Part 2

"Wait a minute Naruto, you're not thinking..." he Hyuuga nearly shouted, cowering behind the kazekage, as if that would save him.

Naruto nudged Gaara aside, pulling out of him. He began undressing the Hyuuga, much to the others dismay, lips stretching into a wicked smile as he did so.

"But it's my birthday." He defended, grin growing wider still; he managed to remove the Hyuuga's outer robe. Neji caught Uzumaki's hands in a firm, tight grip.

"I'm still traumatized from the last time!"

"Neji this..." The blond cooed, sliding his hands out of the weakening grasp. The brunette spared a look in his direction. "... has got to be taken care of." He grabbed the young genius's bulge, squeezing firmly. Neji let out an involuntary moan.

"You did say you were going to explode, ne?" Gaara raised a brow in mild shock-intrigue.

And when did these two spend the night together, he wondered.

His curiosity was short lived; however, when he noticed the blond leaf nin pulling off the rest of the pale eyed ninja's clothes so that he was just as naked as the other two. Naruto laughed at the face his comrade made, he found it extremely amusing that the boy managed to glare at him, even in his state. As far as he was concerned, he was doing the Hyuuga a favor.

Neji gasped again when strong, calloused fingers closed around him once again, only this time his clothing wasn't blocking the feeling of bare skin against bare skin. Naruto pulled the Byakugan wielder off of the sofa a little, so that his bottom half was in the blonde's lap and his top half still rested slightly on the edge of the cushioning. Neji could feel something hard and hot press against his backside, he moaned and arched against the Uzumaki's skilled hands.

Soft lips found their way up and down Neji's pale neck, suckling and nipping along the way, drawing soft mewling sounds from the jounin. Gaara watched quietly as Naruto's other hand teased the elder ninja's entrance, Neji twitched, the movement was slight, if he had been someone else he may have never seen it. Neji groaned suddenly when the blond slipped in a slick digit, stretching him slightly. But he knew this was only the beginning, the barely noticeable uncomfortableness that he was feeling when the orange ninja slipped in another finger was nothing compared to the burning pain that was yet to come. The Hyuuga slowed his breathing some, heartbeat still erratic, and allowed the Uzumaki to continue the delightful torture his fingers had started, trying not to think at all.

Naruto looked up at Neji, smirking while the brunette squeezed his eyes shut. He was almost giddy with need. First Gaara, now Neji. Can this day get any better?He mused silently, removing his fingers from the leaf nin's entrance. Neji made a small noise and Naruto mocked it with a playful grunt of his own. The blonde lifted the others hips, placing him right above his member. Slowly, he sat the brunette atop him, stopping every so often to catch his breath. Neji was hot and tight and...

"Fuck..." Naruto swore, holding on to the Hyuuga's backside, daring the other to slide off. As if he could.

Neji's eyes were wide open now, his head tossed back, mouth opened in a silent moan. He'd almost forgotten how big the ninja was...

Gaara watched, intrigued, as Naruto began to move Neji up and down his hard length slowly. The Hyuuga seemed paralyzed, almost as if he were to afraid to move.

Gaara had often pondered why the two Konoha ninja chose to play for the other team. There were plenty of decent women in their village to keep any and all of the male residents happy. So why would they, Neji and Naruto, choose to go down the different path. It confused him slightly, until he truly examined the scene before him. Neji, naked, beautiful pale skin, marred in odd places buy various battle scars, damp already with a thin layer of sweat from his and Naruto's combined efforts. He made noises the Kazekage never thought the stoic Hyuuga could make, even when provoked in such a manner. He moved on his own now, grinding against the blond ninja, moans reaching new heights. Gaara switched his view to Naruto, who had decided to groan roughly, he was just as beautiful, if not more so, than Neji. His usually grinning face was concentrated and distorted to a mask of both pleasure and anticipation. Both of them were so close, he could feel it.

That little admission, brought Gaara t notice a problem of his own. During his voyerous recess, he managed to become aroused once more. He smirked, wondering how long this would last.

Neji was close, he could feel it burning in the pit of his stomach, Naruto as well, his upward thrusts became more erratic, more desperate. He clutched the blonde's shoulders, waiting, hoping for release, when the door knocked.

