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So, my mom sent her Blind Daughter out here to live with her dad while she partied with Phil

So, my mom sent her Blind Daughter out here to live with her dad while she partied with Phil. Great! I love my life…Not!

I'm Blind, average looking; though my mom and various others tell me I'm Beautiful (ah! Whatever! Just feelin' sorry for the blind girl) but, the only thing in my life that is actually good, is my Great Dane, Goliath. (A/N pic ON Profile!)

He is my Best and only friend.

I adjusted the glasses that hid the nasty scar on my right eye tha made me look like 'Scar' from 'The Lion King'and felt around in the seat next to me for him, oh! There he is.

"Goliath?" I asked.

I received a lick in the face.

"Gee, thanks." I mumbled.

But, the Attendant woman bent in to whisper something in my ear, bad idea.

I heard Goliath answer her closeness with a low growl.

"Oh, hush Goliath. I'm sorry ma'am, what did you need?" I asked politely.

"Ohm… its time for you to leave. Your flight has landed." She said, nervously.

"Okay. Lets go see daddy, boy." I said happily.

He barked causing me to feel stares and glares at me.

"Shh!" I hissed at him.

"That is a beautiful dog ma'am… but… why is it on my plane?" the pilot asked.

"I thought it would be cheaper." I said sarcastically.

"What?" he asked.

"I'm blind, Mr. Brilliant." I said chuckling softly.

"Oh…" he said walking off.

I laughed and stood up.

"Whelp. You coming' Goliath?" I said smiling.

I heard another bark then I felt fur stand next to me. I refused to make Goliath wear that stupid degrading back hook thing so I simply put my hand on his back.

I heard heavy footsteps that I knew couldn't be my father.

"Hello?" I asked the darkness.

"He-llo… wait… why do you have a dog?" a boy around my age sounding asked, starting flirty then changing to curiosity.

"Why would I have a dog on an airplane…. Helping me walk around…." I said gesturing like it was obvious… which I should have been.

"Are you…. Blind….?" He asked.

"No dip Sherlock." I said sarcastically.

That when he got all too close.

"Well… hey… maybe I could—" he was interrupted by Goliath's loud barking and snapping.

"Back off. Goliath and I are Closter phobic." I hissed.

"Whatever, Freak." He hissed back.

"Been there, done that." I hissed as I followed Goliath to my dad, I think…

"Isabella? Honey?" my dad. He knows I liked to be called Bella.

"Bella. Dad." I whispered.

"Hey! You brought Goliath along!" Dad. Of course he had to make a scene.

"Kinda had to." I laughed.

It was uncomfortable from then to the time I got home.

"My room same place?" I asked.

"Yeah, hon." Was Charlie's response as he sat down in what I assumed was the living room.

I grabbed Goliath's fur and followed him up the 3 flights of stairs and into my room which was at the 3rd floor, and top. (A/N Yeah he's rich! Got a problem? Lol)

Who's brilliant idea was to buy a mansion when you had a blind kid, anyways? Of course, Charlie and Renee didn't know I was going to blind now did they?

I sighed ad jumped into my huge, king-sized bed, followed by Goliath.