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Well I'm back and I just had to do this! This will be a two shot and it's the sequel to "if you would have told them." You don't have to read that know get this story but it would probably be best if you did. Thanks to everyone who reviews!

Cid laid his head back onto his pilot's seat as he flied to the famous Costa de Sol. A giant grin spread across the pilot's face. Finally after all these years of hard work he was getting some time off. He could just imagine it now. The pure blue and clear water of the ocean. The warm sand in between his toes while he sips on one of those fancy drinks that he couldn't get in a regular bar. Looking out from a large window to the beach front and sleeping in on silk sheets. Not to mention the passionate nights that he would be sharing in that same hotel with his husband . Call it a late honeymoon.

The pilot looked to his right to see Vincent sitting in a coal black chair looking out into the sky. For once the gunner didn't have that concealing cape on so Cid could see his husband's whole face. He had convinced Vincent not to wear the damn thing for the remainder of the vacation. Oh sure he had to put up with the vampire's sulking but the pilot was far to used to that for it to have a true affect on him.

It had been a smooth trip so far. The sky was crystal clear and perfect for flying. The "Scarlet Valentine" ran with perfect efficiency. It was a cruiser airship that was half the size of "the Highwind". Cidney wasn't so sure that he would like leaving his baby at the damn airport all alone for a week, but it wasn't like the hotel they were staying at had a landing platform. And he had five members of his crew staying with the ship but still…… The whole trip had been planned perfectly. Cid had Tifa book them a hotel online. It was expensive but it was apparently one of the nicest ones there was. It had room service, A beachfront view, and was also only about five minutes away from the main attractions of the tropical town.

So now there they were, both sitting in the pilot's chairs (Cid had gotten one installed for Vincent) only about ten minutes away from their vacation destination. Cid could hardly wait!

"Calm you tapping. Chief. Costa De Sol not going anywhere." Vincent smirked with an amused gleam in his eyes. Honestly, his lover was going to end up accidentally hitting a self destruct button if he kept that up.

"I know! But I can't help it, Vin! I mean, I've been waiting my whole life to go to this place!" Cid shouted with a huge grin on his face. The vampire just shook his head and went back to reading his book. After ten long minutes, which included Cidney tapping away, chain smoking and twirling in his chair the landing point was finally in sight.

"It's about fucking time!" The pilot happily hollered as he let the plane settle onto the landing spot. There waiting outside the plane were two men in black suits waiting to escort them to the limo. Or so Cid thought. When he stepped off the plane it was a different story as the two men stared at him.

"I'm sorry sir but this is two inches away from the landing line, you'll have to land it again within the line to be within regulations." The first grunt said.

"What the fuck!! Let me tell you something!! I don't see any fucking god dammed line" Cid yelled as his smile was easily wiped off his face and was replaced with rage. He just wanted to start his vacation!

"That's the point sir." The other grunt said in a sarcastic manner.

"Why you little mother fucker……"

"Chief, please calm down and just land the plane again, then you can leave." The vampire sighed.

"Fucking Fine!" The pilot sulked as he went inside and landed the plane….again. This time making sure that he put it precisely within the lines. The two suites smirked with amusement as the plane landed and the pilot reappeared looking like he wanted nothing more than to get out his spear and tear them apart.

"Great, good to know that you can land properly, Captain. Now we just need to inspect the ship." The lead grunt explained. Vincent raised his eyebrow. This didn't seem normal and those guys better watch their smug attitudes because he wasn't going to hold Cid back anymore. This was a problem Vincent ran into frequently. Most people respected the saviors of the world but some others tried to get in as many smart ass remarks as possible. This happened often with Cid because most people thought him to be nothing more than a foul mouth redneck. Oh boy. These guys didn't know what they were in for.

"Listed you stupid brain dead mother fuckers! I built this ship with my fucking bear hands and I'm not letting anyone touch my baby. Especially not some pathetic fuck ass like you." That's what was said before Cidney hocked up a giant phlegm ball and spat at the man….hitting him right in the eye. Vincent couldn't help the grin from coming to his face from the man's disgusted expression. The other grunt busted into a fit of giggles. The mechanics of the "Scarlet Valentine" had watched the whole thing from behind the windshield and just shook their heads. That was their Captain for you…..

