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Two Worlds

Chapter one: Dissinile

Rinoa Heartilly cringed as she realized that with every passing second she was getting closer to her destination. She was to start her new job as a maid or something like that in the palace at the island country of Dissinile. Dissinile…she couldn't bear to think of the place, but she couldn't help it. It was known as one of the most powerful nations on the world today, except for Gambia. They were sworn enemies, Gambia and Dissinile were. The people at Dissinile called themselves 'Death.' Pleasant, right? So of course Rinoa had a good reason to be apprehensive. The people were very strong and believed in hiding as many emotions as possible. Complete opposite of a certain Rinoa Heartilly.

Rinoa wondered how she was going to survive in a place like that. It might have been a little easier if she was working with civilians, but no, her stupid father thought she would get some good discipline working at the intimidating palace. He said he was looking out for her best interests. Yeah right. Rinoa knew it was just to help maintain good relations with the powerful nation. Having a general as a father could be frustrating at times. The great general Caraway. She's lucky to have someone so important as her father, right? Wrong. Although, little did she know, she would be thanking her father for this in the future.

The boat stopped at a dock and Rinoa timidly stepped out to confront her new life. She just wished she could do it a little more confidently. She grabbed her bags and looked around.

She was on a small dock that connected with a sandy beach. A little ways off she could see houses crowded closely together forming what looked like a quaint little port town. Rinoa started as she felt someone tap her on the shoulder. She shook herself from the depths of her mind and saw a friendly looking elderly man looking at her.

"Hello, my name is Alfred. I work as the prince's personal butler, and I will be the one showing you around Miss…?"

"Rinoa. My name is Rinoa." She said rather quietly.

"Well, Miss Rinoa, it is very good to meet you! Please, follow me."

Rinoa silently picked up her suitcases and followed the friendly old man. He must be in his late sixties. She thought to herself. She couldn't help but like him. There was something almost like sincere compassion in his words as if he knew what her own apprehension and fear felt like.

After a little ways they approached a plain black car with military plates.

"The prince was assigned to accommodate us so you can expect everything to be military issued. He is a very dedicated and accomplished soldier." Rinoa silently nodded her head as she tossed her bags in the open trunk and quietly slipped into the back seat.

They had probably gone about ten minutes in complete silence. Rinoa didn't feel like talking. She was too busy thinking how miserable then next three months of her life was going to be when she was interrupted by Alfred speaking.

"You don't have to be so worried you know." Rinoa silently looked over at him resisting the urge to burst out in nervous laughter. "It's not all that bad here, once you get used to it that is. You just have to get used to military personnel everywhere and avoid the king. He has a bad temper mind you."

"If this is supposed to help, it's not working."

Alfred looked over to her in surprise. "You do form sentences!" He said teasingly. "Don't worry. I've heard you're the talkative type?"

Rinoa chuckled slightly. "My reputation precedes me. Yes, I suppose that's what others would say." Normally she would have found this annoying, but for some reason, she found it easy to talk to the butler.

"Then I should introduce you to the princess. She is definitely the talkative type. I bet you'd like her."

Rinoa nodded her head. Kings, princes, princesses? Are these people for real?

After a little longer of driving she couldn't take it anymore. She had to ask the question she had been waiting to ask since she found out she was coming to this place. It seemed foolish, but she had to make sure. "Um, Alfred? Can I ask you a question that might seem…um, silly?"

Alfred looked at her curiously. "Of course, and remember, there is no such thing as a silly question. If you need anything, let me know."

A little more confident Rinoa proceeded to ask her question, "Does the palace…is there…do you have any cheese at the palace?"

Alfred looked at her, clearly amused before he just down right laughed. It would have annoyed Rinoa, but she found his laugh soothing. She liked it.

"Of course we have cheese! I assumed that the prince was the only one in this world with strange addictions." Rinoa looked at him questioningly silently asking him to explain. After he regained his composure he continued, "Let me guess. You absolutely love cheese, right? You can't go a single day without it. Am I correct?" Rinoa nodded her head again. "The prince is the same way, only not with cheese. He loves oranges and orange juice. He can't function throughout the day unless he's at least had a glass of orange juice in the morning. He really is quite the interesting young man. I only wish he could learn…" Alfred's voice trailed off. His wrinkled, weather-worn face became lost in a painful memory.

Rinoa began to feel pity for the old butler. Obviously, something had happened involving the prince a long time ago. She didn't have time to think about it too much, though because just then did they pull up to a huge palace. Rinoa stepped out of the car feeling very small compared to the monster of a building. Alfred was already making his way in. When he noticed that she wasn't following him, he beckoned her to come forward.

Rinoa hesitated before she took the most important steps of her life proceeding into destiny.

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