Wait, doors don't knock...

Three pairs of eyes looked up at the wooden door frame. One set glanced curiously, the other two glared in annoyance. The door knocked again. Naruto silently wished for the intruder to go away.

Maybe they'll give up and think I'm not home...

But the bastard on the other side was persistent.

"Oi, Naruto! Open up! You are there aren't you?!?!"

Naruto's blue eyes widened, he looked at the door in shock.


"It's not the pizza guy!" The other answered.

Naruto's face turned ashen, he stole a glance towards Neji, who managed to continue breathing heavily, though he struggled to control it, and raise an eyebrow at him. He looked at Gaara, who threw him a lopsided grin of amusement. Naruto sighed.

"I'll tell him to leave." He opened his mouth to do just that, when Neji clamped a hand over the offensive crevice. He shook his dark head.

"Gaara, could you get the door?" He asked politely, smiling over his shoulder at the Kazekage; Gaara nodded and stood, stark naked, to answer the door, which was still being hammered on viciously.

"It's about time you answered the fu-" Kiba paused, noticing that the person who opened the door wasn't Naruto and that he was naked. Very naked. He recognized the person to be Gaara, the Fifth Kazekage of Suna. Very briefly his mind went into chaos, wondering why the Kazekage was in Konoha. In Naruto's house. Answering his door. Naked.

Gaara moved aside to let the very confused and nervous Kiba inside the Uzumaki's small apartment. He found it amusing, the way the dog nin made it a point to not look at his naked body, even though he was standing right in front of him. Kiba, who was already blushing profusely, turned three shades darker upon seeing Naruto and a certain branch family member molded together on the floor near the couch. He coughed uncertainly as the Hyuuga stared rather impolitely at him.

"Am I missing something here?"

Neji shrugged, looking back at Naruto who in turned grinned like the fox demon he held within him.

"What are you doing here?" Gaara asked, still standing behind the dog-nin.

Kiba turned his head to look the Kazekage. "I was invited... by him…" He pointed an accusing finger towards the blonde.

"You were planning to do something dirty with him, weren't you, Naruto?" Neji accused of the young leaf ninja, who smirked deviously in return.


Then a light went on in the young Hyuuga's mind, brilliant inspiration hit him tenfold. He directed his focus to the red head still standing very enticingly behind the brunette. Naruto was still wedged inside of him; he'd better make this quick.

"Gaara…" He cooed. "I've got a new plan… get the inu prepared…" At Neji's wink, Gaara nodded, wrapping his arms around the Inuzuka. Kiba squeaked at the foreign contact.

Naruto was just about to ask what plan exactly was Neji referring to, when the brunette crashed his lips against his own, silencing the unspoken question before the blond had the chance to open his mouth. Neji lifted his recently idle hips, to only have them slam down against the blue eyed ninja; Neji hissed, Naruto moaned into his mouth, not suspecting the sudden movement. The Byakugan wielder clenched down on his length, causing the Uzumaki to tighten his grip on the brunette's hips.

Kiba watched the scene in awe, but with only half formed curiosity, seeing as he had a naked kazekage clinging to his back, wrapping his arms around his waste, moving his hands lower to the very noticeable tent in his pants… So you see, he couldn't give the actions the other two ninja provided the full attention they deserved because he had to deal with his own problems; especially when said kazekage decided to latch onto his neck, easing him down to the low set sofa.

Gaara pushed Kiba down so that he sat on the couch with the red head hovering just above him. Pushing their lips together, Gaara thought he could definitely do this. He may have messed up in the beginning, but this, he could handle. As the young village leader mused over things in his mind, he smirked slightly, figuring he was more accurate than he thought, judging from the way the leaf shinobi shivered when he snaked his hand inside of the boy's trousers. Gaara had always thought the Konoha nin was afraid of him… he much rather be arousing.

Kiba growled into the hot, sweet tasting mouth over his own, pulling the owner by the hair, deepening their kiss. A soft but strong hand caresses his length again and he let out another involuntary moan, complying completely when the other hand moved to tear off his jacket.

Neji came hard, spilling himself onto the Uzumaki's tanned stomach, still grinding into the blonde shinobi as he did, riding out the feeling for as long as he could. Naruto climaxed only moments before, filling the Hyuuga with his seed, he now lay panting on Neji's shoulder.

