Hey guys. Seems that I missed Kirihara's birthday. I'm sorry; I just didn't have enough time to write now.

So, I decided to do this. Have a chapter story of every birthday I can remember. So, this chaptered story might never ever end! Isn't that great?

If I do miss a week from the birthday I alerted you last, I'll…write you a free one-shot. Of course, there are times when I don't update for a long time. Sorry, you can say I'm on semi-hiatus.

Oh yes…the title is supposed to be misspelled. D

One: Shishido and Kirihara's birthday SPECK-TAKULER

"Hey Niou, don't you find today a bit…weird?" Asked a suspicious Marui one day at practice.

"What weird? That you didn't come to school with a bag of snacks? Yes." The silver haired boy replied, looking nonchalantly at their second year ace as he nearly destroyed a newbie.

Marui rolled his eyes, clearing showing annoyance. "Oh thanks, thanks a lot."

"I aim to please."

"Oh, do you? Then buy me a bag of chips. That'll please me."

Niou didn't bother answering. Instead, he walked off towards Yagyuu for their practice doubles match against a couple of third years.

Marui sighed in defeat. Oh when will he get that new candy flavored chips he so hoped for? Perhaps buying him some milk flavored ramen as well? He already tried the curry one!! (And yes, readers, milk flavored ramen does exist. Even the curry one is real. Don't believe me? Check out YouTube and find the commercials.)

"Hey Marui," Jackal sat down on a nearby bench after his run, "don't you think today seems a bit…I don't know…off?"

"You noticed it too, eh Jackie?" The red head chewed on his jacket sleeve due to his intense craving for some milk flavored ramen. Damn! Why didn't he buy some with his small allowance last week?

Ignoring the fact that his doubles partner called him by the strange nickname of 'Jackie', Jackal scratched his chin and noticed something else strange. "Speaking of off, have you seen fukubuchou anywhere today?"

Marui shook his head. "Don't jinx it, Jackie! It's good he's not here!!"

"Bunta! Don't say such things about Genichirou!!" Yukimura scolded in a motherly fashion. "Now why don't you go run some laps?"

"Yes, sir." With that said, the red head dashed off, hoping to not get his dear captain angry. Remember kids, an angry Yukimura is an unhappy life for you!!

"Buchou, may I please ask where fukubuchou is? I'm kind of worried."

"Oh Jackal…you're so kind." Yukimura said with a smile. "He's over at Hyoutei today."

"E-eh? Why Hyoutei? Did something happen?"

"Oh no. It appears that Genichirou is helping out with a party of some sort." Yukimura answered thoughtfully (or at least, he seemed like he was thinking). He smiled. "Don't worry about it. If Genichirou dies, we'll just have Renji take over!!"

Jackal sweat dropped and fell over. "B-buchou, isn't that a bit much?"

"Oh? What's wrong?"

"N-Nothing, sir." Jackal answered with a big sigh. "I'll be off then. Marui probably needs me to practice soon."



"No…over to the left."

"Hn." Sanada moved the object left.

"No, that's too left."

With that said, the capped boy moved the object to the right.

"No, move it a bit down. It's too high. Ore-sama's neck would break from such a height."

Sanada moved the object a bit lower. "Are you just about done?" He merely questioned.

"Yes. That is much better." Atobe answered, nodding in his brilliance. He let his sparkles fly as he did a magical hair flip.

"Why is he here?" Groaned Gakuto, pointing to Sanada.

"He is the decorator. Kabaji can't do everything by himself, Mukahi." The Hyoutei diva replied as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. "Naa, Kabaji?"

"Usu." The large second year nodded in reply as he set up more decorations.

"Why does this place look so childish?" The red head complained again. "Looks like a five-year-old's party!!"

"Would you stop complaining, Gakuto?" Oshitari sighed as he oh-so helpfully helped by standing there and doing nothing.


"Shut your mouth for now, Mukahi." Atobe ordered. "Or Ore-sama will have to make you run laps. No, Genichirou, move that banner higher. It is not equal now!"

Sanada sighed. Why was he alive?

"SUGEEEEE!! THIS PLACE IS SO COOL!! OMG!!" Screamed the now cherry-punch high Jiroh, jumping up and down like…well, a kid high on cherry punch!!

"Dude, chill with the chat speak. Apparently readers don't like it when people randomly scream chat-speak like that! It'll make us sound like n00bs!!" Gakuto scolded like a mother.

"Isn't n00b a chat word?" Hyoutei's tensai pondered to himself.

"SORRY!! I'LL BE GOOD!!" The blond (yes, I refer to Jiroh as blond) practically hollered loud enough for the building to rumble.

