Summary: Post Season 7 Finale/Beginning of Season 8. What if Jackie had an "issue" that could change everything? Would Hyde regret his Vegas actions? Would he try to win Jackie back? ...maybe even help her? READ PLEASE! J/H ZENFIC

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Chapter 1:

"I checked, and no one could see us doing it from the parking lot."

Those words may be the death of me, she thought. Why did Michael have to pick THAT moment to say something as upsurd as that? It's not even true.

Jackie had 3 hours worth of time to think such things on her bus ride back to Point Place. She quit her dream job in Chicago, and was moving as fast as she could to get back home--where she should have stayed to begin with--to catch Hyde and tell him the truth. Sure, Kelso made it look like the worst thing possible had been happening in that hotel room, but it was far from the truth. She had only called him there because she was lonely and missing Steven. Missing him so much, in fact, that it was making her physically sick. Now that Jackie thought about, she'd been feeling sick every hour on the hour since before she had even gone to Chicago to begin with.

I only wanted Michael over to talk. That was it! Steven just has to believe me…he just has to! I don't think that I can go on without him, Jackie thought as the bus pulled to a stop outside of the Point Place bus station.

Jackie was so worried about getting to the Forman's home in record time, that she hitched a ride to their house with a nice couple she had met on the bus ride home. As soon as the car pulled up to the Forman house, she grabbed her bags out of the trunk, and ran as fast as she could to the front door. She began frantically knocking until the face of Red appeared on the other side.

"What the hell could be so important that you would be banging on my front door at 8am?" Red Forman looked pretty ticked off. So ticked off, in fact, that it immediately set off the queasy feeling in Jackie's stomach again, and she pushed passed him without even thinking twice to run up the stairs to the closest restroom to empty the contents of her stomach. "Good God! What is wrong with that girl," Red shouted to no one in particular, and marched into the kitchen where Kitty was cooking breakfast.


"Who on earth was that banging on the door, dear?"

"It was that loud mouth Burkhardt girl! She just burst through the door pale as a ghost with no explanation, and than ran upstairs to the bathroom." Red shook his head before sitting down at the kitchen table. " I swear all of these kids are on dope."

"Well, I thought Jackie moved to Chicago, Red. Steven even went there last night to visit. Why would she be back here?" With that, Kitty set the breakfast on the table, along with an extra plate for Jackie, and then sat down to eat with her husband.

After a few moments, Jackie slowly came walking in, and then leaned against the kitchen counter.

"Hi Mr. and Mrs. Forman…is um…Steven here?"

"Well, no Jackie. I was told that he went to visit you in Chicago last night. What are you doing here?" Kitty asked.

"Oh, Mrs. Forman…this is just a disaster. I quit my job this morning, and came running back here to get to Steven to explain some things that happened last night. Michael came to my hotel room acting like a total pervert, and then Steven walked in, and jumped to conclusions as usual…and then he left! I thought he came back here, but I guess he didn't." Jackie suddenly felt a dizzy spell rush over her, and quickly sat down at the table before she had the chance to fall over. "Wow…this whole thing is really stressing me out," she said holding her head in her hands.

"Jackie, dear…you don't look so good. Are you sick?"

"I don't know Mrs. Forman. I think I might be coming down with something...or it could be all the stress of picking up and moving my life twice in three days, and then not knowing if my boyfriend and I are even together anymore. I've been feeling nauseas like this quite a bit since right before I left."

"Well, are you sure it's just stress? Maybe you should see a doctor."

"No…no, I don't need to see anyone. I don't have parents anymore, remember? I don't think I have medical insurance, and now without a job, I wouldn't be able to afford a doctor visit. I think I'll just try and rest a bit at my parents' big, stupid, empty house. Will you just give me a call when Steven comes home?"

"Of course. Why don't you go down into Steven's room, and rest? That way you can be here when he gets back, and then you two can hammer this whole thing out," Jackie just slowly nodded her head, and then tried standing back up before being knocked back down with a wave of nausea.

"I don't think that I should be standing up, and moving anywhere just yet, Mrs. Forman," she said as she placed her head back into her hands. "Wow, I can't believe my body is taking stress this hard. I've never felt this gross before in my life."

Kitty and Red both seemed to come to the same conclusion for Jackie's sickness, and glanced at each other before Red leaned forward, and surprised both Kitty and Jackie by rubbing Jackie's back.

"Um…Jackie, uh..." Red cleared his throat. "How often have you been feeling sick like this?"

Jackie looked up at the two people who felt like second parents to her, and said, "well, pretty much every hour for the passed three or four days. Unless I'm sleeping. Actually…sometimes I even get sick in the night time. It'll wake me up right out of my sleep."

Kitty quickly glanced at Red again, and then leaned a little closer to Jackie to speak before Jackie jumped up quickly.

"No offense Mrs. Forman, but your perfume is making me sick," she shouted before running back out of the swinging kitchen door, and then up the stairs, and into the bathroom.

"That girl is pregnant, Red," Kitty whispered before leaning back in her seat.

Just then, Kelso came bursting through the backdoor.

"Hey uhh..Mr. and Mrs. Forman. Is Hyde here," Kelso asked while doing a little "tutu dance" in the kitchen.

"No, hophead, he isn't! But that Burkhart girl is, and you have definitely caused some trouble! If I were you, I would get my dumbass out of here before 'Mr. Forman' has the chance to shove his foot so far up your ass, that you could polish his shoes with your tongue!" And with that, Kelso was gone.

About five minutes passed before Jackie came back into the kitchen and announced quickly that she was going home, before walking back out into the living room to grab her bags, and going home after asking Mrs. Forman to call her when ever Hyde turned up.

"Oh Red…that girl is in serious need of some comforting. Steven needs to get his behind home soon," Kitty declared before running up the stairs while mumbling something about "going to bed" under her breath.

After Jackie got to her parents' big empty house, she marched up to her room, and laid down on her bed. She felt a little bit of nausea from the walk out in the heat, but not enough to actually cause her to get sick.

As she laid there for what seemed like hours, staring up at the ceiling, she did a lot of thinking. She wasn't stupid. She had an idea of what could be wrong with her. She had realized in the Forman's' kitchen that her feeling sick had to do with something other than just stress, and then she realized again in the Forman's' bathroom that she had been about four or five days late for her period. All she knew was that she couldn't be having a baby at that moment because at that moment…her life was a mess.

She had no job, no family, and probably no boyfriend anymore to support her through this stuff. She had no idea where to go from here, no way of paying for doctors appointments or insurance, and she had no idea how to take care of a baby…so right then and there, she decided that if she didn't believe that it were true, than it must not actually be true, and as stupid as that notion sounded, she was going to grasp it like a lifeline until she was backed into a corner with no way out. For some reason that idea just made more sense to her than anything.

I'm just going to lay here, and wait for Steven to get back home, and make everything okay again, She thought…and that's exactly what she did.

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