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Note: VERY IMPORTANT! This story used to be There Are Some Things You Can Never Forget. Well, I've made it better. This has more drama and will, bottom line, be a more interesting FanFic. FULL SUMMARY: Bella and Edward have been best friends since the age of five. They are now 16 and Edward has fallen in love with her. Deep down, Bella feels the same way - she just refuses to admit it. A tragic accident occurs, and Edward loses his memory. Will she tell him what happened before he falls in love…with someone else? Could it be too late for Bella to realize, or are there some things that you can never forget? THIS WILL BE MUCH MORE ACTION-FILLED - I PROMISE! PLEASE READ THIS NEW CHAPTER ONE! Sorry that this first chapter is slow, but I needed to back up to their childhood a bit! Things will get juicier soon!

BTW: Bella, Edward, Alice, Jasper, Emmett, and Rosalie are all the same age. In this chapter, they are all five years old. Edward, Alice, and Emmett are Cullens. Jasper and Rosalie are the Hale twins. Bella is, of course, the one and only Swan child. They are ALL HUMAN - no vampires at all!

BPOV (age 5, 1996)

"This is your first day of K-5, Bella! Are you excited?" Mommy asked me, smiling.


"Why not, sweetie? Kindergarten will be fun! That's one of the best years of your life!" Mommy laughed.

"But….what if nobody wants to be my fwiend?" I cried, clinging on to her. What if no one liked me?

She took me by the hand and led me to the grassy playground. I was intimidated by so many other kids and the bright colors. "Don't worry, Bella. I promise you'll find a playmate. Go on and have fun," Mommy said reassuringly. After seeing that the teachers were watching, she left.

I hopped onto a swing and started moving a tiny bit, the toes of my sneakers dragging the ground. A girl that looked my age came up to me. She had short, kind of spiky black hair and reminded me of fairies I read about in story books.

"Hi! I'm Alice Cullen! Who are you?" she asked happily. I wondered if she really was a pixie.

"Bella Swan," I replied shyly.

"You're pretty. Let's be best fwiends! Come follow me," she instructed. I got up.

"Where are we going?"

"To meet my brothers and my boyfwiend!" Alice replied, tugging on my arm.

"You have a boyfwiend?" My eyes widened in surprise.

"Yup! Hurry!" She drug me to the slide where there was a group of kids clumped near it, waiting for us.

"This is Bella Swan!" Alice announced. "This is Emmett, my brother. Edward is my twin and Jasper is my boyfwiend. He has a twin, too - Rosalie. She's dating Emmett, by the way. Say hi, everyone!"

They all murmured, "Hi." I looked up at Emmett and took a baby step back. He was so big! Rosalie was bootiful with her long, blonde hair and bright blue eyes. I secretly thought Jasper was kinda cute until I saw Alice's twin. He was really cute!

"OK," Alice started cheerfully, "now that we've all been acquantited, we can go play tag!" She rushed off, expecting everyone to follow her. Jasper sighed.

"You've gotta love Alice." He ran off after her.

"Wait! I don't wanna get my bow messed up!" Rosalie called as she half-jogged to keep up with them.

"I can go way faster than both of you!" Emmett yelled, speeding up. He and Jasper began to race.

Edward rolled his eyes. "Crazy fwiends." He grinned.

"Yup," I sighed quietly. He somehow caught it, though.

"What's wrong?"

"It's just…Alice has Jasper and Rosalie has Emmett, but I don't have a boyfwiend." I felt silly telling him this.

"Well…I'll be your boyfwiend, if you want," he offered.

I smiled. Mommy was right - today has been the best day of my life! I made one, two, three…four best friends and one very special boyfwiend… "Of course."

The whistle blew, and the teacher-lady told us that it was time to go inside. Edward and me held hands as we walked towards the other kids. I could tell that this was going to be a gweat day.

"Mommy! I made…" I stopped to count with my fingers. "Four best fwiends! I also have a boyfwiend, too! His name is Edward Cullen!" I exclaimed. My words came out fast in my rush to share the good news.

"That's wonderful, sweetie! What did I tell you?" Mommy picked me up and set me in her lap. "Wait a minute. Did you say 'Cullen'?"

"Yup! Edward has a bwother named Emmett and sister named Alice who's my new best fwiend!" I told her.

"That's good because the Cullens are our new neighbors. I have a feeling that you'll be seeing them a lot. If you want, I'll arrange a play date, Bella."

