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10: May I Call You Chuck?

"You mean, like friends to study and hangout with?"

"Exactly" she nervously chuckles. "Just friends, I know it's strange, but I haven't hung out with anyone and am quite honestly lonely. While others are studying in groups I always seem to be left out".

"Sure Brooke, but you better know I'm not going to sing with you while you listen to your ipod ok?"

"Deal" Brooke smiles.

From this day on the two become inseparable. They run together, study together, and work together. The friendship at first was out of necessity and now it is more like brother and sister.

They help each other out with everything and have become the best working partnership the academy has seen in quite some time. When others argue and adamantly disagree with each other, Brooke and Chuck just browse over the information and formulate together instead of each one trying to out do the other.

There is a mutual understanding others can't seem to understand. Brooke and Chuck respect each other for there unique abilities, which he learned from another special woman in his life named Sarah.


Not realizing how much there was actually to learn to be an agent, Chuck was amazed at the focus and attention to detail everything required. Sarah had told him that loss of focus could get them killed and now he knew why.

Chuck in the first month of training missed a trip wire during a live exercise and almost caused an explosion to detonate in front of Brooke. Luckily, she spotted the IED and was able to maneuver away from the trap before it detonated. The concussive blast, threw Brooke against the wall several feet back causing her to sustain a concussion and a very large bump on the back of her head. Brooke took full blame for missing the trap to save Chuck from the ridicule. Chuck repeatedly apologized to her, and she repeatedly told Chuck to shut up. Brooke was out for a day and Chuck made sure to visit as many times in that day as possible.


By the end of the third month Chuck received a visit from an old acquaintance who happened to be the instructor of his upcoming class.

Chuck sits in his usual spot next to Brooke, waiting for the class to begin. A book sitting on the desk drew Chuck's attention. As he slowly mouths the title, "Infiltration and inducement of enemy personnel. The art of Seduction by Roan Montgomery. Oh My Gawd." He lowers the book and views Roan casually stroll into the class room with a certain amount of panache. All eyes, especially of the female persuasion stare in awe of his presence.

Roan sits his Martini on the desk and elegantly turns to face the class. With a sultry look and hungry eyes, he longingly stares into the eyes of Brooke reaching out for her hand which; she volunteers immediately. Roan smoothly brushes his lips on the back of her hand as he exhales gently "Hello. My name is Roan and it's an honor to make your acquaintance."

Chuck literally scoffs at Brooke who almost melts as she gazes into the salt and pepper haired agents' eyes. As she quickly snaps to, Brooke looks to Chuck and begins to blush as he mocks her facial expressions and receives a boney elbow to his bicep that makes him wince as he whispers "It's in the bone." Brooke could hardly contain herself as she envisions Jim Carey.

"In today's class you will begin to learn the art of seduction. Minutes to learn a lifetime…… to….. per-fect." He quietly lifted his head to swallow the dry martini as his gaze fixes on Chuck. He places a hand across his chest.

Roan approaches Chuck's seat with a surprised appearance pasted on his face. "I am sorry have we met? You look so familiar." Brooke looks towards Chuck with a perplexing stare.

Chuck tilts his head as he looks up at Roan with a sarcastic frown and politely replies, "I am sorry Instructor Montgomery. I don't believe we have. I am agent in training Charles Carmichael. It is an honor to be in your classroom sir. I have heard other instructors talk about your legendary status in the spy world sir. Do I look like some kind of great agent you worked with in the past?"

Montgomery smiles "Yes, it is a honor." As he takes another sip from his Martini glass. "Carmichael is it? Welcome to the CIA. You know…" as he places his index finger to his lips before speaking. "as a matter of fact you do remind me of an agent that I once knew. Very sharp, very charismatic and he actually helped me to find myself during a time when I thought I was unapproachable." Chuck held in a smile. "But, he had one major flaw which lead to his demise." Montgomery adds as he watches Chuck's smile dissipate. "You see class this agent fell in love with his partner which lead to his demise."

Roan turns to address the class "Lesson one in being a spy children. Never fall in Love. Love is a luxury that we in our business can not afford. We cannot have ties such as love. The emotion will make us weak and will distract us when we need to focus." Roan lifts up his hand to the class with two fingers up, and quickly glances to Chuck. "Reason number two. For lack of a better word…the baddies will never come after you, but will always come after the ones you care for the most."

Brooke looks towards Chuck and watches as anger consumes him. His face contorts, eyes flaring, watching Roan's every movement as if stalking him. She gently nudges him with her elbow. His eyes slowly detach from Roan and lock onto Brooke as she raises her eye brows to enhance his calm. He grins understanding and exhales as he slowly begins to calm himself by using the breathing techniques taught to him.

"So agent in training Carmichael, may I call you Chuck? What do you think of my hard fast rule?" Roan smiles knowing he has incensed Chuck.

"May I be open and honest with instructor Montgomery?" Chuck inquires.

Roan slowly looks to the class. "I wish you would," motioning for Chuck to stand in front of the class.

Chuck slowly rises from his seat and turns to face the class. "Uh, ok. Love…." He looks down turning his head toward Brooke. He pictures Sarah sitting in the seat smiling with anticipation. Her blue eyes telling him to go for it! Chuck lifts his head with his big toothy smile and begins, "Love is an emotion that can not be controlled. You can't control love. You can ignore love for a time yes. But, love is one of the most powerful and enjoyable emotions given to us by the powers that be. We live for love, we search for love, and sometimes…." He turns to face Roan with a grin "when we find it……we protect it and ultimately die for love. There's no difference between the love for another and the love for your country. You will lay down your life for love. Both will constantly be in danger, but that will make you vigilant."

