This is a funny little Mär oneshot... I miss writing for MÄR!!

"This is the news network of the world! Today we will be interviewing several characters from the popular anime series titled MÄR, Märchen awakens romance. Our guests are Alviss, Ginta, Dorothy, Snow, Alan, Babbo, Jack, Phantom, and Nanashi! Please give them a round of applause!" shouted the reporter. We'll call her Nyoko.

"Hi!" shouted Ginta to the applauding audience. The group sat in chairs.

"So, who made friends with who on the set?" asked Nyoko.

"Well, we pretty much all were friends, except for the occassional fight, which was always Dorothy vs Snow, the winner gets Ginta..." said Alviss in a bored tone.

"Interesting! Did any of you have any romantic relationships?" asked Nyoko.

"Nanashi got with Dorothy, I got with Pano, Alan got with Chaton, Ginta hooked up with Snow, Phantom got with Diana, Alviss is still single and Babbo got with Katomi," listed Jack.

"Ladies, did you hear that? Alviss, the famous hottie of the show is single!" squealed Nyoko, "Alviss, can I have your number?"

"I'm only sixteen, hag," said Alviss flatly.

"For your information I'm only twenty!" huffed Nyoko.

"Aren't you going to ask us more questions?" asked Phantom.

"Why, yes. Mr. Hottie over there made me lose my train of thought. Did the Chess Pieces really go around scaring children off the set?" asked Nyoko.

"Yeah. It was a prank we made up. We'd get into our characters' costumes and scare the people away from the set so they wouldn't see what was coming next in the show," explained Phantom.

"Interesting... Moving on. Alviss, do you have anyone in mind for a love interest?"

"Well, since people put me with OOCs, I guess I'm okay with them."

"Oh. Alright then. Jack, before you got the part of Jack, did you really have to learn how to farm to connect with your character?"

"Yeah. My mom sent me to her old boyfriends' ranch. Let me tell you, he was really old." Jack showed Nyoko a picture of an old man looking after young women with hearts in his eyes.

"Looks like a creep. Ginta, how long have you known Babbo?"

"We met on the set. He was really arrogant. But I can set him straight. Right Babbo?" grinned Ginta. Babbo cowered with fear.

"And that's the show for today. Maybe we'll interview team MÄR again! Until then, stay tuned!" smiled Nyoko.