I couldn't have been more thrilled if Mommy had said we were going to Disney World. "Yay! Please do it!"

She laughed. "Right away, Miss Eager Beaver!" This day kept getting better and betterer! Nothing could spoil my good mood except for…

"We're having green peas for dinner," Mommy said from the kitchen. EWW!!

BPOV (age 12, 2003)

"I can't believe I let you talk me into wearing this," I complained to Alice. After ten minutes of arguing over my outfit, I somehow ended up in a dress that came above my knees and wedges two inches high - maybe three. I was going to fall flat on my face in front of everybody! "I mean, really. It's a party with just the six of us."

"Oh, come on, Bella. Lighten up! Those heels aren't stilettos!"

"If I embarrass myself, Alice, I swear…"

"Nothing's going to happen. Relax." The little pixie grinned. "Never bet against me. No, wait - never ever bet against Alice Cullen."

"Fine. But I'll blame you," I joked. I walked into their living room where the others were waiting. For the millionth time I asked Alice what we were going to do, but she kept insisting that it must stay a surprise.

"OK. Now that we're all here, we're going to play…truth or dare!" Alice sounded like a game show host - she was that enthusiastic.

I groaned.

"Aw, you've done enough whining for today, Bella. Emmett! Truth or dare?" Alice smiled mischievously. I didn't even want to know what her devious mind was thinking up!

"Dare," Emmett replied confidently. "I'm man enough!"

"Good to know. I dare you to…dress up in a full-blown ballerina costume and wear it to school Monday. You also have to go up to Mike and say, 'I'm a pretty princess!'" she declared. Emmett paled slightly.

"Why Mike?!"

"Because I said so - that's why! Now it's your turn."

"Fine," Emmett sighed, resigned. "Here we go. Jasper!"

"Why me, Emmett? Why me?" Jasper said in an exasperated tone. "Dare."

"Bad choice, Jazz. Now you've gotta take off your pants in front of the cheerleading squad! You bring it all on yourself, you know. Tsk, tsk," he fake-scolded.

"I've got to do WHAT?!" Jasper exclaimed, horrified. "How could you be so cruel, Em?!"

"It's what I do. At least you get to torture someone else this time," Emmett replied. He sounded quite happy.

"I'm going to fake a cold Monday." Jasper shook his head sadly. "I choose you, Rosalie."

"Truth," she said automatically.

"Wimp," Emmett muttered. Apparently, Rosalie heard him and she knocked the back of his head. "OW! What was that for?"

"If you were smart, you would've chosen truth, too," Rosalie said under her breath.

"Any way, who was your first kiss?" Jasper asked. He probably already knew the answer and was asking for that very reason.

"Umm…Mike?" It came out almost as a question.

"MIKE?! Are you joking me! The guy's a total idiot!" Emmett exclaimed. "How could you even touch his hand let alone kiss him on the lips?"

"Ugh! I didn't know he was weird until I had already agreed to go to dinner with him! We never got past the first date, OK? He kissed me before I could pull away," she grumbled. "But, moving on, it's Edward's turn and I'm forcing you to pick dare."

"OK. Bring it on…?" he replied, a little bit wary.

"Oh, I will," Rosalie smiled. She leaned over to whisper something in Alice's ear. Alice nodded. "We dare you to…kiss Bella on the lips!"

I blushed like a tomato. They just had to embarrass me, didn't they?

"Only if you are OK with this," I told him. I didn't want Edward to be forced into kissing me - that could hurt our friendship.

"Now what kind of person would I be if I backed down from a dare?" he joked. "But we will do this only if you are OK with it."

"Now what kind of friend would I be if I let you back down from a dare?" I retorted in response. We leaned in and…Edward lightly kissed me on the lips.

It was sort of awkward for my first kiss, but it was sweet coming from my best friend. It sort of tingled when our lips met, but not in a waythat would make me draw back and hurt his feelings. (AN: What do you think she felt? In this story, Bella can be kind of clueless!)

Emmett and Jasper whistled while Alice and Rosalie clapped. I, of course, blushed bright red again. "I hope my skills weren't that bad," I whispered to Edward. "I couldn't think of anyone better to share my first kiss with than my, coincidentally, very first girlfriend," he assured me, shooting me his famous grin.


That was…amazing. There was no other way to describe how I felt. It was after everyone had already fallen asleep while I laid awake, thinking, when I finally realized that I was in love with my best friend, Bella Swan.

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