Chapter 5

After a few hours of solitude, Deidara returned to Sasori's door and knocked on it gently. "Sasori-danna?" he called as he opened the door a crack.

"Come in," Sasori responded softly, from his bed.

Deidara entered and closed the door behind him. "I've...never seen you resting before, Danna." He said timidly as he took a seat beside Sasori on the bed.

"I don't actually need rest; it's just something I do when I don't feel like working on my puppets," the redhead responded. There was a long silence - a very long silence - before Sasori said, "So...what have you been up to, brat?"

"Nothing. I didn't leave the base this time, un. Just did a little exploring." There was a tangible awkwardness between them, making Deidara's heart race with discomfort.

Sasori nodded. "Good. I didn't want you too far from me."

A surge of emotion ran through Deidara as Sasori's words. He wants to be with me, he thought with a small smile. Then a thought hit him. "Oh, yeah, Danna," he began, brushing his bangs to the side a little, "Pein-sama told me to tell you that we've been assigned a mission, un."

There was a long silence, one that Deidara wasn't sure of. Sasori sighed heavily, sat up, and asked slowly, "What's the mission? And when are we supposed to leave? And where?"

Deidara's mind went blank. He completely forgot everything Pein had told him. "Um...Well...I, uh..."

"You forgot," Sasori said flatly, although he was smiling a little.

The blond chuckled sheepishly, his left hand behind his head.

"Your mission," Pein sighed as he reiterated, "is to locate the Yonbi, the Four-Tails, and the Ichibi, the One-Tail. The Yonbi does not have a Jinchuuriki, and so it will be harder capturing it. I have some information on the Ichibi's Jinchuuriki.

"His name is Gaara, and he is a chunin from Sunagakure. He's referred to as 'Sabaku no Gaara' because of his fighting style. He'll be a perfect match for Deidara. He is the son of the now-deceased Fourth Kazekage, and he has two older siblings; a female named Temari and a male called Kankuro. I don't have any information on either of them."

"A ninjutsu type, un?" Deidara guessed with a lick of his lips. "Sounds like fun."

"We'll go after the Ichibi first," Sasori told their boss.

Pein nodded. "Leave when you're ready." He turned away from them, and they left his office.

"Hey, aren't you from Suna, Danna?" Deidara asked as they walked back to their room.

Sasori was silent for a moment before he answered, "Yes. I swore never to go back there again..." he looked as though he would cry, if that were possible.

"Well, I'll be there with you, un!" Deidara said happily, hoping that would cheer his Danna up, even a little. Smiling softly, Deidara took Sasori's hand in his.

His Danna sighed, squeezing back a little as he murmured, "Thanks. Anyway, it'll take us two weeks to get to Suna from here, so we need to get everything together and leave as soon as possible." They were at their room, now. "So go make plenty of clay and be sure you're prepared."

"Un," the blond answered with a nod as he walked into their room. "Two bags of my explosive clay should be enough," he reasoned as he strapped two green bags at his waist and filled them with explosive clay.

"Two bags, brat?" Sasori asked, looking over to him. "We're fighting a Jinchuuriki here, not a genin."

Deidara shrugged. "Pein said the Ichibi's host was a chunin. I'm a jonin. How much easier could things be, un?"

"You should always be prepared for anything," Sasori replied as he returned to his puppets. "I have two-hundred and ninety-eight puppets in my collection, and still I bring extra traps. You can never be too prepared, brat."

Again, Deidara shrugged. "Whatever. I know this will be all I'll need to take him down, un. You just worry too much."

Sasori sighed heavily. "Fine. Have it your way." He took a moment to seal away the last of his puppets, then returned his full attention to Deidara. "Ready?"

Deidara nodded. "Can we stop to get something to eat first, un?"

His Danna nodded, and they set off.

After his meal, Sasori and Deidara left Ame, heading for Suna. It was noontime, and the sun was high above them. Deidara found himself sweating a little in the heat.

He was about to make a bird to carry him, but Sasori stopped him. "Don't use any of your clay yet," he reprimanded. "Save it. If you're really that exhausted..." he sighed heavily, "I'll carry you."

Deidara found himself blushing at the thought. "Oh, uh, no thanks. I guess I'll just walk, un."

Sasori sighed with relief. "Good. I really didn't want to have to carry you."

The blond found himself chuckling. That was just like Sasori. "I wouldn't trust you with my body, un."

