Full Summary (BD SPOILERS): Edward left Bella in NM, but he left her pregnant. Naheul was in Washington at the time and found Bella. She told him what happened, and he saved her so that Renesmee could have the mother he always wished he could have saved. He stayed with them for six years, but went back to South America eventually. Now, twelve years after Naheul left (making Nessie 16 years old), Bella poses as Renesmee's 21 year old sister who takes care of Nessie since their parents died. Nessie is starting Marshfield High School as a sophomore.

BPOV (for right now anyway).

Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer owns Twilight. (I know, shocking!)

Personally, I don't understand why Renesmee enjoys going to school. Maybe it's because she and Jacob can go to school together and really act like normal teenagers in love. I sometimes wish she didn't like school…then I'd have more time with her, and less time to be alone and think of him.

But I can't change her mind, nor would I want to.

Marshfield was different than the majority of places we'd go. It's in Massachusetts, and it's actually fairly sunny a lot of the time. Renesmee just has to wear makeup and long sleeves to cover her skin on sunny days though. Since she's only half vampire, it's not a big deal to her.

As for me, her "big sister," I have a skin condition that doesn't allow me to go into the sun as far as the public knows.

I wonder where Renesmee's father is, and how he is. What would he think if he knew about her? If only he hadn't left…but he wanted to. He didn't want me, why would he want her?

The phone rang, pulling me out of my thoughts. I'm glad for that; I didn't need to be thinking of him right now. I didn't need to think of him ever.

"Hello?" I sounded breathless, but I'm sure the caller wouldn't notice.

"Miss Swan?" Principal Battis's voice came through the speaker. Wait, the principal of Renesmee's school? Why would he be calling?

"This is she," I said.

He cleared his throat. "I'm afraid your younger sister was in a bit of a mix up earlier this afternoon...you'll need to come down to the school. She got in a fight with some of the new students."

WHAT? Renesmee, MY beautiful, caring, smart daughter was in a FIGHT? No, it couldn't be. She was always so careful. She couldn't fight a human without revealing us! She would never!

"Renesmee?!" I gasped. "Are you sure?"

As if he could confuse her with someone else.

"Yes ma'am, I'm sure." He was clearly uncomfortable.

I told him I'd be there in a few minutes, and got in the car. How could she do this? She better have a good explanation…

Driving a hundred miles an hour gets you to the small school quickly. I stormed through the doors, totally blowing off Mrs. Cugini sitting at the door, and heading straight towards Renesmee.

Without speaking, she placed her hand on my cheek, but I brushed it away.

"Not in public," I hissed at her.

She looked annoyed, but not hurt. "Mom, you have to. It's the only way you'll understand."

Mr. Battis came out from his office then. "Miss Swan, could you come in please?"

I nodded towards the principal. Giving Nessie one last disapproving look, I followed him into his office and took a seat.

Without hesitation, the principal began to speak. He looked nervous, and I could tell he wanted to get everything out as quickly as possible. I knew I looked intimidating, but I couldn't help it. After all, I was a vampire.

"Well, um, we have a few new students this year," he began. So? "Nessie got into a bit of a scuffle with one of the boys." One of the boys? Did she want to expose us? "His parents are with him right now. They'll be in here in a few minutes, they're trying to calm him down. No one was hurt, but they will need to suffer the consequences of their actions."

"Of course," I agreed quickly. I opened my mouth to speak more, when a door opened and I smelled two other vampires enter the room.

Two familiar vampires.

I didn't turn to look at them, I simply continued to stare at Mr. Battis.

"Dr. Cullen, Mrs. Cullen, please take a seat next to Miss Swan," he told them.

I heard their sharp intake of breath, but I still couldn't face them. I guess Mr. Battis thought that should change.

"Miss Swan, this is Carlisle and Esme Cullen – Edward's parents," he began the introductions. "Dr. and Mrs. Cullen, this is Isabella Swan, Renesmee's sister and guardian."

Finally, I had no choice but to "meet" them.

I formally extended my hand towards Esme. "It's nice to meet you," I began. "I'm sorry about the circumstances. Renesmee's usually much more behaved." I kept my voice formal, but cold. Mr. Battis would probably figure it was from the situation.

Swallowing their shock, she shook my hand and began to speak. "It's fine, dear. This isn't typical behaviour of Edward either."

Tons of remarks came to my mouth, but I bit my tongue and simply nodded my head. Carlisle shook my hand. They both seemed speechless.

Mr. Battis explained that they were both in the same English class. They had started talking quietly, when Renesmee tried to slap Edward. Edward caught her hand, and apparently hurt her by grabbing her wrist too violently. The rest of their fight was verbal, and no one knew what they were talking about, but it was "disruptive," as Mr. Battis put it.

They were both suspended for two days, but would stay in the same English class. Both Nessie and Edward had agreed to that. I knew Renesmee just didn't want to mess the rest of her schedule up, and she would have switched out of she could have. My poor baby.

I was out of the office first, moving close to vampire speed. Carlisle and Esme were close behind, trying to get my attention. I ignored them completely.

Renesmee was sitting on the bench right next to Edward when I came out. Although I flinched at the sight of him, I bent down in front of Nessie and she placed her hand to my cheek and played the day's events to me.

Renesmee was thinking of me in class, thinking of how to tell me. Knowing Edward's power, she tried to think of something else, but evidently he'd already heard. He wanted to know how she knew me, and she told him that after what he'd done to me, he had no right to know. He tried to say that he loved me, and she went to slap him.

I hated knowing I'd caused Renesmee any sort of pain or discomfort. When she dropped her hand, I wrapped my arms around her.

"I love you Renesmee," I whispered in her ear.

"Love you too," she whispered back. I held her hand and led her from the building.

The Cullens merely stood in shock. It was clear they didn't know what to say. Before we left, I opened my mind so Edward could hear me.

Never hurt my daughter again.

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