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Chapter 02:

It was bright in Karakura Town and Ichigo was walking back to his house with Rukia, Inoue, Chad, and Ishida when a girl ran by them, knocking Ishida out of the way. Three buffer guys chasing after her. "Oi!" Ichigo yelled grabbing one of the guys while Chad grabbed another, while the third chased after her. Ichigo and Chad threw the guys to the ground after knocking them out. Ichigo ran after the third guy just as he ran grabbed the girl. "Let her go!" He yelled pulling the third guy off her and knocking him out as well.

The girl was on the ground shaking and rubbing her arm. When she saw Ichigo's shadow fall over her, she flinched before looking up. "Hey, are you okay?" She looked over as Rukia and the others appeared.

"Y-yeah..." She said pushing her dark brown hair out of her eyes revealing her light brown ones. "Thank you so much!" She got up and bowed to them. "My name is Raiku Yohime. I'm knew around town and I don't know that much about which parts are good and what parts are bad. And so when I accidently knocked this guys drink onto his lap I didn't know I would be chased accross town for the last two and a half hours." She said with a smile.

"I'm Ichigo, and these are my friends, Chad, Inoue, Rukia and Ishida." Ichigo siad introducing them all. "Why don't you come with us and we can get you a ride back to where you're from."

"O-oh okay." She said blushing a bit while her hair fell over her eyes again. She pushed it back and started to walk with them.

"So Yohime, where are you from if your new to town?" Inoue asked her.

"" She thought about it for a second, "Yamaha!" She said spotting a music store.

"Oh! Is it nice there? I think I've heard of it before." Inoue said while Ishida glanced over to Ichigo to see him and Rukia had the same suspicious looks on their face.

"Yeah, during the summers it's so much fun to go to the beaches, but durring the winter it's really cold!" Yohime said rubbing her arms, gesturing the coldness.

"Oh..." Inoue said taking it all in. "What island is it on?"

"It's on a really small island that isn't really considered as part of Japan, but it's way down south!" Yohime said.

"Yoh-kun!" Yohime stopped and turned to see a small boy that looked like he was no older than eight run down the street, a trail of dirt behind him. "How many times do I have to tell you not to wonder off!?" The small boy had long white hair in a pony tail that went to his knees, with a few thick pieces sticking out from underneath his red benie that fell around his eyes.

"Yatsushiro!" Yohime said sounding surprised to see the small boy. "I..uh..." She blushed, not able to think of an answer.

"You wandered off and didn't tell Yuki-san that you were taking off! Are you trying to get in trouble!?" The boy yelled at him.

"Hey kid, chill out! She ran into some trouble, but she's all fine." Ichigo said going down to the kids level.

"Kid?! Who the hell are you calling a kid!? I'll have you know that I'm-" Yohime picked up the boy and covered his mouth.

"I'm terribly sorry about this. But I'll leave you here. It was nice to meet you all." She said waving with one hand while holding the other over the kids mouth. "bye bye!"

"Suspicious much?" Rukia said watching as Yohime and Yatsushiro took off down the street.

"Very." Chad agreed.

"Did you get that feel of her spiritual energy?" Ishida asked them and they all nodded except for Inoue.

"I thought she was nice. Maybe durring the summer we'll be able to go to Yamaha."

"Orihime...Yamaha is a music shop, not a place..." Ishida tried explaining to her, but they knew she wouldn't get it.

They soon arrived at Urahara's shop and entered to find Renji there. "Renji, what are you doing here?" Rukia asked him.

"I've got some news from Soul Society..." He said setting down his cup of tea he was drinking from. Urahara, Yoruichi and Renji all sat at the table while the others filed in.

"What is it?" Ishida asked him.

"A case is being opened up again..." Yoruichi began, "About squad 14."

"Squad 14?" The five teenagers shared the same shocked expression.

"I didn't know there was a squad 14." Rukia said, "Are you sure?"

"Yes. About two houndred and fifty years ago, squad 14 was exiled, but only five still survive. Hitsugaya-taichou went against the old captain and vice captain just last night when Ichigo had found him." Yoruichi explained.

"What do the five look like? Do you know?" Ishida asked her, "Names, anything?"

"We're not allowed to release the information yet." Renji interjected. "We have a meeting tonight, and we'll get back to you on everything tomorrow."

"So if anything suspicious araises contact us immidiately." Yoruichi said standing up. "We have to head back to soul society."


"We'll see you all tomorrow." Renji said as the two left.

"A 14th squad..." Ichigo said.

"I wonder what happened for them to be exiled..." Ishida questioned outloud.