Chapter 1

There were two things in life Deidara was certain of: the first being that nothing was meant to last forever and the second that loving someone inevitably brought their death. He learned both of these vital lessons the day Uchiha Itachi and Akasuna Sasori destroyed everything he had once held dear. With everything - and everyone - gone ripped away from him, Deidara had no choice but to follow their demands and become a member of the Akatsuki. Already, he was unhappy. For obvious reasons.

He was destined to be Sasori's partner from the very beginning - he had been chosen, not accepted. For this reason alone, Deidara despised his new life with Sasori. The Akatsuki rarely met in one large place, and so Deidara had no idea of the identities of the others. There was a base where the members operated out of in between missions, but Sasori avoided them. He did not favor such populated areas.

Another reason why Deidara was no longer happy: he was partnered with someone who was his complete opposite. Deidara thrived for crowds - Sasori would rather be alone. Deidara loved everything that exploded - Sasori believed in eternal art.

What a fool.

Through his traumatizing experience before becoming an Akatsuki, Deidara learned that loving others brought nothing but pain as those people left your life. Life was an explosion - there one minute, gone the next. Love was nothing but a slow, torturous ride to an inevitable end. Saying something was eternal was complete ignorance. How could someone believe in something that would hurt them so much?

For the past three months, Deidara had traveled the world with Sasori, completing minor missions for his boss, Pein. He got to visit Hidden Villages that he had never heard of, along with famous ones. Every day with Sasori was a battle - usually over art or their mission plans. Neither were the type to concede, and so the arguments lasted until Sasori lost his patience and attacked Deidara. Deidara - being the agile type he was - would easily dodge them, and Sasori would always mumble something about not actually aiming.

Then Deidara would retort, and a new argument was started. One thing Deidara enjoyed about Sasori - he never conceded and abandoned his own vies. For this reason alone, Deidara felt some respect for the puppeteer. Despite this, he never treated the puppeteer any differently than he would anyone else. Honestly, Deidara didn't really like Sasori. They had completely different reviews, and, although Deidara respected his new partner for this, he was not very appreciative of being called a brat and being degraded. Sasori seemed to be unfavorable of the blonde as well - anything that was heard from within that puppet-shell was nothing but snide comments and contradictions. There was a heavy tension between the two - something that was always there, like air - and Deidara had actually cried over it a few times. He didn't like the constant abuse, the never-ending criticism.

He had learned early in his partnership with Sasori to never be so feminine around the scorpion.

Progressively, things were declining between them. They were complete opposites – how were they supposed to coexist peacefully enough to complete missions? By Sasori controlling everything, that's how. Deidara thought bitterly as he silently walked alongside Sasori. He hated the fact that he had never seen Sasori's true form, even if he hadn't been around that long. It was offensive to the ex-Iwa nin that Sasori refused to come out of his shell when they were alone. Did Sasori not trust his own partner with his identity? Or did he simply lack respect for the blonde? Either way, it bothered Deidara to no end, not knowing what Sasori actually looked like.

Deidara's frown deepened into a scowl as they continued on. He really did hate his new life, even if he had only lived it for three months.

They were returning from a successful mission, heading for a hotel to spend the next few nights until Pein gave another order. Days like those were of the lazy sort; they had nothing to do, and so Deidara would pass each day by in a haze, not really taking anything in. He was free to explore the village they were in on these off days, but Deidara preferred to stay with someone he knew. He would do out to get food and supplies, but that was it. Sightseeing was a luxury that never happened. If he were to go out on his own just for the sights, he would need Sasori there with him.

That was the type of needy person he was. The two Akatsuki checked into a hotel and entered their rented room. Grateful for the beds provided, Deidara threw himself onto a bed and sighed heavily. His arms were out on either side of him, legs dangling over the edge of his chosen bed. Sasori used the tail connected to his shell to slam the door shut as he made his way inside. "Why is it that people around here aren't…afraid of that…shell, un?" Deidara asked as he pointed to Sasori.

"Hiruko?" Sasori asked, looking to him.

"Kami!" Deidara shouted as he sat upright, "That shell has a name?!"

"Most of my strongest puppets have names," Sasori answered somberly, "And people don't really mind this form in this village because they're on our side, for the most part. That's how we got such as luxurious suite for free, baka."

