Like A Stone Inside My Shoe

By Ninnik Nishukan

Summary: Drakken and Shego's realities go splat. Come meet some new faces. Post-Graduation AU.

They've already met once through a mutual friend, but they also meet a few times a couple of weeks beforehand. Have coffee three or four times, dinner once, to get acquainted.

She's a teacher, he's a professor. They're fourteen years apart, give or take a few months, with her at thirty-two and him at forty-six. No husband for her, no wife for him, no boyfriends for her, no girlfriends for him.

Nobody will really miss them while they're gone. Not for only a week.

She used to be engaged, but it ended a couple of years back. He was married for three years until he got divorced about five years ago.

No kids for either of them, or they probably wouldn't be doing this.

When Shego wakes up, she immediately knows that something's wrong. She's had enough experience with waking up in strange places to know. This place doesn't smell like…well, any of their lairs, which usually seem to have, no matter where they are in the world, a permanent, faint aroma of hot chocolate and some sort of smelly fluids that Dr. D always uses to clean his lab equipment.

This place smells…new, like crisp, clean plastic and something lemon-scented.

And…yeah, then there's the fact that she's bolted down on hands and feet with some sort of padded clamps. This doesn't usually happen to her at home.

Blinking against the bright lights, she can see a couple of blurry figures moving about.

"Hey!" She shouts, silently cursing the fact that the groggy hoarseness of her voice takes away a lot of the authority she's trying to convey. "Who the heck are you? Where am I?"

"Um, well, you're at TechnoWiz Enterprises, or TWE, as we like to call it," begins a hesitant, male voice.

"I doubt that's what she wants to know." Another voice interjects; this one more certain, and with a slight Indian accent. "Listen, you've been here for a week, voluntarily participating in an experiment—"

Shego growls. "Nice try! I don't remember volunteering for any exp— hey, hang on! Are you saying I've been lying here for an entire week?"


She takes a breath, trying to digest this new piece of information without completely boiling over; now is not the time to lose her head. Not when she doesn't know what these people are capable of yet. "How did I eat?" She wonders, trying to buy herself some time.

"Intravenously." The more uncertain man says, and she can finally see them as her eyes adjust to the light.

They both look to be in their late twenties or early thirties, with casual clothes under matching red jackets that say TechnoWiz Enterprises. The taller one is Caucasian, with short, brown hair, blue eyes and a slight slouch, and the shorter one looks Indian, with an impressive head of full, almost shoulder-length black hair. The tall guy vaguely reminds her of Kimmie's dad, but the voice is all wrong, and he's too young.

After the mention of 'intravenously', Shego's eyes travel down to her arm, and indeed, there's an IV tube stuck there. "What about…the bathroom?" She asks reluctantly.

The tall guy looks suddenly discomfited. "Um, maybe it's better if you didn't know."

Shego glares at them both; they seem to mean no harm at the moment, but whoever did this to her is going to pay. "Okay, whatever is going on, I hope you know you've got about two seconds to release me before I put TWE out of business…permanently. Capisce?"

"Uh, I don't think you can—"

There's a loud snort and a string of bewildered noises coming from a few feet away, then, and Shego tries to turn her head, which isn't too easy when you're tied down. "Who else is here?" She demands.

She finds out quickly enough, though.

"Wha— what's going on? Is this some sort of joke? Shego! I told you that you couldn't play practical jokes on me anymore! Only on April first!"

An unfamiliar sort of relief courses through Shego; she's not here alone. "Uh, yeah, funny thing, Doc," she says sarcastically, "I'm not the one doing this."

"Huh? Don't kid around, Shego! Just let me go!" Drakken barks, starting to thrash around to get loose.

The Indian guy coughs politely to get his attention. "Um, sir, I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't strain yourself. We don't quite know how you'll react to—"

Drakken freezes, then scowls hard. "What? I can't see properly! Who's there?"

"Oh, um, I forgot," The taller guy says. "You need your glasses."

"What are you talking about? I haven't needed glasses since—"

Something cold presses against his cheeks, eyebrows and temples, and Drakken immediately recognizes the sensation of wearing glasses, like a blast from the past. Suddenly, everything comes back into focus.

And he gasps, loudly and dramatically, with outrage.

"James T. Possible!" Drakken snarls. "You! What have you done to me? I didn't think this sort of thing was your style, but now you're showing your true colors, eh? Does your precious little Kimberly know about this? Does she? Does sh— huh?"

