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Chapter 11:

The next six weeks passed by pretty fast, and were pretty eventful. Jackie and Hyde finally got the house filled with enough furniture to make it look like a home. The only rooms that really needed any decorations to them were the babies' rooms, but they were on their way to the doctor for a sonogram that morning, so they'd find out the sexes of the babies and be able to get started on their bedrooms after that.

Everyone was extremely excited to be able to find out what the babies were. Jackie and Hyde were just hoping for healthy babies, and maybe at least two of one sex, and one of the other because they weren't planning on having anymore. Three babies were quite enough, and Hyde hated seeing how miserable the morning sickness and other not-so-nice pregnancy symptoms were for Jackie. She was already eighteen weeks along, and the morning sickness hadn't lessoned a bit. However, at their last appointment two weeks before, the doctor said that that was very common for first time mothers. Especially of multiples, so they weren't worried. Jackie was just sick of it.

Jackie was showing a lot more, and it seemed like her baby bump just grew more and more overnight. The doctor said that Jackie should've been feeling movement on the inside of her stomach for a few weeks now, but, being a first time mother, it was common to not know the difference between that and gas. They were supposed to be feeling movement on the outside of her belly really soon, and they were pretty excited about that.

At the moment, Jackie and Hyde were riding comfortably (at least for one person) in the El Camino on the way to the doctor's office.

"Ugh, Steven…it's so damn hot in here! Can't you turn the air up some more?"

"Jackie…baby, the air is up as high as it will go, and it's freezing outside. I have the windows down for you, too!" Hyde was trying his best not to encourage an argument with Jackie. As crazy as she drove him sometimes with the bossiness, he knew that he loved her, and he was constantly worrying about causing her stress levels to rise. He was beginning to think he'd gone crazy, as was Red, but Kitty and Kelso had both informed him that it was completely normal for an expecting father to feel that way, so he was okay with it.

Jackie patted his back, and tears suddenly rose to her eyes. "I'm so sorry, Steven. I know you're trying to help. I'm just always so emotional and really hot. I don't know what to do!"

At that moment, they were pulling into the parking lot to the doctor's office. Hyde parked the car, and then leaned across the seat to gently place a kiss on Jackie's forehead. "It's alright, Jacks. I understand." He placed a hand on her belly and rubbed it to try to help her calm her tears. "Why don't you just try to take a deep breath, and calm down, and then we can go on into the doctor's office to find out what those babies ar-" he was suddenly cut off by some swift movement against his hand.

Jackie pulled back suddenly and then placed her hand where Hyde's had been.

"What the hell was that, Jackie?" Hyde yelled panicking. "Are you okay?"

Jackie giggled a little bit and then nodded. "That was one of the babies, Steven! It kicked you! How'd you get it to do that?" She suddenly had a huge smile on her face.

Oh, how I love that smile, Hyde thought. He placed both of his hands on her stomach, and began rubbing there again. "I just rubbed your bell-" there was suddenly movement again. "Did you feel that?" His smirk grew into a genuine smile, and a look of wonder.

Jackie was sure that her face mirrored his. "Yeah…yeah, I felt that, Steven," she whispered, and then it happened again. "Wow. How cool is that?"

They both sat there in silence staring at her growing belly for a few minutes until they both seemed to suddenly remember the reason that they were in the parking lot in the first place. Hyde quickly pulled his hands back, and got out of the car before going around to Jackie's side and opening the door for her. "Let's go find out what the babies, okay?"

With Hyde's hand to support her, Jackie climbed out of the car, and began walking up to the building. "Oh, I'm so excited, Steven!"

"Me too, doll."

Fifteen minutes later, Jackie and Hyde were sitting in an examination room. Jackie was laying on the little bed in the paper gown again, and Hyde had his chair pulled up beside her with her hand in his. The cool jelly had been applied to her stomach, and they were both looking up at the little television screen in wonder.

"That right there is one of your babies. See, there's the head, and the arms…oh, and here's a foot," the sonogram technician was pointing things out on the monitor for them to look at.

"Can you tell us what the sexes of the babies are now?" Jackie asked excitedly.

"Of course, ma'am," the technician said as she concentrated for a moment on the screen. She suddenly points up at the screen "Well, right here, we have a boy," she said pointing at the private part to prove it.

Jackie and Hyde looked at each other with huge smiles on their faces.

"Steven, we have a boy," Jackie said with happy tears filling their eyes.

Hyde always thought that emotional moments had been for wimps, but at that moment, he was so filled with emotion, he could only nod with a smile on his face. He tightened his grip on her hand.

The tech printed out a few pictures, and handed them to the happy couple. "Here are your baby boy's first pictures. One is of the baby itself, and the other is of the part to prove his sex." She turned back to the screen. "Let's move on to the next baby, here."

Jackie and Hyde both tried to make out the figures on the screen, but gave up after a few minutes. It was a little difficult, but the pictures they had been given were surprisingly clear, so they stared at those in the meantime.

