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Chapter 2 - Welcome Home

She started talking over her laughter, "Oh Emmett Cullen is in so much trouble."

"Why?" I asked into the phone, knowing full well a number of things Emmett had done recently would make Rosalie say that.

"Sorry Bella, I really, really want to talk to you but I need to speak with Emmett first. Can you please give the phone back to him?" She sounded frustrated, but she was still sort of laughing.

I was sad when I shifted to get off the bed to give the phone back to Emmett. Hearing Rose's voice made me miss her even more and I wished I could just catch up with her for hours and hours.

Edward's hand trailed down my side as I got up, he didn't let it leave my skin until I had leaned far enough away for it to drop down to the bed next to him. It sent shivers through my body, and looking back at him as I walked out of the room to give the phone back made me instantly eager to throw the thing at Emmett and get back into Edward's arms. He just always looked so freaking alluring. It's not fair sometimes.

"She wants you again," I smiled at Emmett and tried to give him a warning look with my eyes.

"She always wants me," Emmett replied with a deep voice, wiggling his eyebrows.

I laughed and threw him a blanket that was resting on the back of the bowl chair. He was still only in his boxers, after all.

"Rose!" I heard him greet cheerfully, as if it was the first time he was speaking to her that night. "No- well ok maybe. Rosie... ok. No! Alright I understand...ok, but listen!..."

That was the last I heard from their converstaion as I got back to my room and closed the door behind me, smiling at what I pictured Rosalie saying to him.

I sighed when I shifted my gaze to the God laying on my bed.

His eyes were closed but his arms were reaching out towards me, them being the only indication he wasn't sleeping.

"I missed you," he said softly as I cuddled into his chest.

"I was gone for about 30 seconds," I giggled when he kissed my ear lightly.

"30 seconds too long," he said, resting his head against mine. "What did Rosalie want?"

"She didn't want anything from me, that's for sure. From what I gathered during the small time I was talking to her she had no idea she was even going to hear my voice. Emmett must have fled here without telling anyone," I laughed.

"Why here?" Edward said, scrunching up his nose in distaste at the idea.

"What do you mean, 'why here'? This is his home," I said.

Edward's eyes snapped open for the first time and he laughed bitterly for a short second. "This is not Emmett's home. This is your home... sort of, possibly even, our home. Perhaps."

He said the last part extremely quietly, knowing I could hear him but also giving me a chance not too. I sighed when I realized what he was getting at. He thought I was referring to my apartment when really I had been indicating that Forks is Emmett's home.

Then it hit me. "Our" home. Edward thought of my small apartment as "ours" but was just barely admitting that to me.

I smiled.

"Edward, have you been playing house in your head with you and I and this apartment?" I asked, tapping his nose playfully with my finger.

I giggled and he ducked his head down into my neck.

"No," he mumbled into me, his voice muffled and sounding very little kid-ish.

"Yes you have!" I declared with a laugh, teasing him.

He was silent and kept his face hidden. I wrapped my arms around him and kissed the top of the mess of hair that I love so very much.

"Don't lie to me, Edward Anthony. In your perfect little head of yours you have been imagining picking out matching dishes for the 2 cabinets in the kitchen, and curtains for the one window in the living room, and rugs for the floor, and an entertainment center, and a real couch, and you see yourself coming in after a hard day of serving coffee, throwing the door open and yelling, 'Honey, I'm home!' to which I look up from my home cooked meal, dressed in an apron and respond, 'Welcome home dear!'. You see it all in this little 'home' of ours. Don't you?"

I laughed a bit more and felt him laughing with me, but he still didn't raise his head up to face me. He just shook his head "no" into my neck and I poked him in the sides, taunting him further.

"Yes you do Edward! You so want to make a home with me! Admit it!"

He started responding to my pokes by attacking back, lightly tickling my sides, warning me that if my poking proceeded so would he.

"Admit it Edward," I sang into his ear, holding back the laughter of his tickling.

"No!" he yelled with one loud, beautiful laugh, finally bringing his head up and throwing his body over mine.

He tickled me silly and we were both left out of breath, him laying on top of me as we recovered from our laughing fit.