"Damn it, Neji…" He mumbled, absently rubbing the branch member's thigh.

Neji's skin tingled at the lingering contact. Slowly he disconnected himself from the blonde, wincing as his walls constricted back to their normal state.

He was going to hurt tomorrow….

Amazingly, the blonde was still hard; Neji smirked sleepily and gave the slick member a tug, pretending to ignore the fluid that decided to seep down the back of his leg. Naruto gasped, looking up into the Hyuuga's pearl white eyes. The Hyuuga was surprised to see Gaara standing behind the blonde, his hand still very much attached to Kiba's... special place, only now, the dog nin was completely naked and looked as if he were going to eat the red head alive. Suddenly Naruto was shifted onto all fours, the byakugan wielder using his advantage from being uder the Uzumaki to keep him there. Gaara bent down to tease the puckered entrance.

"What the... fuck...?!" The blonde panted, squirming as the hole was probed with a soft, wet tongue, he tried his hardest not to push back against the invading appendage.

Since his last rendezvous, Gaara had done his homework, very thoroughly. He roughly slid a finger into the unstretched passage, noting how the blonde's muscles tensed, but continuing anyway. As he stretched and prodded Naruto, the red head stroked the brunette that was standing just behind him, smirking at the reaction Naruto might give when the Inuzuka took him.

Kiba growled when Gaara's musings caused him to slide his thumb up and down the head of his length; he knelt down and latched onto the red head's neck. He didn't know what the hell was going on or for how long the three had been going at this, but if it meant he would be getting laid tonight, he really didn't care. And Naruto's ass did look quite tempting... boy or not. Kiba had never really been partial to gender... sex was sex.

Naruto's face scrunched in concentration, he looked down at Neji, whose hand was still busy working on his length. Damn, but did he look good. Naruto lowered his mouth to that of the Hyuuga, kissing him hard, causing the brunette to moan and arc upwards into him. The fingers twisting and stretching inside of him stopped abruptly, only to be replaced with something bigger and hotter; Naruto braced himself for what he was sure was to come. Kiba moved inside the blonde slowly, fully sheathing himself in his heated cavern. Naruto struggled to relax as much as possible... It had been so long...

Kiba began to move within the hyperactive ninja, feeling, not for the first time, euphoric bliss. Naruto was so tight, his walls clamped down on him in just the right way. He angled his hips slightly, serching for that place in particular that was son sensitive, he would have the blonde cumming in minutes. Naruto moaned slightly when his angle was shifted upwards and Kiba's member brushed passed his prostate. He thrust back in the Uzumaki hard, hitting his target with precision force; Naruto nearly screamed.

Gaara, after watching with much interest, strayed away from the brunette and traveled over to Neji, who was still underneath the blonde. The Hyuuga pulled the young kazekage towards him and into an open-mouthed kiss. Gaara moaned and inched closer to the branch member, draping a leg over the others hip. Neji took the liberty to grasp the red head's cock, stroking it in pace with their kiss, Gaara moaned more, trying to get as close as he could to the other male. Soon, he found the Hyuuga's stiff length, rubbing the head, allowing the brunette to moan inside of his mouth. As both males stroked simultaneously, they moaned into each others mouth, into their ongoing kiss, not bothering to notice the hooded blue eyes watching from above them.

The torture was becoming too much, Gaara's thigh pressed against his mamber, causing a wonderful double friction for the blonde. The shinobi behind him started to thrust sporadically, he just barely managed to keep up with the pace. Then it was all over, Naruto came first, all over Gaara and Neji's side; not that they minded, however. Kiba spilled himself inside of the blonde ninja, whimpering slightly when his length was clamped down on, pulling out his furious orgasm. Gaara pushed himself into Neji's hand once more before releasing onto the carpet and the Hyuuga's fingers. Neji came, accompanied by a short growl, over the red head's stomach.

Exhausted, yet sated, each boy collapsed on top of one another, unfortunately Neji was once again at the bottom. There was a few mumbled threats before any ninja had the decency t roll away; all except for Naruto who used the brunette's stomach as a makeshift pillow. Neji didn't have the strength to push him off.

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