"Oshitari, take Jiroh for a walk." Atobe sighed. He was getting a headache.

"Hurry up guys!!" Ootori sudden barged into the room as politely as he could (because he's Ootori!!). "Hiyoshi-san says he can't keep up with the stalling!!"

"Okay, why did Hiyoshi stall Shishido?" Gakuto asked, crossing his arms as if to look…uh….tougher.

Choutaro shrugged. "It seemed to make sense at that time."


Atobe coughed. "Alright, everything is already set up. Sanada, go take the limo back to Rikkai and get your second year ace."

Sanada let out a big sigh again. "I shall." With that said, the old man—err…fukubuchou of Rikkaidai exited the room via the backdoor.

"Okay Hiyoshi, what the hell are you hiding?" Came Shishido's annoyed voice from behind the big doors.

"Oh sempai, there's so much I'm hiding from Hyoutei. I just cannot tell you in this little time." Hiyoshi answered in a very miniscule voice.

"I can't hear you, stupid. Talk louder."

The second year sighed. "My voice can only go so loud, sir."

"…What?" The capped boy strained to hear his kouhai speak. Heck, the only word he heard was 'my'!!

Choutaro cleared his throat lightly and opened the door. "Sempai!! Happy birthday!!"

"Oh, thanks Choutaro. You already said that forty times today though."

Hiyoshi sighed and silently, like a ninja, stalked away. Of course, being the unnoticeable character he is, no one noticed him. Like how no one noticed Taki screaming his eternal love for (insert object here). Weird, huh?

"NOOO!! I DON'T WANT TO SEE THE DOCTOR!!" Shrieked Kirihara as Marui tried to push him into the limo.

"Akaya, you dumb-bolt!! We're going to Hyoutei, not the doctor!!" Marui yelled, trying to keep his cool. (He's trying, but not succeeding.)

"Puri. Marui'll treat you to your favorite food later." Whispered the petenshi to the second year ace. "He said to keep it a secret, but he'll spend all his allowance on you."

Kirihara's devilish eyes immediately lighted up. "Oh? That makes it different." Now walking proudly towards the limo, Marui stared in amazement at the silver haired third year.

"What did you tell him?" Glared the red head suspiciously.

"Nothing, my dear red head. Nothing." Smirked the boy.

Somehow, Marui doubted that. He found out very much later when he found his wallet as empty as…well…his wallet.

"Aww…you guys set up a party…for me?" Kirihara exclaimed as happily as a four-year-old—err…fourteen-year-old could. "I…I'm so happy!!"

"Congrats on your late birthday, Akaya." Yukimura smiled. "Would you like some cake?"

"Yes sir!!" Marui and Kirihara both yelled at the same time.

"Hey!! That's my cake!!" Sadly, no one heard Shishido complain. "Damn Rikkaidai! Why are they here?"

"Because I owe Genichirou a favor for the decorations." Atobe answered, looking at his clipboard as if it were the most interesting thing in the world.

"Hn." Sanada pulled down his cap a bit to hide more of his face.

"MARUI-KUUUUUUUUNNNN!! OMG, ILU." Yelled the still cherry-punch high Jiroh. He tackled Marui to the ground, and you can practically see the little hearts floating in the air from his uh…obsessive love.

"DUDE! STOP SCREAMING OUT CHATSPEAK!! OMG, YOU'RE SO DUMB!!" The hypocrite also known as Gakuto, yelled out.

"I get your slice of cake!!" Kirihara cheered, eating Marui's slice whole. "MMMMM. DELISH'."

"NOOOOO!!" Sobbed the red head. "MY CAKEY-POO!!"

"…I won't ask." Yagyuu pushed his glasses up. (Hey!! He spoke less than Jackal this time! Woot!!)

"There is a 96.98 percent chance that this immature scene shall end. Hence that this immature brainless author shall cease writing…" Renji calculated. Oh, ho, ho!! Did he just break the fourth wall? NOWAI!!

"There is also a 79.732 percent chance that the author shall continue with chat-speak…" Murmured the data master, opening his eyes just a crack.

"Puri." Niou whistled innocently to himself. Who knows what he did!!

Thus, the day ended. Just like how Yanagi said it would. Strange, isn't it?

Lame ending, yes, I know. You probably expected total crack? Well, I apologize. I have to spend it on my school writing assignment. I'm still very sorry I didn't update any of my stories yet. I'm really, really sorry. Really, I am.

Yes…milk flavor ramen exists. I read it in the Chinese newspaper that it was in Japan. I want some.

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The next one-shot I will write: October 4th, Atobe Keigo.