Chapter 1: Academy Days

His heart thumped with excitement as he stared up at the Enforcer Academy's main building. This was his first day here and he couldn't wait to find his dorm room and get settled in.

He moved toward the entrance with hundreds of others. It took a good hour before he had his schedule, required books, and room key in paw. Striding across the quad he saw he was in the front building and entered a sunlit foyer. Heading up the staircase with several others, he soon reached the third floor and was checking the numbers on the doors.

About halfway, he found his own room, the door already open. He peered inside and found his room mate was already there from the stuff cascading off one of the beds.

"Oh Hi! I'm Derek Chainer. You my new room mate?" Asked a goodnatured tuxedo tom who appeared from behind the door.

"Uh, yeah...I'm Ulysses Feral. Nice to meet you," Feral said shaking the paw extended toward him.

"Welcome to home away from home!" Chainer said, throwing his arms out wide and grinning.

Feral couldn't help but smile at his enthusiasm. Walking in, he dumped his stuff on the other bed with a sigh of relief.

"Yeah that's how I felt and we still have to get our other stuff as well," Chainer smirked. "But before we do that, care to join me for lunch? I'm starving."

"Good idea, so am I," Feral said, warmly.

The two of them stepped out of their new room and locked it. Avoiding all the others still getting settled, they made their way out of the building, heading for the cafeteria in the center of the quad of dorms.

It was noisy and a little rowdy inside as they grabbed trays and went down the line. The food smelled wonderful and his stomach growled loudly. They took their filled trays and found a two seater table against one wall near a window.

Each studied the room around them, taking in the various students and faculty members. At first they just concentrated on their food but when their trays were nearly empty, Chainer started asking questions of his new room mate.

"So what's your career goal?" He asked, sipping his milk.

"Officer track, pilot," Feral said, munching on some chips.

"Really, I'm for officer track too but as a gunner," Chainer said. "What's your first class?"

"Physics." Feral said, grimacing.

"Not your thing, huh? I love it! If you need help, give me a yell," Chainer offered.

"I may have to take you up on that. It's definitely not my strong point. I'm more a paws on kinda person, ya know...see how things work by actually getting my paws dirty," Feral explained, shrugging.

"Oh yeah! One of those pilots who knows how to repair their jet but couldn't be bothered with the dynamics of flying it," Chainer said, smirking.

"Pretty much!" Feral chuckled. He could tell he was going to get along with Derek just fine.

As the weeks went by, he was very glad to have Derek as his room mate. They did get along well and enjoyed each others company but didn't really hang out together that much outside their room. They had different interests and hobbies so developed different circles of friends.

What was really important, was the mutual respect they had for each others privacy. They invented a unique system of notifying each other when they wanted the room to themselves preventing any awkward problems or embarrassment. It was so simple no one guessed that was what the magnetic image of a jet on the door was about. When it was facing the left, the room was occupied, the right it was safe to come in. Worked like a charm.

Feral learned Derek was strictly interested in she-kats while he played the field with both sexes. It made for some interesting conversations when they were alone together.

"Hey Uly, what's with the 'aw shucks' manner you get every time you see that new foreign exchange student?" Derek teased.

"I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about," Ulysses said, nonchalantly.

"Oh sure you don't. Your tongue practically hangs out whenever he crosses your path," Derek snorted, amused. "If I was interested in males, I would have to admit he is rather hot. Maybe I should ask him to come around sometime..." he mused, a look of devilment in his eyes.

"Don't you dare!" Uly gasped, blushing furiously.

"I knew it! He's really got your number. I've never seen you so heated," his room mate laughed.

Feral threw his pillow at Derek to make him shut up. Later, when Derek had gone out, Feral sat on the window sill staring out at the quad and what do you know, the Kat under discussion happened to be walking by with a few others.

He stared at him in confused longing. Ever since the sultry looking exotic Kat had arrived at the school, Feral hadn't been able to take his eyes off him. The Kat did funny things to him and not in the same way others had.

It made that secret part of him sit up and notice and that could not be allowed to happen. He was always the dominant partner in all his sexual encounters, never allowing anyone to take that position with him. The main reason was that secret he kept tightly to himself. Allowing others to take the lead could expose what only his family, physician, and superiors here at the school knew...that he was a bit different from an ordinary Kat.

He was firmly reminded of that difference when he recently had to endure a very embarrassing lecture from the Chief Medical Officer of the Academy at the same time his classmates were being given instructions on proper comportment between sexes.

"Cadet Feral. You are being given this special briefing because of your odd gender. Unlike normal cadets, you have certain challenges that have to be dealt with in a different fashion. Hence this briefing to aid you in how to interpret the rules as they regard to yourself." The stiff and proper Major Ronler said bluntly.

