Sitting there in a jail cell made her sick. Yet, she deserved it after what happened that dreadful day. An officer walked up to her jail cell gate and began to unlock it.

"You have a visitor," she said.

Katie got up and walked up, being led to a visitation room by another officer. Arriving to the room, Katie began to look around to see who would come visit her. The officer pointed over to a table with Jerry, Dana, and her mother. Katie turned to the officer and said, "I don't want to see them."

"Go," the officer said.

Katie sighed and slowly made her way to the table. Her mother stood up to hug her. Katie avoided the hug and just plopped into the chair across from the three.

"What's your problem?" Dana asked. "I don't even know why we're here visiting someone fucked up like you."

Katie glared at her older sister. "Neither do I," she responded in a cold voice.

"How have you been?" her mother asked. Katie just shrugged and looked at the table top in front of them. "Sweetie, talk to us, please," her mother pleaded, "I thought we lost you that night."

"Like that matters to any of you," Katie yelled, "None of you cared about any of them! They were the only ones there for me!"

"They screwed you over!" Jerry yelled, "What kinds of friends do that to a friend? Where are they now?"

"Some of them are dead," Katie bellowed, "Heather and I are in here being charged for something we didn't do!"

"I'd like proof of that," Jerry told Katie, "Were you guys smoking? Were you guys speeding? Were you paying attention to the road?"

"Yes, no, yes," Katie responded, "Never come back." Katie got up and walked over to the guard by the door. The guard knocked and the door opened revealing an officer to take Katie back to her cell. On the way back, Katie turned to the officer and said, "I'm going to be…"

Katie ran to a garbage can nearby and began to vomit. She hasn't had a blunt in about a week causing her body to withdrawal from the drug. Within a few seconds, she was up and walking back to her cell. She lied on her bed, hugging herself as she began to cry. She lost all but one friend that day. And, they were being charged for their deaths because they were all high. It wasn't their fault the car went into the ocean. Katie closed her eyes and let the tears fall.

The last day of the pre-trail arrived. Katie was led to the courthouse by law enforcement. She walked into the room and had her hand cuffs taken off. She looked to the audience to see who was there. Not believing it, she saw her mother, Dana, Jerry, and that Bradin fellow with his sister. She saw Bradin smile and wave slightly to her. Bradin and his sister were there for every pre-trial date. She turned away and sat beside her attorney. He leaned over to talk to whisper something into her ear. Thought she wasn't listening to all of it, she nodded to show she was listening. Hearing the door open, Katie looked and saw Heather walking in. Katie stood up and hugged her friend tightly, receiving the same love back. They both pulled away and sat beside each other.

"How are you?" Heather asked.

"I've been getting sick," Katie whispered back.

"So have I," Heather responded.

"All rise," the officer said. Everyone stood up as respect to the judge that walked in. "I reviewed this case many times," he said, "Instead of taking this to trial; I'm offering both ladies an offer. Go to drug counseling and counseling. If you agree to this and stick to it, I'll drop all charges. However, if you ignore this help, I will bring you back in here for a trial."

"Your honor," the Plaintiff said standing up.

"Sit down Mr. Walker," the judge said, "These ladies have gone through enough. So, they were smoking and learned a valuable lesson from it. They didn't break any other law besides possession." The Plaintiff sat back down. The judge turned and faced the girls. "Ladies, what do you say?"

Katie and Heather looked at each other not knowing what to do. "Do it!" a female voice yelled. Everyone turned to find Bradin shushing his sister. Katie smiled a small smile. Heather and Katie looked at each other and to Mrs. Langstings, their attorney. Both girls nodded. "We'll do it, your honor," their attorney said.

"Great," he smiled, "I will give you information about a good counseling place in town. Case dismissed."

Both girls were sitting outside the courtroom waiting for Mrs. Langstings to come out with the information they needed about counseling. Sitting there, the girls knew they were lucky to get a break like this. Out of nowhere, Katie felt sick. She groaned and ran to the nearest garbage can. Heather followed her friend and held her hair back. When she was finished, Katie sat on the floor with her back against the wall. Heather sat beside her to show true friendship.

"Are you okay?" the girls heard. They both looked up and saw Bradin and his sister standing in front of them.

"it's part of our withdrawal from the drug we were on," Heather told the teenager girl in front of them, "We'll both be doing this until we're…I don't know."

"Not fucked up?" Katie asked.

"You're not fucked up," Bradin said, "Why did you say that? So, you smoked weed. I'm sure seventy-five percent of the people in the world smoked pot at least once."

"They didn't start for the same reason I did. Well, not all of them," Katie said. Katie moved to stand up when Bradin held out his hand for her. She looked at it, took it, and got helped up. Katie helped her friend stand up. They brushed their clothes off and wrapped an arm around each other, like friends do.

"Ladies," Mrs. Langstings said approaching them, "I need to talk to you."

Heather and Katie walked over to their attorney who led them away from the siblings. They stood in a circle discussing what was going to happen.

"You two are going into a program where you will get help with your situation. You will also be attending rehab on a weekly basis; unless you think you'll need to go more than once a week. To make sure you are doing what I am telling you, the judge has made the decision to have someone take you to and from and make sure you stay the entire time. Do either of you know someone to do that for you?"

Katie and Heather looked at each other and behind them at the siblings. Katie turned back to her attorney and nodded. "Can I go ask to see if he'll do it?" she asked. Mrs. Langstings nodded. Katie slowly made her way towards Nikki and Bradin. She began to feel nervous which was also making her sick. The siblings looked at her as she stopped in front of them.

"I know I'm the last person your family wants you to help. But, can you do us a favor if it's not too much trouble?" Katie asked Bradin.

"What's up?"

Katie explained what was going on and what it was Bradin would do, if he agreed to do it. After she was done explaining, there was a moment pause. She stared at him until she really felt sick. She ran to the nearest garbage can and began to vomit again. With her face in the can, she felt someone move her hair back from her face. When she was done, she wiped her mouth and saw Bradin behind her.

"It will be my pleasure," he said holding out his hand.

"It's not too much trouble?" she asked feeling bad.

He smiled and responded, "Not one bit. I can rearrange my schedule at work. They'll be fine with it."

"Thank you," she said taking his hand. He pulled her up to her feet and walked her back to her friend and attorney. "He'll do it."