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"God I wish Troy and his 'girlfriends' would get a room! Why do they always have to make out in the hallway in front of everyone?!"

Gabriella laughed at her friend as she placed her books in her locker

"I would hardly call them girlfriends Tay. This one won't even last until tomorrow"

"Ugh! Whatever they're called, it doesn't make it any less disgusting!"

"You're dating his best friend; surely you can't hate him that much!"

"I don't hate him… he's just gross!"

Gabriella laughed once again as she shut her locker and lent against it, waiting for Taylor to finish with hers

She looked at troy and his latest conquest. Watching as he pushed the girl against the locker and began kissing her neck, earning giggles and pitiful attempts to push him off.

Gabriella wondered what it would be like to be in the girls position, having a guy whisper sexy things to her, nibbling on her earlobe, letting his hands wander, touching her –

"Gabs? You alright?"

"What? Sorry, I spaced for a minute. What were you saying?"

"Yeah I noticed!" Taylor laughed as she shut her locker and began walking down the hallway, "I was asking if you were ready for Sunday?"

"Yeah I'm mostly packed. I can't believe your parents let us use their holiday home for the whole summer vacation"

"Are you kidding? You know how most parents let you use something on the condition you 'don't do drugs' or 'don't drink alcohol'? My parents let us use it on the condition you don't do your homework!"

Gabriella laughed, "I can't help it! Besides, it's not like I have anything to distract me like you do"

"Hey! Chad isn't a distraction! Hes just… oh alright, he's a distraction. But I still get all my work done"

"Yeah yeah" she laughed

"You're staying tonight right? The parentals left this morning for Hawaii"

"Yeah moms gone away on conference, so I'll stay tonight and Saturday and we can get an early start on our road trip" Gabriella laughed as they exited the huge double doors out to the car park

"So nachos for dinner then?" Taylor asked, knowing it was a stupid question. Gabriella's favourite meal was nachos

"Of course! I'll bring the movies. See you later!" she called as she got into her car


Gabriella stood looking in the full length mirror in her bedroom

Her unruly hair was pulled up into a messy ponytail crossed with a bun, and her sweater was far too big for her, making her look as though she had pillows shoved up her shirt. Her jeans were baggy as well. This was the way Gabriella had always liked it. This way, people would have to like her for her personality and not for something superficial like looks. This was how she got her two best friends Taylor and Sharpay.

But now she was starting to wonder if it was a good choice to cover herself up in layers. Not only was it getting too hot for this many clothes, but she was also forgotten about for things like dates and dances. They weren't really her thing, so she didn't mind at first, but she had turned 18 a week ago, and after summer vacation she would be a senior, yet she hadn't even been kissed by a guy yet.

That was something Gabriella had been dreaming about since she picked up her first teen romance book. She had dreamed about where it would be, and who it would be with. She dreamt it would be with her true love, and when their lips touched, she would get shivers down her spine, and her knees would go all weak…

After a while, Gabriella gave up on the idea of true love, seeing too many failed romances with her friends and other class mates. She realised that true love isn't for teenagers; it was something that grew over time.

Then when Troy Bolton hit puberty and the girls started throwing themselves at him, she began to see the attraction to the sexy confident way of females. She wanted to be one of those girls that would walk into a room and all the male eyes would fall on her. She didn't want to be a hussy, but if she wanted a little fun, she wanted to be able to get it without any trouble. Of course at East High, that was impossible. Everyone knew her as Gabriella 'goody-two-shoes' Montez. There was no way she could be the sex siren she dreamed of.

She stared at the mirror for a while longer, trying to imagine herself in a little black dress, with all the guys begging her to go out with them… but it just wasn't happening. Some things were meant to be left to the imagination.


"I'm lucky we didn't make a bet on troy's new 'girlfriend,' he broke up with her 15 minutes after we saw them at school!" Taylor laughed

"Told ya!"

"You know what we're missing?"



"Yeah I know. She's so lucky her parents took her to France for summer vaca"

"Tell me about it"

"Hey Tay… do you think I'm pretty?"

"Course you are sweetie" Taylor said as she stretched out on her bed, watching Gabriella pull at her t shirt and sweat pants, trying to make them fit her better

"Not in a best friend way. I mean, if you were an 18 year old guy, would you find me attractive"

"What's this about gabs?"

"I just…" Gabriella sighed, "It's nothing"

"It's not nothing, now spill" she said as she patted the bed next to her for Gabriella to sit

"It's just that, well I'm 18 now, and I still haven't even had my first kiss! I think it might be cos I'm not pretty"

"Of course you're pretty! What's brought this on?"

"Well you have Chad, Sharpay has Zeke, Kelsi has Jason, and I have… no one. I've never had anyone. You guys have all… well you know… gone all the way. And I haven't even been on a date!" she exclaimed as she fell backward on the bed

"Trust me gabs, you're not missing out on much"

"Ugh! You say that, but you don't mean it! I think I'm gonna join a convent"

Taylor laughed, "Seriously gabs, something has to have brought this on"

Gabriella sighed. Taylor would think she was crazy if she said it was watching troy and that girl making out in the corridor

"Was it watching troy and that girl making out in the corridor?"

Gabriella turned to look at Taylor, unbelieving

"Hey, there's a reason were best friends. Don't let troy or his flings get to you gabs. Hes a pig, and those girls are sluts. You don't want to be like them"

"But I do Tay! I want my chance to be free and not have to be Gabriella 'goody-two-shoes' Montez. I want to be the most wanted girl in the room for once"

"Gabs, if you did that, East High would have a heart attack. There is no way our school could handle you walking into school in tight black leather!" Taylor laughed

Gabriella laughed with her, "I'm not talking about school Tay. Or tight black leather for that matter!"

"Well then what are you talking about?"

"Well… maybe over summer vacation? I could leave goody-two-shoes Gabriella behind, and let the inner Gabriella free… I mean, no one will know who I am, so no one will know any different. And when we get back, I can go back to normal…"

"You really wanna do this don't you?"

"Yeah I do"

"Gimme your suitcase"


"Bring your suitcase up here"

Gabriella tugged her suitcase onto the bed. Gabriella watched as Taylor tugged at the zips, and began pulling out the contents of the suitcase.

After 10 minutes, Taylor spoke,

"If you want to be sexy confident Gabriella, then this stuff has to go" she said as she pointed to a pile of clothes on the floor

"So what can stay?"

"Your toothbrush and your hairbrush"

Gabriella laughed, "Is that it?"

"Yup. Were going shopping tomorrow, and were gonna get you a whole new wardrobe. Goodbye goody-two-shoes, hello sexy and confident!"


"Tay I'm not sure I should have brought some of these clothes… I don't think I'll ever wear them"

"Sexy and confident remember Gabs. You will wear them, cos you looked hott!"

"Did I really have to get the underwear and all that?"

"Yeah you did. What happens if you meet a guy and one thing leads to another, and then he sees your bunny knickers? He won't think you're sexy anymore. Cute maybe, but you will start heading back towards goody-two-shoes Gabriella"

"Alright alright. Let's get this stuff packed so we can go to bed. 7 hours of shopping really takes it out of you!"

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