He tilted his head so that he was looking up at me and I ran my fingers through his bronze hair, watching it all fall back into place after my hand passed through. We laid in comfortable silence for a few moments until our breathing evened out and he was looking at me curiously.

"What?" I asked bluntly after a minute or two of him just looking at me.

"Would it be so terrible if I did imagine those things?" he smiled at me and I smiled back.

"Well, do you really imagine them?"

He thought for a second and I could tell he was deciding whether or not to tell me the truth.

"Would you think me ridiculous if I told you I did?" he gave me a sheepish look and I laughed, throwing my head back.

He moved up to kiss my newly exposed neck and I moaned softly, being surprised at his quick action.

"Is that a yes, love?" he said against my skin.

I can hardly think straight when his mouth is on any part of me, but I answered anyway, "No, I don't think it's ridiculous, I think it's cute."

He looked up at me and had a blank expression on his face. Well, if God-like and stunning can look blank this is what it would look like.

"Cute." He stated it and I nodded, not sure what the issue was.

"Is it bad that I think you're cute?" I asked.

"No, it's not bad. It's just… I wonder if we are on the same page when it comes to this subject."

He looked at me curiously and pulled himself up to lean the side of his head on one hand, bringing the other up to stroke a strand of my hair. I turned to face him and tried to figure out where he was going with this.

"What do you mean? What subject?"

"The subject of making a home together. Of starting our lives together," he responded somewhat quietly as he ran a hand through his hair. "I know we've discussed our future, and clearly we are ultimately on the same page," he lifted my hand up and wiggled my finger with the engagement ring on it, making me smile, "and I still agree with every decision we've come to... but I can't help but imagine being your husband right now."

He sighed and looked disappointed with himself.

"And you think that I'm not on the same page? You think that you are, like, the freak of the relationship, or something, and that I still see you as just a boyfriend or some sort of casual fiancé?" I didn't say it harshly, I was genuinely asking him if that's what he thought.

He looked straight at me and shrugged. "Well I wouldn't go as far as dubbing me the 'freak of the relationship'," he smiled and I laughed a little, "but I do wonder if my thoughts are moving too quickly. It's difficult to explain, but-"

I cut him off by putting my finger up to his mouth before he could begin rambling about his insecurities about his thoughts. Not that I couldn't listen to his silky voice for hours on end, sometimes I ask him questions about things I have no interest in just to hear him speak, but right now he is being silly.

"But nothing. I think the same things... sort of. Well, not really." I looked away from him, feeling my face scrunch up with thought as I tried to figure out what I was exactly rambling about.

"Bella," he said, moving my finger away from his mouth and entwining our hands together. "You don't have to try and comfort me if you don't feel or think the same. I'll just tone it down a bit. We've decided to wait to have the wedding, and I still think that is the best decision despite what I let my imagination get away with. I'm sorry I brought it up, it's really not an issue."

"No, no, no," I said, turning back towards him. I didn't want him thinking that he was wrong for what he was admitting. The feeling that came over me at his admittance of his thoughts was amazing, actually.

"That came out wrong. I do think the same sort of things, Edward, I just haven't really noticed until now."

"Bella-" he tried to protest, clearly not believing me.

"Seriously! Take the other day when you fixed the remote for me, for example. I thought about how great it is I will never have to worry about our remote being broke. See... our remote! I think of things as ours in this apartment." I nodded my head at him and at my excellent point of how my thoughts mirrored his. He looked at me with an unamused expression.

"First of all, I didn't fix anything, the batteries just needed to be replaced in the remote," he smirked at me and I waved it of with a flick of my hand. Batteries-shmatteries, he still figured out what was wrong before I did. "And second of all, it is our remote! That is my old TV I dug out of our garage and gave to you when you moved in. We both have a claim on it."

"Alright, well maybe I don't have the best example right now!" I threw my hands up in exasperation and he laughed at me. At least he's lightening up. "I do think about you being my husband, and me being your wife, though. All the time! I have thoughts about dishes and curtains and rugs, but I have suppressed them I think. Now that you admit you've already practically picked out paint and linens for our future home, I have no shame in recognizing my thoughts as well!" I smiled victoriously at him but he looked doubtfully at me.