Drakken blinks in surprise as the padded metal clasps holding his arms and legs in place unlock. "You're…you're setting me free?" He asks, flabbergasted, sitting up slowly.

Shego sits up, too, carefully removing her IV and stretching herself. She decides not to do anything too rash until she's figured out what's actually going on here. But then she tries to run her fingers through her hair, and freezes when she runs out of hair after only about a foot, instead of three feet like usual.

When she turns to Drakken…she notices that he's not blue anymore.

As Drakken talks to the two strangers, Shego can only stare at him.

The short, Indian guy, whom Drakken thinks slightly resembles his ex-friend Ramesh, sighs and shakes his head. "I told you it might be a bad idea to model one of the characters after yourself, but would you listen? Oh, noooo, you just—"

"Uh, my name's not James T. Possible," the Possible-lookalike says quickly, trying to interrupt his colleague's lecture. "It's…uh, Charlie Peterson. The 'James T.' part was just a little gag…you know, um…a Star Trek reference? Captain James T. Kirk?" Charlie admits, looking a bit sheepish.

Drakken replies with a blank look. "Star Trek?"

"You know! You've always loved Star Trek! To boldly go where no man has— um, just forget it, not important right now," Charlie mumbles, growing slightly embarrassed. "The point is that you're not Drakken and Shego, you're—"

"What are you blathering about, man?" Drakken snaps, shaking a fist at Charlie. "You expect us to believe that—"

Shego interrupts his rant with a hand on his shoulder. "You're not blue." She says flatly, as if she just discovered the fact. Somehow, saying it out loud makes it realer. "And you don't have a scar. And check out the outfit, Doc."

Drakken looks down at himself. He's not wearing a dark blue lab coat and boots. He's wearing sweats, and they're not even blue. They're grey. Kind of...nondescript. When he looks over at Shego, she's wearing the same thing. And she looks...different. Sure, she's still kind of pale, but it's a normal, healthy color, not green. Her usual long, long, black waterfall of hair has been replaced with hair that's still very dark, but which has a more normal brown instead of a green sheen to it, and is much shorter.

When their eyes meet, he notices that her eyes are a light, caramel brown, not green.

And she discovers that his eyes are a very dark brown...not black. His hair is still black, however, but not spiky, and—

"Uh, Dr. D, when did you cut your...uh..." She murmurs, nodding at the back of his head.

Automatically, his hand flies up to touch his ponytail, but he finds himself simply grasping at air. "Hey! You cut my ponytail! This is low even for you, Possible!"

Shego nods, scowling. "And who's the wise guy who decided to give me a make-over, huh?" She pulls at her shorter hair, brandishing it as if it's Exhibit A in a murder trial. "You think this is funny?" She sneers, her fingers curling into claws. "I'll show you funny, you—"

She halts, gawking in horror at her hands.

She tries again.


They're not igniting. No green glow.

"Yeah, um, you can't do that here, I'm afraid." Charlie Peterson tells her. "Only in the game. And I just told you my name is Peterson, not Possible."

Drakken studies the Possible-lookalike closer, and only now, it's dawning on him that this man looks at least ten years younger than James T. Possible. No grey hair, he's in better shape, and his hairstyle is different. The voice is kind of...wrong, too. "Game?" Drakken ventures apprehensively.

"You don't remember?" The Indian gentleman asks in surprise before he sighs. "Ah well, I suppose that's why we hired you in the first place. To find out how people would react to such a long game." The man runs a hand through his long, black hair and shrugs. "I guess I should reintroduce myself, then. I'm Mukunda Suresh, Charlie's business partner. We were the ones who developed this game together."

"What kinda game are you talking about?" Shego asks sharply, still upset about her— temporary, she tells herself— loss of powers.

"It's a highly sophisticated form of a virtual reality game. Kim Possible." Charlie says. "It's called Kim Possible, and you were playing as the villains. We've already woken up the people who played as...uh, Kim and Ron. I don't know why it took us longer to bring you around. We still have a lot of bugs to work through, that's why I was so grateful when you volunteered to help me test the new game." He frowns, looking a little worried all of a sudden. "I really hope your memory returns eventually, because...well, I sorta considered you my friends, actually. George, you were my favourite college professor and a friend of my uncle, and Ava, you're my sister's best friend."

