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It was raining-no….raining wasn't a strong enough word to describe the torrents of water crashing through Surry on July 31.

Everyone was tucked safely in their homes, warmed by their electric heating and fake fires as they watched their favorite shows on the television.

Well…almost everyone. There was one young man out that night, having been ordered to complete all his chores despite the weather. He was certain this was some sort of twisted combination of a birthday present and a punishment for having been born.

He could hardly see the hand in front of his face because of the combined forces of the downpour and the encroaching night. Therefore it wasn't much of a surprise that he remained clueless to the danger he was in.

A shape, hardly discernable in the harsh weather, stood at the edge of the property-watching him with hungry black eyes.

The rogue vampire had thought he would be going hungry that night when he'd stumbled upon the boy, purely by accident. The child's sweet scent was completely consumed by the rain and that mask might have saved the child's life if he hadn't pricked himself on a thorn of the rosebush he was tending.

There was a brief spike of fresh blood in the air before it to was washed away. But it was enough to catch the night demon's attention.

Blood lust led the rogue to the wounded boy who was crouched down in the waterlogged flowerbed, desperately trying to save his aunts garden.

A blinding flash of light briefly illuminated the predator, but his intended victim was to busy to take note of his company. If he had the vampire would have truly been out of luck as the door was only feet away from him.

But he didn't need to worry about that because the boy continued on with his work-unaware.

Before another flash of light could endanger his chances of a full stomach once more, the vampire made his move. IN a matter of seconds he had the small form pinned to the side of the house.

The child didn't even have time to gasp before the vampires fangs tore into his vulnerable throat, and then he was paralyzed by the special venom that was released into his bloodstream-forced to stay awake and aware as the life was slowly drained from his body.

The rogue pulled free moments before the boy passed out.

He left him there, almost dead, as the rain washed away any traces of blood from the young, pale neck.