"We are better for and stronger with it…..and when it's gone you miss love." Chuck becomes silent as he stares into Sarah's eyes.

"That was….. a heart felt opinion. Very interesting analogy, but very wrong none the less Agent in training Carmichael. That kind of thinking will with out a doubt get you killed" Several chuckles were heard as he sat back down. Roan begins to address the class.

Brooke leans over to Chuck and whispers "I think you just seduced every woman in the room." Chuck cracks a smile of disbelief, until he slowly turns to face the other agents behind him. His gaze is met by every female agent who is passionately returned. Chuck looks back towards Roan who smiles, nods his head approvingly and continues with his lecture.

As class is being dismissed and all training agents were filing out of the room, Roan politely interrupts Chuck and Brooke. "Agent Millar may I have a word with your partner Carmichael wasn't it?" and raises his hand. Brooke looks to Chuck "Of course Agent Montgomery. Chuck we have to be in Terrorism counter measures in 15." Brooke smiles as she slowly brushes her hand down Chuck's right arm. This gesture does not escape Roans notice as he smiles. Chuck innocently nods in response as she leaves. "Mr. Bartowski, Chuck, it is an honor to meet you once again. I have to say you were one of my most promising students and it appears by the reaction you received from the female agents in the class, I was correct in my analogy especially Agent Millar."

Chuck smiles. "It's great to see you too Roan, and NO that means no…no we're just friends…only" as he clasps his hand and places Roan in a half hug.

"Yes, uh thank you for that…..Chuck. Tell me, how are you faring in the hellish academy affectionately referred to as the Farm? You know this place will not teach a thing about how to survive in the real world."

Chuck hesitates as he lookes at Roan. "I guess OK. They have taught me quite a bit actually" Roan smirks, "I am sure it is all in killing and killing related skills" as he makes a mocking karate chop with a stern face. He then smiles "That was a joke Chuck."

"Ha, funny kinda."

"You know, not to change the subject so drastically I attended your funeral. It was quite lovely. You would have been very proud of the turn out. I only hope half as many people attend my own when I pass away. Especially the women I have loved."

Chuck appears curious and surprised by the change of subject. "Could you please tell me about it."

Roan looks at Chuck as confusion replaces his smile. "You don't know? Where were you?"

Chuck's eyes glance down toward the ground as he tries to formulate in his mind a proper explanation. "I was asleep."

Roan looks up towards the ceiling as he recalls the day. "Well let's see. Your family and close friends all gathered in the front pews, which extended 7 rows deep before others filled the rest, and of course when all the seats were taken it became standing room only. When there was no more standing room people waited outside of the church just to see you and say a final goodbye."

"Tell me Chuck did you get the girl?" Roan smiles then rephrases his question, "did you get the girl after our last conversation?"

"You mean Sar……Agent Walker? No, her ex came into town and put the Kibosh to that." Chuck stares off away thinking of all the messed up attempts.

"I see very eloquent terminology. Larkin has a tendency of ruining special occasions does he not?"

"Well, my occasions at least" As Chuck frowns

"Hmm, I heard a rumor, but it's, ah, never mind, it's not important." Roan looks away as he pretends to pack his books into his satchel.

"Are you kidding me? You're going to stand there and purposely toy with my emotions."

"I do enjoy suspense" as he whips back to Chuck.

"I heard Agent Walker has been working diligently trying to find the agents responsible for giving the order to have you exterminated. Let's just say she has a personal Vendetta."

Chucks heart sinks as he looks to Roan. "How was Sarah at the funeral?"

"As strange as this may sound, I never saw her cry, but at the same time there was no way of consoling her."

Chuck understood the meaning behind the words Roan spoke.

"Chuck, I may be over stepping my bounds……. call her and tell her you're alright."

Chuck hangs his head not saying a word.

"I see. A secret you are unable to divulge for better or worse. Don't you just love our government?"

Roan begins to smile "Well, the least I can do is tell you not to come to this class again."

Chuck in confusion blurts out, "Roan they said if I don't pass every class I will be put away."

"Don't worry old boy you passed my class the first time we met. I am sure you have more important things to do than listen to a washed up old agent tell war stories." Roan smiles and extends his hand.

"That is very true, but I always have time to listen to a legendary agent give me advise on how to stay alive, and get the girl." Chuck extends his own as they grasp hands and smile.

"My boy, don't get all soft on me."

"Take care Roan. Oh, if you see Sarah in the near future. Tell her "hi" for me."

"I think you need to reintroduce yourself to Agent Walker, but good try. There is an old saying Chuck. You never needed the feather to fly Dumbo. You had it in you the whole time."

"Wow… a Dumbo saying never saw it coming especially from you Roan."

"Really, Love Disney. Very wise."

Brooke stands next to the door motionless straining attempting to listen in on Chuck and Agent Montgomery's conversation. She was given a direct order by Instructor Choi to bring Chuck to her class ASAP after 15 minutes had lapsed. Her mind begins to wander as she tries to figure out exactly how Chuck knows Agent Montgomery, and who this Agent Sarah Walker could be.

Brooke smiles as she accepts the internal challenge. "Game on."