Uh...I kinda...didn't post this until today...don't hurt me...


Since suggested by my sister herself, here's the title: Kirihara's magical Time at Tezuka's (Aw, comeon sis! It's not...happy enough. -shot-)

Tezuka was having a pretty peaceful day. Well besides the rabid fan girls attacking him with presents, screaming "WE LOVE YOU MITSU-CHAN. MARRY US!" Well, that's pretty normal, right? Well, the normal just decided to up and disappear like whenever Tachibana decides to cook for Fudomine. Yes, it disappeared that fast people. Believe it as Naruto would say. Once Tezuka got home there was a big package near his front door. Tezuka, not letting his guard down, walked over to the package. That big random package just happened to say "To: Tezuka Kunimitsu." Well, Tezuka let his guard down for all of 10.583 seconds and opened the package. Out jumped our little adorable demon, Akaya Kirihara!

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TEZUKA," Akaya shouted. Tezuka did nothing but stand there and let his eye twitch. Akaya bounced over to Tezuka and gave him one of those "OH MY GOD MOMMY I MISSED YOU WHILE I WAS KIDNAPPED," hugs. Tezuka, trying to keep his cool, gently tried to push Akaya away. Akaya still clung to Tezuka like a leech. Tezuka was loosing his cool pretty quick considering he's Tezuka. Akaya was, well, being too cute for words. I mean yeah compare him to a blood sucking leech and then picture it the size of Akaya then picture it on Tezuka. Pretty cute, right? Anyway, Tezuka shoved Akaya as hard as he could. Well, that didn't work, and that shove was hard enough to send Tezuka and Akaya flying. Tezuka landed on top of Akaya and Akaya was still hugging Tezuka. Some random yaoi fan girls ran up to them and took pictures. Smooth, Tezuka, very smooth. Tezuka rolled over to his side with the leech like Akaya still on him.

"Kirihara, please get off me," Tezuka said as calmly as possible.

"No, you're MY Tezzie," Akaya said, pouting. Oh the things Tezuka would do to get this brat, I mean, innocent child, off him. Tezuka let out a sigh.

"Kirihara, I'll give you," Tezuka thought for 6.353 seconds,"candy if you get off me." Akaya got off Tezuka faster than you can say "Demon Brat 2000". Tezuka gets off the ground like an old man and brushes himself off. Tezuka went inside his house and got Akaya a chocolate bar that was possibly sitting there for six or seven years. Who knows.

"Yay, candy!" Akaya exclaimed. Akaya ran off to Rikkai to rub it in Ball of fat, I mean, Marui's face that he has candy. What a nice kid, am I right? Once our brat got to Rikkai and saw one of his favorite senpai's who, uh, you know, has that eating problem, he ran up to him and said, "HA, SENPAI! I HAVE CANDY AND YOU DON'T!" That wasn't the best thing in the world to say to Marui because our fat senpai's parents just randomly put him on a diet.

"Akaya, I HATE YOU," Marui screamed at the top of his girly lungs. Akaya started to wail like a, dare I say, two year old. He threw the candy bar at Marui's face and ran off. Akaya, wanting to be his normal self, ran to his Mura Mommy, er, Mura Buchou, and exclaimed, "Marui-senpai stole my candy bar!" Yukimura was not pleased with what he heard. Wait scratch that, he just didn't want to deal with Akaya at the moment. Yukimura went to go yell at Marui, but Marui was on the ground clutching his stomach, screaming for his mommy. Niou just stood there and laughed at him and Yukimura was happy he didn't have to tell that ball of fat not to steal candy from little kids.

"Akaya, where did you get that candy bar?" Marui sobbed.

"Tezuka," Akaya said oh-so-innocently. Tezuka sneezed.