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Chapter 6


My visit with my godfather was very...insightful. Apparently, Hogwarts's staff was not aware of the wild vampire hiding within Hogwarts.

"You're sure, Draco?" The potions master asked briskly when I'd informed him.

"Of course I am," I snapped, slightly offended by his lack of faith in me.

"And he hasn't turned rogue yet? Amazing." I had to admit, I was a little amazed myself. I'd expected a few attacks by now, but there wasn't even a hint of a rumor of anything strange.

As amazing as that was, it was also very worrying. The longer he held off feeding, the worse it would be when he finally lost control.

"And what did you want me to do about it?" My godfather demanded next.

"All I want you to do is call my father. Tell him I need more blood, what I have isn't nearly enough for two." I explain.

His obsidian eyes narrow, "You're not planning on confront him on your own are you?"

I turn a glare on him, "What do you want me to do, Severus? I can't just leave him alone."

His eyes soften a little, "Draco, I know this must be difficult for you, but-"

I interrupted him angrily, not wanting to hear what I know he was going to say. "You don't know how I feel, and don't pretend to try to understand. I won't leave him alone. Not this time."

"Draco, he's not-"

"I know he's not! But that doesn't change anything. He's still wild and if I don't help him he'll go rogue. I won't let that happen."

"There are other people who can do that."

"Oh?" I sneer sarcastically, "And who would that be, you? Dumbledore? Even if by some miracle you do find him, what will you do? Turn him into the ministry? They'd kill him."

He knew I was right, and that was only if they managed to locate him. Despite his appearance, my godfather was very much human, so the only way he'd be able to find my wild one would be if the vampire attacked him.

The professor's shoulders slumped slightly in defeat, "Very well Draco, I'll inform your father."

I nodded stiffly before exiting the room.


My father arrived in time for a late breakfast the next morning. He met me in the common room, where he turned over the extra blood, no questions asked, before we headed into the Great Hall.

I knew it wouldn't be long before he brought up the wild one. And I was right. We were just starting up the staircase when he brought the subject to light.

"Severus told me you needed more blood; he never mentioned the presence of another vampire in the school." I knew it was a question, despite the phrasing.

"We don't know who he is...he's still wild."

Father shot me a surprised look, "How long-?"

I shrug tightly, "I don't know how long it's been since he last fed, but he's refrained from doing so since entering Hogwarts." I paused, uncertain if I should continue or not, "I think it's the same one from this summer."

He shot me another surprised look, before his silver eyes narrowed in much the same way as Severus' had earlier, "You didn't mind-touch with him did you?" His voice was suspicious and I avoided his eyes. "Draco!" He snapped out my name sharply, "You know how dangerous that can be with a wild one."

"I know father." I said, not wanting to hear another lecture. We'd just opened the doors to the great hall and I was going to continue with our conversation when I collided with someone.

Automatically my arms wrap around a slim waist to prevent the person from stumbling backwards. This situation felt eerily familiar, and that feelling was backed up when I locked eyes with hollow green orbs. "Potter!" He was even paler then last time I saw him and he was beginning to look gaunt so I suspected he hadn't been eating. I'd been so concerned about my wild one's eating habits that I'd forgotten Potter's problem all together. Now he had me worried, he felt so frail in my arms, as if he might break into a thousand peaces at any moment.

"Draco." My father's voice snapped me out of my thoughts and I quickly released the boy, though reluctantly.

At my father's words, Potter's eyes flashed to him. "You!" He hissed, taking a step away from us, "what are you doing here?"

I was in shock. It was impossible... Potter was...from the way my father started next to me he must have seen as well. Stupid thought, of course he had noticed. Potter had just hissed, and not a normal human imitation; no he'd done a full-out-cornered-vampire hiss.

"I see." Father said, his voice monotone, before reaching out to take Potter's arm. "You'll have to come with us, Potter."

The Gryffindor snarled, revealing fang, and wrenched his arm away. His eyes were bleeding into black and I knew he was close to snapping. "I'm not going anywhere with you."

Unfortunately father and I were not the only one's to witness Potter's display of fang. Panic spread through the students like a disease - since that was just what the wild one needed.

The combined forces of the racing heartbeats and the fear permeating the air pushed all rational thought from the boy's mind. But instead of turning on the student body like I had feared he would, he fled the room.

I ignored my father's call as I raced after him. He would have to feed soon, and I couldn't let him choose some random student. Unfortunately I didn't have any of the vials of blood my father had purchased with me, and that narrowed my options considerably.

Catching him was easy enough once he left the castle. He was weak, hungry, and scared; while I was a perfectly healthy experienced vampire.

The minute my arms wrapped around him he went limp. I gathered him into my arms and retreated to my rooms.

Once I was settled comfortably on my bed with Potter curled in my lap, I pushed his head to my neck. His eyes were completely black and I knew he was too far gone to feed from anything else.

I felt a tentative lick on my neck, directly above my pulse, before his fangs sank into my skin. I suppressed a groan at the sensation, my arms tightened around him unconsciously.

This was an experience usually reserved for mated couples, and I could see why now. It was such an intensely intimate experience-sharing my blood with a fellow vampire.

