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He rushed forward, ignoring the police officers warning about how the scene had not been secured yet. The fact that the unsub could be behind those doors, gun aiming and ready to shoot whoever came in first; the fact that taking a hit at such close range not wearing protection would surely be fatal, those facts did not register with him.

All that mattered was Stella.

Finding her alive. Being able to tell her he was sorry, that he hadn't meant a single word he'd said before… to finally admit he cared for her more than a coworker or a colleague. Maybe even kiss her back to health. Those were the things that mattered as he kicked open the door, Mac, Danny and the rest closed behind.

On the floor lay two crumpled bodies. White male in his 30's, blood pool underneath him spreading by the second; Flack knew he was dead without having to search for a pulse. A couple of feet away from him, Stella laid crumpled against the wall. A crimson stain darkening the plaster stung fear in his heart.

Completely ignoring the dead man, he reached her in three strides, kneeling by her side, frantically searching for a pulse, when he saw her open her eyes. Wincing due to the knife embedded in her shoulder as she tried to sit up, she found herself being gently, but firmly, supported by his arms. Looking up, she found herself looking into deep blue eyes, a whole kaleidoscope of emotion swirling in there.


"I know…"

He pressed a kiss to her forehead, holding unto her as paramedics reached her side. The weak loving smile she flashed his way before she closed her eyes as they strapped her on the gurney gave him hope. Hope that she might forgive him; hope that she might give him a chance.

Hope that his heart would stop being jumbled for once.

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