An awkward silence passed, and Deidara realized what he had said. "Oh, uh, not that I think you would purposely harm me, un..."

"I know what you meant," Sasori said softly, his voice a knife through Deidara's heart. "You were kidding. That's fine."

The awkward silence returned. "Sorry," Deidara murmured. When Sasori didn't say anything, he begged, "Can we please stop this awkward silence? I didn't mean to make it seem like I didn't trust you, un."

"You just can't stand silence, can you, brat?" Sasori sighed with a smiled. Deidara could tell that Sasori was not angry with him. "You know I prefer silence over speech."

"You know I don't, un," Deidara replied. "I hate silence!" He made to throw his arms up in exasperation, but stopped when he realized their left hands were entwined. Deidara's trail of vision moved from their combined hands, up Sasori's arm, and to his neck. Suddenly, Deidara found himself lusting for that neck. He wanted nothing more than to lick and nibble at that neck, to have Sasori to the same with his own...

And he was terrified. He had never before felt so excited for another male. "Um, Danna, can we stop here for a little? I'm exhausted, un."

Sasori looked over at him, a skeptical look on his face. "You don't look tired at all." He noted.

Smiling a little, Deidara began panting as though he had ran a mile. "I think...I really...need a rest...Danna...un."

The look on Sasori's face told Deidara he would be blushing if he could. "O-okay, brat, we'll stop for a minute. But only a minute, understand?"

Deidara smiled an angel's smile as he sat against a nearby tree. He sighed in content, resting his head back. "Nice shade, here," the blond noted offhandedly. When he realized Sasori still standing, he patted the spot beside him and said, "Come sit with me, Danna, un."

His Danna studied him for a moment before taking a seat next to him.

Heaving another contented sigh, Deidara closed his eyes and unthinkingly took Sasori's hand in his own. Sasori wrapped his fingers around Deidara's hand, squeezing gently. Deidara kept his eyes closed and smiled.

After a moment of silence, Deidara whispered Sasori's name.

"Hmm?" Sasori barely answered.

Deidara opened his eyes and rolled his head over to face the puppeteer. "I...I want to play the Nervous Game, un."

Sasori's eyes snapped open. He slowly turned to face Deidara, his nose bleeding a little. "N-nani?"

The blond smiled sheepishly. "Onegai? I really wanna play, un."

Not bothering to wipe the blood off his upper lip, Sasori chuckled. "Alright, sure. We'll play." Sasori relinquished Deidara's hand and placed his hand on the blond's knee. "Are you nervous?"

"No," Deidara responded, although his knee was tingling with delight, along with other areas.

Sasori slid his hand up Deidara's leg until it was about halfway to his pelvis. "Are you nervous?" he repeated.

"No," came the reply, although it was getting harder to breathe.

"No?" Sasori asked as he slid his hand into Deidara's leg. "How about now?" he prodded as he fingered Deidara's length gently, through his pants.

"No," Deidara exhaled deeply as he arched upwards a little.

"Oh?" His Danna prodded as he straddled the blond, fisting him. He was so close, Deidara could feel his breath against his lips. Deidara's tongue slipped out of his mouth and licked Sasori's own. Sasori gently held Deidara's chin in his free hand and kissed the blond. "Are you nervous yet?" Sasori whispered, his lips brushing against Deidara's as he spoke.

Deidara smirked, groaning within his throat as Sasori began to do a better job of fondling him. "Me? Never in a million years, un."

Sasori smirked as well and moved to Deidara's neck, which he licked and nibbled wonderfully. Deidara inhaled sharply when Sasori bit down with all his might, drawing blood. He pulled at Sasori's hair when the male lapped up the blood. Against Deidara's neck, Sasori whispered, "Are you nervous?"

Deidara shook his head weakly, out of breath. "N-no, un."

"'No, yeah'?" Sasori translated as both hands moved to unbutton his pants. "Sounds like someone's lying, to me."

The blond open his mouth to reply, but was stopped by the loud clap of thunder above them. An instant later, torrents of rain fell from the sky.

Sasori disconnected from Deidara completely and looked out from their canopy with a scowl. "Rain," he grunted. "That puts a damper on anything. I can't travel in the rain." He stared out at the rain, seeming to have forgotten Deidara completely.

"D-danna!" Deidara cried, the erection in his pants painful. "P-please," he managed when Sasori looked to him.

This made Sasori smile. "Well, we can't get naked anymore, so..." his voice drifted off as he exposed Deidara's swollen cock and bent low, taking it into his mouth.

