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Sigh... Happy birthday Naruto-kun.

All Warnings apply.

Poor Naruto had nothing, no one to depend on for his birthday. You would think that Konoha's #1 Hyperactive Ninja would have some support on the anniversary of his birth... but no. He was alone, and miserably so. He could have thrown a party... but no one would have come, no one important... He was half positive the only person to show up for the festivities would be Hinata, Neji's cousin. But being around the girl, especially since she seemed to have grown into her body in the past three years, made him inconceivably uncomfortable.

He could have gone out and pulled a couple of pranks - for old time's sake - but no one would have noticed. Defacing the hokage monument was starting to bore him anyway, and besides he would have gotten into a hell of a lot of trouble, even if it was his birthday. He could have even hung out with Sakura or Sai, but they ditched him in favor of going out on a double 'date' , with whom, he could only imagine seeing as the boy had the social IQ the size of a peanut... maybe smaller. He cursed under his breath.

When it came to other peoples birthdays, he had no problem coming through for them, given hell or high water. He snickered back at the events in mid January and early August, complimenting himself with a wide grin how well he thought through each occasion, executing them with predetermined - and actual - success. Naruto definitely outdid himself when it came to birthdays. So why didn't anyone have the decency to share his birthday with him? It was only fair, and he wasn't talking about a night of hot, sweaty mansex either, or a romp on the hokage's desk, just someone to hang out with and talk to...

OK, he was thinking about hot, sweaty mansex, but who could blame him? It was October, he'd been celibate since that night with Neji, who adamantly refused to even look at him since then. He had whined to the blond later on about his 'pride' and how he had utterly shattered it, expecting an apology of sorts. When Naruto had proposed his apology, the Hyuuga turned away in an undignified huff, face as scarlet red as the current kazekage's hair. Naruto had laughed at the scene, but regretted it later, seeing how he was, after all, alone on his birthday. Then there was Gaara... his schedule was too busy for Naruto to even think about waltzing into his office again and having his way with him... before they were just lucky the sand nin happened to be alone... And besides it would take three days just to reach Suna, he couldn't wait that long.

That was another option out.

He was almost tempted enough to go find Sasuke... almost. But he really didn't have the time to cater to his bitchy attitude, it was his birthday after all. Then there was Shikamaru, who would be easy to track down, but most likely unwilling, the jounin tended to complain. A lot. It wasn't as bad as Sasuke's protests, but it was enough to scratch the Nara off his list of potentials. Naruto was almost positive Shino wasn't gay and if he was he probably wouldn't tolerate being uke, not that the blond minded but he really wasn't opted to lose his virginity today. Chouji was appealing but out of the question - he and Shikamaru had a commitment, even though the lazy teen did sneak around on occasion. Lee... no... Just, no.

Naruto had been so desperate that his mind had even mulled over the potential of finding a mate of the opposite sex, to which he quickly berated himself with a disgusted 'eww' and a small shiver. Girls, in all of their feminine glory, were difficult and it would take an significant amount of time of coaxing and gifts for him to convince one - if any - to lay with him, before he could even think about getting lucky. That's just how they were.

No fun at all, he though with a sad shake of his head.

He'd almost given up when he realized he left out one person: Kiba.

Kiba was undoubtedly attractive, to Naruto's standards, which were surprisingly very high. He didn't know if the dog boy was partial on the sex of the partner he chose, but given time and effort ones views can be swayed... After all he and Neji converted Gaara, who they really weren't sure was all that straight to begin with. Odds were the Inuzuka wasn't doing much if he wasn't walking his behemoth dog or training. Hopefully he was doing neither. Kiba had potential... he had a lot of potential. And it did help that the boy was essentially a friend... luckily Naruto stored his number. He ran to the phone.

A woman answered on the fourth ring.


"Uh... Hi, Miss Inuzuka, is Kiba there?" Naruto said uncertainly, leaning a shoulder against the wall, next to the phone.

The woman chuckled. "Call me Hana, and yes he is." There was a loud scream of 'KIBA! GET THE PHONE!' Then the woman was back on the line. "Hold on a moment."


There was a pause, loud shouts and dogs barking then a familiar voice spoke into the receiver.


Naruto sighed. "Kiba, it's Naruto."

"Naruto! What's happenin?"

"Not much, just all alone on my birthday. Watcha doin?"

Kiba mock slapped himself upside the head, regretting his forgetfulness. "Today was your b-day? I spazzed, man, sorry about that."

At least he sounded sincere, Naruto thought. "'S ok... What are you up to now?"

"Uh... Well Imma take Akamaru for his evening walk in a few," Naruto scrunched his face at the admission, hoping that the other wouldn't be busy. He relaxed when the Inuzuka continued. "...but other than that nothing much. Why, you wanted some company?" The blond couldn't mistake the others amused snicker. He sighed again, putting as much sorrow and loneliness into his words as he could.

