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"Hey babe, are you alright? You look a little green…"

"Huh? Oh yeah, nah I'm good, uh just thinking about how tomorrow is my last ever wild cat game"

The couple were sitting in Troy's tree house watching the stars, hiding from the world for a few minutes. Tomorrow would be the last wildcat game for the gang and needless to say, they weren't exactly happy about it.

And of course Gabriella knew there was another reason Troy was so freaked out about the game. She had to admit, the prospect of ones future being held in a single persons hand was terrifying. But in saying that, Gabriella knew there was nothing for Troy to worry about and that he would make it.

"You know you can tell me anything right?"

"Yeah I know that" Troy said looking at Gabriella with a small smile

"Good" she replied, torn between being accepting of Troy's privacy and annoyed that he wouldn't tell her what she already knew

"So are you and the girls still looking into moving into an apartment together?"

"Yeah… I'm not so sure though…"

"Why not? I thought you'd be ecstatic at the idea of living with your two best friends?"

"Yeah but what if… what if we get sick of each other?"

"That'd never happen to you three. You're like this" he said holding up his crossed fingers

"Yeah I know but id just hate for that to happen to us, you know?"

"Babe, you're not someone that people get sick of"

"You have to say that," Gabriella laughed, "you're my boyfriend"

"Ok, well I'm not just saying that. You really are someone everyone wants to be around"

"Thank you Troy. You always know how to make me feel better" she laughed as she leaned over and gave him a chaste kiss

"Hey now! Surely I deserve more than that?" Troy asked, following Gabriella as she rolled back onto her back, before leaning over her so he could cage her in

"What makes you think you should get more?" Gabriella giggled as she ran her hands up his arms and across his shoulders to link together behind his neck

"Cos I'm like, the perfect boyfriend" Troy explained with a smug look on his face that kept Gabriella giggling at his attempts to kiss her. Troy lent his head down to settle in the crook of Gabriella's neck where he placed a sweet kiss before whispering, "And perfect boyfriends should be rewarded"

"Is that so?" Gabriella's voice wavered slightly as she tried to control her erratic breathing. It never ceased to amaze her how one simple kiss from Troy could affect her so much

"Sure is" it was his turn to let a shaky breath escape as his lips barely brushed hers. The mood for play was long gone and Troy wanted Gabriella to want him as much as he always wanted her. Sometimes it scared him just how much he needed her, which only fuelled his need to keep the scout a secret. The risk of failure, and therefore disappointment was too great.

Within a heartbeat Gabriella took control over the kiss and pulled Troy the short distance so he was pressed against her completely. Troy let out a groan as he wound his fingers in her long curly hair. He'd recently discovered that she liked to have her hair pulled. Not roughly, just a small tug here and there, so with a small yank Troy had Gabriella writhing beneath him.

"Troy! Please! Stop teasing!"

"All in good time my love" he whispered as he kissed down her neck and to the cleavage lying in wait for him, "go you're sexy. Do you know that?" he asked her, looking up through his eyelashes

"You make me feel it" she murmured as she pushed Troy's head back to her chest, "now hurry up"

"Eager much?" he chuckled as he went back to suckling on the skin visible above the neck of the t-shirt she was wearing, "now lets see what we have under here?" Troy whispered, his cocky smirk back in place once again, as his fingers trailed to the edge of her shirt, slowly moving it back to reveal more and more skin

"Troy? Are you and Gabriella up there?" just as he saw Gabriella's very erect nipple and was licking his lips in anticipation for the taste he loved so much, his mother in all her cock-blocking glory had to announce her presence.

Troy sighed and dropped his head to Gabriella's chest, "yeah were up here mom. Did you need us for something?"

"No I was just wondering where you are. Goodnight kids"

"Night mom"

"Night Lucille"

"Now where were we?" Troy asked looking back up with his cocky grin set back in place once more.

"Not happening tonight hotshot. You've gotta get to sleep, you've got a big day ahead of you tomorrow" Gabriella said as she placed one last kiss on Troy's lips before pushing him off her

Gabriella giggled when she noticed there was still a bulge in his shorts.

"Well at least you can hide that you're horny. So not fair brie"

"How is that thing still up? Your mom's voice usually kills it" she said through her giggles

"Yeah well he just really wants you" Troy smirked, looking down at his crotch

"Well he will just have to wait for another time wont he?"

"You're cruel" Troy pouted as he helped her put her cardigan on and stand up

"It just keeps you on your toes" Gabriella laughed as she placed a slightly lingering kiss on his lips, "come on, you can walk me home"


"Has Troy heard anything from where he applied to?"

"He hasn't told me"

"That's a bit harsh isn't it? I mean, you are his girlfriend, surely you should be able to know what's happening with his future?"

The three girls were spending their last day at East High together, cementing those last memories as a trio in high school. But of course, the topic of the future had once again appeared and it was making Gabriella more nervous than a nervous thing*. What if there really was another reason troy hadn't told her what was going on with him? What if he was actually planning on moving away? What if he was just gonna leave her here?

