Chuck vs The Spy that Loves Him

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Chapter 1:

Inside a low lit apartment room, two agents sit in front a coffee table which is holding a chess board. The agents stare at the pieces left on the board. They analyze the opponent's possible next move already formulating three moves ahead as music from the god father plays lightly in the background. They speak to each other in a crude form of code.

"Has the produce arrived?"

"Yes, but it is not our prime produce."

"What do you mean?"

"Our original package was detoured to….. The Middle East, Another was sent in its stead."

"Is the package going to be able to take care of the concerns that we may have."

"Oh yes sir." He says with a grin "I would dare to say the produce is easily our #2."

"Has a location been agreed upon for dispersal of the produce, and has a clean up plan been placed into effect for the over flow of customers."

"That will easily be handled."

When eye contact is made smirks of approval were present on each of there faces.

Suddenly the two realize that they have been compromised by a silhouette in the door way of a tall slender woman holding what appears to be a handgun.

Shrills of fear followed by insecure hugging of the pretend agents continue until they realize it is Sarah and not the sinister ninja (back to exact his revenge) that had man handled them several months ago.

The figure walks into the room holding a hair dryer that she had borrowed from Ellie.
With a loud inquisitive voice Sarah speaks.

"What…..Why are you sitting in the dark hugging Morgan over a chess board?!"

"Holy Crap you scared the begeezus out of me" Morgan cried out. "I thought you were the computer ninja coming back exact your revenge."

Sarah looked at Morgan with a twinkle in her eye and a smirk on her face "You Two were attacked by a ninja? Why do I find that hard to believe?"

"No no, it's all true Sarah! We were beat up pretty bad." Chuck chimed in.

"Really." Sarah replied.

"If it wasn't for my quick thinking and even quicker reflexes both of us and not just my man Chucks computer would be six feet under." Morgan puffs out his chest a little.

"Your reflexes?" Sarah is almost to the point of exploding in laughter.

"Yeah if weren't for my expert throwing prowess and ability to swing a golf club, which incidentally was the reason the computer ninja ran away."

"Well not ran away. The ninja actually grabbed the golf club out of Morgan's hands and hit him with it." Chuck interjected while fiddling with his tie.

"Why" Morgan stared at Chuck incredulously.

Sarah begins to laugh out loud unable to control herself. She takes a deep breath and makes a feeble attempt to speak through the cramping in her sides.

"Wait….wait…you were swinging a golf club..."

"Putter actually, it was a putter" Morgan says slowly as his ego begins to deflate and his eyes look down at the ground.

"and the ninja grabbed it from you. Then what?" Sarah questions Morgan leaning up against the wall.

"I don't know! It happened so fast that… I woke up lying on top of Chuck, and the ninja was gone! If I ever see that ninja again…… I am going slap him with law suit. He cracked a tooth! My mom had to help me pay for the filling and cap the dentist put on." Morgan said still staring at the ground mumbling to himself.

Sarah is now laughing so hard replaying the incident in her head over and over again. Watching as Morgan repeatedly threw objects at her as she reflected them at Chuck. She remembers the facial expressions that Chuck made when the first object connected with his chest, and the second one to his nether region.

"Yeah it was really strange the only thing that the ninja wanted was my computer. He fled the apartment as soon as the computer fell to the floor." Chuck said excitedly.

Suddenly as if it was a sign from above or a flash of the occurrence the pieces fell into place, and he had found the ninja, standing ever so gracefully in front of him

As Sarah wiped the tears from her eyes she finally made eye contact with Chuck who lip synched "It was you" His eyes bulging.

Shocked at his analogy she abruptly stopped laughing and quickly announced "Well I'm glad my two strapping boys are OK."

Morgan looked up from the ground and smiled then quickly added "I think I'm going to get myself a grape soda now, and a clean pair of Chucks shorts." scurrying towards the kitchen.

Sarah took the opportunity to quickly leave the apartment hoping that Chuck was not in toe.