"I never said anything about linens. Please Bella, if we are playing house then I need to at least be the man of the game. Imagine me picking out the barbeque or something. You can handle the imaginary linens."

I laughed and he smiled at me fully finally, making me distracted by how just plain hot he looked. Edward is a lot of things, many of them are grand adjectives used to describe beauty, but sometimes he is strictly just hot. This is one of those times.

I pulled myself closer to him and whispered, "Soon Edward. Life moves quickly and soon we will legally be husband and wife and we won't have to imagine anything. I can't wait, believe me. Especially since I can do this forever," I kissed him with what I hope was seduction and then pulled away slowly, "and much more."

I smiled slyly and the green in his eyes darkened a bit, just like I hoped. He leaned in further and in his purring voice mumbled, "more, more, more," before attacking my mouth with his.

Just as his hands were making their way to the skin underneath my shirt it happened again.

"Goodnight Bellarina! Eddie!"

Dammit Emmett!

I groaned and Edward actually did growl this time as a majority of our bodies fell away from each other, the mood being broken by the interruption.

"We are never having children," he mumbled, running a hand through his hair and glancing at me with an annoyed expression.

To which I replied, "Fine by me."

I got up and grabbed some pj's out of my dresser, throwing some sleeping pants that Edward kept at my house to him on the bed. I went to the bathroom and changed, sticking my head out of the bedroom door before closing it to say a proper goodnight and make sure Emmett was comfy.

"You all good for the night Em?"

"Heck yes, sister! I've never slept in The Sac before. It's no Bertha, but so far I'm liking what I feel."

I laughed and he pulled the blanket up to his chin.

"We are going to talk more about why you are here tomorrow, Emmett. You know that right?" I asked skeptically before letting him sleep.

"Sure," he said nonchalantly as he turned his back to me.

I sighed but decided to let it be. I turned back to find Edward already in his pajamas and the maroon zip up instead of the green shirt he had been wearing before.

I scoffed in disappointment at my lack of thought.

"Oh man, I get Hoodie 2 tonight?" I fake pouted.

"Sorry, love. First come, first serve," he chuckled and I gave him the "F You" sign from Friends, which is just putting your hands in fists and bumping the outsides of them together twice. Even with Emmett away we retained a lot from all of our time watching every single episode of that show.

I picked up Hoodie 2 and threw it over me, watching the maroon fall over my eyes and into place on my body.

Hoodie 2 is Esme's attempt at being helpful. She got it for me for my birthday back in September, even though I made it clear to everyone I didn't need anything but to be with them. Edward didn't listen either, and from him I got the annoyingly wonderful stereo that now resided in my living room.

After I scolded him about spending too much money on me, all the while sporting a huge smile that nullified my lecture, Esme handed me a present from her and Carlisle. I opened up the bright green package to find a plain maroon pull over hoodie. I pulled it out and Edward had to turn his head away from me to keep from laughing out loud, since I was wearing the zip up as I opened the present.

"Thanks Esme," I said as sincerely as possible, sort of confused.

"You're welcome dear. This way you two won't have to fight over that one," she explained to me. "You each have your own now, and this one should fit you better."

She smiled so sweetly I couldn't help but return it, even though Edward was still turned away from me, his hand now over his mouth.

The second we got to the privacy of his room he burst out laughing.

"It's sweet Edward, she doesn't know we don't fight for this one and that we share it perfectly fine. She probably thinks I am hoarding your favorite piece of clothing and wants to help you get it back." I chuckled a bit myself, holding the new hoodie limply at my side.

"You're not actually going to wear it are you?" he asked as he took it from my hand and held it up.

"Well I definitely like this one better," I said, pulling lightly on the fabric that engulfed me. "That one won't smell like you." I let my features turn sad and Edward just smiled.

"No problem, love. I'll fix Hoodie 2 for you."

He threw it over his head and I laughed when he pulled it into place around his body. Edward is very lean so the width wasn't really a problem. It was the fact that he is so tall and the hoodie was meant for me. The arms were too short and exposed his wrists, and about 1/4 of his torso was far from being covered by maroon as well.

"Hoodie 2?" I asked, with a raised brow and a laugh.

