The next day the Prophet came out and on the front page was about Dumbledore's trial. "Dumbledore's Mistakes and corruption!" As it turns out there was more then even Sev and Luc had dreamed of, Dumbledore was completely evil according to the papers,which actually was telling the truth now that Rita Skeeter wasn't writing for them. As it turns out he had been conducting experiments on the children of Hogwarts and then wiping there memories, he had been the reason for Tom Riddle becoming evil and was no where near the Light Lord everyone had thought he was, they weren't particularly harmful experiments, but the fact he was doing it without the parents or the students knowing or consenting was what disgusted everyone. There were many more misdemeanors, and the only sentence that the Wizengamot thought right was to send him to Azkaban after draining his magic, imagine their surprise when they find out his magic was already gone, they did an inquiry and Lucius was under suspicion for a while, but nothing was proven and after they checked that his magic was really gone and not coming back they sent him to Azkaban with a life sentence, no chance of parole ever. It was only a few days before they realized that the one who had defeated Voldemort was Ri and not Jake. Madame Bones had been trying to get Jake to produce a memory from the attack, it would have been a subconscious one and a little fuzzy but it would have shown what had happened. Dumbledore, for some unknown reason had been blocking her from day one of trying to see Jake. Ri however was happy to give up his memory and that proved that Jake was a fraud. The Potter's were then disgraced and it became rare that shops in the UK would have them as customers. They eventually ended up moving to America where people hadn't heard of them and lived miserably. Lily and James had a magical education but hadn't worked in an environment that expected them to pull their weight, it was tough and took many years to get everything settled and Jake didn't do to well either. He became an even bigger bully and was in jail for theft, breaking and entering, and drug use before he was 20.

After Dumbledore had been sentenced to Azkaban, McNair's health went down hill fast; the spell was running out of power and 3 months after he had performed the spell. Leon McNair died peacefully in his sleep, Ri and his family ensured a proper funeral for the man that had helped them get rid of the old coot that had been a thorn in their sides.

For the next couple of years there were many changes in the Wizarding world, McGonagall had become Headmistress and had discovered the Dumbledore had been stealing funds from Hogwarts and purposely hiring shit teachers so that no one could usurp his role as the "Leader of the light". They found the funds in an account under an alias, but no-one knew how to deal with the former students until ones suggested something. Those that had been under Dumbledore schooling were given the option of tutelage to further their studies in whatever field they wanted as long as they had the time and the right attitude. The ones doing further study with Defense against the Dark Arts were astonishing and it was also astonishing at how bad many of thm actually were, looking over lesson plans from before Dumbledore's time it was discovered that what spell Aurors are learning now was sixth and seventh year stuff back then.

After Maddie and Ri had finished their schooling they decided to go back to Australia for further study. Severus and Draco went with them, but Remus and Jon stayed behind as they had gotten comfortable in their native country.

They four stayed in Australia for five years before coming back and living in England. Everyone's relationships had been going well and Lucius and Sirius had gotten married the year before in a beautiful, but simple winter wedding. Draco and Ri got married the year after Ri had finished his training as a spellcrafter. They were 24. Severus and Maddie had a long engagement and married soon after the birth of their first child.

Remus and Jon had no more children after Tal as the strain would have been too much for Remy's body and Jon couldn't carry. Lucius and Sirius had a son and two daughters, through blood adoption. Alshain was their first-born and his twin was named Aurelie. Their youngest was called Mira. Draco and Ri also had three and each would carry one of their titles, Angelique was their eldest and she would become Lady Emrys upon her Papa's death. Lord Malfoy would be Edward and the one who would become Lady Potter was their youngest Nicolette. Severus and Madelynn had four children, whom like Ri and Draco's kids would each inherit a title. Siobhan was to become Lady Price and her twin sister Dianna would become Lady Lupin. The future Lord Snape was William, Severus and Maddie's third child. The one to be Lord Black was the youngest out of the four and named Ciaran.

Maddie became famous for her healing and Severus even more famous for potion making. Draco discovered a new strand of Ancient Runes and managed to decipher them, Ri went on to craft many new spells and improve many old ones. Sirius, Jon and Remus came together and opened up new orphanages all around the world and let people like Werewolves and Day walkers work there. They gave jobs to those who wouldn't have a chance anywhere else. Lucius was more involved in politics and made up laws that would give rights to Magical creatures and beings, Tal become an auror and rose right up into the ranks, he became Minister of Magic after a few years as the Head of Department of Defense.

Their children became even more famous and well respected, and their lives were happy and full. Soon the name of Dumbledore and Voldemort became forgotten, except for the History classes and the Wizarding was better off as the new laws came and old prejudices' were gone and buried with the Family History. Well most of them anyway, the Weasley and Malfoy feud was still going on but that was mainly between the elder Weasley parents, Ron and Ginny against Lucius who hated them and Draco wasn't far behind. The rest of the Weasley's they got along fine with.

Life was good and the Magical world intended to keep it that way.


The End

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