Mac knew he was an asshole. It was not really something he could avoid. Almost every woman he'd ever dated had told him so, excluding the deaf girl. She probably said it in sign language, but he only knew the Vulcan salute.

So, Mac was an asshole. One thing that comforted him was that his best friend Dennis was an asshole, also. You can only teabag a boy in leg braces so many times before assholehood is bestowed upon you for life.

Charlie was not an asshole. He was probably the best person in the gang. The only reason for this was that he was too stupid to be anything but what he was. He did dick-ish things, but hardly ever just for the sake of being a jerk. He did get a little carried away with revenge schemes.

They had a good thing going, the three of them. Everything worked out. The only thing that complicated matters was the waitress. She ruined the balance between them.

Yes, Mac was an asshole. He did want to bang the waitress but he still hated her.

AN: There needs to be more Always Sunny fic. I've found virtually none and it saddens me. The show is too awesome not to have a great fandom.