"Sure. If we can share that one, we can share this one," he gestured to me, then to himself and then pulled the hood up over his head. It was too small for him as well and rested on the very back of his head, leaving most of the bronze mess still free. I laughed again at how horribly it fit him.

"But you look ridiculous in that one," I was fully laughing then as I gestured to him standing before me in the small hoodie.

"Oh really?" he asked, putting his hands on his hips and causing the arms of Hoodie 2 to rise even higher up his forearm. I laughed harder.


He smirked at me and closed the distance between us. His movements were fast as he pulled the arms of the zip up down forcefully, causing them to cascade down over my hands a good 4 inches. Then he reached behind me and threw the hood onto my head where it hung almost all the way over my eyes.

Good point.

"Touché," I sighed. "I suppose now we will also be able to 'pull over' our love for each other?" I questioned, lifting me head up comically to look at him from under the giant hood.

He agreed with me by laughing, wrapping his arms around me, and ducking his own face under the cover of the hood to kiss me in all of our awkward fitting maroon glory.

The good news is that Hoodie 2 holds Edward's scent almost as well as the zip up, and he only has to wear it once in a while to get the wonderful smell to stay. It's been stretched a bit with him wearing it and it being washed pretty often, so the look of him in it isn't as humorous as before. It's part of the family now, even though the zip up is still preferred by both of us. Edward likes it better because of the fit (obviously) and I like it better because it's been a part of our relationship for so long.

I climbed into my bed in Hoodie 2 and snuggled into Edward for the night. Tomorrow I don't have to work and I have nothing to do until open mic starts. I will have plenty of time to get more answers from Emmett.

Oh my gosh!

Tomorrow I get to hang out with Emmett!

"Goodnight my Bella," Edward mumbled sleepily, interrupting my revelation.

"Goodnight Edward Anthony," I mumbled back, smiling hugely.


"Eddie left early this morning," Emmett commented as I stumbled into my living room at 10:30 the next morning.

I just smiled and plopped into the bowl chair since Emmett was still taking up a huge part of the Love Sac. He was eating a bowl of cereal and watching cartoons.

"He hates when you call him that," I said as I looked sleepily at him.

"He needs to get over it," Emmett laughed back at me.

"I see you found the cereal all by yourself," I nodded to the bowl in his hands and he smiled widely, a bit of milk escaping his mouth and dripping down his chin.

"Indeed I did. I can provide for myself you know, sister. I'm quite the hunter and gatherer when I need to be."

I laughed at his wide grin and got up to get myself my own bowl of cereal.

"So how's LA been?" I asked carefully when I sat back down with my food. I hope I don't sound too eager to hear about it.

"You mean besides the wench?" Emmett asked with a grimace.

"Yes, besides the wench," I chuckled back.

"It's pretty good," Emmett shrugged and looked at the ground, setting his now empty bowl down where he was looking. He didn't look back up.

"That's it?" I asked, raising a brow he still wasn't looking at.

"Well I got work as a waiter, you know. That's been good since Puck seems to like me enough." He smiled sincerely at that and it made me feel better, though he still didn't look up at me.

"That's right, you work at Wolfgang Puck's restaurant above the Kodak theatre, right?"

I remember when Emmett got that job. It pays considerably higher than Starbucks and I was still talking to Rose on a weekly basis when he got the job. She had been so proud of him.

He nodded and continued.

"I hang out with Mike and Tyler a lot. Did you know their band broke up?" He finally looked up at me with a questioning look.

"What?" I asked, dropping my spoon into my bowl.

"Yeah, Jess and Angela were getting super busy with school and work and the crowds at shows have only been getting worse... so they all decided on an indefinite hiatus." He nodded sadly and I felt my face fall.

That doesn't seem right. They have been playing music together for so long and they grew up in that venue.

"That sucks," I said plainly, having no other explanation for it than that.

"Yeah," Emmett agreed with a sigh. "They still play together though, when they get a chance. A lot of times Mikey lets me come over and play too. I actually keep my drums over at his place now."

The mention of his drums brought a smile to his face and I felt better knowing that Emmett still got to play. I know that Jazz and Edward play all the time with open mic and Music Thursdays at my place. It was good to know that Emmett still kept it in his life as well. His big form sitting behind his drum set was a good image to have. Very familiar and happy.