Unfortunately for her, he was and waited till they were out of Morgan's range. With an angered and bewildered look on Chuck's face he gently wraps his hand around her forearm requesting an audience with her. Sarah took a deep breath in an attempt to control her breathing and laughter before slowly turning around staring into Chuck's puppy dog eyes, but before he could even get a word out there was a loud hysterical laugh along with an even louder snort, which in turn causes Sarah to start laughing as well. This time the laughter was uncontrollable and She unable to control herself.

Chuck looks deep into Sarah's eyes almost piercing her soul, and plainly asks with a frown "Casey knows to?"

"Of course, he had to have read my report" Sarah wraps her arms around her sides in attempt to keep them from exploding.

"I don't suppose you left anything out? Like the sweep of the legs and the Karate kick that threw me against the wall."

"Nope." She said threw wheezing attacks "Its all in there"


Through the laughing Sarah attempted to make an honest apology "I'm so sorry about the incident Chuck. I didn't know you and thought you two were spies like us."

"When did you realize we weren't?" he asked inquisitively

"During the fight I realized that you both were pretty much harmless, but I couldn't let you find out my identity."

As he looks at her he starts to open his mouth to talk when John Casey opens the door and looks straight at Chuck. "Buck up Bartowski and congrats." He says with a grin.

"Congrats on what Casey?" As soon as the words slipped out his mouth he wished them back knowing that he was being set up for a snide remark.

"At least that time when you were attacked by Sarah there wasn't any screams or hollering like little girls. You know, your normal M.O."

Chucks looks at Sarah perplexed and before he can ask the question "MODUS OPERANDI" Sarah replies.

"You know your tactical defense when danger comes along. HEH." Casey grunts and begins to smirch.

"Hmhmhmm…That was Soooo funny Casey." Chuck snidely replies to Casey with the usual look of sarcasm on his face.

"What were you two idiots doing in the apartment anyways Bartowski? We almost made a forceful entry blowing our cover."

"What, with Sarah holding a Blow Dryer in her left hand. Please I hardly think that a blow dryer will cause a huge amount of damage to someone Casey." Chuck said sarcastically

"Very true chuck but the blow dryer was a distraction as to what is my other hand was in possession of."

Nervously Chuck asks "What was in your other hand?"

"A gun Chuck. You know Bang Bang." As Casey points a finger to Chuck's head with no emotion in his face.

Chucks gulps hard as he stares at Casey's fingers
"Its not loaded right."

Casey Grunts in amusement.

"Chuck, what was the code for?" Sarah snaps impatiently as her facial expressions turn from humor to interrogation. Chuck stares into her eyes knowing that he will not last and

finally relents "Fine, it was for the arrival of Gears of War2! We were trying to make sure that we could get the BETA copy into the store and into the theater room without any arousal of suspicion from other employees. I am still trying to figure why Morgan said the Middle East thingy, but hey its Morgan right."

Casey grunts again with a number 7.

"That is the most pathetic code Bartowski!"

"Did you know what we were talking about Casey?" Chuck said with an eyebrow raised.

"No, and I do..."

"AHA, exactly! our code is foolproof." Chuck screamed out with excitement.

"That's right you had no CLUE what we were talking about!" Victory was Chucks' for now.

"Idiot" Casey whispered as he walked passed Chuck purposely bumping into his shoulder in somewhat defeat.

Chuck flinches at the impact as his mouth gapes wide from the sharp pain that radiated through his shoulder..

Sarah could only smile at the sad, sad way that Chuck was caring on, taunting Casey all the way to the Nerd Herder while holding his shoulder in place.

She quietly thought to herself "boys will be boys."

Due his smart Aleck shenanigans Chuck was forcefully yet playfully stuffed into the back seat of the Nerd herder by Casey who had a large smirk on his face the whole time as he was stuffing body parts into the herder.

Chuck yelled out several statements such as: "I don't fit." "I can't breathe." "Help Sarah help." And of course, the coupe de gra "In the interest of national Security."

No help was given just chuckles.

Sarah merely rolled her eyes at Casey who retorted "What. I told you he could fit."

After stuffing Chuck into back seat Casey felt like a new man until he heard Chuck yell.

"On the way back I got shot gun!"

Casey grunted as Sarah grinned.

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