Shego sends Charlie a look of complete disorientation. "George? Ava? What are you talking about? Who are they?"

Charlie looks even more distressed now. "Who...well, they're you, of course!"

Drakken looks at Charlie as if he's gone insane. "Huh?"

"You're George Nowak and you're Ava Bernstein." Mukunda chimes in, trying to help out his upset colleague.

"Oh-kaaay..." Shego says slowly, as if talking to not very bright children. "And you guys had those severe concussions of yours when exactly...?"

"No, no, it's true!" Charlie insists, nodding frantically as he holds out a bunch of papers and plastic folders with assorted cards. "Look here, here are your driver's licences, and your key card for the university, George—"

"Right," Drakken scoffs, snatching the things out of Charlie's hands and passing them over to Shego. "Next I expect you're going to tell me that I work at the Middleton Institute of Science and Technology, and that Shego—"

"Ava," Mukunda corrects him, earning a glare.

"—and that Shego," Drakken repeats stubbornly, "works at Middleton High School or something like that, hmm?"

"No, she works at East Lansing High School and you work at Michigan State University." Mukunda informs him calmly.

Drakken turns to Shego for backup, but she's staring at the driver's license and other miscellaneous papers in her hands. "I own a Volvo," she says in a dull, absentminded monotone. "And a stupid little apartment near where I apparently work."

"Don't be silly, Shego, you know we live at the lair and drive a hover car—" Drakken objects, but hesitates when she lifts her gaze to meet his and he sees the glassy look of realization in her eyes.

And he looks down at his own identification papers and he—


"It started out with just virtual vacations." Charlie is saying now, and his voice seems toned down, far away. "Peaceful. But then we thought...why not make some exciting adventures?"

"I think perhaps we should make them...a little less exciting." Mukunda suggests.

Charlie nods. "And probably not...y'know, a whole week long."

"Probably not." Mukunda echoes sadly.

"So, um..." Charlie begins, " you guys remember me now?"

George drags his gaze up and looks at Charlie. " were in my class five years ago. Robotics 201. You used to sit at the back and fall asleep." He murmurs, frowning.

Ava nods feebly. "You're Janice's little brother. I remember that I..." She pauses, screws up her face as she tries to concentrate: "I think I went to her baby shower like three months ago."

Charlie's face lights up. "You did!"

Ava turns a bit paler. "I'm not twenty-seven. I'm thirty-two."

George looks distinctly unsettled as well. "And I'm not forty-two...I'm actually forty-six..."

"Uh, well," Charlie clears his throat. "It's not that big of a difference. You'll adjust."

"And you'll have time to rest now, remember?" Mukunda pipes up, a little too cheerfully. "Before you have to go back to work."

Ava breathes a small sigh. "Right. Yeah...that'll be good, yeah..."

"We'll have you back here in a couple of weeks for follow-up and for your evaluation of the game, okay?" Charlie says, starting to relax again.

"I'll just follow you out to the rest of your belongings," Mukunda says, pointing out the door. "We kept them in a locker in—"

"That's okay," Ava cuts him off. "I remember."

Only a day and a half goes by before he calls her. He can't deal with this alone. Even if he had a wife or somebody to talk to, which he doesn't, they wouldn't understand. Only Sheg— Ava would understand, because she's the only one who's had the same experience.

"I was just about to call you," she admits when he calls, sounding a little embarrassed.

He invites her over right away.

When she arrives, he lets her into his house, and then they just sort of...sit there on his couch, staring at each other.

"You have this big house and I just have an apartment." She comments eventually, to break the silence. "No fair."

He shrugs, not exactly sure what to say. "Well, uh, I dunno...I'm older than you, and my job pays more. It's only reasonable, I suppose. I mean, I didn't have this house when I was your age." He adds carefully, wondering how much of the Shego temper is left in Ava.

"I guess," Ava sighs.

"At least you have the better name." George says, trying to cheer her up. "George is such a very…normal kind of name. At least 'Ava' isn't that commonplace."

A smile quirks the side of her mouth. "Well, 'Shego' was even more memorable."

"'George Nowak' is so boring, nothing like 'Drew Theodore P. Lipsky AKA Dr. Drakken'." George goes on. "That's the kind of name you'd remember."

"Yeah, because it's totally ridiculous." Ava scoffs.

