The tank used laser to slice its way through just as the choppers arrived. It was charging down the road as fast as it could as the choppers rained down everything they had to try and stop the behemoth but the tank had tricks of its own as it began firing devastatingly accurate laser fire that dropped them like flies.

Feral was just calling in a jet squadron he had on alert when a familiar black jet arrived on the scene. The SWAT Kats begun firing their own brand of mayhem on the tank. A pair of odd missiles dug a furrow in the ground ahead of the behemohs path causing it to bog down and stall. Another missile made an ear-piercing scream and struck the tank dead on blowing parts of it everywhere. As a finishing touch, another missile fired and a plume of gas filled the interior.

Apparently, they had learned their lesson about leaving an omega awake and able to escape, especially Dark Kat. Unconscious was always the best route now. Satisfied they'd done a good job, the pair waggled their wings at him and vanished in a flare of jet boosters.

Feral sighed, as he stared at the thoroughly damaged tank. He moved closer as the gas dissipated and climbed up on an intact side of the tank and looked in. There was Dark Kat and two creeplings, slumped over the trashed control board. Feral smiled grimly. For once, he had got the upper paw over the omegas and the SWAT Kats were left to do the finishing touch. He felt vindicated.

Dark Kat was hauled out of his tank and carried off to the chopper that held the other two prisoners. It soon lifted off and carried its unconscious cargo off to jail.

He left his second in command to do the clean up and the preliminary report. As for himself, he had much better things to do this evening. No one had been killed or injured during the mission and that was cause for celebration.

Kyran met him halfway back to the estate wall. She hugged him and smiled.

"Thank you!" Feral said, heartfelt sincerity ringing in his voice as he hugged her tightly. "Your hard work just saved the city from three major omegas."

"Really, three?" She said in amazement.

"Yeah, besides Dark Kat, we got Dr. Viper and Hard Drive. A slam dunk!" He said happily.

"Oh, Ulysses, I'm so glad my plan worked out. I was a bit afraid when that tank came charging out that we'd lose him." She said, shaking her head.

"That was a brilliant thing you did, blocking the gates with your car." He complimented her.

"Yeah, except now I'm minus a car!" She said ruefully.

"Well, you know you can request recompense from city hall." He said, a broad smile on his face. "About time the Mayor paid for a helpful Katizen to be rewarded for capturing some really bad criminals." He snickered.

She gaped at him then laughed. "I'll just do that. Maybe get a vehicle like yours. That damn thing would be perfect for the jobs I get."

"Sure, why not. So now that I'm finished for the day, you want to go get something to eat?"

"Sounds heavenly and then a soothing hot bath after.....?" She cooed softly.

He grinned in anticipation. "Hmm, definitely. Let's hop a ride back to Enforcer Headquarters." He rumbled reaching for his radio.

"Oooh, a night flight, what will you think of next?" She teased him.

He grinned as he called for a lift. It felt good to win for once and to get the she-kat in the bargain. Yeah, what a way to end the day and the future for him and Kyran was looking better all the time.