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"My lord, the Potter's live at Godric's Hollow. They have finally made me their

secret-keeper thanks to Black" a small, mousey looking man boasted.

"Well done Wormtail, I may not punish you, after all. Tonight!" Wormtail's lord yelled "We destroy those pesky Potter's and the last hope of the wizarding world. For I am Lord Voldemort!"

In Godric's hollow at the exact same time, the Potter's were feeding their sons and getting them ready for bed.

"Oh, James what will we do about the prophecy, Dumbledore said that it could either be Harry or Jake that will defeat Voldemort." Lily Potter said to her husband, while feeding Jake. Harry and Jake were twins that were 15months old. Jake is a chubby baby with his dad's hazel eyes and his mum's bright red hair, just a cute little baby. Harry was a slim but still healthy baby with his dad's black as night hair with red highlights and his mum's emerald green eyes that shone with an intelligence to wise for a baby. Both twins had beautiful olive skin.

"I don't know Lils but Albus said it could be Alice Longbottom's son as well. So let's not think about it until we have to, okay?"

"Okay James but could you please get Harry's bottle from the lounge room."


"Lily grabs the kids and get out of 's come after them!" James Potter shouted at his wife scared for his family.

"You do realize Mr. Potter that I will destroy you and your brats no matter where you go." Voldemort smirked at him. James got ready to duel but even before he got his wand out. "STUPEFY" The stunner got him in the chest.

"I think I'll let you live to see your children die" Voldemort hissed at James' fallen body. Lily was upstairs trying to find a portkey.

"Found it" she cried triumphantly holding a phoenix pendant the order's sign.

"Savior, savior!" she blinked why didn't the portkey work.

"I had my followers set up an anti-portkey ward so your little necklace doesn't work" She turned around and there he was, big ugly and snake-like. She moved in front of the twins. Trying to shield them with her body.

"Not the twins, not the twins please not the twins" She cried at him. He said

"Stand aside you silly girl, stand aside now!"

"No not the twins, please no, take me, kill me instead" She had tears pouring down her cheeks. "Please not Jake and Harry have mercy, please, ple..."

"Stupefy!" Voldemort turned his wand on the twins which one would die first. He pointed to the green-eyed twin and cursed "AVADA KEDAVRA". The green light of the killing curse sped towards Harry who had his arm out.

The light hit him and he was surrounded by a white light and then the light bounced back to Voldemort who was previously looking on smugly and stared on in terror as the light hit him and he screamed. When the light dissipated all that was left of Voldemort was his wand and robe with dark grey smoke that was Voldemort's spirit curling upwards out of the house. Harry collapsed from exhaustion defeating Dark lords was hard work for a baby you know.

Sirius Black Harry's godfather raced into the house. The order was alerted when the wards around Godric's Hollow fell. He saw James lying next to the sofa stunned. "Rennervate!" James opened eyes saw Sirius standing over him and gasped

"Lily and the kids are up in the nursery please help them."

Sirius nodded and ran upstairs. Lily was collapsed behind the door. He revived her and went to check on the kids. Jake was in front of the cot crying his eyes out not a scratch on him "Thank God he is okay, now where is Harry" Sirius whispered looking for his godson. He found Harry under some rubble asleep with a lighting bolt shaped scar on his forehead. Sirius gave Jake to the now wide awake Lily and carried Harry downstairs. Albus Dumbledore was helping James up in the living room. He looked at Lily and Sirius, and said one of these boys is the boy-who-lived may I examine them. After looking over the twins he declared that the boy-who-lived was...

Harry Potter had just celebrated his 6th birthday in style, with the house elves. He wasn't allowed to go down stairs where the party was taking place because Jake is the boy who lived and not him. Ever since Dumbledore told his parents that Jake was the Chosen one Harry had been pushed aside and neglected by everyone, except one. Remus Lupin who was also feeling a little upset. He had married Sirius the year after James and Lily married and had given birth to a little girl almost a full year after Harry and Jake were born, so that would have made her 3 months old when Voldemort had attacked. She was now 5 (her birthday being the 30th July) and Sirius had forgotten and Remus and his little girl had waited and waited until midnight for him to come home and he came home drunk.

Harry was at Remus' house to but had to leave at 5 so he didn't get into trouble. Remus was extremely upset, Sirius didn't even say sorry just glanced at them and went to sleep. Remus told his little girl, Madelynn that they shouldn't mention this to daddy, but he was thinking of leaving with her and Harry because the three of them were obviously not as important as the boy who lived. Maddie even at her young age understood that Remus was very upset at her father and she was mad at him to. The next day Remus asked Sirius if had gotten the presents for the boys as it was their birthday and Sirius said yes.

Harry was so excited when he heard Remus and Sirius' voices from downstairs that he ran downstairs and saw that they were all dressed up and so was Maddie his best friend. He Remus say,

"Where is Harry?" so he wasn't forgotten after all.

"UNCLE MOONY!" he yelled from his place at the top of the stairs, faces breaking into the biggest smile.

"Cub!" Remus looked up at him, and then he smiled as well. Maddie ran up and hugged her best friend none of them noticing that the Potters were glaring at their son for taking all the attention away from Jake. Harry was just so happy that he wasn't losing his uncle Moony and best friend to what he called the Jake fan Syndrome. It was a name he made up for people who have nothing better to do than wait hand and foot on a 6 year old.

Jake was feeling upset that his brother was getting all the attention so he decided to do something about it. He screamed and yelled that Harry shouldn't be there because it was his birthday. His parents immediately started trying to soothe him and told him that Harry wouldn't be at the party Remus just asked for him, he would be leaving after Remus gave that brat his present. Remus just rolled his eyes at the scene in front of him as he saw Sirius try and calm Jake down as well by saying that he had gotten Jake's present custom made and no-one else would have anything like it. That cheered Jake up.

With the Potter's and Sirius occupied Remus, Maddie and Harry went to Harry's room and Remus was shocked at how bare it was. He sent a questioning look towards Harry and Harry said that James had blamed him for breaking Jake's broom after it was found split in half on the lawn. James had taken Harry toys as punishment and given them to Jake who had broken them all by the end of the week. Remus was furious he knew Harry and he knew that Harry would never have done something like that. He needed to talk to James but for now it was time to focus on Harry. He was slightly nervous about this present and he hoped that Harry liked it. The present was an amulet given to the first-born male in the Lupin family. Sirius, a year after Maddie was born had become sterile in an attack by rouge death eaters. So Remus decided to make Harry his heir. There was one for the first-born female as well and Maddie would be getting it on her sixth birthday.

Harry knew what is was and was shocked he never had expected something like this. Remus was wary when he saw Harry gaping at him and decided to explain.

"I know it is unexpected but I would like you to know that I think of you as a son and I doubt will be having any more kids so I wanted you to have it"

Harry was so happy he threw himself in Remus' arms and managed to stutter his thanks.

Remus smiled at but inwardly he was frowning at how little it took to make Harry happy. He was definitely talking to James about the potter's treatment of Harry. He decided to do it before the party and spent a little bit of time with Harry and went down to talk to James trusting his daughter to take of Harry. He frowned when he saw the banner in lounge room Saying "Happy B'day Jake" with a table stacked with presents under obviously all Jake's.

"James can I talk to you?"