Nope, sorry this isn't a new chapter to "Have A Little Faith". I actually wanted to thank all the readers who have read my story. I get so many Favorite Story/Author alerts.

It makes me feel good, considering "Have A Little Faith" was my first story ever written. I do hope that each of enjoyed reading and though some of you might think it was kind of bizarre; hey its fiction.

Any of you that are looking for a good read, go to my profile and click on the communities' tab. I have a crap load of stories on there. I enjoy reading and am picky of what I read. So trust me these are definitely worth your time.

I have a AH story floating around in my head. It's just sitting down on putting it on paper. I know what I want it to be about and what I want to happen. So maybe one day I will or make it into like a one shot and see how the reviews go before making it into a story.

Thanks again and put me on Author's Alert for upcoming stories.