Characters, setting, & everything else are all from the brilliant mind of Stephenie Meyer. This is about Alice & Bella's love for one another, if you do not agree with this fic, please do not read it.


Wild Horses


I had no idea what was going on. It felt like my world was crashing down by some unforeseen force, that wanted me to be miserable. I could guess why though. I felt I deserved the punishment I was about to be handed. And yet at the same time I felt I didn't deserve this at all. Doesn't every single thing - human or not- deserve to be happy here, deserve to lead some kind of life they want. But its hard when you know your hurting the ones you love. But I decided that in order to be happy I needed to pursue it. I needed to take it by the hand and run away, where no one would fine us. Be together forever, leave the sadness behind. But so much easier said than done in my case.

Chapter 1

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, dear Bella, happy birthday to you!"

The song ended and I blew out the two candles that were lit in a huge cake, Esme had gotten for me. It was my birthday. But not a birthday you count as human, it was my second birthday as a vampire. I didn't want to do anything, after all this could get tire some after a decade or so. I didn't plan on doing this for eternity. But I knew Esme nor Alice couldn't resist it. They loved special occasions, like this, and because I loved these two eternal creatures, I as well learned to love these occasions.

It was actually fun. Even though we would not eat the cake, there was still Jake & Seth to feed. I looked around satisfied to what I saw. A family – my family – gathered around. Rose & Emmet were across from me, on the other side of the table. Next to Emmet was Carlisle, holding hands with his beloved Esme. Jake was next to Rosalie, with Nessie by his side. Although she was two, she had the body of a 6 year old. She was growing so fast, it was hard to keep track of it. But all my worries & fears had disappeared when we discovered she will never die, like the rest of us.

It was Nahule who revealed this information to us, on that day we had all thought the end was near.. It was he who saved us. We remained very close to him, we visited him every now & again, in South America, as he did with us. He & Nessie loved to be around each other. Though Jacob was never too far away from her.

Alice was to my left, with Jasper close to her side. & Edward was to my right, with Seth over his shoulder.

He smiled "Did you make a wish Bella?"

"I'll never tell" I smiled back

Edward had his arm around my waist, & he squeezed it, while handing me the knife to cut the cake. All I had to do was split it in half, for Jacob & Seth. Nessie could eat food too, but she didn't like most of it. It was strange to have a 2 year old not have a sweet tooth for sugar. She only had a sweet tooth with blood.

"Happy birthday Momma" Nessie yelled as she swiftly came over to me. Though her speed was not as fast as the rest of us, what with her being half human, she was still graceful in the moves she made. I always say she got that from Edward.

I bent down & threw my arms out, so she would give me a hug, she was not as strong as us either.
"Thank you sweetheart" I replied while burring my head in her thick hair.

Jacob was there then, behind her, never too far away. "Happy birthday Bells" he said while I rose from Nessie's hug, than punched me in the arm. I smiled widely at this. I was happy to have him in my life. Though I did love him, he had a new love. One that would not be at all as hard to bear as the one we had. I was happy that he was happy. He got a happy ending that everyone deserves.

"Thanks Jake." I punched him back.

"Ow" he complained

"Oh please" I said rolling my eyes. I was 2 years old now, my new born strength had left me about a year ago. I was sad to have it leave. All that power, it was sometimes fun. Emmett & I would have weekly arm wrestling matches, just to see if my strength was declining, over time it did. But for the first year, it was hilarious to see Emmett lose over & over again. But he got his victory when he defeated me for the first time. Though it still bothers him when I bring it up. We all bother him about it.

"Well dig in guys" Edward said to Jacob & Seth.

"Don't need to tell us twice" Seth answered as he garbed his half of the enormous vanilla cake. They ate so much. But it was good to keep up the charade of buying food for the house.

Charlie wasn't here. He didn't need to be here for this birthday. I was going to have another little one with him, Edward, Nessie, & Jake, in a few days. On the day I was born as a human. I did this only for him. I loved Charlie, therefore I did anything that could extend our memory's together. It saddened me to know that I was going to out live my father. So any extra time I could have with him, I was going to take it.