"Why you!! I'm ordering a full scale investigation of this plane!!" The man yelled in rage as he scooped off the phlegm that was now sliding down his cheek and glared at his partner. The other man let out a nervous laugh and straightened up.

"Fine! Investigate the fucking ship! See if I fucking care!" the pilot yelled as he stomped his foot like a three year old. The mechanics knew what that meant. They all lined up and prepared to follow the men that were coming inside the ship.

"If you do anything to my baby I'll fucking kill your god dammed fucking souls!!" The pilot howled at the investigators like a madman.

"Shut up you old coot!" The man yelled, Vincent watched as Cid's face turned red with rage. It was time to end this. The demon vessel stepped in front of the pilot and threatenly gazed at the man. The man glared back as if to issue a challenge.

"I don't think it needs to be said that if you mess up his ship that we will be suing." The vampire calmly said. The two men immediately straightened up.

"Yes, I'm sorry. Please accept our apology. We will act with the utmost profession as we investigate your ship." The lead grunt said as he put his head down in shame. The mechanics inside all let out a sigh of relief. Thank goodness their Captain had such a smart husband. All in all the inspection took a total of two minutes before they were out. The whole time Cid smugly watched them while smoking his cigarette, knowing how people were when they were threatened to get sued.

"Sir, we have decided that this ship isn't containing anything illegal. You may go now. Have a nice day." The man politely said to the vampire before flashing a glare a Cid. All of which the pilot happily returned.

"Thank you." Vincent said with a light bow.

"Yeah, don't let the door slam you in the ass on the way out!" Cid obnoxiously returned.

The two men looked less than amused but didn't say anything further and walked off.

"Must you always do that?" The vampire tiredly asked as he rubbed the temples on his head.

"Of course." The foul mouthed human scoffed as he began to walk down the stairs to the main lobby. The lobby was made with pure white tiles that seemed to give off a sterile environment. Cid couldn't wait to get the hell out of there. The two walked outside onto the sidewalk and looked for the limo that was supposed to be waiting for them. Cid ran up and down the sidewalk to make sure that he didn't miss anything while Vincent let out a sigh. He knew what was next.

"Where the FUCK is the fucking limo!!" The pilot fumed. The bellhop who stood next to the crystal doors looked at the middle aged man. Then the employee looked like an idea struck him as he walked over to Cidney and calmly spoke.

"Sir, I'm sorry but the limo was here, however the driver told me you were running late and he left. I can call a taxi for you if you like?" The bellhop quietly asked. Cid looked like he was ready to blow a gasket, thankfully Vincent saw this and took control. The last thing they needed was his husband going to jail for "disturbing the peace". The vampire pulled the pilot back before any words could escape.

"Yes thank you. We would appreciate it." The demon vessel quickly said. The bellhop seemed to take the hint and scurried back inside to call a taxi. The whole time Highwind stood there grumbling obscenities under his breath. The older looking man was sweating under the hot sun.

"Can you believe this shit? Fuck! I was looking forward to getting in an nice air conditioned limo…." The army man pouted.

"Don't worry chief." The vampire said as he patted his husband on the back. After about ten minutes the obscenely yellow car pulled up.

"Are you two the ones I'm picking up?" The dirty man in the driver's seat asked as he rolled down his window. The two men nodded and got into the dusty back seat. Cid was just happy to get in some air conditioning and Vincent was just being his silent self. Finally after a very silent ride the two ended up at the hotel. Cid threw himself out of the car and lit up another cigarette while Vincent payed the driver. At last! They were finally at the hotel!

The hotel was a grand one indeed. It had a homey feel to it that instantly drew people in. The floors were see through that held a giant aquarium underneath. So it felt like you were walking on top of the ocean. Sharks and tropical fish swam below enrapturing the gunman. The ceiling was also made of a see through crystal where you could see the sky perfectly. Cid had already made his way up to the front desk. The demon vessel was going to happily continue watching the fish but it seemed as if fate had other plans.

"WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU FUCKIN MEAN OUR ROOM'S FUCKIN BEEN RENTED OUT!!" The pilot's voice rang across the lobby. Some of the people looked up in confusion but quickly went back to lounging like this happened everyday. The lady across the counter didn't look happy at all. She was dressed in a pure white business suit with her hair pulled up tightly in a bun.

