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"James, would you hold Harry for a minute?" Lily asked her husband.

"Sure, hon." He said, holding his arms out for his one-year-old son.

"Thanks," she said smiling, handing him to James, who was sitting in the living walked out to the kitchen and returned a few minutes later with one of Harry's bottles.

She handed the bottle to James and he gave it to Harry, who grabbed hold of it with both hands and started drinking it.

James smiled, and Lily sat down on the arm of the chair next to him.

It was less than two minutes later, when they heard a crash from had broken through the both jumped up quickly.

James handed Harry over to Lily, "It's him!Take Harry and go!"

"But James--"

"Juts go, Lily.I'll hold him off!"

A few tears sliding down her face, she hurried towards the stairs.

James went over to the door, getting ready to hold him off as long as heard Lily's feet hitting the floor upstairs, running down the hall to the nursery.A tear slid down his cheek, he knew he'd never see her or Harry course, that didn't mean he was going down with out a stood, wand at the door burst of it's hinges and Voldemort stood in the doorway.

"Well, well, James Potter, we meet for the fourth time."

James didn't respond, but instead just glared at him.

"Now where are you manners Mister Potter?" Voldemort asked, "Perhaps I should teach you !"

James flung himself to the side, just barley dodging the spun around and yelled, "Stupify!"

Voldemort cast a shielding charm with ease, "Did you really think you could stop that me that easily?" he sneered. "Fixum Cremo!"

James dodged again, this time casting a freezing charm, which Voldemort missed continued fighting for a few minutes before one of Voldemorts curses' finally hit.

"Cades Cruor!" Voldmort yelled.

James tried to dodge, but was a fraction of an inch to cutting jinx hit his side, he cried out in pain and fell, his wand flying from his hand to land several feet away.

Voldemort stepped over to James, and stood in front of him, his wand pointed directly at James' heart. "Well, it's about time to say goodbye, isn't it? Too bad you'll never get to see your little brat again."

James scowled.

Voldemort opened his mouth to speak, but before he could speak there was a bright flash of light, Voldemort stumbled a few feet the light disappeared, there was man standing in front of what James could see he had black, messy hair, much like his own, and looked to be quite wand was pointing at Voldemort, and he was standing almost protectively in front of James.

"Hello Tom." He said almost cheerfully.

Voldemort sneered at the name, and quickly cast a curse at the new annoyance. "Avada Kedavra!"

James could tell the stranger was about die, but he was wrong, the stranger quickly ducked, letting the curse fly over his head and hit the wall.

"Losing your touch, aren't we Tom?" He asked, smirking.

Voldemort growled, lunging forward after him, casting curse after stranger managed to dodge, deflect and repel every single curse that came his way, while managing to cast some of his own.

James watched, had to be the best fighter he had ever seen, he was even better than Wickford, the head of the Auror department.

But as James watched, he saw the stranger make the biggest mistake ever possible.

When Voldemort cast the killing curse, he cast the was no way he would survive now.

But then the two spells hit and green collided with the red sparks disappeared, and the green killing curse seemed to turn back to it's caster.

Voldmort's eyes widened for a brief second, before the curse hit.

He landed a few feet away and there was not doubt about it, Voldemort, the most feared and evil wizard, who had killed thousands of people, was killed by a boy no more the nineteen.

James gaped, as the boy walked over and picked up Voldemorts wand, pocketing it.

He turned around and James finally got a good look at his face.

James blanched, 'He looks just it couldn't it?'

The boy walked over and offered his hand to James, who was still on the floor, clutching his side.

James eyed the hand wasn't quite sure just what to think of the stranger yet.

"I don't bite." The boy said smirking.

James glanced a him once more before taking the offered stranger pulled him to his feet.

"Would you like me to fix that?" He asked, nodding at James' still bleeding side.

James opened his mouth, but he was still in a state of shock.

This stranger had just saved his life, but he was so mysterious, he wasn't sure if he could quite trust him he just looked so much like Harry, but it was impossible.

"Okay, look, I know I'm not the best at healing charms, but I do at least know how to fix cuts." The stranger said.

James looked at him, and the carefully removed his arm from his side, winching slightly at the pain.

The stranger pointed his wand at the cut and muttered a spell.A blue light glowed around James's soon as the light disappeared, so did the for the blood stains on his robe, there was no possible way to tell James had been hurt at all.

