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Jack O'Neill had had enough with the childish tantrums that had become a regular part of the life of his best agent. He could have never imagined that one person could drive him this insane and he was ready to put a stop to it. Ever since Teyla Emmagan had lost all three of her team members in a espionage mission in South Africa she had made up her mind to make his life miserable by not picking a replacement team and not going on missions. Today he planned on setting her straigh

"Mrs. Aldrige, would you mind calling Agent Emmagan and telling her to come to my office? And please let her know that this meeting is not optional," he said while looking for the manila folders he would be presenting to Teyla.

"Of course, Jack, it would be my pleasure," answered his secretary "But I can't promise you she will actually come."

Barbara Aldrige couldn't help feeling sympathy for her boss; she couldn't imagine trying to reason with Teyla Emmagan at the moment. Even she had noticed the change of attitude the young woman had gone through since the death of her friends.

Ten minutes later he heard a knock, taking a deep breathe and a gulp of water he prepared himself for the inevitable confrontation, "Come in Teyla."

"I heard you wished to speak to me" was the answer of the young woman whom didn't hesitate in raising an eyebrow suspiciously. "If this is about knocking Henderson out while we where sparring, I swear it was an accident." She smirked, "Although I can't lie and say I hadn't thought about doing it once or twice."

"Sit down Teyla, this has nothing to do with you not being able to control your lady hormones." By his stern tone of voice she could tell this wasn't going to be a friendly chat. And frankly she wasn't in the mood for one.

Not liking the tone of voice her was using with her, she reached for the nearest chair and plopped herself down in a very un-lady like fashion.

"Teyla," he hesitated, "Where do you see yourself in a couple of years?"

"Probably as a prisoner in some country, and heck maybe even dead," she said, while smiling sweetly at her long time friend.

Jack wasn't about to lie and say her answer shocked him. He was used to hearing worse answers from her. But the way she said it so aloofly and cold sent a shiver down his spine, forcing him to take another gulp from his glass of water.

"And why do you say that?" he asked tying his hardest not to pry so much into her feelings."

"Honestly, Jack," she replied rather mockingly, "considering the type of work that I do it's a fair bet that I can get killed at any un-given time." Her voice was getting that irritated sound which told him to speed things up.

"I'm glad you brought that up," he said while taking out the folders he planned on giving her."In order to help you stay alive for as long as we can I think you should assemble a new team," he stated while giving her the most charming smiles he muster considering the situation.

"I am in no need of a team since I have no mission that requires one," she said while looking at him questionably.

He could already tell that she was going to be as evasive as she could.

"Alright then, if you don't want a team, then pick a mission," he stated.

Realizing where he was going she smirked at him and replied, "Sorry, can't pick a mission because I don't have a team."

He should have known she was going to act childish but he wouldn't let her get the best of him.

"You see Teyla, I'm pretty much sick and tired of you parading around here doing nothing. And frankly so is everybody in this damned agency. I'm tired of you beating up people and the complaints I get of you every single day. Since I knew you wouldn't take my advice I've taken the liberty of setting up a team for you." He had never raised his voice at her but there was no other way to get his message across to her stubborn head.

Teyla gaped at him in horror, "How dare you do that? You have no right to pick my team, I won't stand for this!" By this time she was on her feet and fuming.

"This is not an option it's an order, here are there files, review them and be ready to meet your new team tomorrow at 0800 hours. You are dismissed." As he said that he got up from his chair and held the files out to her.

Teyla snatched the files out of his hands and stomped out of his office. On her way out she read the names of her new team.

John Sheppard.

Ronon Dex.

Rodney McKay.

Despite being extremely pissed off she couldn't help smiling when thinking of the horrors she planned on putting these people through. Just because they were her new team didn't mean she had to like it. Unbeknown by Jack he had just given her a new form of entertainment for the time being.