"I'm sure he's just got some big elaborate plan to tell you at the end of the game or something. That boy is always so dramatic. Don't even worry about it gabs, Troy's just being… Troy…" Sharpay said while fixing her hair in the mirror in her locker

"Sharpay's right, there's a reason he's not told you anything and it's probably a stupid reason, but to Troy it will be Important"

Gabriella nodded as she chewed on her thumb nail, "I just can't help feeling – "

"Well stop it cos he's nearly here"

Gabriella turned to see Zeke Chad and Troy strutting towards them clearly excited about not only the game but also the last day of school

"I'm gonna go talk with him for a minute…" Gabriella muttered as she moved to meet him before he got to where she was standing

"Hey babe. You all set for this afternoon?"

"Yeah, can uh… can we talk for a bit?"

"Yeah sure, what's wrong?"

"Not here. Can we go outside?"

Troy nodded and entwined his fingers with Gabriella's and brought her hand to his mouth for a kiss on her knuckles, hoping to assure her that whatever was wrong was in fact, not wrong

Leading them outside, Troy took them behind the bleachers for some privacy. The pair stood in silence and Troy became slightly frightened with each passing second that Gabriella didn't speak

"What wrong brie?" Troy finally spoke up, afraid of the silence

"Why won't you tell me what you're doing next year? Why don't you want me to know? Are you not planning on… staying with me?"

Troy's heart nearly broke in two when he saw her eyes welled up with tears

"Oh Brie, come here" he whispered as he pulled her in for a hug, "I could never not want you. Ever. It scares me how much I need you in my life"

Gabriella let out a shuddering breath and gripped onto Troy harder before sobbing into Troy's shirt once again, "then why wound you tell me?"

"I don't want you to think I'm a failure if I don't get it"

"Please? Can you please just tell me?" she asked again, looking up at him through her wet lashes

"I… I just don't want your opinion of me to change… I don't want you to be disappointed with me…"

Gabriella dragged in yet another shaking breath as she pulled back slightly resting her hands on Troy's chest so she could look fully into Troy's eyes, "Troy, I could never think any less of you. You're as close to perfect for me as I will ever find. I want to share every part of your life with you! The good and the bad. Please Troy? It's killing me not knowing where you'll be next year!"

Troy gently wiped the tears from around Gabriella's eyes, than place a loving kiss on his forehead, squeezing his eyes shut to try and erase the memory of Gabriella's tears.

"Brie, I promise you, no matter what happens next year; we'll work through it together. I love you. Remember that Brie"

"I love you too Troy. That's why you should know I'd never leave you or love you any less just because you didn't get into your first choice of college!"

"I know that brie and I'm sorry. Do you think you can wait till this afternoon? I swear to you I will tell you then. Right after the game"

Gabriella sniffled then let a half smile escape, "I suppose"


"So he's gonna tell you in like… 2 minutes and 12… 11… 10… 9…"

"OK I get it Shar!" Gabriella laughed

"See we told you he would come around and want to tell you!" Taylor laughed as she pulled Gabriella in for a hug

Gabriella couldn't wipe the grin off her face as she watched Troy play the game he loved. He was playing be quite possibly the best game he'd ever played. She had spotted who she assumed to be the scout the minute she walked into the packed gym.

"This is it! This is the end!" Sharpay squealed as she bounced up and down on the spot.

Gabriella clutched Troy's shirt, bringing it up to her chin, trying to contain her excitement.

Suddenly the buzzer went of and the crowd went wild, "they won! They won!" Taylor laughed as she ran down the bleachers pulling the other two with her

Gabriella stood to the side as she watched her two best friends congratulating their boyfriends. She wanted Troy to find out what his future held before she approached him. She watched as he shook hands with the man she had, only minutes ago, been glaring at, just in case he made the wrong decision. Troy turned around to find Gabriella, and the moment he saw her, his face broke out in a grin and he shoved through the crowd to reach her.

"I got in! I'm going to U of A with you!"

Gabriella laughed as Troy lifted her off the ground and spun her around. When he finally put her down he grabbed her face and gave her a smacking kiss, "Vie been offered a scholarship to the basketball academy at the U of A"

"Congratulations babe!" Gabriella grinned as she kissed him back, "but I've got something to tell you" she said looking down sheepishly

"What? What is it babe?"

"I uh… I may have already known about your audition thingy…"

"You may have…?" Troy asked with a small grin

"Well… I found your letter and I knew you had a scout coming today…"

"So that's why you've been freaking out? Cos I didn't tell you?"

"Well… yeah… are you mad?"

"No, but at least now I know why you've been freaking out on me" Troy laughed

"You must think I'm a crazy, snooping, letter reading, freaking out kinda girlfriend huh?"

"Well yeah… but that's why I love you. You're the one that I want at the end of it all" Troy laughed yet again, feeling so elated that Gabriella wasn't freaking out any more

"I love you too. And you're the one that I want too" she grinned as she hugged him again.


* sorry but this is a common saying for me and I had to get it in there somewhere! Lol the awesome thing about this saying is you can put any words in there!! For example, "as weird as a weird thing", "as annoying as an annoying thing" I personally think it's the best way to describe something that indescribable! Lol

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