Book Four: Melpomene

Pepper and I slept very well last night

His jumping in fire gives me a fright

Pepper is a very special feline

Oh how I wish I could draw a straight line

The Scythians history I'm writing

Poet Aristeas has me crying

I draw the Scythians' geography

Oh Pepper! Pepper! Please come back to me!

Africa, Asia and Europe compare

Oh! There is a bumble bee in my hair!

Getae brutally worship Zalmoxis

I am having a hard time wording this

Poor poor Scythia Darius attacks

A Greek soldier yells: "Hands behind your backs!"

The Androphagi are eaters of men

I wish I could have seen that way back then

Darius' attack on Scythia failed

My younger wayward brother has been jailed

I talk about Libya from East to West

I think my right hand smells the very best

Arg! Pepper don't stick your paw in that soup

That feline is throwing me for a loop