"Oh, and 'Shego' isn't?" George counters dryly. "Might as well be named 'She-Ra' or 'She-Hulk'."

Where Shego might have gotten mad, however, Ava only laughs. "Yeah, we might have to take that up when we're evaluating the game, huh?"

There's silence.

"You know, Dr. D, this is the weirdest thing ever— I mean, we—" She pauses, makes a frustrated face. "Ugh, I just called you Dr. D! See? How weird is this?"

"It's very weird indeed, She—" He gives an annoyed grunt. "Ava."

She sighs in exasperation. "It's like...I've known you for years, but now I suddenly don't know you anymore! You're just some guy I met a few weeks ago because we both know Charlie and we agreed to do this harebrained experiment!"

"I...I guess we could...uh...get to know each other again?" He prompts tentatively, feeling much too young and insecure for a second.

She gives a surprised little chuckle. "Are you coming on to me...George? Dr. D never flirted like this with Shego, you know."

George rolls his eyes, looking uncomfortable. "Give me some credit, She— Ava. I'm just curious, that's all. You can't try to tell me you're not."

And she is curious. They're both asking themselves the same question, she can tell.

How different is this person from the figment of imagination that I just spent five years which was really only a week with?

Ava shakes her head, grinning a little. "You're on, George. I'll stop by in a couple of days."

The next Tuesday, Ava does indeed stop by, and she's brought bagels.

"You know, Dra— George," Ava remarks as she looks out George's window. It's sleeting hard outside; sideways, with an unforgiving, cold wind. "If this was Middleton, it would be sunny right now."

George hands her a large, steaming mug of tea with milk. She's already had to borrow a towel to dry her face and hair, and her boots and coat are hanging up to dry in the hallway near the radiator.

"Yes, I might miss that." He nods. "I do kind of like the variety, though."

"Maybe," Ava says, sipping at her tea, "maybe we should make a list."

"List? What kind of list, She— Ava?"

"Like this," she explains, taking the pen and note pad he keeps on his coffee table and quickly making two columns on it; one marked PROS and the other marked CONS.

He looks intrigued. "You mean a list of the pros and cons of being Drakken and Shego?"

"Yep." Ava nods. "I'm gonna go ahead and put 'bigger house' and 'more money' under PROS right away."

"Power," George says flatly.

"Oh, yeah," Ava murmurs, her eyes glazing over a bit. "I'm definitely gonna miss Shego's powers. I mean, I wouldn't want to hurt anybody, but that green glow was kinda handy…"

"So was the ability to invent giant robots and such." George murmurs wistfully. "Trust me, robotics in the real world isn't nearly as fantastic…or easy."

Ava's voice takes on that same sentimental quality. "I miss being able to master types of Kung Fu that I've never even heard of now, and being able to make gravity-defying leaps and jumps."

"I wish I'd had some more time to explore my new plant powers," George says, sighing. "I mean, the game was almost over by the time I actually got them."

"Yeah, that might've been interesting…" Ava nods as she continues to write. "And the hover car was cool."

"Yeah," George agrees, grinning a goofy little boy grin.

Ava shakes her head, smiling faintly. George has to be a sci-fi geek. That would explain why he got along so well with Charlie despite the fact that Charlie wasn't exactly his best student.

"I didn't have to wear glasses," George says, scowling slightly.

Ava sighs. "Me neither."

George sends her a puzzled look. "Hmm? But you don't wear—"

"Reading glasses," Ava tells him, pulling them out of her purse and showing them to him. "I remembered when I tried to read the TV guide yesterday. Couldn't see a thing." She also happened to discover that Ava Bernstein barely owns a single green article of clothing, but that's another story.

George's eyebrows rise. "Huh."

"Yeah," Ava grunts as she slips the glasses on. "I was thinner, younger and I didn't have to wear glasses."

George's look turns sympathetic. He wants to tell her she looks good in those glasses— which she does— but she'd probably only accuse him of flirting again. He wants to tell her that she does looks thin, and young— okay, so maybe she looks a bit…softer than Shego, but it suits her— but he's learned from his three-year marriage that when some women want to be self-deprecating, nothing any male says will stop them if they're in the right sort of mood.

So, in the end, he simply settles for: "There are some advantages to being us, you know."

She releases an incredulous little puff of breath. "Such as?"

"Not having to run from the law?" He prompts matter-of-factly.

