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'The Call '


'Regina Spektor'


Isabella Swan Point Of View

You may think that because I cannot see all the doctors walking around with the scalpel so it doesn't scare me. Oh dear lord, your wrong. Have you ever seen one of those scary movies where that stupid Stiletto-shoed girl is tripping around everywhere in the dark woods? That's almost like I feel... except I wont get the privilege of escaping to some random cabin in the woods which just-so-happens to have electricity, I have Edward.

"Bella, you need to calm down. Carlisle will make sure nothing happens." Edward whispered into my ear.

I blushed when the heart monitor I was hooked up to began to beep loudly, caused by Edward's closeness. He chuckled.

Slowly, I snaked my hand up so I could feel his face. My hand ran along his high cheekbones so I could feel the slight escalation of the corners of his mouth.

"Stop smirking." I hissed with a frown, my blood draining into my face.

"Sorry." Edward whispered as he pressed my hand closer to his face.

Edward's lips just began to graze mine when I heard someone clear their throat.

"I am sorry to interrupt, but your parents are here to see you." a booming loud manly voice crackled out. I winced at the sound of his voice.

Edward immediately retreated away from me. I heard a squeak as he sat down on a chair to my left.

"Bella!" Renee's voice rang out from the farthest corner of the almost claustrophobic room.

I'm pretty sure my eyes were as big as saucers about right now, but who blames me?

My mom never really liked me. I mean, of course she loved me! But... we just aren't like each other.

I like wearing sweats and a simple t-shirt, while Renee would go all out in trying to make me look attractive although no one would care how I looked once they found I was blind. My mom loves to listen to some absurd rap music while I enjoy classical music. We are like Polar opposites, never close to each other no matter how hard you try. We cannot get along.

"Hey Renee..." I mumbled.

"Now don't act like that! I was only trying to–" her nasally voice was cut off by one man I can get along with. Charlie.

"Renee, can you please calm down?" he asked in an annoyed tone.

"Hey Dad." I said with a smile.

"Hey... uh... Bella..." the words stumbled awkwardly out of his mouth.

No matter what time or day it was, I could always count on Charlie to help me when I'm being verbally harassed by my mother.

"Charlie, why don't you just butt out!" my mom angrily growled.

"Renee, our daughter is about to get eye surgery and all you care about is yourself. Why don't you go and bother that new husband... it is his eighteenth birthday today, right?" my dad whispered harshly to Renee.

"Now you wait one–"

"Shut up!" I cried in a not-so-quiet voice.

I couldn't hear anything, but Renee's angry breathing.

"Even when you daughter is scared out of her mind ya'll cannot just chill out and just be there for me. I think I have the right to ask for that, don't you?" I wailed.

"Bella..." Edward grabbed my hand in an attempt to calm me down.

"I-I..." Renee began in a stunned stupor.

I heard two pairs of footsteps exit the room.

Pulling Edward onto the hospital bed, I began to cry.

"Shh..." Edward shushed me while rubbing my back.

"I-I shouldn't have said those things..." I sobbed into Edward's chest.

"No, they should not have been fighting at a time like this... what you did just put them in their place." Edward remarked.

"But, they probably think I hate them..." I mumbled as another sob racked my body.

"I can promise you that is not what they were thinking." Edward chuckled.

"I guess you would know, wouldn't you?" I joked.

"I guess I would." he retorted.

There was a small knock on the door, before I heard the door open and footsteps grew louder and closer.

"Excuse me, I am doctor Benjamin Dyer, it is nice to see you again, Bella." Dr. Dyer's voice shocked me.

"Nice to see you again, too.." I said with a shocked expression on my face.

"Nice to meet you, Dr." Edward politely said as I heard the fabric move on their clothing. They either shook hands or did a happy dance at the exact same time... I'm guessing the first.

"Ah, you are Bella's boyfriend... well, then I need to inform you we are about to begin surgery once Dr. Cullen arrives.." Dr. Dyer's voice stopped when I heard a pair of footsteps enter the room.

"Are you ready to begin Dr. Dyer?" Carlisle's voice asked.

"Call me Ben." Dr. Dyer responded, directing this to all the room's occupants.

"Carlisle, would it be alright if I stay in here until Bella was under anesthesia?" Edward asked in his velvet voice.

"Of course, if that's alright with Bella..." Carlisle responded with a laugh in his voice.

"Yes!" I said way to quickly.

"Enthusiastic are we?" Edward chuckled.

I am almost one-hundred percent sure all of my blood drained to my face right then.

Everyone in the room laughed.

"Alright, Bella, we are going to put the anaesthetic mask on your face..." Carlisle calmly stated while I felt the plastic-y material touch my face.

"Edward..." I mumbled into the machine as my mind began to get foggy...

"Yes, Bella I am right here... just go to sleep..." Edward whispered into my ear, before beginning to hum my lullaby.

I slowly drifted off...

"E-Ewar...." I mumbled, trying to get the words out, but couldn't seem to form them.

"What is it, love?" Edward asked while squeezing one hand and cupping my cheek in the other.

"I lo...I love you..." I whispered before drifting into the unknown, which I was quite familiar with...

"Love you too..." were the last words I heard before I fell into the abyss...


Edward Cullen's Point Of View

I watched as Bella drifted off... she looked so peaceful. I knew she has been wanting to say that to her parents for awhile now...

I shook my head and set her hand back on the uncomfortable hospital mattress before departing the room with an encouraging nod from Carlisle and Dr. Dyer, who was now putting on his surgical mask.

I nodded my head and continued my venture out into the waiting room, just to find my whole family and a couple of humans.

I sat down in a chair farther away from my family where I could worry in peace.

I was so worried about what was going on in that room that I barely heard the material crunch on the chair beside me before it was too late.

Looking over, I saw a man who appeared to be in his late forties, early fifties.

His head turned towards me and I had to repress a gasp as I saw the man's face...

Both of his eyes looked almost exactly like Bella's, except his eyes were a very light blue and he had a long pink scar down his cheek.

"Who you in here for?" the man asked me with a frown... he could obviously feel the chill coming from my skin.

"Well... the woman I love is getting a cornea transplant..." I said with worry in my voice.

"What's her name?" he asked while lifting a scarred eyebrow.

"Bella." the name rolled of my tongue like I was caress.

"When are you gonna pop the question?" he asked bluntly.

I coughed on the air that I was breathing.

"What?" I stuttered. A very uncommon thing if you know me well...

"Well, you love her?" he asked.

"Until Earth freezes over and beyond." I replied casually.

A smile formed on his.

"You better ask her before it is too late... I learned that the hard way..." a tear escaped his glazed over eye.

I miss you so much Melody...

I tilted my head downward at his mournful thought.

"Just remember, the purpose of life is a life of purpose. What is your purpose to keep on going this very day?"he simply stood up and stumbled away.

My purpose for living is not an object, or a possession.

My purpose of living is a woman.

An extravagant, extraordinary woman who makes me soar every time I see her.

She is my purpose and life.

"Mr. Cullen?"


Love Takes Away Masks That we fear we cannot live without

And know we cannot live Within.

James A. Baldwin



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