"Yes sir." Feral said, trying to control the blush this conversation was bringing out in him.

"You will note in the regulations that females are allowed a twenty four hour medical leave when they go into heat. Hermaphrodites, such as yourself, don't have a significant heat so usually aren't troubled by it and can use a masking spray to avoid problems. You are expected to get said masking spray and use it. We don't need disruptions in class because male students are confused and distracted by a male class mate smelling attractive. If, however, your heat is strong enough that the spray will not hide it then you are expected to absent yourself. Understood?" He asked.

"Yes sir."

"Secondly, in the matter of pregnancy. The section concerning females on this subject applies to you as well. Pregnancy is cause for removal from combat duty until the end of the maternity period which is six weeks or as otherwise designated by the person's physician. There are no exceptions to that stricture. We would, of course, appreciate it if you could refrain from having that happen at all. It would be detrimental to you graduating with your classmates." He eyed Feral sternly.

Feral just nodded his understanding while his face burned.

"Despite not having very strong heat cycles, you do have them and are expected to use protection if you chose to have sex during a cycle. Though it is more difficult for you to become pregnant that does not mean you can't. Clear?" He asked

"Yes sir!"

"Those are the only areas likely to cause you trouble. Do you have any questions, cadet?" He asked.

"Uhmm, sir? Does anyone but my superiors and you, of course, have to know about me?" He asked tightly.

Major Ronler's eyebrows raised in surprise. "No, but I fail to see why that matters. No one is going to cause you any problems if it were known." He said with a frown.

"I know sir. But I would prefer it not be released." Feral said more firmly.

"That is your choice and I will make a note of it in your records. Any other questions?"

"No sir!"

"Good. Return to class then." Major Ronler said returning Feral's salute as the cadet beat a hasty retreat. Ronler shook his head and made the promised entry in the shy cadet's records.

That had been humiliating and hard to explain why he hadn't been with the rest of his classmates during their briefings. He gave a mumbled excuse and brushed it off. Seeing his discomfort, no one asked again, much to his relief. What the Major had discussed with him really hadn't been a problem until now.

'That male is driving me to distraction and making me hot in areas I try hard to forget about,' he thought, annoyed. 'I'm just going to have to avoid him," he promised himself.

For the next year he tried to do just that but year two found the male in two of his classes. The male's name was Aras Boniden and he hailed from the Tamloren Empire. He was the same height as Ulysses, but wasn't as broad. His fur was a beautiful tawny shade of gold tipped in dark brown with copper colored hair and tail. His eyes were an also that arresting shade of copper. He just made Feral melt even as he tried to maintain a stiff, standoffish manner whenever he saw Aras.

Aras had apparently noticed the dark brown tom trying not to stare at him on many occasions. He found the tom to be a challenge he intended to conquer before he left the academy. There was just something about him that drew him like a moth to a flame.

The more the tom tried to ignore him the more Aras desired him. He didn't quite know why. He wasn't without a following of fems and toms that sought his favor and warmed his bed. But the one known as Feral was far more than he seemed and Aras had to know what it was.

In class, Aras always managed to debate any subject that Feral might bring up forcing Feral to defend his opinion vigorously. Class mates could see the sparks flying and it was always entertaining when the pair squared off. The classes were more informative when the two got into it much to the teachers amusement.

The pair in question never seemed to be aware of the sexual undercurrent that thrummed between them as their class mates and teachers could.

Despite his efforts, Aras never managed to get Feral alone for any reason. Feral was terrified of what would happen if he did. So the next two years flew by with the two of them sparring whenever their paths crossed.

Graduation was a relief and a joy. Feral was glad to done with all the class work and ready to move to a position waiting for him at Megakat Enforcer Headquarters.

Right now, though, he would be taking a much needed vacation at home before moving into an apartment of his own in the city. His friends were whooping it up at the after exam party that was being held outside in the quad just to the right of the cafeteria.

It had been decorated wildly with balloons shaped like jets waving gaily and streamers of blue and gray everywhere. Balloons also festooned the corners of the three tables groaning with food. A mini bar was at another table and large round table held dozens of pens in cups for people to stop and sign yearbooks, take pictures and chat with the staff who were wishing them all good luck. All around the quad tables and chairs had been placed. It was a great send off.

Feral had been at the center of the activity for several hours but now, as evening drew on and the party showed no signs of stopping, he decided he'd had enough and was tired. Besides, he still had some packing left to do and should go back to his room and get it done.

He had been standing in the shadows of his dorm, finishing his drink while watching his room mate, Derek, swing his girlfriend around dancing to the music that was playing when he was startled and nearly dropped his cup.

"Why are you all alone, Ulysses?" Came a familiar sultry voice from behind him.