"How did you--?" James started to ask, gaping at his side.

"Integro friend Hermione taught it to heals all kinds of major cuts, even ones caused by dark magic." He answered, pocketing his wand.

"How did--? Who--? I mean Voldemort was--and you just--and you look like--but you can', I'm so confused." James said, resting his hand on his head.

The stranger laughed, "Well, maybe I can help with that, but Maybe you better have m- er, Lily come down too.I prefer not to explain it twice."

James glanced at wasn't to sure about calling Lily down, he still didn't know who this kid seemed trustworthy, but then again he thought Peter was trustworthy.

"I'm not going to curse her." the boy said, as if reading his James still didn't believe him, he sighed and reached back into his pulled out his wand and Voldemorts, and handed them to James. "Here, you hold on these."

James took the wands, glancing at him once more, he yelled up the stairs to Lily. "Lily, you can come down now."

It was quiet for a moment, then he heard Lily walking down the stairs.

She was holding Harry still.

"James what happened?" Then she noticed the boy standing next to James.

"Who--?" then she noticed the blood stains on James' robe.

"James!" She cried, hurrying over to him.

"It's okay, 's okay." He told her quietly, pulling her and Harry into a hug.

"What happened?" Lily asked, pulling out of the hug after a moment, looking tearfully at James.

"You'd have to ask him." James said nodding to the stranger. "You said you'd explain everything." He said, this time speaking to the stranger.

", I'm from the the year nineteen ninety-nine, actually."

"Nineteen ninety-nine?" Lily asked, shocked, "That's most sophisticated timer-turner can only go a few days into the future, not days!"

"This one's only just been invented." He explained. "They can go back as far as twenty years."

"Okay, another question," James said, "Who are you?"

The stranger laughed, "My full name is Harry James Potter."

Lily gasped and James just stared at him.

"How?" Lily asked.

"Like I said, a time-turner." Harry answered shrugging.

Lily rushed forward and gave him a hug.

It was weird she had to admit, holding her one year old-son and hugging his nineteen-year-old self at the same time.

James looked at them and smiled, he came forward after Lily had let go and pulled Harry into a hug as well, patting him on the back.

After he let go, he looked back and forth between the two versions of his son.

"This is too weird." He said, shaking his head.

They all gave a watery chuckle.

"Not that I'm not happy to see you, but why did you come back?" Lily asked, wiping a few tears from her eyes.

Harry sighed, because in my time both of you were killed tonight." He explained, "I had a chance to fix it, so I , me and my friends did.I couldn't have done it without them." He said.

James stared, "We died?"

Harry nodded, sadly.

"But how --?" He was cut of this time by the roaring sound of a got closer to the house, until it was right out front and then it heard hurried steps from outside, a crash, and then standing in the doorway was a man with long black looked worried and upset.

"James!" The man exclaimed, hurrying into the house and pulling him into a hug.

"James, I'm so sorry, it's all my fault.I'm sorry, It's my fault, I should have stayed secret-keeper.I should have never trusted Peter to it.I'm sorry James, I was--"

"Sirius calm down! It's not your fault."

"Yes it was, I trusted Peter to --"

"Sirius, we all trusted 's not your 's Peter's, we should have never trusted should have all known, I mean think about it.A rat?" James said, tyring to comfort his friend.

Sirius gave a small smile, and pulled James into a hug again, clapping him on the he pulled away, he walked over to Lily and Harry and pulled them into a hug.

"I'm sorry Lily."

"Don't be Sirius, it's not your fault." She told him, forcefully.

Sirius gave a turned back to James and for the first time since he had gotten there he noticed another boy standing there, he looked like James' twin, except his he looked like...Harry.


"Oh right, Sirius, this is I mean Harry's...future-self." He explained, as though the concept still confused it did.

"What do you mean Harry's future-self?" Sirius asked, still staring at Harry.(the older version)

"Well, Voldemort was supposed to kill us tonight, but Harry came back, using a time-turner and stopped it." James explained "So wait, this Harry, it that Harry." Sirius said pointing between the two.

"Yeah." James answered, smiling.

Sirius stared at the older Harry, then back at the younger, then back at the older.

Harry couldn't help but smile at his Godfather's antics.

"Padfoot? Padfoot? You okay?" James asked, looking at his friend, smirking slightly.

"This is one of the weirdest days of my life." Sirius finally stated.

Harry and James laughed and Lily smiled.