"Bella?" A voice called. The second I heard it, I knew at once who it was. If my heart were still beating, I was sure it would have stopped.

"Bella could you come in here for a moment?" The voice called again. I walked away from everyone and dashed up the stairs, went to the door, and entered the room I knew she would be in.

I walked in the beautiful bedroom, and closed the door behind me. I smiled as I walked over to the extremely large closet.

"Yeah, Alice?" But she wasn't there. It was empty. I looked around once more, then sniffed. Her sent was fresh, which means she was still here. I smiled hearing a growl from behind me. But I didn't turn around fast enough. I was pinned to the ground. I giggled as I turned to see her smile just as wide as I felt mine.

"Gotcha" She breathed, just low enough for me to hear. She leaned in to whisper in my ear, her breath tickling. "You look irresistibly beautiful tonight, I just had to sneak you away."

I ran my hands up the side of her body, her lips began to kiss my neck. My hands where in her hair, I moved them to her cheeks, holding her face as our lips connected. It was electricity. I couldn't let her go. I pulled her tighter to me body. I moaned a tiny moan, and the kiss became harder, as if she couldn't let me go either. But all to soon we parted. She was still on top of me, I looked into her forever eyes.

"This is getting harder & harder, trying to keep control in front of them. Epically Jasper, & Edward." She sighed

"Well I could shield you."

"No, Edward would know somethings up, don't worry I'll somehow manage. But if you continue to wear these outfits I don't think I will be able to." She growled. I looked down to examine myself. I had on a very nicely fitted, light blue dress. It complemented me in all the right places.

"You got me this outfit, remember?"

"I do, but I didn't realize how hard it would be to see you in it, when I can't touch you in the ways I would like to."

"Well than stop shopping for me."

"Oh nice try, not going to happen"

"Damn, well hey its the thought that counts" I giggled. I pulled her face down, to once more have our lips meet. This time it was slower, & softer.

I sighed once more when we had to part again.

"I got you something, for your birthday." Her eyes lite up. That was the second thing Alice loved to do, give gifts. But I groaned. That was something I didn't like to get, because the things I would get, it sometimes made me feel as though I don't deserve them.

"Oh Bella, don't be that way. And yes I should have, for crying out loud, its your birthday. You can have a present, and your going to have this one from me, whether you want it or not."

I didn't complain then, a present from Alice was one I couldn't turn away. Not as I could with everyone else. She knew me so well, therefor she would know what I would absolutely love.

She got up, in a graceful movement that halted me for a moment. Then I got up quickly. Knowing we had to be quick. We didn't need someone to come upstairs, looking for the two of us.

She disappeared around one corner of her enormous closet. I stood there for about a half a second, until she returned. She had a long, dark red container in her hand. She put it out for me to take.

I opened it slowly. And gasped as I saw the beautiful heart shaped diamond necklace that was enclosed within. It was absolutely exquisite. I smiled, then I garbed her by the collar of her buttoned up shirt, pulled her in and kissed her. It was not as soft as our last one, but not as rough as the one before that. It was different. She was amazing, and I showed it. Her hands moved into my hair, moving them everywhere. I pulled away, just as sad as all the other times we have had to pull away. But still happy because of what I was holding.

Her eyes were still closed, our lips were still touching just enough to make me quiver.

"So I take it you like it?" she whispered

"Could you guess?" I said with a coy smile.

"I'm glad you like it"

"I don't just like it Alice. I absolutely adore it." I said looking back at the fabulous necklace in the box.

"Well good, because it was hard to pick it out. May I put it on you?"

"Of course." I answered, I wouldn't want anyone but her to put it on me.

She took a step closer to me, puled the necklace out of the red velvet box and went around to my back. I pulled my hair away, feeling it go around my neck, and felt it fall to place as she clasped the locks.

I put my free hand on the diamond. I was already facing her wall length mirror.