"Oh," the blonde murmured with a wince. Why did Sasori have to be so mean over such a simple question? He was still learning, after all. It would be simpler if the puppeteer wasn't so brusque. "Well…I'm going to take a shower, un. Then I'm gonna go to bed."

"Oyasuminasai, then." His partner answered off-handedly, turning away from him.

A little hurt, Deidara quickly took off his cloak and threw it on the floor beside his bed, then left for the bathroom.

His eyes were stinging again – something his experienced too often lately.

Deidara quickly closed the bathroom door behind him, locking it shut. His mind raced with questions that remained unanswered as he stripped himself of his clothes. He had never seen Sasori's true form, nor had he ever witnessed daily necessities being completed. Sasori seemed to never need a bathroom break, food, or shower. The puppeteer seemed immune to breathing, as well. In a whole three months, not once has Deidara witnessed his partner venture out from the confines of Hiruko.

And this disturbed Deidara greatly. Unnerved him.

Needfully inhaling the water's steam as it rained down from above, Deidara closed his eyes for a moment, pushing past the many things Sasori had not yet told him. With time, he thought. Everything is revealed with time. He sighed and opened his eyes, continuing on with his shower.

In time, everything will come out alright.

He emerged from the shower almost an hour later, wearing nothing but a towel around his waist. Running a comb through his hair, Deidara blinked and looked around. Hiruko was off in a corner, and so Deidara assumed Sasori was sleeping.

Did Sasori even need sleep?

"Sasori-san?" Deidara called, setting his hair brush down and approaching the shell. "You in there, un?"

"What do you want, brat?" Sasori asked when he was close enough to touch the shell.

"Just wondering if you were in there," he stammered as he backed off and replaced the towel with his boxers. He climbed into bed then and turned the light beside his bed off, muttering a small "Oyasuminasai."

For about thirty minutes, Deidara tossed and turned under his blankets. Something about Sasori was keeping him up. Perhaps it was all of the questions he had that were never answered. What frustrated Deidara the most was that Sasori never really answered his questions. Didn't he, as Sasori's partner, deserve to know more? Why didn't Sasori trust him with information? Did Sasori really hate him that much? Why did Sasori hate him so much? What had Deidara done to deserve such maltreatment?

"Stop moving around so much, brat." Sasori commanded. "You're annoying me more than usual."

Instantly, Deidara complied. He always did what Sasori told him, so why was his partner so cruel? Sasori always spoke to him as if he were an idiot. Why was Sasori so cruel? Frustration welled within him, and Deidara found himself asking that very question. "Sasori-san, why are you so mean to me? I never did anything to you, un!"

"Shut up, baka. You know I hate that."

"And I hate that!" Deidara wailed, his patience failing as he sat upright and turned the light on. His reserve was failing as well – he could feel his eyes stinging. "You always treat me like I'm an idiot, un! Like a dog! I've only been around for three months, kuso! And yet I've been treated worse and worse as time goes by, un! Why don't you trust me with anything? I'm your partner, for Kami's sake!"

"Shut up," Sasori commanded icily as he attacked the light with his tail, bringing a thick darkness around them. "I don't have to answer to a brat like you."

Deidara growled audibly in frustration, his eyes wet, and threw himself onto the pillows again. He buried his face into the pillows, then allowed the tears free roam. Silently, Deidara wrapped himself in his blankets, his back to Sasori, and willed sleep to come.

This was why he hated his new life.

The next morning, Deidara woke early. Earlier than someone who had the day off, that is. Yawning, the blonde sat upright and rubbed his visible eye. He felt better, rested. A part of him had completely forgotten the night before.

Frowning a little as he recalled it, Deidara looked around for Sasori. He spotted Hiruko in that same corner and called out to his partner.

"Deidara," a new, soft voice spoke his name from his left.

Heart racing, Deidara looked over to the source of the voice. Staring back at him was the most beautiful man Deidara had ever met: brilliant red hair, bottomless mercury eyes, clear porcelain skin. He leaned in dreadfully close to Deidara's face, gently fingertips holding the blonde's face firm. "I love you," the redhead whispered as he kissed the blonde. Deidara exhaled deeply in surprise, not even realizing that is eyes had closed. The male kissing him had a whisper-like voice – one that was usually careless, but filled with emotion only for Deidara.

