Everyone looked around. Debris filled the air. People began screaming and running away from the two burning buildings. Others just stood in disbelief not knowing what was going on. Police, fire trucks, and ambulances sounded and flew towards the buildings. Police already on the scene were guiding the injured towards paramedics to get their injuries treated before going back to help others. Fire fighters and policemen ran into the buildings to guide people out of the buildings towards safety.

She sat in her house terrified not knowing what was going on. She stared at the television and could not believe what she was watching. Fear ran through her entire as the thought of her husband entered her mind. He was a firefighter for the city and was on duty at that moment.

"Mom!" she heard. She looked towards the door and saw her twelve year old daughter running into the house with her school bag. The young girl hopped into her mother's arms.

"What are you doing home?" she asked her daughter not letting her go.

"They released us early after police came in and escorted everyone out. What's going on?" the twelve year old asked.

Her mother did not respond. The mother and daughter both looked at the television in fear hoping for the best. For hours, all they did was remain in listening distance of the television. Nightfall came quickly. The mother just got off of the phone trying to find her husband while the daughter was finishing homework and dinner.

"Where's dad?" the daughter asked.

"They don't know," her mother responded, "How can they not know where he is?"

A knock sounded upon the front door. the mother went to answer the door as her daughter cleaned her dishes. Just as she finished her dishes, she heard a scream followed by a thump. She ran to the front door to find the fire commisioner holding her mother.