Dark Inheritance

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Chapter 6: Revenge is bloody

Hermione sat at the table, it was the Halloween feast, but she didn't feel like eating any of the food that was spread out in front of her. She couldn't stop thinking about when she'd seen Harry, in London, that time when they had sneaked out of school to look for him. The way he had vanished it didn't look like anything she'd heard of before and she couldn't find anything in the library even close to it. But Harry was alive and she couldn't stop until she found him again. She glanced to her right and almost gagged at the sight of how much food Ron was shovelling into his mouth.

"Ron, how can you eat like that, at a time like this?" she asked. Ron looked at her a confused look in his eyes, before he swallowed what was in his mouth.

"What are you talking about Hermione?" he asked.

"How can you enjoy your self when Harry's alive and might need our help?" she asked frustrated.

"I donno, Hermione he didn't look like he wanted our help," Ron said. "Besides I figure, now he's killed old moldy git, he can do what he likes."

"Ronald Weasley! Do you care about Harry at all?" Hermione asked hotly. Ron's reply was lost forever as at that moment the ceiling of the Great Hall went dark as did all the candles plunging the hall into complete darkness. There were a few screams of shock at the sudden darkness, but before the faculty were able to make any moves the candles and ceiling flickered back into life and there were more screams. To the surprise of everyone these screams were from the Slytherin side of the hall and they were of horror and fear. Hermione and Ron turned to the Slytherin side and froze at the sight before them.

"Oh my god," Hermione whispered.

"Bloody hell!" Ron shouted.

For on the wall besides the Slytherin table, which was by now empty of students, was Bellatrix Lestrange, she had been crucified, by what looked like wands. What was worst was she was still alive, but totally out of it. A wand was floating by her and it began to write on the wall besides her, the letters were red and couldn't be anything but blood, they formed words, words which were names:

Alice Longbottom

Frank Longbottom

Sirius Black

Countless more.

The wand moved back and floated in front of Bellatrix's chest, then as fast a bullet in move forward and buried it's self in her heart, her body shuddered then fell still. The shock didn't have time to wear off before a figure appeared at the head of the Ravenclaw table facing the teachers. They couldn't see anything of the figure as they wore a cloak with the hood up totally obscuring their face. The faculty were instantly on their feet reaching for there missing wands the figure chuckled at their faces as one by one they realised whose wands had been used in the crucifixion. The normally cheerful Albus Dumbledore's face was set in a very grim expression as he gazed at the intruder.

"Who are you?" Dumbledore asked.

"Why Professor don't you recognise me?" The figure asked and the smirk could be heard. The figure reached up and pulled his hood down.

"Potter!" Snape hissed.

"Harry!" Hermione shouted, she couldn't believe that he was really here it was a dream come true, that was until he looked over at her. His eyes met her's and she gasped, they were the eyes of a cold blooded killer. Harry smiled, but it didn't reach his eyes, at her and Ron.

"Hey guys, sorry but this isn't a social visit," he said.

"What do you want!?" Dumbledore asked. Harry's eyes flared red before he turned back to the headmaster.

"Vengeance," he said flatly. Dumbledore's eyes flickered to where Bellatrix was still pined to the wall.

"Now you have it what will you do?" he asked the boy. Harry cocked his head.

"But I'm not finished yet, Albus," he said, as his eyes flared red again. There was a general gasp of shock from the faculty, except from Snape, who sneered, and Dumbledore who looked sadly down at the boy.

"What have you become, my boy,"

"Only what you made me, old man," Harry said, his face twisted into a sneer. "And I'm not your boy!" Harry stepped forward and raised his hand in a gesture that every Muggleborn recognised, the affect was also recognised. Dumbledore was raised into the air choking on nothing, unable to breath. Harry watched dispassionately, and without their wands the other professors were unable to do anything. Harry advanced.

"You didn't make sure my family was safe from Voldemort, causing their deaths. You left me with the Dursleys knowing what they would do to a magical child! You refused to tell me about the prophecy or train me, which led to Voldemort coming back, Cedrics and Sirius's death! Not to meant making me a killer before my sixteenth and making me what I am now." Harry head tilted to one side. "Actually that's something I should be grateful for, and my thanks will be a quick death." Harry brought his other hand next to his raised hand and mimicked them flying apart. Dumbledore was torn limb from limb, showering the teachers table with blood and body parts.

Harry ignored the screaming and panic as he turned and walked back down the hall, no one noticed the figures of Salazar and Caleb appear next to him in a swirl of black smoke. Salazar calmly gazed at the scene, then turned to Caleb.

"I believe you owe me fifty Galleons," he said. Caleb grumbled but handed the money over.

"I was sure that Snape guy would have been one of them," he said.

"Snape's a git, but he's always tried to protect me in his own warped way," Harry said as they walked towards the doors.

"How do you feel?" Salazar asked him. Harry paused.

"Calm, content, like nothing can hurt me anymore," Harry frowned, "If that makes sense." Salazar and Caleb grinned.

"That's just how it should be," Salazar said. "No more fear, no more regret, no more weakness."

"Freedom," Harry said with a smile. "What now?"

"I know this place in New York where you can drink as much as you can for twenty Dollars," Caleb said.

"Bottled or from the source?" Harry asked. Caleb looked offended.

"Source. What do you take me for?"

"Well..." Harry's response was cut off as they left the hall, leaving the chaos and the friends struggling to reach him, in a swirl of black smoke.

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