"Well... It would be better than being by myself." Kiba grunted.

"You're lucky it's your birthday and I like you, otherwise there would be no chance in hell. Gimme about an hour, I should be done with our walk by then."

Naruto perked up. "Alright, see ya."


There was an audible click then the dial tone, Naruto hung up the phone, smiling as he did so. Now he didn't feel so alone and really soon he wouldn't be. He leaned his back against the wall with a satisfied smirk on his lips, today was starting to brighten, even though the sun had already began its decent in the sky.

'Knock, knock, knock.'

The blond turned his attention to the door in the front of the room, he looked at the clock; it was still only a few past 5; he frowned. There was no way an hour passed by that quickly. He stepped up to the wooden frame cautiously, placing a hand on the cool knob, twisting it, he pulled it open. There, in his doorway, stood two of the people he least expect to see at that moment and as he stood there, dumbfounded and a little confused, Neji pushed passed him.

"Hospitable as always, Naruto." The blond had yet to suffer from that blow.

Meanwhile Gaara stepped into his admittedly untidy apartment and handed him a gift.

"Happy birthday Naruto." The leaf nin took the small box gracelessly.


The red head walked past and into the room as well, Naruto had yet to save face. He promised himself, as soon as he found the words, he would thank all the gods in the heavens for smiling upon him this day. Naruto eyed the small box in his palm, wondering what the red head might have gotten him, carefully he untied thesmall red ribbon around the off-white colored box, noticing immediately it was a jewelry box. He opened the case only to find a small hourglass inside, the sand within the delicate item churned softly within it, Naruto looked up at Gaara who smiled lightly in return. The leaf nin mumbled a small thank you before turning to see the brunette regard him thoughtfully. Naruto lifted an eyebrow in question.

Neji explained, "We actually didn't think you'd be here..." He motioned towards Gaara. "Since it was your birthday, we'd figure you might have been out celebrating it with someone."

"Why are you home alone?" Gaara questioned, moving further away from the door.

"... Haha, well I just felt like being alone is all."

Neji and Gaara exchanged disbelieving looks.

"What... er... why are you two here anyway? Neji shouldn't you be ignoring me? And Gaara shouldn't you be busy, kazekageing... or something?"

The red head spoke up then, his monotone voice pulling Naruto out of his momentary stupor. "Why, indeed..."

Gaara walked towards the blond, noticing the way he watched every step he took, certain Naruto was watching the slight sway of his hips. Discarding his unneeded gourd, he pushed the Konoha ninja up against the closed door, bringing his lips to full plump ones in an unchaste kiss. In the background Neji made a 'tsk' sound, pushing off the wall.

"Gaara! That's not part of the plan."

Begrudgingly, he pulled his lips away from the Uzumaki's and swung his head around to meet the Hyuuga'sfull stare that was half berating and half amused. Gaara's face twisted in confusion.

"We had a plan?"

Neji tapped his foot slowly. "Well, we did."

The kazekage shrugged, turning back towards bright, lustful blue eyes. He pushed his hands down and underneath the blonde's jacket, feeling the smooth, warm skin that coated hard, taught muscle.

"This works good too." He mumbled, pushing the blond back against, the door, only this time grinding his hips seductively against that of the other. Naruto released a low guttural sound in the back of his throat, informing the red head that he appreciated the movement and wished for him to continue further. The Sand nin granted his wish, pressing his waist further, coaxing Naruto's semi-erect penis to full attention.

Naruto sighed deeply when those lips were replaced back on his, parting so that he may have unlimited access to the semi sweet cavern. Tasting every part of Gaara that his tongue could reach, Naruto grabbed a hold of the red head's firm backside and pulled him closer, sculpting and molding the process. His nimble fingers causing a low purr to pour out of the sand nin's mouth. Naruto wondered when the boy had become so forward since their last rendezvous together because - if he wasn't mistaken - the red head was scared out of his mind in their last visit.

Neji watched as patiently as humanly possible, switching his weight from foot to foot, as the two explored each others mouths and bodies. His white eyes followed hands as they shifted over hips, squeezed backsides and buried themselves within brilliantly hued strand of hair. Neji concentrated on how Naruto's jacket was torn off and thrown to the floor, his mesh shirt and hiate following not long after, along with the red head's vest. The Uzumaki was currently maneuvering how he could remove the burgundy coat still clinging to the kazekage's small form, while said village leader had his hands buried within his pants, when the Hyuuga decided it was not in his place to sit and watch any longer. He walked over to the two by the door, pressing against Gaara's backside lightly. Naruto's hands, which were still memorizing the softness of the kazekage's buttocks, grabbed the front of Neji's robes pulling him closer.

