Chapter 5

Chapter 5

"Ow, ow, ow. Hey, watch it!" came the irritated scream from Rodney. "Don't touch it there, it's sensitive. I want to see the chief medical officer! Didn't I tell you to stop touching me!"

"Rodney it is just a sprained ankle, it will be fine!" Teyla sighed exasperatedly all the while trying to take a good look at his injury, " All we have to do is get you to the infirmary and they will fix your ankle."

"No, call them and tell them to bring a gurney. I can't possibly walk in my condition!" he cried out in horror at the thought of having to walk.

Realizing that he was dead serious about not moving, she opted to comply to his wishes. She reached for the radio in her training bag and sent her transmission. "I am terribly sorry for the disturbance, but can Dr. Carson Beckett please come to training room No. 5, I repeat training room number 5. Thank you"

Returning her attention to the man lying on the floor she smiled empathetically and tried to reassure him, "Someone will be here shortly, and you will be well taken care of. I must get going; I am to meet Ronon and John in the weaponry department."

"What! You can't leave me here alone. Do you know how serious this can become? One of my blood vessels could erupt and then I can uh…mhm,… well… I don't know but something bad can happen."

"Very well, I shall stay with you until Dr. Beckett comes," she said while taking a seat next to him on the floor.

"I have to say you where doing quite well before all of this happened," she commented while smiling at him, " you have the potential to become a grea.. um.. good warrior."

"Don't lie, I've always been physically challenged, you should have seen me in high school. I could hardly run a mile in the time they gave us." He sniveled feeling sorry for himself.

It was then and there that she truly felt akin to Rodney McKay. Apparently there was more to the brilliant astrophysicist that met the eye.

"Well we are going to change all of that aren't we?" She asserted in her most positive tone of voice as she gave his hand a tight squeeze.

"Aye, what the bloody hell is going on here? What is all the commotion about?" came the unmistakable accent of the beloved Scottish doctor as he walked in to the room.

"Rodney this is Carson Beckett, Carson this is Rodney McKay." She introduced them to each other as he made his way towards them. " Thank you for coming Carson, Rodney harmed himself while we sparred and I believe he has a sprained ankle."

"No problem love, but did he harm himself or did you?" he asked while giving her a teasing smile, "I seem to remember a certain Lt. Henderson that got the living daylights knocked out of him."

She couldn't help but smile as she remembered the sense of satisfaction she had gotten from bringing harm to the aggravating Lieutenant.

"I can assure you that Dr. McKay's injury was purely accidental," she declared as she gave the handsome doctor her most innocent look.

"Aye, sure I believe you," he stated mockingly.

"It's nice to see you two getting along, but there is a certain astrophysicist in need of some serious medical attention, so if you don't mind," he emphasized while pointing at his injured leg.

"Oh yes of course, I'm sorry lad," apologized Carson while kneeling down to take a look at Rodney's ankle.

"I shall take my leave of you then," she declared as she waved at the two men, "and I shall see you later Carson so that we may catch up."

"You do that love, I'll see you after I'm done with this daft fellow," he replied as he also waved good-bye.

"Good-bye Rodney," she said one last time.

"Oh what, yeah…sure…bye see you later, ow careful!" he cried as he slapped Carson's hand away from his leg.

She couldn't help but chuckle at the sound of their argument fading away as she started to get farther away from them.

"Well how the bloody hell am I supposed to fix you up if I can't touch you!"

"You're the doctor, figure it out! Ow! Now you did that on purpose."

"No I did not!"

As she made her way to meet Ronon and John she began to wonder exactly how she planned on not getting so accustomed to them, when all they did was make her smile.