"It looks beautiful on you Bella, I'm releaved you love it. There was another one that I was thinking of getting instead of this one, but you look absolutely fabulous in the one I chose." She said into my ear. I felt her arms wrap around my waist.

I closed my eyes. Her lips were on the back of my neck. It felt amazing. I sighed and leaned back, closer into her. I moved my head to my right. I opened my eyes to see her looking into them. She leaned in to kiss me. We heard someone coming up the stairs.

We pulled away quickly. Though how I wish I could have stayed there in her perfect arms.

I put my hand on her cheek, caressing it. And quickly gave her a soft kiss. We walked out of her closet, to see Edward standing in the doorway. He was smiling. He would not have been able to see us from here, we were to deep in the closet. I walked over to him with a forced smile.

"Thats very pretty." he said, looking at my necklace.

"Isn't it? Alice got it for me." I looked over at her . Her face was just as composed as mine, a smile in place. But as I looked into her eyes, I saw the pain that I felt. We both yearned to be closer than we were at this moment.

"Well everyone else would like you to open your gifts."

"Alright" I sighed. He put his arm around my waist as we headed out of the bed room & downstairs.

They were all waiting, every one of them had some sort of different wrapped shaped gift in there hands.

The first was Nessie. She got a very lovely picture of the two of us, & framed it, in a just as beautiful frame. Esme and Carlisle gave me their gift, it was a book. Something small, I liked gifts that were small. It was a book called The Secret. It looked interesting & I was now eager for some free time to sit down and read it.

Rose & Emmett had gotten me a laptop. It was very nice and small. They said it was wireless, though I hardly went on the computer, I now wanted to explore the Internet, considering I didn't have such a slow dial up anymore. Seth gave me 2 movies, vampire movies. One was called Underworld, the other was the sequel to it. I smiled. I never watched movies, not even human. But now it would be funny to see how mortals portrayed us. Jake was last, - Edward told me before that he was going to give me my present at home - he handed me a wrapped box and when I ripped off the wrapping paper, I didn't know what it was. It was for a car. He laughed seeing my confusion. So did Rose and Edward, the mechanics of the family.

"It's new headers for your Ferrari." Jacob explained.

"It makes the car faster" Edward explained some more.

"Yes because my car needs to go any faster."

Everyone laughed. Nessie gave a loud yawn. She was tired. So I scooped her up in my arms and began to rock her to sleep. Edward packed everything up. We said goodnight to everyone. Jacob & Seth were walking out with us. I turned to see one last pair of eyes quickly. Alice looked just as she had in the bedroom. The forced smile, but the pain behind them was impossible for me to not see. I gave a small smile and turned to leave.

Jake & Seth said their goodbyes to us, and began to walk in the other direction of us. Edward and I picked up our speed, I wanted to get Nessie to her bed. She was so exhausted. Like she was every night. Her and Jake always had a fun day together.

We reached the little cottage, Edward opened the door as I walked directly to her room, and placed her in her bed. I kissed her forehead and walked out closing the door.

I walked down the hall & into the bedroom, over to the window and peered outside, into the night. I felt Edward's arms go around my waist from behind.

"Did you have a good birthday?" he murmured into my ear.

"Yes, it was great."

"Would you like your gift now?" he asked.


He pulled one arm away and went into his pocket. Than I he held up a small box, the kind that held rings. I sighed, he always got me something big.

I reached out for it, and opened the tiny box. It was very beautiful. A ring with my birthstone in it, Sapphire.

Edward took it out of the box, and slid it onto my middle finger, of my right hand. It fit perfectly. As I suspected it would. He never made mistakes with jewelery.

"It looks amazing on you."

"Yes it does. Thank you."

I put the empty box on the table closest to me, and went back to the position I originally was in.

"Happy birthday" he breathed into my ear, and wrapped his arms around me once again. I stared up at the moon, and closed my eyes, wanting another voice to be breathing those words into my ear, & another pair of arms around me.