Author's Note: (I'll make this short so you can read well I'll try lol but just wanted to say Hi! This is my first fan-fiction story I've ever written. It's an action/adventure novel all within a love story. Not some sappy romance though. I hope you like it! But it's okay if you don't. Please give me feedback by giving me some of your responses. Thanks a ton! Enjoy!)

Prologue: (sneak peak)

I am standing in an open field with a gun in my hand and my life on the line.

I knew my life was kind of messed up in a way, but it was going okay, well at least for a girl whose parents died and left her to fend for herself and her sister.

I thought I was finally getting over the toughest part in my life, but I guess I thought wrong.

I wanted to go on with a normal life; well as normal as my life could get that is. But now here I stand wondering when this nightmare will be over.

When will I finally be able to breathe again and let the tears pour and keep pouring because they've been locked up for way too long.

But at the moment I know I have to keep it together because even if I did shed one tear everything would be over, everything would be lost…

Chapter 1:

"You either obey us or pay the consequences of your disobedience."

We all knew what he meant; death

"You will be taught to firer a gun and hit your target with accuracy. You will then learn to combat with an opponent one on one and then we will add more as your performance improves. "

He walked in front of us as we stood in a line like the army did. The man was menacing and anyone wishing to come face to face with the devil, only had to look at him.

We had been taken from our families, from our lives and brought to an isolated island somewhere North of Canada, well maybe North of Canada, but no one was really sure. That's all we knew and that's all they were going to tell us.

They thought we were all special and that we all had certain hidden gifts that should be put to the test, so that we can become "better"; yeah right they just wanted us to help them take over some powerful company by using our "abilities".

Not happening as long as I could help it.

We were in the middle of a vacant field. The grass was green with a tint of light gold. Giving it an autumn look.

We were standing about 50 feet away from target practice sheets. We were each holding a .22 caliber handgun.

There were ten of us, all together. My younger sister, Tess, was among them. I didn't know any of the other kids, but I did know that we were all about the same age. sixteen or seventeen. I was seventeen and my sister was a year younger than me. We've always been pretty close.

The man was talking to one of his other men and we were all standing there waiting for his order to start shooting. The only reason we weren't running for our lives was that we all knew that if we ever did try to run they would shoot us down without even blinking. They would kill first and ask questions later.

Of course none of us knew how to hold a gun let alone fire one off. My sister looked over at me with fear in her eyes.

We had been here only two days, but it felt like forever.

My sister has blonde hair to her shoulders. With brown eyes that sparkled with hints of green when she was in the sun. She is only an inch shorter than me. I am 5'6. She is tan while I'm the complete opposite, pale as the moon. My sister takes after my dad, while I take after my mother. I have straight black hair and eyes the color of the sea, blue in the sun, green everywhere else. Tess and I have been playing soccer our whole lives, so we stay in shape.

All the guys drooled over Tess, while I didn't even get a glance. That's how it had always been. My friends told me I was pretty in an exotic way, but I never believed them. Tan and blonde was what most guys wanted right?

I tried to give her a reassuring glance, but I don't think I was helping much. I looked to my left and watched the other guys and girls having target practice. They were also our age, but I had heard from one of my roommates that they had been here almost an entire year.

One guy stood out from the rest. He had curly brown hair. He was probably at least six feet tall. His shooting pose made him look like he had shot a gun every day. Plus the muscles along his arm showed how strong he was. He was breathtaking.

"Stop drooling over him, Jade! You've been taken from your home and brought to god knows where. Start paying attention before they kill you." Now that was a reality check.

I tried to focus on how he held the gun, what position he was standing in. He got ready to take another shot and right before he fired it he turned his wrist a little to the right.

The bullet made a hole through the head of the human on the target sheet.

"Bull's Eye"

The next few shots hit right at the human drawing's heart. He was good, really good.

No one probably noticed that he jerked his wrist a fraction of an inch to the right, but I had.

The guy next to him slapped on the back, "nice work Seth."

Seth. Nice name.

I was suddenly jerked back from staring at "Seth" as the head guy began to shout his orders.

"All right get ready to shoot. When I say go begin until you run out of bullets. That means five shots." The scary man stood a few feet behind us. The other trainees, Seth and his buddy included, turned to watch us.