"Yes Sir. You were late picking up your keys so management decided that you weren't coming and gave your room to someone else. Good bye." The lady curtly explained as she pulled a lever behind the desk which made the metal blinds come closing down on her window. Cid stood there with a shocked expression on his face.

"FUCK!!" The pilot screamed before muttering a string of creative word choices. Why did this have to happen! He had reserved that room months in advance only to have it given away for being a few minutes late. It wasn't fucking fair!

"C'mon Chief. Let's go to the casino across the street. At least then we can get something to eat and then find out where we're going to stay." The vampire said as he easily dragged his husband out of the hotel. Maybe Cid just needed to eat? It normally worked when the pilot was in a bad mood. Across the street was a giant casino. The bricks sparkled like they were made out of gold and glowed in the Costa De Sol sun. You could see the multitudes of slot machines through the windows. To the side of the gambling area was a small luxury diner. It had dark blue carpeting and deep hardwood tables. The lighting was dimmed for that romantic setting.

Vincent pulled his lover through the casino and into the diner. The two immediately got a decent able in the middle of the room. Cid was still grumbling but at least now it was to a lesser degree. Vincent could automatically feel eyes on him. He wished that he hadn't agreed not to bring his cloak now. The piece of fabric was like a safety net. Cid lit up a cigarette in an attempt to calm his nerves. It wasn't a second later that a scantly dressed woman came over to take their orders.

"Hello! What would you like today!" She perkily asked.

"Sex on the beach." Cidney moodily answered. Vincent lightly raised an eyebrow but decided not to comment on the change in Cid's drinking habits.

"Red wine." The vampire replied. The woman's whole body blushed red as she heard Vincent's voice. She hastily wrote down the drink orders before stopping to look at Cid.

"Um….sir….there's no smoking in here…." She quietly said. Vincent could see Cid's face scrunch up in anger. In an attempt to stop the rage that was bound to happen, the vampire swiftly kicked his lover in the shin under the table.

"Thank you, that will be fine." Vincent hastily said. The girl nodded and went to get the drinks.

"Damn it Vin. Whatcha do that for?" The pilot pouted and rubbed his leg in pain. Vincent couldn't help the smirk that rose to his face. Had it been anyone else who had done that they would have gotten an extremely different reaction.

"She was just doing her job and I didn't want to be kicked out of yet another place on account of your mouth." The gunslinger explained.

"Oh now c'mon Vincent. You're just saying that because you want my mouth all to yourself." The pilot leered. The vampire couldn't stop the blush that heated up his face. He could feel himself slowly hardening under those sky blue eyes.

"Oh, are you sure it's not the other way around?" Vincent shot back . Now it was the pilot's turn to look uncomfortable. Cid crossed his legs while X rated images of what he was going to do to Vincent later ran through his head. The girl came back and sat down their drinks, then scurried off. The two were going to continue their flirting but a man came in wearing a giant purple suit and they couldn't help but stare. The man seemed to confidently stride over to Cid's table.

"Hey Honey. You look new. How about you come with me and we can get you some better…..clients." The man said as he gave Cid a dirty look and for once Vincent was speechless. Thankfully however Cidney was not.

"What the FUCK! Vinnie's not a god dammed prostitute! He's my fucking husband!" The pilot growled as he showed his ring on his right hand.

"Uh huh. Sure. Well let me tell you, you must be loaded because there is no way any self respecting person would willingly be with you. Especially one as gorgeous as he is. Well except that claw. Why would you wear a claw. Must get the old coot off, huh?" The pimp asked in a sarcastic voice.

Vincent was drawing into himself while being scrutinized. He knew that he wasn't worth anything, He knew he wasn't pretty and he knew that the only reason Cid stayed with him was for the sex and because he could tolerate the Captain. Not to mention he was sure that Cid was insane. It wasn't like he could do anything about his hand, it was graphed to his skin. But he didn't like being reminded of it. It was times like this that he wished he had worn his cloak.