"So. Now to the important stuff," I looked at him seriously and he sighed as I set my own empty bowl on the ground. "Why are you here?"

I sat back and waited.

"I told you, the demon lady kicked me out of my own apartment after a few misunderstandings and a lot of overreactions," he scowled and I rolled my eyes.

"I remember the many reasons why you got kicked out, Em," I laughed a little bit and I saw a smile trying to break through his disgusted look. "What I mean is, why are you hiding out in my apartment? Why did you say your parents can't know you are here? Why didn't Rosalie know you were here?"

I folded my arms and waited again.

"Oh Bellarina, it's all gotten so complicated."

He sighed and then surprised me by running a hand through his curly hair, reminding me a lot of Edward.

"I came here because I needed to get out of LA for a while. After Vicky kicked me out, probably only for the night as usual, I realized I needed a break from the whole scene and not just from her this time. So I went back in, grabbed a few things and headed to my first home." He shrugged and looked like he was going to continue, so I didn't interrupt.

"On the plane I realized that I didn't want to see my parents yet. I guess I just feel like my dad may be disappointed in me for running away from things and my mom will, well maybe be sad or something. I don't know, this is all really lame sounding but it made sense at the time. Damn, when did Emmett Cullen start pussying out on things?"

He started to sound upset with himself and I was getting confused at the seriousness of his words.

"Wait, Emmett," I spoke up and he looked at me. There definitely was a sadness residing in his eyes. Something I'd only seen in the midst of sad goodbyes. "Why do you think Carlisle will be disappointed in you? I know for a fact Esme would be nothing but thrilled to see any of her sons, especially after not seeing them for so long."

He looked strained for a long moment then threw his head back onto the Love Sac and stared at the ceiling as he spoke.

"I don't know. I don't know where all these jacked up feelings are coming from, Bellarina. I just know that things have felt weird lately and I needed to get away. I don't know if that's considered running away or not, but I need to get some of my crap in my together before I face my parents. I know the situation at home is different due to everything that jackass is putting my father through," his scowl made a brief appearance on his face again and I couldn't stifle one of my own as I thought of the idiot that had sued Carlisle, "and I guess I'm just seeking out some sort of normalcy. Just for a little while. That's why I came to your place. I know I've never been here before, but I figured that being around you, Edward, and Jasper would feel a little bit normal. At least it would feel better."

I tried not to let myself give in to his words because I knew that wouldn't be entirely healthy. I know what he's getting at. I understand his statement of just wanting normalcy back. Wanting what I felt like for 9 months of my life back.

What the heck. Emmett gave in first. Maybe he hadn't built up as many walls as Edward, Jasper and I in the last 9 months.

"I know what you mean," I said quietly. "Nothing really feels normal lately for us either, Em. Edward and Jazz and I have a sort of silent understanding about how life is now. Not that it's bad, just that it's not what it used to be and we have to wait it out or something."

"Rose and I have that too, I think," he admitting with a small laugh.

"I suspect Alice and Jasper have it too, when he goes to see her in Seattle," I added and he nodded in agreement.

"The thing is, I feel like this is only temporary, you know? Like I just have to get through this weird part and then everyone will... well everything will, you know, be different again. But better. Like, before."

I smiled at his inability to say what I couldn't say either. None of us wanted to say out loud that the ultimate goal was to be together. Sure, many couples and best friends had that pact as they grew up and life changed, but a group of 6? Since when has a whole group of 6 people had their hearts foolishly set on spending the rest of their lives together? We all had to be crazy, and we all knew it.

"What about Rose?" I asked.

"What about Rose?" he replied, the mere mention of her name bringing a smile to his lips.

"Well how is she? I haven't talked to her in a while. Why didn't you tell her you were coming here? She should understand, right?" I looked him in the eyes and was glad to see the smile had spread to them as well.

"Yeah, after I calmed her down she was extremely understanding. She just doesn't like Vicky and I fighting all the time. I get that, but I can't help but fight back when provoked. It's my nature and all that." He laughed joyfully and I was extremely glad to hear the sound again. "I didn't want to tell Rosie I was coming here because I wanted to keep her from feeling left out for as long as possible. She was on a job in Berlin, or France or something, and I left her a note on the bed I knew she would find after I'd already arrived here."