Gaara gasped at the hard length suddenly poking against his backside, it ground into him steadily, bringing him to another state of arousal. He quickly adjusted to the feeling as the brunette behind him grasped his hips, inadvertently drawing him away from the blond and into his own lustful torture. Moving his mouth from its connection with Naruto's to the blonds neck, which he sucked and nipped feverishly, Gaara groaned at Neji's ministrations. Naruto growled, stretching his arms out more to grasp the brunettes backside this time, pulling him even more into the red head so that he may have access to that tempting mouth.

The former shukaku holder made a small sound neither Konoha ninja payed attention to as they were to involved in their kiss. Gaara, who unfortunately was sandwiched in-between the two, ground his hips into that of the blond, earning him a possessive growl. There was too much going on to pay attention to who was arousing who, but it didn't matter, on the grounds that both nin had traveled here to Naruto's apartment to give the blond the attention he deserved on his birthday, since he did so well of a job for them when the time called for it.

Keeping his hold on Neji's hips, Naruto pulled away from the pale eyed ninja's lips to trail kisses over Gaara's neck, soon finding his way to the red head's hot and hungry mouth. Gaara kissed him back passionately, recalling the familiar salty sweet taste of the Hyuuga within Uzumaki's mouth. Neji took that opportunity to rid the sand ninof his jacket, runing teasing fingers over expanses of pale skin, grinding into the male from behind. When soft hands found their way into the red head's pants and stroked over his already swollen member, Gaara gasped, breaking away from Naruto, leaning back into Neji and his caresses.

Naruto smiled down at the village leader, watching intently as the Hyuuga's hands fondled around in his pants, the outline of his actions painfully evident. The Uzumaki looked up at Neji, who still had his eyes set on the small red head squirming at his touch; he grabbed a fist full of silky chocolate brown hair and brought the brunette closer.

"Are you gonna go first this time as well?" Neji smiled lustfully, shaking his head as much as the grip on his hair would allow.

"It's your birthday, Naruto. You get first dibs." The blond grinned like the fox he resembled and kissed the Hyuuga again.

Neji moaned roughly, squeezing on Gaara's member, causing said male to shiver and cry out, his knees buckling against the pleasure. Naruto noticed this and, without words, ushered the two over to the low sofa just a few feet away. Neji was the first to fall against the cushioning, bringing Gaara down with - and on top of - him, Naruto lowered to his knees in front of both males. Gaara looked wantonly at him with hazy lust filled green eyes, Neji, not having the pleasure of Naruto's mouth to occupy his, began to nip and suck at the red head's shoulder and neck, hand never halting within the kazekage's black pants. Gaara writhed, making noises he wasn't aware that could fall out of his mouth so easily once touched in such an intimate area.

The Rasengan user moved his hands to the waistband of Gaara's trousers carefully, pulling them down and then entirely off. Once again, Gaara felt completely exposed, especially sitting on top of the Hyuuga, while he stroked his length, when his cloth covered erection tapped enticingly against his bottom; he attempted to close his legs, pulling them to his chest in order to salvage some of his modesty, but Naruto refused him the pleasure. The orange clad ninja pulled his legs apart and kept them spread, crawling between them so that he may reach the red head's mouth; he kissed him quickly, trailing a path down his torso, flicking his pink tongue over each nipple before moving down to the hardened heat that was currently receiving attention from a certain talented Hyuuga.

Neji's hands moved aside, however, when Naruto lowered his head over the red head's lap, taking into his mouth the entire length. Gaara arched up into the wet hot crevice, falling back onto the Hyuuga even more for support, mumbling incoherent sounds and words. The blonde's tongue moved up the stiff shaft gently, stopping at the rim just to flatten out against the tip. With one hand, Naruto gripped the base of Gaara's length, while his mouth worked over the rest, head bobbing up and down with the effort.

Naruto loved the sounds made once in the throes of passion, Gaara's being extremely unique. Because of his deep, slightly harsh voice, when the boy moaned, it gave a grating quality that tickled the blonde's nerve endings and aroused him even more. Even now he was torn, wanting to continue the torture on the sand wielder, but fighting against his own urges as well.

The red head couldn't help the moans and slight screams that slipped past his lips every time the perfect white teeth that he so often saw set in a gleaming smile nicked the sensitive skin of his member. It has been so long since receiving pleasure in this way, he though he was going to die because it felt so good it hurt. Gaara's breathing turned ragged and uneven, his heart slammed against his chest, shaking him from within; just as he was close, Naruto pulled away.

Gaara found it slightly cruel that he would stop his ministrations so suddenly, until the blond lifted his legs and his roaming mouth found a more entertaining place of interest. Gaara didn't know he was that flexible - and would have probably never thought to try until now either. Naruto had both his legs reaching almost up to the red head's chest, holding them there as he licked at his entrance. Neji did his part by holding Gaara's legs still, as they trembled at the unorthodox pleasure.

