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A time for (family) and friends.

You've all gathered at Kaiba's house, in order to spend the holiday of peace on earth together.

And it makes sense, to spend it together. Not many of you have a real family, beyond this circle of close-knit friends.

You watch each other's backs. From the little things, like bringing each other homework from a class you missed; To the big things, like supporting each other as the world crashes around you.

Yes, it makes sense.

But what happens when a stranger of sorts arrives, causing tension in your group?

Do you ignore him and his pleas for good will towards man, or do you let the holiday consume you in more ways than one, and give in?

He stares at you, eyes sad and alone.

You're being an idiot, pondering over this. You've clearly made the decision long before this day came, as though this was destined to happen.

You walk towards him and he stares at you with apprehension. You wrap your arms around his shoulders and bring him close. He hesitates, before returning the hug. You kiss his cheek and smile at him, and you watch his face light up like the lights on the tree.

"Merry Christmas." You tell him, before untangling yourself from him.

You grab his hand and he follows you to your (friends) family.

They accept him without question.

After all, it is Christmas.