Deidara gasped loudly in surprise and delight, arching forwards a little. After a minute or two, Deidara cried out one final time as he released his fluids into his Danna's mouth. He apologized softly.

"Don't apologize," Sasori replied as he spit most of the cum onto the ground, "I like your taste." He licked Deidara clean in a very, very hot way.

Deidara sighed in content and closed his eyes.

He awoke several hours later to the sound of chirping birds. The sun was bright, the temperature comfortable. A warmth was enveloping him, and when he turned to his left, Deidara realized Sasori was the warmth. Smiling in thanks, Deidara carefully repositioned himself within Sasori's embrace and kissed him, wondering if his Danna would actually feel it.

He did. Sasori's lips became alive, returning the kiss gently. He brushed Deidara's hair away from his face and broke the kiss. "What a lovely thing to wake up to," he whispered. "Did you sleep well?"

Deidara nodded weakly, unable to hold Sasori's gaze, for some reason. He felt a little hollow in his stomach - in more of a satisfied way than a hungry way - and his penis felt different, still holding remnants of the night before. He always felt this way after sexual contact.

But he was feeling this for a boy.

Something within him switched the wrong way, and Deidara suddenly felt disgusting. Unable to look Sasori in the eyes, Deidara put all of his attention on a discreet pebble. He clenched and unclenched his fist, his mind racing. "Something wrong, Deidara?" Sasori asked softly.

Deidara could do nothing but shake his head vigorously, still not meeting Sasori's gaze.

Gently, Sasori took Deidara's chin in his hand and forced their eyes to meet. "Deidara," he began, his voice the softest Deidara had ever heard it, "if you can't handle being in a relationship with me...I'm not going to be angry with you. I understand if...if..." his voice drifted off, into nothing.

Tears streaming down his cheeks, Deidara hugged Sasori close, having no choice but to let the tears flow freely.

For an entire week after that, they barely spoke to one another. Sasori had retreated into Hiruko's walls after leaving Ame's border behind, Deidara donning his Akatsuki cloak and hat. They walked at a normal paces, not worrying about deadlines they didn't have, speaking only when Dediara would ask to sit atop Hiruko's back. Sasori would barely reply, and Deidara could sit as long as he liked as Hiruko continued to move.

The silence was deafening to Deidara, louder than his largest explosion. It made him depressed, but, at the same time, he welcomed it. At least this way he could get his thoughts in order.

First, he was both physically and emotionally attracted to Sasori, who just so happened to be a male.

Second, he was still physically and emotionally attracted to women.

Third, Sasori's mute acceptance of Deidara's problem was more than painful; it felt like his heart was being eroded by acid. With every instant that went by like this, Deidara felt himself falling closer and closer to a complete breakdown.

And, most importantly, Deidara felt an irresistibly strong pull towards Sasori. As though he would never, ever be the same without him.

The two Akatsuki traveled until the moon was high in the sky. They stopped at a small village and rammed removed their Akatsuki clothes, Deidara putting his hair down after removing his cloak, hat, and headband. Sasori emerged from within Hiruko, putting the puppet away and removing his own Akatsuki cloak in exchange for a plain black one with a hood. Sasori put the hood up, instantly hiding his facial features.

Deidara and Sasori entered the village then and booked a hotel room. The blond went off to take a shower whilst Sasori emerged from Hiruko and laid down on the bed they'd be sharing.

He took a long shower, treating himself. The rain from the night before had been cold, even with Sasori's attempts at keeping him warm...

Deidara stopped those thoughts when he felt a pang of excitement run through him. He rushed through the rest of the shower, not in the mood for masturbation.

Climbing out of the shower, Deidara dried his hair and wrapped his towel around his waist. He emerged form the bathroom and moved over to Sasori quietly.

He didn't realize what Sasori was doing until he was standing beside his side of the bed. Sasori jerked upwards and licked his lips, then bit them after he whispered Deidara's name.

Deidara's heart skipped a beat as he followed the length of Sasori's arm to its ending point.

He was masturbating.

Sasori was masturbating.

Deidara inhaled sharply - careful not to let Sasori hear - and grabbed his own penis, message it. He forced his eyes to stay open, to watch Sasori's beautiful act. Pressure began to accumulate - and quickly - as Deidara fingered himself through his towel.

Just as Deidara could stand the silence no longer, Sasori came and whispered the blond's name. Sasori's eyes fluttered open and met Deidara's.

