Original Sin

Chapter 9: Flight of the Fox

Naruto walked along the edge of the sea. The waves crashed into his feet like little midgets attempting to tackle him, the breeze lightly gracing his face.

As he walked, he began to grow physically. One centimeter, two centimeter, until he was nearly six feet tall. He felt his body fill out, his voice deepen, and his whiskers slowly disappear…

In the distance, a woman sat in the sand, staring far out into the open ocean. Naruto approached her steadily, wondering who this woman was. As he neared, he began to wonder questions such as how he could ask her out on a date, or maybe even ask her to marry him.

The woman looked up as Naruto approached, and their eyes locked. The woman was Kurenai, in all of her glory, wearing but a simple white dress. She smiled while standing, opening up her arms. The two embraced, beautifully, romantically, as the sun set in the distance.

Naruto turned to look at her. "I love you."

The Jounin kunoichi stared back at him. She did not speak for a minute.

Then she smiled.

"You naughty little brat, do you really think that someone as mature and sophisticated as Kurenai would ever sleep with you?"

Naruto could not believe the words coming out of her mouth. He was horrified. "But… Kurenai-san… I'm older now… I can take care of you…"

Kurenai laughed harshly. "Is that what you think? I disagree. I think you'd be much more suited to a woman more… primal. One who could drive you wild in bed, who'd be willing to try anything, someone who could fulfill your darkest fantasies… someone like…"


Naruto's eyes snapped open, just in time to stare right into crimson red eyes. "Kurenai?!" Naruto thought, as his brain attempted to regroup back from the dream into the real world.

Then he realized, that the eyes were not Kurenai's. They were way too harsh, too red, and the pupils way too narrow to be a normal human being's…

Before he could think anymore, his lips were attacked ferociously by the woman who had him pinned to a tree trunk. "Kami-sama, her lips are soft…" were Naruto's only thoughts as he began kissing back with a slight trepidation, as he had never kissed anyone before.

Her tongue lashed out against his teeth, prying them open, exploring the depths of his mouth. Instinctively, he reached an arm around the woman and pulled her closer, his brain unable to think any sort of distinct thought. His hormones had completely taken over.

The woman paused their furious liplock. "My my, looks like you mortals aren't so bad after all." She murmured, before again capturing his lips with hers. Her full bosom pressed against his chest, so forcefully, that if he breathed out of his chest, he would suffocate for sure…

Naruto was just about to tighten his grip around the woman when his mind came to its senses. Mortals? Who the hell uses the word mortals? Who was this woman?!

All of a sudden, the pieces fit together. The seemingly innocent request by the demon fox earlier suddenly made sense. The fox had used his willingly given chakra to mold this evil woman to torture him!

"AAAGGGGGHHHH!!!!" Roared Naruto as he pushed the woman off him, with such speed that she nearly slammed into the tree behind her, with just barely enough time to place a foot on the trunk, stabilize herself, and flip back onto the ground with grace.

After the dust cleared, Naruto and the woman glared at each other. There was a tense moment, one that could be cut with a knife, before Naruto's big yapper opened.

"Who the hell are you? Are you one of the damned demon fox's creations?" He demanded angrily, his hands about to execute his most powerful jutsu, a Raikiri Lightning attack.

The woman smirked. "You might want to stop your little attack, foolish mortal. And no, I am not a 'creation,' so to speak."

Naruto gulped. This woman, while drop-dead dazzling, also radiated an obscene amount of power. So obscene, in fact, that the air around her began to combust into tiny balls of flame.

"Then what are you?" His hands went to his mouth in horror. "It wasn't Kurenai-sensei's voice in the dream! IT WAS YOURS! How did you get into my dream??!!!"

The woman flicked a strand of silky red hair from her face. For the first time, Naruto noticed her attire: a long, long crimson dress, that went all the way to the ground. The dress was decorated with enormous amounts of diamonds and precious gems, and literally glittering with golden pearls. The dress must have been well worth over hundreds of millions of ryo…

"Because, little boy, I am part of you… I breath the same air you do, touch the same objects you do, and feel the same feelings and thoughts that have graced your pathetic low-life mind so many times. In other words, host, I am you."

Naruto's brain boggled. This wasn't just a creation… but rather, what was standing in front of him, was the living, human form of the most powerful being to grace the earth for the past century… Kyuubi, the nine-tailed fox.


"Owww…" Naruto winced as he felt the wound on his shoulder. Panting heavily, he struggled to get back up, but was able to do so, albeit wobbling a bit.

Looking up, he glared into the face of his tormentor. The Kyuubi smiled devilishly at him. "You ready for another round, Naruto-kun?" She mocked, twirling her hair.

After Naruto had realized that his prisoner had somehow entered the physical realm with his chakra, things had quickly degenerated. Naruto had quickly engaged into a shouting match with the woman, who basically simply laughed at his idiocy. Then, the two began fighting, with Naruto using basically every trick up his sleeve, ninjutsu, kinjutsu, whatever it was, but after nearly two hours, he still had not laid a finger on the Kyuubi.

"Damnit you stupid fox!!!" Naruto shouted angrily. "Why don't you just kill me already?!!"

The Kyuubi snickered. "Awww pwetty little boy getting a leetle tired?"

In a flash, she rammed him against the tree, pressing up against him. He could feel her breath, it felt much hotter than one's average breath…

Her expression then turned serious. "I want very much to kill you, Naruto-kun…" Her voice then dropped to a mere whisper. "But I can't. If you die, I die as well. Could I simply tear the seal apart, and emerge as my true form? Certainly. But for reasons that I'm not going to bother to tell you, I chose to become human instead."

Naruto did not say anything for a minute. Finally, he said softly, "that's… good?"

The Kyuubi laughed. Naruto thought her laugh was possibly the most beautiful yet evil sounding laugh in the entire world.

Then she kissed him again, harshly. As her tongue dueled with his, her hands calmly moved over his wounded shoulder. A spike of red chakra filled out, and in seconds, completely healed the wound.

"One last thing. I'm going to live in your world." Naruto opened his mouth in protest, but a simple look from her eyes made him stop. "And so, no one can ever know about me. If they ever find out… I will annihilate every single last one of your friends, your senseis, and the rest of the village, while you stay alive. To some, I think that is worse than death. Wouldn't you agree, Naruto-kun?"

Naruto could only nod, his face white.

"Good. Oh, right. From now on, call me Kitsune."

And with a gust of wind, she disappeared.

All Naruto could think, was what the hell had he gotten himself into, as he hobbled tiredly over to wake up Jiraiya's still fainted body.