All member's of the Lubbock family, in this story, are based on the family of the 1st Baron Avebury, John Lubbock, who was awarded his title in 1900 and later died in 1913. His second wife, Alice Augusta Laurentia Fox Pitt-Rivers, will make her first appearance in chapter 2. Son of the first Baron and Alice, John Birkbeck Lubbock (Who is, true to history, actually the son of Ellen Frances Hordern) is the 2nd Baron Avebury. I've made him the son of Alice for the sake of this story and for the sake of the fact i've reduced the number of the Baron's children from 11 to 6. Hopefully this will all make sense in time and I wish that i could lay it all out for you right now, but i'm afraid more information will give away the plot to the second chapter at least. So, to note, the Lubbock family or, if you will, The Avebury Baronetcy, is based on a real family.

Characters from "The Lost World" are not owned by me.

Elizabeth and Evelyn Roxton and Martha are mine.


After nearly four years in her Lady's employ, Martha had learnt that Lady Roxton was an almost unblievable paradox. She'd learnt that it was perfectly alright to holler unladylike, for Lord Roxton, through the acoustical vaulting hallways of the Roxton estate. Though when in the prescence of company, a lady should not speak above the gentle trickle of a stream.

Following her lady across the foyer, Martha did her best to gather up the things Lady Roxton left in her wake and though she was well used to it, when Lady Roxton called up the staircase for her husband, the young girl startled.

Feeling comfortable in her stature, Martha couldn't help but giggle when the Lord of the house himself, appeared at the top of the stairs in all his banquet finery - his white breasted waistcoat and his elegant black bowtie - though it was a miracle she could see the bowtie, for the small pair of arms wrapped tightly around his neck. Knowing that those arms didn't often go far without a pair of chubby legs waddling close behind, the sight caused her to tilt her eyes down to the smaller child with her little hands fisted in his trouser-leg and her cotten-padded bottom dusting the hard-wood floors with each step he took.

Lady Roxton threw Martha a glare and while she felt suitably chastised for laughing at the children's misbehaviour, she knew no punishment was forthcoming. Because as cruel as her Lady's tongue could be, she did not find her joy in punishing her employees. Least of all, when it was unwarranted.

"Come on, John, we'll be late." Lady Roxton hitched her gown and climbed the stairs after Martha who had already set to try and pry the girl from around her Lord's throat. Risking the damaging of her delicately hand-embroidered evening-gown, Lady Roxton bent to wrap her hands around the waist of her youngest child and attempted to pull her away from her father's leg.

"It's like a leech, Marguerite, you have to detach it from the point of contact." His voice bellied laughter and Marguerite glared up at him. He was enjoying this more than he should be.

"May I remind you, Lord Roxton. That you are the one in this mess, not me. And I do not need instruction on how to handle my own children."

Martha and Lord Roxton shared a knowing look when they each noticed, even as she voiced her protest, Lady Roxton had grasped the child's small fingers and was now tryng to pry them away from the fabric.

"We don't want Daddy to go!" The children cried, though the voice of the youngest came out more like garble.

"Elizabeth Anne! Did you put your sister up to this?" Marguerite looked up to her eldest child, who was still giving Martha and John a terrible time trying to remove her arms from encircling his throat.

"No, Mother." The girl rolled her eyes but with the smirk shared between Lord Roxton and Marguerite proved that, through knowing their daughter, they knew better.

With one final tug, Marguerite went tumbling onto her backside with the baby in her lap and a triumphant look on her face. John nodded his approval down to her as he started pulling at each of Elizabeth's fingers, individually until she finally let go, screaming in Martha's hold.

"Elizabeth." Lord Roxton warned and the child silenced. Leaning over, he picked up the baby and draped her over one arm as he extended the other to help Marguerite stand upright. Her expression thanked him without words, before she turned to her children.

"Now, I want you to behave like ladies while your father and I are gone and if you can't do that-" The baby was staring intently at Marguerite's lips as they moved though Elizabeth was rolling her head over Martha's shoulder. "Elizabeth!" She snapped and the girl straightened up. "-if you can't do that Martha has my permission to send you to your bed without dinner."

"Dinna Dinna!" The baby clapped and Marguerite kissed her forehead and smiled.

"Yes, Evie, Dinner. Have I made myself clear?"

"Yes Mother." Elizabeth reluctantly agreed though she wouldn't meet Marguerite's eyes.

Roxton handed Evie to Martha as she was setting Elizabeth to stand on her own feet beside her. He knelt down to kiss Elizabeth's cheek and while doing so, ruffled up her dark curly hair. She narrowed her eyes at him, eyes so uniquely like Marguerite's, though she finally smiled. He said goodnight to Evie and while Marguerite performed much the same ritual, he grabbed their coats and headed for the front door.

"You know-" Roxton said as he slipped Marguerite's shawl over her shoulders. "-considering she has your temperament, I would think a threat like that to be cruel."

"And I suppose you're going to give me a reason why it wasn't?"

He grinned. "Because she has my appetite."

"Yes, a young girl of no more than five years old with the appetite of a fifty year old man. Absolutely charming, Lord Roxton." She headed out the door ahead of him and Roxton laughed as he pulled it closed behind them.