Their gaze held firm as Deidara groaned Sasori's name and kissed the male. Sasori kissed back with a fierce passion, one that turned Deidara's legs to jelly. Before Deidara realized exactly what was happening, Sasori pulled him onto the bed and rolled him onto his back.

Sasori loomed over him and all fell silent. Deidara fought for air as his Danna stated flatly, "You're scared out of your mind, aren't you, brat?" It was definitely a rhetorical question.

The blond looked at everything but Sasori as he clenched and unclenched his fists, which were strewn out on either side of him. He realized, then, with his inability to breathe and rapid heartbeat, that he was terrified. What else could be expected? He was a virgin to sex with another male. "I-I've never done this before, un." Deidara chuckled away his embarrassment.

"Never with another guy," Sasori corrected, and Deidara nodded. "That's fine - we can go slow." He gently touched his fingertips to Deidara's chest and slowly ran them down his torso, then stopped at the belly button. "Unless, of course, you don't want to." Sasori looked to the blond's eyes and continued, "It's perfectly alright if you don't want to go all the way yet; I'd completely understand."

Deidara stared into Sasori's bottomless mercury orbs, amazed at his compassion. He shook his head softly and kissed the scorpion with everything he had. The blond took Sasori's hand in his and guided him to the towel covering him. Gently, as if worried he might break, Sasori took Deidara's dick into his hand and massaged him through the towel. A warmth rushed over Deidara's cheeks, and he knew he was blushing as he whispered Sasori's name.

"Deidara," Sasori responded, backing off and hovering above the blond, "When...when we do this...when we're together on a bad...I don't want you to use any sort of honorific or ending after my name." He had relinquished Deidara's member, using his hand instead to hold him up.

"W-why?" Deidara found himself whispering, though he really wanted to know why Sasori had stopped.

"Because you say my beautifully. When we're here, on a bed together...I don't want anything to keep us separate. I...won't use any sort of nicknames or anything on you, either. I just to be us. And only us."

"Dann - Sasori, you're so artistic, un." They kissed, hot and hard. When they broke again, Deidara shakily grabbed the edges of his towel and opened it, revealing his hard extension. Both hissed in pleasure at the removal of the towel, but for different reasons.

Sasori inhaled the scent of Deidara's neck and murmured, "Although it's the second time I've seen it, it's even more beautiful than before..." He kissed the blond's neck and pulled off his shirt, followed by his pants and underwear.

Now they were naked together, and Deidara had a full view of Sasori. The redhead was carved beautifully, his puppet's body gleaming in the light. Deidara saw Sasori's heart, felt is beating under his fingertips when he touched it. "Deidara," Sasori whispered after they kissed, his lips brushing against Deidara's. Sasori didn't say anymore - just kissed him.

But that we when the kissing became more passionate, the touching a little rougher in Sasori's impatience. Deidara inhaled sharply and arched upwards in pleasure, digging his hands into Sasori's hair and tugging at them as the redhead licked, kissed, nibbled, and touched him everywhere. Between ragged breaths, the blond begged his Danna for more, to continue.

Sasori smiled against Deidara's thigh and moved back to his lips. "All right, all right," he whispered as he purposefully rubbed his penis against Deidara's, "hitch your legs over my hips."

Deidara did so without thinking as he bit down on his lip, hard. Sasori smirked and kissed the uke as he fingered the other male's entrance, scissoring it open and closed. The blond screamed Sasori's name as he slowly entered. Sasori smirked once more and whispered for Deidara to try and keep quiet, then kissed him.

Just as Deidara was beginning to get used to the feeling of Sasori's length inside him, Sasori whispered, "Found it," and thrust inside completely, with all the force he had, hitting a certain spot perfectly and turning his vision white. He screamed and a warmth covered his stomach as his vision slowly returned to normal.

Sasori hit that point a couple more times, then slowed to a halt and came within Deidara. He sighed heavily as he did this, his apple breath cascading down on the blond. Deidara groaned in protest as Sasori pulled out of him, but he didn't stop his Danna.

The both of them panting heavily, Sasori laid down beside Deidara and whispered, "I love you, Deidara."

Deidara kissed Sasori's neck in response, then fell asleep instantly.


Nani - What?

Onegai - Please


This is dedicated to my friend Harley, who (says he is) is a straight guy who read my other yaoi story, the fourth chapter of Fox Sculptures. He read the whole thing because he liked how it was written, even with all the yaoi XD. I love you, hoshi!