That voice sent a shiver chasing down his spine with unexpected heat. He attempted to move away when two powerful arms wrapped around his waist suddenly and pulled him tightly against a very hard, hot body.

"Oh no. You aren't escaping me this time," the exotic tom murmured huskily in Feral's ear.

Feral shuddered at the feel of something hard and warm pressing against his buttocks above his tail. His heart began to race and his mouth went dry, a warmth beginning to build between his thighs.

"I don't know what you're up to Aras, but you better let me go," he warned, tightly, glad his voice was steady even if the rest of him was not.

"I think not. You will not cry out and draw attention to yourself, that much I know. Now, step back slowly..." Aras ordered, softly, stepping back and forcing Feral to do the same.

"What do you want?" Feral hissed, dropping his empty cup, and preparing to force Aras to release him once they had reached the corner of the building out of sight of the others and halted.

"Just this..." Aras whispered, darkly, pressing his face to Feral's neck so he could nip and nuzzle while his paws caressed up and down the hard chest that showed signs of becoming more massive as Feral got older.

Grinning wolfishly to himself, Aras felt his body harden with intense desire for the dark tom. It had taken him nearly the entire school year to finally discover what Ulysses had been hiding and once he'd known he knew why the tom's very presence caused him to desire him above all others. It had been a shock to realize he no longer wished to make Ulysses another conquest but instead wanted him as his mate. The dark tom's soul burned into Aras like a sun and he couldn't turn away from it.

His desired mate was shivering in his arms proving he too was affected by their chemistry. He continued to nuzzle and nip the tom's neck while his paws caressed and sought Uly's most secret treasure. While one paw rubbed and kneaded the small breasts through the tom's t-shirt, the other paw had slid down into the jeans the tom was wearing.

Aras fingers stopped to caress the base of the dark, furry tail making Ulysses writhe and gasp then moved leisurely to ghost a finger across the furless pucker.

Feral thought he was going to scream when Aras began to touch him intimately. Only clamping his lips together prevented him from doing so. He couldn't bear for someone to find them like this. His mind was shrieking at him to leave, get away, but his body throbbed and begged for more. He'd never been touched this way before and he was completely on fire.

The pulse between his legs had increased to an intense throbbing and he could feel he was very wet...another unusual experience for him. His cock was hard and excited from being rubbed by his jeans.

Aras growled softly with need at the delicious scent rising from Ulysses to his sensitive nose. 'Oh he smells so fantastic. I truly wish I could take him now but it is too soon...this will have to be enough for now,' he thought, regretfully.

He momentarily pulled his paw from Uly's pants to reach down and release himself from his own tight jeans. He gasped a little when his hard cock met the cool air but not for long as he leaned forward.

"Move your tail!" He hissed hotly to his helpless captive.

Groaning, Feral did so though he wasn't sure why Ara wanted him to do that but the next moment he figured it out when something very warm slid between his thighs.

His groan turned into a whimper that was close to begging as the hard pole began a torturous rubbing motion against his pant's covered clitoris.

"Oh no...don't...!" Feral panted desperately.

"You want this as much as I do. We've been dancing together for years and this is the result. This is what we do to each other!" Aras panted. Keeping his rhythm slow and even, he moved one of his paws down the tom's front to caress the hard cock.

A groan of sheer need burst free from Feral and he couldn't help but spread his legs wantonly to get more friction from the now pistoning cock, completely out of his mind with pleasure and forgetting all of his determination to never be taken this way.

The friction and Aras' serious erotic attention was nearly more than he could stand but when the exotic tom bit his neck, Ulysses was completely undone, orgasming explosively, jamming a paw into his mouth so his cries wouldn't be heard.

Aras kept his fangs buried as his own orgasm shook him. It seemed to go on forever...more intense than anything he'd done with anyone else since he got here and he hadn't even taken his clothes off.

Feral trembled and shook, throbbing with pleasure that didn't seem to want to end. He'd never experienced anything like it before in his life. His mouth was dry and his body limp as he struggled to catch his breath. Aras still held him against his chest and he could feel both their hearts hammering.

Aras recovered first and murmured intimately in Feral's ear, "Now you will never forget me. I'm imprinted on your body and soul. You will remember my touch and scent...no matter where you find yourself in the years to come. When the time is right I will come back to claim you properly."

Feral blinked in shocked bewilderment at that odd declaration but before he could gather his wits, Aras quickly released him then slipped away in the dark.

Thoroughly sated and stunned, Feral stood there adled for a moment longer before the unpleasant sensation of soaked clothing and the reek of sex made him hurry to his dorm room for a shower.

As he washed, his mind couldn't shake the incredible interlude of minutes ago from his mind. Aras had been masterful, taking him with little difficulty, giving him the most erotic experience of his life and one he would never forget.