They broke, and Deidara whispered the male's name: "Sasori-danna!"

Deidara's eyes shot open then, and he bolted upright. Sweat was covering his entire body, making his sheets stick to him uncomfortably. He was panting a little, as if exhausted, and realized that it wasn't only sweat that was making his sheets – and boxers – stick to him. Throwing the soiled blankets off, nose wrinkling in disgust, Deidara quickly collected his clothes and ran into the bathroom, locking the door behind him.

He had no memory of his dream. Must've been a pretty hot girl, he thought as he removed his boxers and climbed into the shower, making it as cold as possible. Although he was still a virgin, Deidara had fallen victim to numerous wet dreams. Of course, with his 'special' palms, he was no virgin to the art of masturbation. He had fallen in love with a girl once, but his feelings were not reciprocated. She liked him as a friend, but that was it. She had been killed with all the rest, three months ago. There wasn't supposed to be any 'evidence' that he was still alive. Anyone who had ever associated with him was murdered in a way that framed Deidara. His village expelled him for the murders, and so he had no choice but to join the Akatsuki.

Deidara blinked as the water coursed down his body, the remnants of his wet dream gone. He washed himself quickly, willing his mind to go blank. Morning depression was not fun.

After the shower, Deidara wrapped a towel around himself and emerged from the bathroom, holding his soiled boxers in a tight bundle with the rest of his clothes. Within Hiruko, Sasori was conversing with a room service waitress, who had removed his dirty bed sheets and placed them in a plastic container. Blushing heavily, Deidara ran over to the maid and asked her to wash his clothes as well. She made the smallest of grimaces before nodding and carefully taking his clothes. He thanked her softly as she left, closing the door behind her.

Tears stung Deidara's eyes as he sat at the foot of Sasori's bed and pushed his lower palms into them. He was so embarrassed. Never before had something like this happened to him in such a public place. "Don't cry, brat." Sasori's voice came from his front.

Deidara looked up weakly. "Why not, un? I'm so embarrassed…"

"Don't be. It happens to the best of us." For the first time since his arrival, Deidara witnessed a tone to Sasori's voice that wasn't annoyance. It was sympathy. Hiruko's warped head looked away from the blonde, his tail swaying slightly.

The blonde sniffled lightly, wiped away the tears wetting his eyes. Why was his partner, who was normally so apathetic, being nice? "D-did I say something in my sleep, un?"

There was a pause before Sasori answered, "No. You were just restless."

"I didn't use my hands?" If that was the case, then the girl he had fantasized about was really hot.

"I wasn't watching you!" Sasori snapped, obviously offended. Hiruko turned away completely, his back to Deidara. The silver tail slashed the air in annoyance.

"Gomenasai!" Deidara shouted, hoping to calm the puppeteer. "I didn't mean to offend you, un."

"Yeah, well…I was only being so nice because you're horrible at completing a mission when you're so upset." Deidara thought he heard Sasori scoff, "Girl." but he couldn't be sure. So he ignored it and asked,

"We have another mission?"

Hiruko's head shook. "Not exactly. We have to report to Hatafuri at the base. Status report for you, mostly."

Deidara swallowed back the lump of fear growing in his throat. "W-why do I need a status report, un?"

"To see how you're doing, obviously." Sasori repositioned Hiruko so that they were face to face again. "And to see how well we pair up. Trivial things like that. There's no need to be nervous, brat." Sasori added when Deidara's complexion went from sickly green to ghastly white. "Look, honestly, I think you've been doing pretty well. I mean that. I'm not going to tell Hatafuri that you're a horrible new partner, because you're not. You're…adequate." Here, Deidara envisioned Sasori wincing at the honesty.

"A-adequate?" Deidara repeated, stunned. "Y-you don't hate me, un?"

Sasori heaved a heavy sigh, turning away from the blonde. "I've never really hated you, per se…I just don't like you."

Deidara couldn't help but smile at that. He was not in Sasori's favor, but at least Sasori didn't completely hate him. It was a step in the right direction.


Oyasuminasai – Good night

Baka – Idiot

Kuso – Damnit

Kami – God

Gomenasai – I'm very sorry.

Hatafuri – Leader

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