I was willing to try anything; at least I was going to try and not shoot someone's head off, especially with Tess only like ten feet away. Hopefully she wouldn't either. We all pointed our guns at our target sheets, not ready at all, but pretending to be.

"I'm counting down from three. Shoot when I say go."


I stood with my right foot a little in front of my left, like the guy Seth had done.


I leveled the gun so my hand and shoulder where level.

Just as he had done.


"Here goes nothing" I thought.


I jerked my wrist slightly to the right and fired the gun at the same time. I tried to aim for the drawing's heart. I pulled the trigger five times, each time doing as Seth had done.

Then everything around me was eerily silent.

The gun dropped from my hand and my eyes watched it drop to the ground.

"I can't believe I just did that, " I said to myself over and over again.

I dragged my gaze from where my gun was now laying and looked over at Tess, but Tess was staring at me, actually now that I looked around, everyone was staring at me.

"Oh my God! Did I shoot someone? Oh my God did I kill someone?" I couldn't seem to get the questions passed my throat and my lungs seemed to not be able to take in enough air.

Then the head of this "operation", I guess you could call it that, aka scary man, walked over and stood in front of me.

"Have you shot a gun before?"

I shook my head unable to speak.

"Never in your life?"

I shook my head again.

"Well then you have an extraordinary gift with a gun."

I jerked my gaze to his. He moved aside so he wasn't blocking my view from my target practice sheet.

That's when I saw the five bullet holes all in a half-inch of one another right where the drawing's heart should be.

"Oh my God." My voice was breathless and my hand went over my mouth.

"I…I just…" I didn't know what to say.

"That will be all for today. Let us all go back to the house. Dinner will be in half an hour.

The "house" he was talking about was indeed a house and a big one at that. It was a cottage, a farmhouse really. It was able to hold all 30 kids that they had taken. All the "frickin bastards, sergeants, the worse people ever", just a few names everyone called them behind their backs, stayed in a one story house right next to ours. It only took us five minutes to get back to the house. We walked through a path cut out from the woods that surrounded the house and practice field.

We still hadn't gotten the routine down, but we would sooner or later. Hopefully sooner, so none of the "drill sergeants", that's what me and Tess called them, would punish us for not following directions.

This was our second night, so we had about twenty minutes to clean up and get down to the dinning room for dinner, if I remembered correctly.

Tess and I headed to our room, which we shared with two other girls, that we had only met the day before. We still don't know why we were able to stay together and I wish Tess didn't have to go through any of this.

I had always been the strong one, never crying at anything. I didn't even cry when our parents died when we were fifteen. I'm not some cold-hearted, soulless person, I just know if I did ever cry I wouldn't be able to stop.

Twenty minutes later, the four of us, Tess, Lindsey, Hannah, and I walked into the dinning room. The dinning room looked like a cafeteria, but with cottage looking walls and rugs on the floor.

There was a cafeteria line filled with all different kinds of food including Italian, Russian, Chinese, American and many other cultures of food. They treated us like we were special and royalty one minute and like a piece of dirt the next. Lovely, not.

We each grabbed a plate and started down the line behind everyone else. I didn't really have an appetite after the gun shooting escapade, so I took a piece of cheese pizza on my plate, knowing I wasn't going to eat it, and followed Tess and the others to a table in the far corner.

There were about ten tables in the room, ample amount of space for everyone to get a seat. There was a loud buzz of talking; each table having a completely different conversation.

"So you've never shot a gun in your entire life, yet you hit the target like every time." Lindsey said as she started eating the huge helping of pasta on her plate.

I looked over at her," Umm yeah, I don't really know how I did it. And I probably will never do it again."

Hannah nodded, "Sort of like beginners luck."

I shrugged, "I guess."

Tess was vacantly looking around the room. Not touching her favorite food in the world, chicken lo-mien. I nudged her chair and pointed to her plate. "Eat something." Ever since our parents had died I had become the only mother figure in her life and even though she hated me for it sometimes, at the moment I think what she wanted most was her mother.

I think everyone in the entire room wanted their mom.

She looked over at me and gave a weak smile, but thankfully picked up her fork and started eating.