Cid watched as Vincent hung his head in shame. Now there were a few things that you should know about Cidney Highwind. He was a chain smoker. He was a compulsive cusser. He hated it when people made fun of him, but he REALLY hated it when people made the love of his life uncomfortable. It had taken long enough to break the vampire of his depression and he would be dammed if a few words put his husband back in it. He would protect Vincent's honor!

It was with that thought that he picked up the sex on the beach and threw it into the pimp's face. The man howled in pain as he furiously rubbed his eyes trying to get the alcohol out. It was also around this time where the pilot got up and slammed his chair onto the pimp's face. Blood gushed out of the wound and onto the floor. Vincent lifted his head and saw the carnage around him. A smile rose to his face as his husband continued to pound the man in the purple suit. It made him happy to know that Cid cared enough about him to fight for him. That's why he loved the pilot.

Though soon the Casino's security and the cops came and Cidney was dragged to the police car cussing and fighting. All the while with Vincent trailing behind them. Finally the car stopped at the bland building that was the jail. There his husband thrown into a tiny cell, all the while glaring at the cops through the metallic bars.

"Can I help you?" The tired looking police officer asked.

"Yes, I'm here to bail Cidney Highwind out."

"Oh HIM." The guard said as he looked behind his shoulder to the cell and glared at the pilot.

"Yes "Oh Me"! You god dammed son of a bitch!!" The pilot shouted while shaking the bars like an animal.

"Well the bail will be one million gil." The officer stated.

"What! Why so fucking high?!" Cid screamed.

"I'll be back in a minute. Cid. BEHAVE." The vampire stated as he walked out the door. Cid sat down in the cell and pouted. So Vincent being the adoring husband he was took a cab back to the airship to get the money. It was only then that he noticed that they had forgotten their luggage, but Vincent decided to leave it. Truthfully he didn't want to be in this town a second longer.

"Mr. Vincent? Why are you back so soon?" One of the mechanics asked.

"I bet the Captain got put in jail!" The other mechanic yelled.

"Very astute guessing." The vampire muttered.

"Oh not again! Thank goodness you're around to control him!" The third mechanic moaned. Vincent just nodded as the crew erupted into nervous laughs.

After that Vincent got off the airship he went back to the jail. But he was stopped as a young teenage woman ran to him carrying a small bundle. She looked like she was coming down with something. Her skin was pale and she had dark black rings around her eyes.

"Please help me. I just had her and I don't want to put her in an orphanage, but I can't take care of her. You look like a good person! Please treat her like she was your own!" The lady begged as she thrust the bundle into his hands before furiously running off.

"Wait…" The vampire called but she was already gone. Vincent looked down at the bundle. The child was a little girl that had fresh black sprouts of hair poking out from her head. The child squirmed before a shrill screech exited her as her eyes opened. They were the same color of blue as Cidney's eyes. The vampire sighed in defeat as he rocked the child and triedly walked into the jail.

The vampire moodily slammed the gil onto the table. The bailsman looked startled for a moment before he grumpily went to release Cid. The baby was still wailing.

"Vincent what the FUCK is that thing! Shut it up!" Cid yelled before receiving a glare for Vincent that clearly told him he would be getting shot if he talked to the vampire like that again. Cid knew that glare and wisely decided to apologize.

"Sorry, Vin. Here give me the little monster." The pilot said as he took the child out of the vampire's hands. The little girl instantly quieted down. A small smile rose to the Captain's face as he quietly rocked the baby. The jailer and the gunslinger stood shocked at the oddly peaceful scene. It seemed like the pilot had a way with children.

"What do you want to do with her? Should we take her to Tifa?" Vincent quietly asked as he remembered that the woman didn't want her baby in an orpahanage. Cid's head popped up faster than a rocket.

"What the fuck do you mean? I'm not giving MY little darling angel away! C'mon Vincent! This town stinks! We're fucking leaving!" The pilot yelled. With that the confused vampire and the self proclaimed new father went back to the airship.

Never to return again.

To Be Continued….

Ok the second part will be up in a couple of days. It will contain partying, RufusReno, mentions of SephirothCloud, TifaCloud as friends, Yuffie's unsuccessful flirting and Cid's foul, foul, language...and did I mention smut...well there will be smut too. So I hope you enjoy and please review!