So what happens when there's a new member of the Cullen family just a few months after the Voltouire incident? And what will happen when she finds herself falling head-over-heels for an inexperienced and clumsy vampire slayer? Find out!! This is Samantha's story! (She prefers Sam to Samantha, and her embarrassing human nickname of Sammy)Bella asked Edward to change her when she the victom of a bear mauling much like Emmett, her family was also killed and she was on the brink of death. Way better than it sounds (I think, you tell me.) my first fan-fiction so please be kind. Ideas for plot twists and constructive criticism is always welcome! (-)b sorry it was so long… (Btw, no werewolf's)

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Chapter 1: Enter Sam!

Sam's POV

I was sitting in the middle of our living room on the loveseat by my self. I had the bridge of my nose pinched between my thumb and forefinger as Edward often does when he's annoyed. This was aggravating! I took a deep breath to calm myself and then stiffened. I hated days when Bella's dad came over to visit Renesmee. Even though I was constantly told I had impeccable control for a newborn the smell of human blood was still very tempting even though I was adapting well to it at school.

I had to get away from this torture! I hadn't hunted in a few days now and it was starting to get to me. "Umm… I think I'm going to go freshen up, see you later guys" I stood up briskly and tried my best keep a relative human pace as I climbed the two flights of stairs to my room.

"Hey Sam? Did you need to go hunting? I could go with you if you want." jasper said as he caught on quickly to the way I was feeling.

Typical Jasper. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. In fact, jasper was probably the only member of the family besides Nessie and Bella I'd really gotten close to. I smiled at him, "thanks Jazz. That'd be great!" I sighed with relief internally as we headed out towards the woods behind our beautiful house in the small town of forks.

"Ah…" I sighed as I inhaled deeply the scents of the forest and the smell on the breeze of what would be lunch, or in this case, who would be lunch.

"Ready kiddo?" Jasper asked as he caught the same scent.

"Mountain lion! My favorite!" I beamed up at him, "let's go!"

Edward's POV

"Um… I think I'll go freshen up, see you guys later" Sam said as she quickly left the room at a barely believable human pace. "I have to get away to hunt… this is torture!" I heard her think to herself. I sighed. I knew how hard it was for her being around Charlie. Bella caught on too and looked up the stairs after her as well and sighed.

"Alright, see you later Sammy." Bella called after her in a sisterly tone. I swear she sounds more and more like Esme every day, whether it's Nessie or Sam. I leaned down and kissed her cheek quickly.

"Well, I have to meet up with…Billy for fishing in a few minutes. I better get going." Charlie stated as he gave Renesmee one last hug and set her back down.

"Bye dad!" Bella said as she got up and hugged her father goodbye.

"Daddy…" A musical voice said as I felt a tug on my sleeve. I looked down to see Bella and My's daughter, Renesmee, looking up at me and stretching her arms out for me to pick her up. I did and she reached her hand out and placed it on my cheek even though she knew that I could read her every thought.

"Where is sammy?" She had asked in her mind while showing the memory of Samantha glaring around, looking frustrated and uncomfortable before she'd left the room.

"I don't know sweetheart. Probably out hunting with Jazz again." I smiled encouragingly at her.

She nodded and then looked over at Bella and stretched her arms out towards her…

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Chapter 2

Samantha's point of view

"Ah…" I sighed contently as I walked at a slow human pace through the forest after finishing off my last grizzly of the day and patting my rock hard stomach. "Thanks so much for taking me hunting again jazz!" I said as I smiled at him as we approached the house as the sun began to peek over the treetops.

"No problem Sammy!" jasper said teasingly as he ruffled my short brown hair.

"Humph!" I sighed as I scowled at him; trying to hide the fact that it was funny he used my nickname. "Jazzy…" I whined like a three year old, "you messed up my hair!" I swear I sounded like Emmett when he wanted something from Rose. I giggled to myself as I realized this, and jasper and I both ended up laughing as we saw this at the same time.

"What's so funny you two?" Edward said as he walked toward us.

"Oh, nothing!" I said, still giggling under my breath.

"Right, like I'll believe that from a fourteen-year-old and my brother." He said sarcastically and rolled his eyes.

"What?" I said innocently and looking up into my dad's eyes. "You think just because I'm fourteen I can't be trusted?"

"Hmm… you have a point. You always do don't you? Well, I guess I can let you off the hook this time. No go hurry and get ready for school!" he said smiling.

"But Edward…" I whined again. I had already gone through freshmen year in high school before I was changed, and now I had to repeat it since we had moved. Can you say BORING!

"Don't you 'Edward' me. Now go get ready for school. If you're ready in the next two minutes I'll let you drive the Aston martin…" he said tauntingly.

Dang him! He knew I couldn't resist the Vanquish! Oh well, I flew up the stairs at top vampire speed and, for once, was thankful that Alice picked out my clothes every day. I was down the stairs with my bag packed and on my shoulder, standing next to the car in a minute flat! All right! New record! "Ready!" I sang as my Edward and Nessie came into the garage.

"I think that was a new record for you Sam!" he said Sarcastically. "You two get going or you'll be late, Bella and I are going to meet you at lunch ok?"

" 'K" I smiled back as we climbed into the car and headed for Forks High School.


I climbed out of the Vanquish just minutes later. That was probably the fastest I've ever driven to school and I got the perfect parking spot.

"You seem very hyper this morning Sam. I know! your excited For the Math Test today aren't you?" My friend Vanessa asked sarcastically as she walked up to me.

"No! I got to drive my second favorite car in the whole wide world today so that considerably brightened my outlook I guess!" I said and shrugged, still smiling. The two of us went over to our lockers and grabbed our books, just as the first bell rang. "Bye Vanessa!" I said over my shoulder as I ran to my first period. That's when it hit me! The venom started dripping downs the back of my throat. It was the most delicious scent I'd ever smelled!

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