"True," Ava agrees after a moment of contemplation. 'Wanted criminals' gets put down under CONS. A definite downside to being Drakken and Shego.

George hems and haws for a while, trying to come up with something else; a single 'con' does not a list make. "Not getting my home blown up by an annoying teen vigilante every week anymore?"

Ava nods, and adds 'lairs/homes often destroyed' to CONS as well. "Having to deal with Shego's irritating brothers," She says firmly, and adds it to CONS.

"Or Drakken's mother," George reminds her, and under CONS it goes.

"Having to move all the time was a CON." She suggests.

"So was employing those incompetent henchmen." He says with an eye roll.

She writes it all down. "And getting bested by a creepy naked mole rat." She decides, sticking her tongue out.

He grimaces, too. "Definitely that."

"And hey, you don't even have a monobrow anymore," she points out, grinning.

"Shut up," he grumbles good-naturedly, and she laughs.

"You know, it's also good that we don't have careers that involve…uh, terrorizing people anymore." Ava suddenly realizes, and is quick to write it down on the list.

They lock gazes for a brief moment, and both can tell the other is thinking the exact same thing. They're both feeling ashamed and just a little intimidated and fascinated by the fact that they didn't even think to add that particular point to the list before now.

Twelve more items on the PROS and CONS list, two bagels, four chocolate cookies and two more cups of tea later, Ava's asleep on the couch and George is headed to bed himself.

As it sleets on outside, George is grateful that they don't have to go to work the next day.

They have a few weeks off from work, in anticipation of whatever recuperation period they might suffer. Give them some time to get back to themselves, so to speak.

It takes them several more days to stop calling each other 'Dr. D' and 'Shego' whenever they're not quite paying attention.

"So, are you gonna tell me more about yourself?" She asks one day as she's stretched out on his bed watching TV while he's sitting at the foot of the bed, leaning his arms on his knees. They're in here because he's got college papers spread all across his living room table.

So far, they've mostly been talking about the game. And the last time, they were so sick of talking about it that they went out to a movie instead; getting themselves lost in a different sort of fake reality.

Now, she wants to focus on the real world for a while.

George purses his lips, looking up at the ceiling as the evening news chatters on. "Well, I', I don't know what to say, really. What do you wanna know?"

"I don't know." She says and rolls around on her stomach, propping herself up on her arms. "Do you enjoy your job? Do you have any hobbies? Ever been abroad?

He laughs softly. "You want me to answer those in order?"

She grins. "Go ahead."

He draws a breath. "Yes, I enjoy my job. I like to go fishing sometimes, and I like to read. I went to Thailand for my honeymoon."

She's quiet for a while. "Do you still love your ex-wife?"

His expression becomes a little pained. "Let's just say that the only good thing to come out of that marriage was the fact that she was decent enough not to take my house."

"Ouch," Ava comments sympathetically.

"And you?" He inquires with some hesitation. "Do you still love your ex-fiancée?"

Ava bites her lip, fingers tangling absently in her hair. "Uh…is it enough if I tell you that I'm not sure if I loved him in the first place?"

"Say no more." George nods in understanding. "Now…how about you?"

She shrugs. "I wish I had a different job. I like to go hiking and I like to watch movies. I went on a trip around the world after college."

He sends her a questioning, puzzled glance. "Then why don't you just get a different job?"

Ava sighs, shaking her head. "I have no idea. Maybe I should."

"I could ask some people I know if you like." He suggests carefully.

She nods. "I'll think about it."

Something occurs to him, then, and he turns to her fully, away from the TV. "…really around the whole world?"

She gives a small laugh. "Yep."

George is looking at her like he's sort of impressed now. "I think I'd like to do that once."

She flops down with her chin on his comforter. "Takes a lot of time and money, and I got food poisoning at least twice."

He feels like he has to object. "Yeah, but still—"

She interrupts him with a crooked little smile, remembering. "Still…it was worth it, yeah."

"I wonder if that's why they do it." George muses.


"Drakken and Shego." He says, picking idly at a corner of his comforter. "Trying to take over the world. It's tough, but maybe they do it because it's exciting."

"They're just characters in a game." She mutters."Taking over the world in real life wouldn't be as interesting, or even possible."

He lets go of a heartfelt sigh. "True."

She props her chin up in her hands, feeling the urge to change the subject. "So, is this the part when you show me your extensive Star Trek collection?"