I laughed slightly at the fact that Emmett still had no idea where Rose had been for her job. He had now named about 8 different parts of the world, none of them close to each other even a little bit.

"Well she won't be totally left out, we never see Alice," I sighed and he frowned.

"Really? I thought she chose that Seattle school to keep close."

"She did but she's so dang busy all the time she never has a free weekend to come here. So Jasper goes there." I shrugged because it was just what life had become.

"Oh, yeah that makes sense, I guess."

We were both silent for a moment as we just stared at our hands.

"So how long are you going to be here for?" I asked as I looked up.

"I don't know. What is today? The 5th?"

I thought for a second and then nodded "yes".

"I suppose I'll stay through Thanksgiving then. Take a nice long vacation and all that," he smiled and stretched into the Love Sac.

"You know you have to tell your parents you are here then, right? You can't possibly want to sleep on the Love Sac every night when you have a real bed at your house."

"The Sac is comfy, but you're right. Are you sure I can't just share your bed?" He winked at me and I scoffed. Here's my semi incestuous brother that I loved.

"I don't know, you have to ask Edward if he's willing to give up his spot in my bed for the next month," I smiled sweetly at him and he chuckled.

"It's not like you two do anything worth writing home about in that bed anyway," he rolled his eyes and then smirked at me.

"Oh, and I suppose every time you ravage Rosalie in the bedroom your mother and father get a nice letter detailing your conquests?" I inquired, throwing his oddly placed metaphor back at him.

"Ha. Ha. You know what I mean," he playfully glared at me. Then his face fell and he frowned a bit. "Not that I would be spending much on postage these days anyway."

"What?" He was starting to confuse me by carrying on this whole letter bit.

He sighed heavily. It was definitely deeper than any of the other sighs he'd emitted so far this morning.

"Rose and I have decided to hold of on the bedroom activities until our wedding night," he said solemnly.

"Really?" I asked, impressed. "Why?"

I was honestly curious. They never seemed to mind not being wed before.

"It was more her idea than mine," he clarified with a wave of his big hand.

"You don't say?" I asked with a look of over dramatic, fake shock on my face.

He laughed. "Yeah, well, I guess she thought it would make us appreciate everything more. It will make the wedding night more significant and all that. I see what she means, and I can't really deny her anything she really wants, so here I am. Sexless Emmett."

He looked a little dejected but faked a smile anyway.

"Is that what we are to call you now?" I asked teasingly. "Sexless Emmett? I like it, it has a good ring to it."

"God no!" He boomed, waving both of his arms around. "I am Sexfull Emmett, and don't you forget it! I'm just on a break for a little while. F'kin virutous kids, putting these crazy ideas into my Rosie's head." He grabbed the pillow that was beside him on The Sac and threw it at me, making me screech.

We were both laughing as I threw it back and he caught it in one hand effortlessly.

"I missed you sister," Emmett smiled his big goofy grin at me and I responded with one of my own.

"I missed you too."

"I miss my mom too," the smile dropped a bit and I tilted my head.

"Well then go visit her and move out of my living room!" I cheered.

The smile dropped even more and he looked thoughtful.

"Do you think I could stay here for a bit longer, actually? Just like, through the weekend or something? I sort of just want to hang out with you guys for a few days, lay low. I know when I do go home I'm gunna have a few serious talks with them, and I kinda just want to relax for a few days." His eyes were pleading and I nodded immediately.

"Of course. You have until Monday, then we'll tell them you're here, deal? I think by then Edward should be nice and ready to kick you out."

"Sounds good."

We smiled at each other for another moment and then we turned our attention to the TV.

"So you guys still haven't even had a little bit of sex yet?" he asked.

"Emmett," I groaned, throwing him an annoyed look.

He laughed loudly and I sighed.

This may end up being a longer weekend than I thought. Entertaining, lovely, humorous, and amusing, but long.

"Guess not," he mused. "Sometimes I wonder if that kid is really related to me," I heard him mumble. And I couldn't help but smile.

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