But I didn't have many options at the moment, and besides...part of me wanted to do this.

When I felt my blood reach the level of 'dangerously low' I gently detached him from my neck. He gave the most beautiful little mew of protest at the loss, that I almost felt guilty.


After his thirst was somewhat sated, he fell asleep, resting his head against my chest.

I was exhausted from my loss of blood and I knew he wouldn't be awake for a while yet, so I allowed myself to follow him into sleep.


When I woke up it was to find a large pare of jade eyes blinking down at me. Sometime durinng my sleep I'd slid down on the bed and I was now laying on my back with Potter laying on my chest, although his arms were holding him aloft so we weren't touching.

"Why did you let me do that to you?" He demanded, though he didn't sound angry, just confused.

"You were starving yourself, Potter; if I hadn't fed you, you would have gone rogue and attacked another student. I wasn't going to let that happen."

"Why not? And what's a rogue?"

"A rogue is a vampire who attacks humans. They have no respect for the Vampiric Laws and are little more then brainless animals." I said, deciding to tackle the easier question first. "As for my reasons, I wasn't about to let my wild one slip though my fingers."

"Your wild one?" He asked incredulously.

That was a good question, since when had the wild one -Potter- become mine? When had I laid claim to him? I honestly couldn't remember, yet there was no denying it...Potter was mine.

Lazily, I wrapped my arm around his waist and pull him down until he was laying flat against my chest. He made a small noise of protest, but that was his only form of objection. Was he enjoying our close proximity as much as I?

When he decided I wasn't going to be answering that particular query, he posed a different question, "how do you know so much about this?"

Ah, now that question I could answer, "I'm a vampire, that's how." Simple, right?

His shocked gasp said otherwise and he was once again perched above me, gazing down. "But how? You're' nothing like him. As much of a jerk as you can be, your not a monster."

Him? Monster? Was he perhaps speaking about his Sire? Again I pulled him back down and let my heartbeat sooth him, "I was born a vampire." I explained, "It's a trait that's passed down the Malfoy lines."

"So is that why you're not a rogue? Because you were born this way?"

"I suppose that's part of the reason," I acquiesced.

To my surprise Potter's head nuzzled down into my chest and his voice, when he spoke, was muffled. "I don't want to become a monster."

My arms wrapped more securely around him at this little admission, and I was surprised to discover he was trembling violently, "You won't become a monster, Harry, I promise." He looked up into my eyes, his eyes dark and a swirl of emotions.

"How can you know? I wasn't born a vampire, I'll turn rogue eventually."

I cupped his cheek and kept our eyes locked, "I won't let you become rogue, Harry. Right now you're still wild: halfway between a rogue and being like me. I can tame your hunger and keep your sanity intact. I won't let you become a monster, so don't worry."

We stared at each other for a long time before he nodded and settled back against my chest. His voice drifted up to me moments later. "Why do you care so much if I become a rogue or not?"

Ah, that was a tricky question, and one that brought up painful memories. "Did you know I had a little brother?" I asked softly. When he shook his head negatively, I was not surprised; it wasn't well known. "I was only five at the time, and I adored him. He used to follow me around as if I was the sun and he the moon. There was an attack on the manor and he was stolen away. We looked for him everywhere. It wasn't until a week later that he was found."

I took a deep breath, hoping that it would calm my racing heart and kept my voice from breaking. The tingling in my fangs alerted me to the fact that I needed to feed and so did Harry. I quickly summoned two vials of blood from my stores and poured them into the goblet on my night table and proceeded to share them with Harry (who obeyed the silent command to feed, though obviously reluctantly). "Vampires under the age of seven years old can also be considered 'wild'. It takes very little to turn one rogue. A week without blood was too much for a three-year-old. He was found by the ministry and immediately 'put down' like a rabid dog. We didn't now until an auror showed up on our doorstep almost two days after he was dead."

When I stopped talking, I was surprised to find Potter wrapped around me like a bloody security blanket. Despite myself I smiled slightly down at him and ran my fingers through his silky locks, touched by his obvious concern.

"How are you going to keep me from turning rogue?" Harry asked, "Your father-"

"Doesn't have any say in the matter." I cut in firmly, and I could feel him smiling against my chest. "I can be every bit as stubborn as he, and mother will be on our side in this. First I have to get you out of Hogwarts. Being surrounded by so many humans must be very difficult for you."

"Where will we go?"

Well, that was a silly question. "Malfoy Manor." Where else? He stiffened slightly in my arms and I absently began to rub his back.

"What about Voldemort?" Oh, my brave little Harry.

"What about Voldemort?" I ask back, "As long as you're with me he wont touch you...and I don't plan to ever let you go, my little wild one."

"Will I ever get to finish school?" Was his next question, but I read the other unspoken questions hidden beneath.

"When you can better control yourself we'll come back. And I'm sure you're friends will send you all the letters and care packages you could ever hope for."

Harry giggled slightly. "Ron's not going to like this one bit." No, I did not think he would. Lifting his head up, Harry smiled at me, revealing a nice pare of ivory fangs. "Alright, I'll go with you."

As if he ever had a choice.