Gaara had nothing to hold onto, save for his own legs, as he balanced himself atop the Hyuuga. His moans grew louder, even still as the Uzumaki entered two fingers inside of him at once, stretching and scissoring to their content brushing passed the place in Gaara's body that he had almost forgotten about until now, earning a pleasant shudder from the red head and a sexy smirk from the Hyuuga as he nodded for the blond to continue.

With Neji still holding Gaara's legs in place, Naruto removed his own pants, quickly ridding himself of the material. He spat on his hand twice and rubbed it on himself, gaining sufficient lubrication. Gaara panted restlessly atop the Hyuuga and Naruto wished he could have taken a picture right then and there so that he could remember this as the best birthday of his entire life. Instead he mourned the lack of a camera and submitted the picture to memory for later musing. He placed the blunt of his shaft at the swollen, puckered entrance, entering slowly.

Gaara made a slight noise and Naruto's only thought was if he was hurting the young sand nin, after all it had been a long while - almost a full year - since his hole had been given such attention, but the idea swiftly flew from his mind when the red head pulled him closer when he was finally sheathed to the hilt. Naruto moaned.

"Gods, Gaara... It's really been a while..." Gaara nodded, panting profoundly.

The Kazekage's walls were holding him in their vice-like grip and Naruto had a hard time keeping his composure, as he often did when dealing with such as Gaara. The red head looked beautiful then, the blond mentally noted as he watched the Hyuuga run teasing hands over the boys sides, trailing up to pert nipples, easing him of his previous tension; for that Naruto was grateful. He gingerly moved within the red head, pulling out, then back in. In time Gaara relaxed enough so that the blond could set a fixed pace, pumping in and out of the boys heat steadily, closing his eyes to the unbelievable pleasure of - once again - fucking Sunagakure's Kazekaze.

Gaara groaned, allowing his head to fall back against Neji's shoulder. The Hyuuga took the opportunity to land a quick bite to the exposed pale neck, making the red head shift yet again, turning his head towards his, engaging the brunette in a passionate open mouthed kiss. His small hands snaked in-between them to find Neji's covered erection, he squeezed it through the cloth, causing the boy to moan into his mouth and hips to thrust upwards. Naruto watched and smiled as he did, moving inside of Gaara's damp heat, sweat rolling of of each part of his body, putting more force into hist thrusts. Unintentionally, one rampant thrust resulted in the head of Naruto's member hitting the bundle of nerves within Gaara with and ample amount of power, making the boy scream out, grabbing anything he could and tugging, which, unfortunately, was Neji's hair.

The brunette hissed at the pulling on his scalp, he ground his hips into the lower back of the boy above him. Gaara groaned, unconsciously moving his hips up to meet with the blonde's thrusts. Nejis' hands wove around to firmly close over the Kazekage's weeping and swollen member, Gaara gasped once more, the feeling of the Uzumaki within him and the Hyuuga stroking him becoming too much for him to bear. Neji squeezed him roughly, running his thumb over the slit in his cock, Gaara cringed in pleasure; Naruto hit the sensitive bundle of nerves within him yet again. Neji's hot breath at his neck, his hand stroking - faster and faster in time - on his member, Naruto fucking him roughly, all factors, when put together as they were now, had the capability to give rise to one of the best orgasms in the young kazekage's life, which coincidentally it did.

Gaara came fiercely on his and Naruto's stomach, driving the Konoha ninja to growl deeply within his throat, the clamp on his own member causing him to climax as well. His body jerked forward as he spilled his essence within the young village leader, Gaara releasing a low hissing breath as he did so, his bruised and battered insides coated in Naruto's thick fluid. Naruto remained still for a moment, to catch his breath, still inside of the sand nin, he ran rough fingertips up the boys pale side, inadvertently tickling him along the way. Gaara giggled - in his own way - and Neji released his legs.


"Hmm..? He asked in a dream-like state, to contented to say much else."

"Could you pull out please?" Gaara felt his cheeks betray him by heating into an unwanted blush.

Naruto pouted, pulling the red head's legs around his waist; Neji made the slightest whimper.

"Ara... But I'm not done with you yet." He cooed, licking at the red head's lips, grinding into him again. The Hyuuga whined again.

It was one thing for them to go at it once, while he was forced to sit back and watch, but he wasn't about to let the same thing happen again. He had needs too... ones that if they were not attended to soon, he fear the state his reproductive organs would be reduced to.

"Naruto, If you don't get him off me, I swear I'm going to explode." This came from the usually calm Byakugan wielder, his voice near panic. Naruto peeked over Gaara's shoulder to stare into frustrated opal eyes.

"Aa, Neji," he smiled at the Hyuuga's pale eyes widening.