Surprise epilogue! I don't usually do this, so feel special. ;) It's short and sorta sucks, I know. But people wanted more closure and more of the story…I figured it's better than nothing, eh?

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"MOOOOOOOM!" Renesmee yelled from the top of the stairs. Even if I were human, I would have been able to hear her a mile away.

"Yes Nessie?" I asked, reluctantly unfolding myself from Edward's lap.

She ran down the stairs in her pajamas, almost tripping on the slippery floor where her slippers began to slide. "I can't find my green shirt. You know the one, with the…" Her voice trailed off as she saw the shirt she was looking for on my own body.

I grinned sheepishly at her. "Sorry," I muttered.

Without thinking, I took the shirt off over my head and handed it to her. Then I heard a groan from the door.

"Honestly Bella, you couldn't think to shut the door? Didn't you hear me, or smell me, or something? UGH!" Jacob stormed away from the door.

I burst out laughing at the irony. Before Renesmee had been born, he'd have loved to walk in on me changing.

Edward handed me another shirt. It was a blue one – the colour that he always said he loved on my skin. Being the gentleman that he was, he waited until I was fully dressed to kiss me.

"Ready for school, love?" He smiled his crooked smile at me.

"No," I answered simply. "This is the first time I'll be back since I was human. I've always acted as Nessie's guardian…it's strange not having to do that anymore."

He frowned. "Would you like to stay home? We could always come up with an excuse, pull some strings…"

I shook my head fervently, leaning in for another kiss. "No! I just want to be with you."

Edward gave in, kissing me passionately. But of course, the car started and we were called to join them.

I followed Edward to the car, and saw Renesmee sitting in the driver's seat. "When do I get to start driving?" She asked us.

Edward and I looked at each other hesitantly.

"Maybe later," Edward said. We laughed as she pouted, and Edward took Nessie's seat as she moved to the back.

Before we could leave, Alice came running over to our car.


With a sigh, Edward stopped the car. "Do you really need to do this now, Alice?"

She only nodded, and got into the car with us. She sat behind me, talking more at me than to me.

"Bella, we need to get these plans finalized. The Denali's are waiting for a date! If we don't give them one soon, Tanya's going to start thinking something went wrong and she'll come for…Oh stop it Edward. You know I'm kidding," she added as he growled at her in annoyance. "But seriously. It's been AGES! Well…not really. But still. I already have everything planned, down to every last flower, every last part of everyone's outfits. But it all means nothing unless you set a goddamn date!"

She kept going on like that all the way to school, ignoring the fact that neither Edward nor I were listening. I sat twisting my engagement ring around my finger until Edward took my hand into his own. We were at the school quickly, the rest of our family right behind us.

Edward kept his hand in mine as we made our way into this new school. Nessie joined Alice in her small lectures, and Edward and I picked up our pace to get away from them.

It was absolutely perfect.

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