His eyes go round. "How did you know about my—?"

"Lucky guess."

George chuckles, face a little red. "Or maybe you just peeked in my DVD cabinet when I was in the bathroom?"

"Both, Georgie boy." She teases.

He doesn't get mad; she wonders when she'll stop expecting it to happen. It's not that he never gets angry— that would just be creepy— it's just that it takes a bit more to provoke George than a little light mocking. "Fine, so you busted me." He shrugs, giving her a lopsided, mischievous grin. "That just means that now I get to know something embarrassing about you."

"Hmmm, well…I guess it would only be fair." She says nonchalantly, rubbing her chin as if pretending to be deep in thought. "Uh, I have a…collection of pressed leaves. I go out looking for them in the fall and save the ones I like."

George snickers, trying hard not to picture Shego sitting around daintily pressing carefully collected leaves into expensive, decorated books bought especially for that purpose. The image is just so absurd; Shego would most likely get impatient and incinerate the entire thing after about three minutes. Laughing out loud would probably insult Ava, but avoiding it is getting harder.

Ava sends him a withering look. "What now?"

"It's not really that funny— it's— it's just— Shego— and leaves, pressing leaves—" George practically hiccups, trying to hide his expression behind his hand.

"Right. I get it. Well, if it helps, I've already pictured Drakken in full Vulcan gear, complete with pointy ears, at a Star Trek convention." Ava tells him in a deadpan tone.

That's too much for George, and he bursts out in a loud belly laugh, unable to hold it in anymore.

Soon, Ava is laughing, too.

'George' might be a dull name. 'George' has a few advantages, however. 'George' has several girlfriends and a marriage behind him. 'George' knows how to talk to women. 'George' doesn't have the foot in mouth disease or an insane temper. George is interested in hearing what other people, especially Ava, have to say.

And 'Ava' doesn't have the cool cynicism and fiery temper of Shego. She's practical-minded and opinionated, but she's more patient and doesn't have that constant need to mock. She listens. And Shego would never have given away personal information that willingly.

George and Ava laugh a lot. And quite often not even at each other.

George tells himself he'll get used to it at some point.


Author's note: This is a two-parter. There will only be one more chapter. Just a silly little idea that popped into my head last year, very loosely based on an episode of Red Dwarf called Back to Reality.

A huge Thank You to Charlotte C, who remains my fabulous beta despite her busy life. I'm glad this story amused you. I had no idea you drive a Volvo. XD

This story is dedicated to Marvolo Cassius, who wanted to read D/S AU. Well, Marv, I tried my best, so I hope you won't think this is too much of an 'apple slice story'. ;)

Another thank you goes out to CJS for suggesting Michigan State University as the college where Drakken would work. I didn't know what to put there. Then I chose East Lansing High School because it's close to MSU. CJS also helped me pick a hobby for Shego— the leaves pressing thing. XD

Before anybody asks— no, I do not have an extensive collection of Star Trek DVDs. I don't even own one Star Trek DVD. I think my boyfriend has a couple, though. XD

Like A Stone Inside My Shoe: Title stolen from the lyrics to Jerkin' Back and Forth by Devo.

Capisce: The correct Italian spelling of this word. Usually seen as 'capice' in the US, my beta tells me.

Mukunda Suresh: Named partly after Mohinder Suresh from HEROES. Just be glad I didn't just go ahead and steal the entire name. :P

George Nowak and Ava Bernstein: I deliberately chose names that were nothing like Drakken and Shego's. I didn't want Drew or Drake or Sherry or Sheila or anything like that. I didn't even want the names to start with the same letters.

Ava was one of the first names I saw when I searched for popular baby names for girls. Bernstein was one of the first names I saw when I searched for Jewish last names, and I chose it because of Elmer Bernstein, who composed the score to Ghostbusters. Nowak was one of the names I saw and liked when I searched for Polish last names, and George is one of the popular baby names for boys. I originally wanted to call him Kowalski, but dropped the idea since it sounded too much like Lipsky.

I do realize that, out of Drakken and Shego, it's more likely that Drakken's Jewish, what with Estelle Harris playing his stereotypical Jewish mother and all, but considering that this is George and Ava, not Drakken and Shego, and Mama Lipsky doesn't even exist anymore, that's kind of irrelevant here, wouldn't you say?