James, Lily, and Sirius looked around for the almost sounded like it had come from upstairs...

"Uh, oh." Harry said quietly.

His parents and godfather looked over at had paled slightly, and looked as if he had been caught doing something he wasn't supposed too.

"Who was--?" Sirius asked, but stopped abruptly when there was a bright flash of light disappeared, and a girl with red hair and brown eyes, stood where the light had been. Lily and Sirius blanched, but James, who had seen it before, was only slightly however gulped.

"Harry James Potter you are in so much trouble!" the girl, exclaimed.

"Gin, I--" Harry started.

"Why didn''t you tell me that you were leaving?! I was worried sick! I looked everywhere for you and couldn't find you! It wasn't until I ran into Hermione in Florish and Blotts and she told me you'd already didn't you tell me you' were leaving?"

"I--er--I--you--I mean--I was--." Harry sighed, "Sorry Gin, I didn't mean to scare me?" he asked putting on his best puppy dog face.

She scowled at him a minute, then her lips started to twitch before it turned into a full smile.

"Why is it I can never stay mad at you?"

"Because I'm so extremely handsome." He answered with a sly smile.

She laughed, "That might have something to do with it." She winked at him and Harry smiled.

"Excuse for interrupting the love fest, but what the heck is going on?" Sirius asked.

Harry and Ginny looked over at the laughed and Ginny couldn't help but smile.

"This is my fiance Ginny." Harry explained, grinning from ear to loved being able to call her that.

"Fiance?" Lily asked, smiling.

Harry nodded smiling, slipping his arm around Ginny's waist.

James and Lily smiled proudly and Sirius said "looks like he inherited his gift with women from his Godfather."

Ginny laughed, "Actually no he did not, he did inherit a few things from I love him in spite of these things not because of them." Ginny teased.

Harry and his parents just rolled his eyes at her in response, causing her to laugh.

"Harry, it's time you've only got a few more minutes!" Another voice called.

"Coming Hermione!" Harry yelled back. "Well, we'd better get going."

He hesitated for a moment, but after a encouraging smile from Ginny, he stepped forward and pulled Lily into a hug.

"Love you mum, see you soon."

"I love you too Harry," She whispered through tears.

Letting go he walked over to James and pulled him into a hug as well, "I love you dad."

"Love you too, son." A few tears streaming down his face as well.

"And just in case your wondering, I love quidditch." Harry told him smiling, wiping away a few tears.

James smiled proudly, chuckling.

Harry walked over and pulled Sirius into a hug, "You're the best godfather, you know that?"

Sirius chuckled lightly, trying to hide the fact that he was crying too.

Harry pulled away and went over to stand by of them really wanted to leave, and it was obvious that Harry really didn't want to leave either.

After a moment, another voice called down.

"Mate, hurry up!"

"Ronald!" the voice from earlier yelled.

"Ow Hermione! No need to be violent!"

Harry and Ginny laughed. "We'll see you soon," he told the taking Ginny's hand he yelled up, "Okay Hermione, we're ready!"

"Bout time, mate!"

"Ron!" Hermione yelled again.

Laughing again Harry and Ginny waved quickly at the others who waved in a matter of seconds they disappeared.

Sirius reached over and took Harry, kissing him on the top of the head once. Lily smiled, and leaned lightly against James, resting her head on his shoulders.

"He turned out good didn't he." She said.

"Hmmm." James responded, a smile on his face, thinking about his son and how well he turned out.

"I still say it's because I rubbed off on him." Sirius said.

"You just keep convincing yourself of that, Paddy." James teased.

"Yeah, yeah." he replied, "Hey, I have an idea."

"Oh, no" Lily said, just loud enough for Sirius to hear.

"My idea," Sirius started loudly, as if he really hadn't heard Lily, "is that we go over to Remmy's and it gone and we can finally relax."

"Sounds great to first we better stop at Hogwarts and tell Dumbledore what happened, let him know about old Voldy Modly and we go to Remus' and celebrate." James said.

"Deal." Sirius agreed.

"As if you had a choice." Lily teased.

"I wouldn't start something if I were you Lily..Especially seeing as you'll never win." Sirius stated.

"Oh really, well you can just..."

James watched his wife and best Friend bicker playfully at one another both he watched his one-year-old son giggling, while watching the two, not understanding what they were talking about, but still finding it funny.

Everything was going to be alright.

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