"Oh, Steven, I'm so happy right now," she said looking up at Hyde.

He was so lost in the wonder of it all that it took a moment for him to be pulled out of his concentration. He looked into Jackie's eyes, and then leaned down to kiss her lips softly. "Me too, Jacks," he looked back down at the picture in his hand. "We have a son. I can't believe it."

"And a daughter," the technician chimed in. She started printing out the pictures of the second baby right away. "You have one of each so far, see?" She handed the pictures to Jackie and Hyde before turning back to the screen to look at the next baby.

Jackie's happy tears instantly began cascading down her cheeks. "Oh my gosh, Steven! I am so happy right now, I could burst!"

Hyde chuckled and then kissed Jackie again. "Well, don't do that, doll." He caught a few tears with his thumbs.

Jackie giggled. "Oops, sorry. It's just that…well, this seemed real when we bought a house, but now it's all so really real to me now. I'm so excited!"

"And what do we have here," the tech exclaimed. "Looks like you two are having two girls and one boy!" She handed them another two printed pictures. "Congratulations, you two!" She turned the lights on, and then handed Jackie a few tissues. "Why don't you get cleaned up, and stay right where you are. I'm just going to go and get the doctor to come in and visit you now," and with that, she left the room.

Hyde helped Jackie wipe the jelly off of her belly, and then he sat back down next to her, and they began distracting themselves with the pictures of their children. Before they knew it, there was a knock at the door, and the doctor stuck her head inside.

"Well, well, well, there's the happy couple," Dr. Harrington said while pulling a stool up to the end of the table. "Alright, Jackie, how about I get you to lay back and put your feet in these stirrups here. I just need to make sure that you're not dilating at all now. It's much, much too early for that, but it's common in multiple pregnancies."

Jackie did as she said, and Hyde held her hand tighter when she winced for a moment, and then it was over.

"Well, everything looks okay with that. I just need to speak to you about a few other concerns, now."

The couple looked at each other wide eyed, and then Jackie sat up quickly to listen in.

"It's nothing that is a huge deal, so don't worry about that. I'm just going to ask you to try to eat more, and I'm going to write you a prescription for iron supplements. One of the girls looks a little small to me, which is perfectly normal in multiple pregnancies. I'd just like to try to correct that a bit, and stay on top of it early. I'm sure you both understand."

Hyde and Jackie collectively nodded. "Of course, Dr. Harrington," Jackie stated.

The doctor then tapped a finger on Jackie's right ankle. "I'm also a bit concerned with the rest you're getting. You're already experiencing some swelling in your ankles, which normally doesn't occur until the later months of pregnancy, so I'm going to ask you to try to rest a bit more. Maybe your boyfriend, Steven, here can make sure to that," the doctor nodded towards Hyde meaningfully. "I can understand how many moms like to be able to walk around and do things for themselves, but try not to do too much of that. You're already an at risk pregnancy because of your size and the fact that you're having triplets. Let's try not to put yourself on permanent bed rest also, shall we?"

"Don't you worry Doctor Harrington," Hyde stated. "I will make sure that Jackie eats better and rests more."

The doctor smiled and nodded. "That's all that I ask. Here's your prescription for the iron pills. I want you to take three a day, and I will see you back in two weeks this time." She shook their hands and then left the room.

When they arrived home, and told the Formans in a very lengthy phone call about the sex of the babies, Hyde took Jackie's hand, and walked her up to their room.

"Alright, baby, just lay down in bed for a little while, and take a nap. I'm going to go pick up your prescription, check on the store, and then I'll be back to give you a foot rub. How does that sound?"

Jackie smiled because she thought it was so sweet how he took care of her. "You are the best man I could've ever asked for, do you know that?"

Hyde leaned down and kissed her lips softly. "Well……I did know this, but it doesn't hurt to be told every now and then," he replied jokingly.

Jackie stifled a yawn, and then rolled onto her side before closing her eyes. "I guess a nap does sound pretty good right now. I don't know why I've been so tired lately."

"You're pregnant, Jacks. It's supposed to happen. Remember the passage we read in the pregnancy book last week? Fatigue is common."

Jackie nodded, and smiled a little bit. "Mmhmm, I remember."

Hyde leaned down and kissed Jackie's cheek gently before climbing off of the bed. "Alright, well, get some rest, and I'll be back to lay with you in an hour, tops. If you need anything, call the store, and I'll get the message and come home right away."

Jackie giggled. "I'll be okay, Steven. Just hurry back, and hold me."

"Will do, doll," and he turned to walk out of the bedroom door.

"Steven!" Jackie called suddenly.

Hyde burst back in the door. "What? Are you okay?!"

"Sorry…I just forgot to say that I love you," Jackie said looking a bit shy.

Hyde smirked, and then placed another kiss on her forehead. "Love you, too, doll," and then he was gone, and she was fast asleep.