They finally got a break, they were all eating and having fun.Shippo and Kagome were playing a card game, Sango and Miroku were flirting by the fire and Inuayasha...Inuyasha was sitting in a tree. He was uneasy, something was bothering him.He had the feeling that something was following them, and it had been following them for awhile, but he could not smell it and no one else had noticed it. He was still keeping his guard up, even if was loosing his mind. "Inuyasha...come down here" Kagome called

"Nothin doing"

He didn't like being bothered when he was alert. "Come on Inuyasha...whats wrong"

"Will you leave me alone im thinking"

"Well dont think to hard" Kagome said looking back at her cards

Shippo could not help but laugh.That's when Inuyasha did jump out of the tree and pointed a finger

at both Shippo and Kagome "What do you mean by"

She giggled and flapped her hand at him "Oh nothing Inuyasha..go back to your tree"

"No, you got something to say,say it!!"

"She was just worried you would hurt yourself thinking to hard" Shippo said, which earned him a knock on the head from Inuyasha "Inuyasha sit boy!" and to the ground he went.

The figure watching them wondered to himself how his parents ever got along. The figure watching them is the same figure that Inuyasha was aware of, but at this point he had forgot as he was arguing with Kagome. The figure wanted to step out, but he didn't think it was the right time, he wanted Kagome alone. He thought that Inuyasha would lose his cool and ask to many questions. So he would wait till Kagome was alone, he only hoped it would be soon, he didn't have alot of time. Miroku was quite, he soon felt someone watching them, tho he didn't say anything. He felt that it was not a threat and it would make itself known soon.

The figure watched a little longer. He liked watching Kagome, she was young and pretty and full of fire. He thought this was so cool, but he could not just sit and watch, it had to besoon. He had been sent to do a task. He had to set his mind to the task at hand. So he watched a moment more before moving away. A smirk came to his face as he walked away. He had heard the story of how his parents came to be and now he would get to see it happen, sort of. He had also heard story's of his mother...and his father...of who they were once and how they acted...even tho he had heard story's of how they met, and how they came to be with each other...he knew parts were missing...and he found himself bursting with the want to see just how it happen. After all everyone of his time...said the day they fell for one another was the same day all 7 hells froze over and heaven burst into flames. His people also said that they thought the world was coming to a end, that day his kissed her, they feared for there lives, it was so hard to believe that the two had found love with each other so they just thought it was a sign of the end of ther world...he rememeber the day when he first heard the story of his parents...the old woman telling the sory ended it by saying...imagine the shock of the people of the lands when they heard of there love for one another...imagine...the darkness in love with the light.

Soon, soon he would see what it meant, how it looked, how it the darkness fell inlove with the light.

ok so they start was did not turn out as well as I liked but it will all fall into place soon!!