"Do you think they'll ever let us go? They said we were going to like become soldiers or something, but why would they want us to do that? I just want to go home." Lindsey sighed.

"Hey you're the girl who got the bull's eye like every time right?" I looked to my left to see a guy with sandy blonde hair and a goofy smile looking at me. He was wearing khaki shorts and a navy blue polo shirt. He had the bluest eyes I had ever seen. Something seemed familiar about him.

Then it clicked. He was Seth's friend. The one who had slapped on the shoulder and told Seth how perfect Seth's shooting had been.

"Umm yeah. Do you need something?" I hadn't wanted to stand out in my old life and I didn't want to stand out now.

"See that guy over there?" He pointed to a table towards my right and as I turned to where his finger pointed I collided gazes with Seth.

My heart sped up as he seemed to search my gaze for something, but I wasn't sure for what.

I quickly averted my gaze and turned back to the guy standing at my table.

I tried to sound casual, but it came out kind of breathless, hopefully no one noticed, that would be embarrassing, "Yeah, so?"

The guy smiled, white teeth dazzling. "He's gonna show you how a real guns' man shoots tomorrow. Better watch out." Aggh I so did not need this right now. How did I get into this mess? I just want to go home and not deal with this crap, but that wasn't a choice at the moment, so I wasn't just going to let them make a fool out of me as about half the room watched.

"Yeah well you can let him know, that he actually has to have a gun before he can even shoot it." And just because I was in a pissy mood; I turned to Seth staring right at him and pushed my tongue into my cheek, hoping he got the message.

Apparently he and everyone else in the room did. Everyone erupted in laughter, calling to Seth and his friend, "You just got served!"

For just a few minutes every one in the room was able to escape from the fate they were thrown into.

Then it came crashing down on them by the front door being thrown open and the head drill sergeant stormed in.

"Let's go! Get to your rooms, now!"

The whole room was shocked for about five seconds then chaos ignited. People were running into each other trying to get to the cafeteria exit and their rooms.

I grabbed Tess's hand and Lindsey and Hannah grabbed onto Tess's shirt. I was almost to the girl's exit door, there's a guys exit door and there's a girls they were very strict about that, when someone whispered in my ear.

"Touché." I looked up to see Seth jog past with his friend on his tail.

I was unable to keep a smile from reaching my lips, even though they were both total jerks.

We reached our room in record time and flopped down on our beds exhausted.

"Jade, that was so awesome what you said in there!" Tess said from the bunk bed beneath me.

"Yeah and what you did." Lindsey said mimicking me. We all burst out laughing.

After our fit of laughter a serious note came into my mind. "Okay, we should get some rest, we have to get up early."

Frowns crept on all our faces. "Yeah, wouldn't want to get Sarge angry."

Hannah stood up and started pulling stuff out of her duffle bag. "I can't believe that's his real name. I mean come on, Sarge? Can you get any closer to irony?"

We all nodded. "What I would give to see him get knocked off his high place." Hannah continued.

"Yeah, that would be number one on my wish list." Lindsey agreed.

With that they all started to get ready for bed. We weren't really treated as prisoner, our bedroom and clothes was part of the "treating us as royalty" part. They had packed all our clothes we owned in a duffle bag and put it in our rooms.

Our rooms were designed like dorm rooms. Two bunk beds on either side of the room. A twin sized mattress with sheets and a comforter on each. There was a small window in the middle wall, into between the two bunk beds. There was a closet on each side of the room too, but it was only big enough to fit one of us in there. A bathroom was toward the front of the room. A sink and shower, thank God.

The walls were white and the floor made of wood, but they had laid a rug to cover it. We would rather just have the wood floor because the carpet was a puke green, not pretty, if you get the picture.

We took turns in the bathroom and finally were showered and ready to go to sleep.

The lights were turned out and I lay there unable to sleep, wondering why, when Hannah spoke softly to me.

"Why do you think those two guys were making a big deal about the shooting thing?"

That had been what I was trying to figure out for the past hour, but came up with nothing.

"I don't know." I truly didn't. But tomorrow I was going to find out, because if I didn't it would make me go crazy. Which right now might be a good thing…